114 Of The Most Creative Wedding Cakes Ever Posted Online

Before you say the game-changing “I do,” there’s so much prep to do for the happiest day of your life. Picking up the most perfect white dress is one. Sending out fancy invitations to guests (and not forgetting anyone) is another. Planning the whole celebration part is third. And when the list seems never-ending, you realize there has to be a perfect wedding cake and you can’t let yet another baking fail happen.

Luckily for all the newlyweds, wedding cake artisans exist and their mad decorating skills are on a whole new level. So, Bored Panda has compiled some of the most elaborate, creative, and unique wedding cake designs that look so good they may as well hang one in a museum after the party’s over.

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Get ready to upvote your faves and share some with your friend whose wedding planning has gotten way out of hand. Who knows—you may save some tears and not let cake expectations vs. reality ruin the big day, as it sometimes happens.

#1 The Perfect Wedding Cake For Dog Owners

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#2 This Very Accurate Dog Owners Wedding Cake

Image credits: Grillos

#3 Detail Of The Wedding Cake Made By My Dad As A Surprise For His Grand-Daughters Wedding. 100% Edible

Image credits: Frostbite-UK

In order to find out what exactly it takes to create a gallery-worthy wedding cake, Bored Panda reached out to internationally acclaimed cake designer Maggie Austin, who has worked with illustrious clients all over the globe, from President Obama’s White House Christmas celebrations to Hollywood parties.

Maggie said that in order to make a truly unique wedding cake, one needs a unique couple. “What I love most about working with clients is that I create designs that reflect the aesthetic of their individual weddings. From the sugar flowers to the color palette to the texture of the design elements, each cake is an expression of what the couple loves.”

#4 Book-Lovers Wedding Cake

Image credits: hollyandrews

#5 LEGO Wedding Cake

Image credits: Cupcakes By SJ

#6 ‘Embroidered’ Wedding Cake

Image credits: _leslie_vigil_

Sometimes, Maggie said, she’s asked to incorporate details that carry special meaning just for the newlyweds. For example, “One bride asked me to include a wild boar in the design as a surprise homage to the groom’s family crest!”

The cake designer said that usually, she begins working on sugar flowers and decorative elements many months in advance, and the cake decoration takes place on Friday night before a Saturday wedding. “I am putting on final touches right up until the moment that I leave the venue. I love that the sugar flowers last forever.”

Moreover, “many couples choose to display their sugar flowers under a cloche as a beautiful memento of their wedding,” Maggie told us.

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#7 An Extremely Creative Wedding Cake

Image credits: SuperCub

#8 Geode Wedding Cake

Image credits: Intricate Icings Cake Design

#9 Wedding Cake

Maggie also said that she prefers “loose, organic floral arrangements and soft, textile-inspired design elements.” These days, she has noticed that couples are more likely to embrace the beauty of visual movement instead of the rigid symmetry typical to more old-fashioned cake designs.

#10 Embroidered Wedding Cake

#11 Beautiful And Subtle Harry Potter Wedding Cake

#12 Amazing Detail On This Wedding Cake

Image credits: N8theIngr8

#13 [homemade] Wedding Cake

Image credits: tomallerton

#14 My Wedding Cake: 100% Edible

Image credits: MrsHReddits

#15 Literary/ Book-Themed Wedding Cake

Image credits: dkatra

#16 Wedding Cake

#17 Cable Knit Wedding Cake

#18 Secret Identity Of A Wedding Cake

Image credits: Tier By Tier

#19 The Wedding I’m At Has The Best Cake I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: WTFjones

#20 Self Made Forest Wedding Cake For My Sister

Image credits: kuyl0405

#21 I’m Getting Married Today, And I Made Our Wedding Cake! Layers Of Pumpkin And Apple Spice Cake, Maple Cream Cheese Frosting, Fresh Fruit And Herbs, Candied Spiced Pecans And Pumpkin Seeds. It’s Only Going To Be Shared With Like Four People But I Wanted To Go All Out. Thanks For Looking!

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 This Is A Wedding Cake I Made For Very Special Friends

Image credits: emmajaynecakedesign

#23 Wedding Cake

#24 Forest Themed Wedding Cake

#25 Otter Wedding Cake I Made Today. Chocolate Blackberry Flavored. With White Chocolate Otters

Image credits: ShelbyElizabethCakes

#26 What Do Y’all Think About Modern Wedding Cakes? I Made This Beauty For A Modern Wedding At A Warehouse

Image credits: ShelbyElizabethCakes

#27 Wedding Cake

#28 Wedding Cake

#29 This Was The Cake I Created For A Stunning Droomtroue Wedding End Of Last Year… With Smoke Pouring Out Of The Aladin Lamp And Lighting In The Geode Cave

Image credits: turquoisesquirrelpatisserie

#30 Glowing In The Dark Wedding Cake

#31 Pillow Wedding Cake

Image credits: euphoria.event.company

#32 Beauty And The Beast Themed Wedding Cake

Image credits: wynyardhall

#33 Disney Wedding Cake

#34 Wedding Cake

#35 Queen Elizabeth II’s Wedding Cake, 1947. Dubbed “The 10,000 Mile Wedding Cake” After Its Ingredients Were Flown In From Australia And South Africa, The Cake Measured 9 Ft In Height And Weighed 500 Lbs

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#36 This Lotr (Minas Tirith) Wedding Cake

Image credits: f00dnetw0rk

#37 Beautiful Wedding Cake

#38 Wedding Cake With Pressed On Flowers

#39 I Made My First Ever Wedding Cake Today And I’m Really Proud And Wanted To Share

Image credits: malthrasher

#40 Wedding Cake

Image credits: yearlyfiscal

#41 Original Wedding Cake

#42 We Are Super Proud Of Ourselves! It Was A Huge Pleasure Makes The Little Prince Cake

Image credits: london_amazing_cakes

#43 Wedding Cake

#44 Wedding Cake

#45 Half Batman Half Traditional Wedding Cake

Image credits: patisserietania

#46 May The 4th Be With You. Awesome Star Wars Cake From Lauren And Mark’s Wedding

Image credits: becesseryweddings

#47 Wedding Cake

#48 Wedding We Went To Today Had Periodic Table Cupcakes As Their Wedding Cake

Image credits: unfrufru

#49 My Wife Made This Wedding Cake

Image credits: PM_Me_TittiesOrBeer

#50 [homemade] Rainbow Wedding Cake By My Wife

Image credits: TheWJE

#51 Cake Themed Harry Potter

Image credits: umbocadinhodeideias

#52 This Cake For A Wedding At Win Cathedral Has A Little Golden Retriever Puppy Peeking Out From One Of The Tiers!

Image credits: FinalTouchCakes

#53 The Topper Of The Cake That We Made This Weekend

Image credits: acaramelada_com

#54 Star Wars Wedding Cake

Image credits: Mark Hillis

#55 A 1.5-Ton Wedding Cake Made For The Wedding Of A Relative Of The President Of Kazakhstan [1119×1165]

Image credits: GeneReddit123

#56 Wedding Cake

#57 Awesome Peacock Wedding Cake With Cupcakes By Malizzi Cakes ?

Image credits: monomotive

#58 The Cutest Wedding Cake, A Globe With All The Spots They Have Travelled Together, On Top Of A Suitcase #comeflywithme

Image credits: kwheels22

#59 The Wedding I Am At Has A Cheesecake. A Cake Actually Made Of Cheese

Image credits: Ahelsinger

#60 Wedding Cakes

Image credits: juliesimoncakes

#61 Wedding Cake

#62 Wedding Cake

Image credits: Into the story

#63 Got To Make The Fanciest Cake Of My Career For My Friend’s Wedding

Image credits: CakeforReddit

#64 Wedding Cake

Image credits: juliesimoncakes

#65 Wedding Cake

#66 Wedding Cake

#67 Beach Themed Wedding Cake

Image credits: munstermanmike

#68 [i Ate] Doctor Who/Vincent Van Gogh Wedding Cake

Image credits: YourBuddyChurch

#69 Royal Wedding Cake

#70 Wedding Cake

#71 Harry Potter Wedding Cake Made For My Friends Big Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 Staircase Wedding Cake

Image credits: camelliacakes

#73 Groot Wedding Cake

Image credits: L0rdHuggington

#74 Amazing Wedding Cake

Image credits: camelliacakes

#75 Spot On Cake At The Wedding I Was At Today

Image credits: Keithsheath

#76 So, We Had A LOTR Themed Cake At Our Wedding Today

Image credits: psychkp

#77 Our Wedding Cake

Image credits: sahie

#78 Bow Wedding Cake

#79 Wedding Cake

#80 Wedding Cake

Image credits: flourandsunbakery.com

#81 What Felix And Marzia’s Wedding Cake Must Have Been Like

Image credits: florispaghett

#82 Wedding Cake

#83 Wedding Cake

#84 Loved This Wedding Cake I Made

Image credits: claires_cakes_essex_

#85 Friends Wedding Cake. The One Where A Lovely Couple Get Married

Image credits: sayitwithcupcakes1

#86 A Very Massive Congratulations To The Brand New Mr & Mrs A Mcgowan Who Finally Managed To Tie The Knot Today

Image credits: angel_cake_company_dorset

#87 Wedding Cake

#88 Wedding Cake

#89 Both Me And And My Wife Are Gamers. This Was Our Wedding Cake (Our A Actual Destiny Characters On Top)

Image credits: MajesticTechie

#90 Tetris Cake

Image credits: unknown

#91 This Secret Garden Inspired Wedding Cake. The Cake Featured Their Beautiful Wedding Flowers Of Red Roses, Daisies, Sunflowers And Ivy

Little fairy mushrooms and bumblebees and two adorable handmade sugar rabbits as a topper with airbrushed detailing, a wood effect sugar sign, and a sugar plant pot.

Image credits: calleys_cakes

#92 Today’s Wedding Cake! So In Love With It

Image credits: gateauxshoppe

#93 Wedding Cake

Image credits: grilledcheese2k6

#94 Wedding Cake

#95 Wedding Cake

#96 Wedding Cake

Image credits: The Knot

#97 The Fox And The Bear Get Hitched

Image credits: sleazynipples

#98 Rockin’ Drum Themed Wedding Cake

Image credits: somethingsweetgalt

#99 Wedding Cake

#100 Wedding Cake

#101 Wedding Cake

#102 This Wedding Cake

Image credits: Mikelightman

#103 Double-Sided Wedding Cake

Image credits: cakesbysharon

#104 Wedding Cake

#105 Wedding Cake

#106 Wedding Cake

#107 Wedding Cake

#108 Wife And I Had A Got Cake For Our Wedding. Made The Wall Out Of Red Velvet, Had 2 LEGO Viking Figures For Topping. It Was 10.5 Kg And Fed 120 Peeps

Image credits: _BioPsychoSocial_

#109 Wedding Cake

#110 Wedding Cake

#111 Minions – Bride And Groom

Image credits: charlie_harding25

#112 Gothic Style Wedding Cake

Image credits: toertlifee

#113 An Aussie-American Wedding Cake.

Image credits: gnarlyj

#114 Super Hero Cake

Image credits: J. Doran Photography

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