114 Entitled And Cheap Parents Who Had The Audacity To Post These Job Offers For Nannies

It’s only fair that all parents want what’s best for their kids. Especially when a child is still new to this world and you need someone to help to navigate them in this big and complex environment. That’s when a nanny comes in – someone you can fully entrust your child to without worrying about it.

And while we all know that finding a good nanny is a mission in its own right, some parents seem to take a more delusional approach to it. From requirements through the roof to offering “free hands-on parenting experience” and charging a live-in nanny, these are among the countless nanny job ads we just couldn’t make up.

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Below awaits the selection of the weirdest and craziest screenshots of nanny jobs that make you wonder what these parents were thinking.

#1 Delusional Babysitter Requirements

Image credits: protoss12345

#2 Any Master Graduates Looking For A Babysitting Job For 18$ A Day?

Image credits: Kakkernijntje

#3 Anyone Who Has Worked In Childcare Knows She Hit Babysitter Bingo

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 Childcare Is So Easy, It Should Be Cheap Right?

Image credits: Ultramass

#5 Nanny For Free

Image credits: TrendingMemes

#6 Babysitter Wanted, Must Be In Collage

Image credits: goldbricker83

#7 What Do You Mean You Can’t Afford It

Image credits: Complete-Zucchini-85

#8 75 Cents An Hour For Babysitting

Image credits: alexpleasestop23

#9 Need A Babysitter/Slave

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Image credits: Pete_the_rawdog

#10 What’s The Going Rate For Full-Time Childcare For A Kid With Special Needs?

Image credits: notjonbrown

#11 Pay Me To Be My Live-In Nanny

Image credits: Rich_Pangolin_2933

#12 2.73 Per Hour Is A Normal Rate For Childcare, Apparently

Image credits: ManePonyMom

#13 Woman Wants $2-3/Hour Childcare

Image credits: EarthlyAmbush

#14 She Wants Childcare/Housekeeper For $1.70/Hour. The Sad Part Is People Are Actually Offering To Do It At Her Price

Image credits: chazmms

#15 Single Mom Would Like To Pay Less Than 2$ An Hour For Childcare

Image credits: queenkeels

#16 The Minimum Wage Is Almost $15/Hour In My Country, Yikes

Image credits: KateEatsWorld

#17 I Just Love The Way They Think

Image credits: Fauntleroyfauntleroy

#18 $100 For A 60-Hour Per Week Plus Vegan Food Costs Sounds Like A Deal

Image credits: rmkp727

#19 Woman Is Always Begging In Our Neighborhood Page But Wants Childcare On A Premium Day And Thinks It’ll Be Cheap

Image credits: gkcontra

#20 Fifty Cents An Hour For Quality In-Home Childcare

Image credits: 17bananapancakes

#21 Wanna Earn Less Than Minimum Wage With Triple The Responsibility?

Image credits: tinypandamaker

#22 Job Ad For Premier Pool Service. Am I Being Dramatic Or Getting Paid $10 An Hour To Do All This Is Just Insane?

Image credits: YouRAArsehole

#23 Babysitter Needed

Image credits: greatdane_mom

#24 Oh, You Just Need An Experienced Babysitter With A Very Specialized Skill Set Willing To Work For $20/Day. Comin’ Right Up

Image credits: BodakBlonde

#25 In Search Of Full-Time Nanny For 4 Kids/Personal Assistant/Maid/Teacher For $15-17/Hour, Must Have An Associates Degree

Image credits: sbllndrw

#26 Pay Me To Live In My Master Bedroom And Babysit My Kids

Image credits: winter_laurel

#27 Nanny For 1-2k A Year? Awesome

Image credits: miuufin

#28 Be A Very Specific Age, Have A Bachelor’s Degree, Be A Nanny, Housekeeper, Teacher And Personal Shopper… And More, All For $13/Hour

Image credits: GirlFromTheVille

#29 10-25 Hours Per Week, But Always On Call. College Degree Required. $12/Hour

Image credits: UnretiredGymnast

#30 I Wonder Why Her Babysitter Stopped Texting Her For Less Than $2 An Hour

Image credits: KattLahiff

#31 Wanted: Live-In Slave

Image credits: BubbaMonsterOP

#32 Please Pay Rent To Nanny My Kid, Never Have A Life Of Your Own And Share A Room With Said Kid

Image credits: btj3

#33 $2.50/Hour For Being A Nanny But You Get Two Free Meals

Image credits: evnrayash

#34 Please Perform Slave Labor For Our Self-Reliant Child Who Still Needs A Nanny McPhee

Image credits: sorrygirl818

#35 Needs A Babysitter

Image credits: reddit99362

#36 What A Sweet Deal! You Get To Pay Someone 600 Dollars/Month To Work Full-Time! Rent Is High In San Diego So Might As Well Prey On The Desperate

Image credits: uncleshiesty

#37 Nanny Job So Good You Should Pay Them To Do It

Image credits: vodka_philosophy

#38 In 2013, I Interviewed With An (Unbeknownst To Me At The Time) Scientologist Family To Be Their Nanny. They Gave This List Of Responsibilities

Image credits: hollis_jane

#39 Free Babysitter Needed

Image credits: janecgard

#40 Babysitter Needed: 3 Kids, $2.50/Hour

Image credits: mypnwadventure

#41 Pay You $450 For The Fantastic Opportunity To Babysit Your Kid?

You’ll pay for the room. The parent will cover all other expenses.

Image credits: ChattyAstronaut

#42 Be ‘On Call’ To Babysit Two Toddlers For $2.50/Hour? Yikes

Image credits: Captain_Whit

#43 A “Reasonable” Babysitter Willing To Work For Less Than $4 /Hour

Image credits: Chemical-Fennec

#44 $3.40 An Hour To Babysit 3 Kids. $600 A Month. Don’t Waste Her Time

Image credits: bgriffith29

#45 Comments Clarified This Would Be 5.5 Hours A Day

Image credits: jvanaus

#46 Wanted: Live-In Nanny, But You Pay Us

Image credits: FilOfTheFuture90

#47 Nanny For Infant And Toddler For The Queenly Sum Of $150 Per Week

Image credits: lilyluc

#48 Yes, Let Me Nanny Your 4 Children For 2 Dollars An Hour And Also Cook You Dinner

Image credits: hiimem

#49 How About No Tammy, Mmkay?

Image credits: Pucker_Button

#50 24/7 Nanny That’s A Nutritionist. $5k To Play Mom Because I Dont Want To Be One

Image credits: GingeredPickle

#51 I Posted On A Nanny Page Looking For A Job. This Woman Messaged Me Saying She Needs A Reliable, Well-Trained Sitter, With Their Own Vehicle. For 4.50-5$ An Hour

Image credits: jennabryan

#52 Seeking Private Nanny To Work About 60 Hours A Week For About A Dollar An Hour

Image credits: 7i1i2i6

#53 Anyone Looking To Be A Full-Time Nanny To 3 Kids Under 4, A Full-Time Cook, And A Full-Time Maid For Free Housing And Little To No Actual Money?

Image credits: winksoutloud

#54 $50 For A Babysitter, House Cleaner, And Personal Chef? What A Deal

Image credits: workoutaholichick

#55 Lady Wants Babysitter To Watch Her 3 Kids Including A 1-Month-Old For $160 A Week From 7AM-6PM Monday-Friday. Oh And They Need To Be Picked Up And Dropped Off As Well

Image credits: JohnnyLong123

#56 Less Than $2 Per Hour Babysitting, From The Same Woman Who Bragged She Just Bought A Lexus

Image credits: monalisafranks

#57 I Made More Babysitting As A Teen In The 80s

Image credits: UusiSisu

#58 Horrendous Local Post. Childcare Is Skilled Work, Too. Taking On The Liability And Stress Of Infant Care Should Not Be Compensated In “Pocket Money”

Image credits: qcfs

#59 45 Hours A Week, One Person Watching 5 Kids… For $14-17/Hour

Image credits: mamabearmandy

#60 Who Wants To Be A Nanny, Just A Free Room, No Board

Image credits: sabbiecat

#61 I’m Sorry, You Want Someone To Raise Your 6 Kids For You? For Minimum Wage None The Less. Hard Pass Bennor Family

Image credits: Elegant_Condition_53

#62 Be My Live-In Nanny. No Pay. Room Only

Image credits: Majestic-Mulberry-18

#63 Mom Complains About Going Through Nannies Despite Offering $10 For 9-Hour Work

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 As A Nanny I Find A Lot Of These

Image credits: 8642468

#65 Choosing Beggar Looking For A Full-Time Nanny To Work On $3/Hour (And Not Even Remotely Close To Where She Lives)

Image credits: julia_noelle

#66 Nanny Wanted, But Don’t Expect To Be Paid

Image credits: hulkdaddy13

#67 These Ridiculous Requirements For A Nanny

Image credits: ClintThePirate

#68 “Nanny” Job That Is Literally Just Being A Mother To 4 Kids For Minimum Wage

Image credits: polkadotfuzz

#69 The Audacity Of This Woman

Image credits: mielmami

#70 $5/Hour To Tutor, Babysit, And Nanny Their Child

Image credits: snoo4reddit

#71 Looking For A Live-In Nanny For My Foster Child But You Need To Pay Me $1,100 A Month To Live In My Garage

Image credits: KAS_tir

#72 Experienced Nanny Needed For Special Needs 15-Year-Old Boy For 10$/Hour

Image credits: unsower

#73 Free Babysitter Also Maybe Wife?

Image credits: seyaheenernire

#74 $20/Hour Doesn’t Get You A Nanny, Tutor, Cook, And House Cleaner

Image credits: snailshaveteeth

#75 She Blocked Me For Pointing Out $4 An Hour Is Not Enough For A Full-Time Babysitter

Image credits: Sydls97

#76 From My Town’s Facebook Page. She Wants A Babysitter For Two Infants To Come To Her Home And Clean For Less Than Minimum Wage?

Image credits: BloobleDoodle

#77 $10 A Day To Babysit? How Is This The Normal Rate?

Image credits: bg_17

#78 $3/Hour To Babysit Your 5-Year-Old? Yeah, No Thanks

Image credits: jfoley9788

#79 Nearly 12-Hour Days And 2 Autistic Children For $300 A Week. What A Sweet Gig

Image credits: letitburn22

#80 $2.50 An Hour, 50 Hours A Week. Reshared It Asking For Someone “Reliable And Trustworthy Only”. How Can You Expect Reliable And Trustworthy At That Price?

Image credits: Calliope10

#81 Be My Nanny, Maid, Dog-Walker, Cat-Carer, Personal Assistant, Researcher, Professional Writer, Property Manager And Also Commit To Me For Three Years

Pay will be low, until maybe it’s not.

Image credits: GirlFromTheVille

#82 24/7 Nanny But Don’t Expect Much Pay Because Of My Divorce

Image credits: 3dmrsteve

#83 $3/Hour Babysitter Wanted

Image credits: ThisIsWhatLoveIs

#84 I Also Request Prior Military Experience When Hiring A Sitter

Image credits: kayl6

#85 You Pay Them $300 To Nanny

Image credits: pac-sam

#86 Posting For A Personal Assistant And… Babysitter?

Image credits: miss_april_showers

#87 Live-In Nanny! No Pay

Image credits: disfatbidge38

#88 Full-Time Nanny For Part-Time Payment

Image credits: draegoncode

#89 Nannying For $5.00/Hour? Sure

Image credits: mewmew_senpai

#90 Less Than Minimum Wage To Nanny 3 Kids?

Image credits: cog2k

#91 If She Picks Her Daughter Up By 6 AM, She Wants To Pay The Babysitter Approximately $1.80/Hour – For The Opposite Of Normal Working Hours

Image credits: couponista2011

#92 A Local Facebook Group Mom Wants To Pay $100 A Week For Babysitting Overnight And Getting A Child To School

Image credits: OrangeExo

#93 $2/Hour For A Full-Time. 58 Hours/Week Babysitting Job. Sweet Deal

Image credits: fartypantsmcghee

#94 Just Looking For A Homeless Person To Pay Me For Access To My Kids

Image credits: jackandsally060609

#95 “A Weekly One-On-One”

Image credits: peaceofcheese909

#96 Why Yes, I Would Love To Work Almost 50 Hours As A Teacher, Nanny, Chef, And Maid For Your Generous Offer Of “Up To” $400 Per Week

Image credits: strawberryjacuzzis

#97 And Another One, More Nanny Postings

Image credits: 8642468

#98 I Find Making My Babysitters Pay For Their Own Plane Ticket Gets Me The Highest Quality Childcare (Blue Is Kid’s Name)

Image credits: maggiesewerengineer

#99 Be A Nanny For My Kids And Clean My House For Only $120 A Week

Image credits: IAmNotARobot124

#100 Need A Nanny. 50 Bucks A Week, Food And A Room. 1 Year Commitment

Image credits: FreeTub

#101 Mom Needs A Babysitter

Image credits: robocrime

#102 Babysitter Requirements For 2 Children: College Grad, CPR Certified, Owns Car, 12+ Hours, Starts 4:30AM. $12/Hour

Image credits: honeyblondee

#103 Seeking A Babysitter To Work Less Than $5 An Hour

Image credits: 14mike246

#104 Desperately Needs A Babysitter, But Doesn’t Want To Pay Much

Image credits: rdiaz2013

#105 Lady Wants To Pay $4 An Hour For Babysitting

Image credits: dayvasquez99

#106 Wants A Nanny For $4/Hour?

Image credits: bwmamanamedsha

#107 $400 A Month For A Full-Time Nanny Job. It Comes To $2/Hour. Her Post Has 11 Applicants. “Must Have A Passion For Childcare”

Image credits: loChatt

#108 This Lady Wants Someone To Babysit Her Kids This Summer, In Return For Practically Slave Labor

Image credits: zas11s

#109 Looking For A Clearance Nanny. No Negative Comments

Image credits: lemontreeyellow

#110 I Want A Full-Time Nanny To Watch My Toddler And Infant For Sub-Minimum Wage. Don’t Suggest Daycare

Image credits: iggybu

#111 $250 A Week For 69 Hours Of Babysitting, And She Is Playing The Single Mom Sympathy Card

Image credits: jexmex

#112 Babysit My Son For Less Than $2 An Hour

Image credits: smashedmuffin

#113 Babysit My Kid Full-Time And I’ll Pay You $30 A Day. $3 An Hour, Such A Steal

Image credits: CearaLucaya

#114 Host/Babysitter?

Image credits: sandipeech

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