114 Reflections That Might Mess With Your Head (New Pics)

What you see in the mirror is your reflection with which you’re most likely very familiar. So there’s little surprise there. But there are many other things that bounce back at you, or off of surfaces—think of light waves, sound waves, even your thoughts.

In fact, the word “reflection” derives from the Latin reflectere, made up of the prefix re-, “back,” and flectere, “to bend.” So in very simple terms, it’s bending something back, sometimes accurately (if it’s a smooth surface like a mirror) and sometimes very distortedly (if it’s a water pond).

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So today we’re taking you on an adventure into the wondrous world of reflections, both random and elaborate, funny and breathtaking. Scroll down through the list compiled by Bored Panda below, upvote your favorite mind (or rather, light) benders and be sure to check out our previous post with more head-messing reflections here.

#1 Long Exposure Photograph I Captured Of Yesterday’s Spacex Launch And Its Reflection Along The Shoreline Of The Atlantic Ocean

Image credits: johnkphotos

#2 The Reflections On These Pots Lined Up Just Right

Image credits: Pinyaka

#3 This Reflection Of A Lamp On My Sunglasses

Image credits: CowInTrouble

#4 The Reflection From My Window Decal Makes My Toilet Look Like A Quest Item In A Video Game

Image credits: DanielInternets

#5 Thought This Was A Desktop Background But It’s Just A Reflection Of Our Couch

Image credits: Goose248

#6 Sunset Reflection Looks Like A Demonic Uprising

Image credits: PeteLX

#7 Capybara Looks Like It’s Wearing Clothes Due To Reflection

Image credits: crinnoire

#8 Sun’s Reflection On My Drinking Glass Creates Bart Simpson’s Skull

Image credits: 0zymandias21

#9 My Blinds Reflection Looks Like Lunar Phases On My Wall

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Image credits: spaniard702

#10 This Reflection On My Water Bottle Looks Like The Northern Lights

Image credits: abrooks0812

#11 This Spectrum Reflected Off The Dining Room Window Through A Chair Back

Image credits: skiboy53

#12 Every Morning The Sun Hits My Mom’s Urn And Reflects On The Wall In This Pretty Design

Image credits: Wutufuh

#13 Reflection Of Ceiling Lights In My Coffee

Image credits: srslynonsensical

#14 Blursed Cat

Image credits: androweeda

#15 The Water Reflecting Off Our Old Trampoline Makes It Look Invisible

Or also it could be a portal to another dimension.

Image credits: huntermanhlh

#16 Reflection Of The Sun Hitting My Guitars’ Tuners This Morning

Image credits: jakederps

#17 The Sun Shining Through My Fish Tank Aligned Perfectly On Each Knob

Image credits: kjh4087

#18 The Reflection In The Mirror On This Hotel Check In Desk

Image credits: up9trees

#19 This Window Filters Out The Exact Wavelength Of Light That My Gloves Reflect

Image credits: soupface2

#20 The Reflection Of The Beer Made The Fire On My Christmas Card Look Alive

Image credits: drxpbxx

#21 The Reflection Of My TV Makes It Look Like Girl With The Pearl Earring Is In My Backyard

Image credits: SleepingLesson

#22 Weird Reflection Makes Man Look Like A Ghost

Image credits: TheSh0rt1

#23 My Wife Looked Out Of Our Living Room Window And Saw This. TV Screen Reflection Lined Up Perfectly With Her Car

Image credits: Reflex81

#24 The Reflection Of These Sticks Make Interesting Shapes

Image credits: leohpeoh

#25 Reflection On Window Looks Like Massive Spaceship Landing

Image credits: empty_talks

#26 Reflection Of Tunnel In Mirrored Sunglasses

Image credits: zZzZzZz7zZ

#27 How My Face Is Not Reflected In This Mirror, But Is In The Mirror’s Reflection Of Itself

Image credits: SimenZhor

#28 This Mural Was Purposely Painted Upside Down To Reflect Off Of The Water

Image credits: Baker359

#29 This Puddle Reflecting The Sun Looks Like A Portal To Space

Image credits: ron_swanson_is_real

#30 The Reflection From My TV Looks Like The Moon Is Hovering Over My Swimming Pool

Image credits: TippityTopKek1010

#31 The Reflection Of The Light On My Coffee Looks Like A Glowing Castle

Image credits: MadnessDreamer

#32 Sat On A Bench Outside An Office And Noticed My Reflection In The Window Perfectly Fit In The Chair

Image credits: ScummyMoney

#33 Reflection Of Bathroom Mirror Makes It Look Like We Have An Outdoor Cinema Going On

Image credits: slamedoodwie

#34 This Sign Was Designed To Be Read In The Reflection Of The Water

Image credits: halfchance100

#35 The Surprisingly High-Quality Reflection Of Michael Scott In My Boyfriend’s Watch

Image credits: Snbridenbaugh

#36 The Reflection Of My Make-Up Bag Looks Like A Nebula

Image credits: michaeljacksonsalive

#37 Reflection On An Iron

Image credits: FrankoTheThird

#38 The Gap In My Bedroom Window Became A Pinhole Camera

Image credits: scarebulging

#39 The Reflection Of The Reeds In The Canal Spell Ok

Image credits: Richard_Jae

#40 I Took A Picture Of A Monkey And The Glare Made It Look Like It Was Taking A Wicked Selfie

Image credits: emily-dawn

#41 The Steering Wheel Reflection Looks Like A Planet In The Sky

Image credits: Baconlessness

#42 I Stood In The Reflection Of The Backyard Glass Window Opposite My Thongs And It Looks Like My Ghost Is Wearing Them

Image credits: Joshifi3d

#43 The Reflection Of The Blinds Makes My Glass Look Jagged

Image credits: brasher

#44 Reflection Of A Poster In The Stuttgart Airport Makes The Woman Look Cross-Eyed

Image credits: hatefullhippo

#45 The Sun Reflecting Off The One World Trade Center This Morning

Image credits: Zexov

#46 I Can’t See The Actual Drop Of Water On My Countertop, But I See Its Reflection On The Side Of My Coffee Maker

Image credits: ClaimTheIntersection

#47 Mirage Of Coffee Shop Window Makes It Look Like This Car Sells Pies Out Of The Boot

Image credits: Flynnbojangels

#48 Spilled A Drink And It Reflected Perfectly

Image credits: adambombz

#49 The Reflections Of Ceiling Lights Appear To Be Alien Ships Descending On Shreveport

Image credits: SoVeryKerry

#50 The Sun’s Reflection Off My Watch Looks Like Saturn

Image credits: SomeKid__

#51 Making Cookies And The Reflection Looks Like A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Image credits: robije

#52 My Reflection On The Mirror Looks As If It Was A Regular Picture On The Wall

Image credits: drakanz

#53 The Mirror Reflection In My Car After A Wash

Image credits: Zaphod392

#54 The Ring Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Reflects Differently Off My Glasses Since Each Eye Has Its Own Prescription

Image credits: Nukemarine

#55 Image Reflected From Double Glazing Window Is Aligned With A Real Image Of Sun And Clouds Behind The Pillar

Image credits: Tyaden_tyadenovich

#56 The Reflection Of This Building Makes It Look As If It’s In The Sky

Image credits: pliotta

#57 Girlfriend Took This Awesome Photo Today While We Went Hot Air Ballooning For My Bday. Reflection Of Our Balloon Of A Creek We Flew Over

Image credits: MybellyYourbacK

#58 Hmmm

Image credits: TruStoryz

#59 The Narrow Open Space Between My Blinds Is Creating A Camera Obscura Effect That Is Reflecting The Colors That Are Outside

Image credits: DiceELITE

#60 Blursed Reflection

Image credits: TheOneFunnyKid

#61 Caught The Reflection Of The Light In The Window, Looks Like It’s Floating In The Sky

Image credits: robyncracknell3

#62 The Reflection Gave My Cat Human Feet

Image credits: musicfromadventures

#63 This Spider’s Reflection In A Pool

Image credits: lnk7332

#64 The Reflection Ends The Building

Image credits: havockin

#65 The Reflection On This Bucket Makes It Look Transparent

Image credits: 1_Snail

#66 This Plates Light Reflection Looks Like A UFO

Image credits: LaztheFox

#67 Rental Car In Ireland Has Dashboard Sticker That Reflects In The Windshield To Remind You What Side Of The Road To Drive On

Image credits: lambokid

#68 How This Reflection Of Light Only Got Past With The Red

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 Two Carts I Found In My Local Swamp Awhile Back. The Reflections Were Weird

Image credits: Jeckell-exe

#70 Blue Sky Reflecting On Neighboring Building With Storm Behind It

Image credits: Staceface666

#71 Reflection Of Trees In A Drop Of Water

Image credits: GreenCricket

#72 Every Time I Think That This Building Is Burning, But It Is A Reflection Of The Sunset

Image credits: acmedoge

#73 The Sun’s Reflection Looks Like A Double Helix

Image credits: LuminousCode

#74 The Camera Focused On The Reflection Of The Tree Instead Of The Watch

Image credits: GiveMeYourGuitar

#75 The Reflection Of The Lamp Gives My Glasses Eyeballs

Image credits: 2mamas

#76 This Morning Reflection From My Front Door

Image credits: embracingfit

#77 Our Restaurant’s Lights Reflected Off Their Window Looks Like The Aliens Have Arrived

Image credits: fweng

#78 The Reflection Makes It Look Like This Lady Is Wearing A Thong

Image credits: justloafingaround

#79 Reflection Of Window On My Dumpling Soup

Image credits: iamuman

#80 Black Vultures Picture Taken Through A Window That Reflects A Stained Glass Window

Image credits: jollytoes

#81 The Reflection Of This Stained Glass Seems To Spell “Dead”

Image credits: ZeroB2

#82 This Unaltered Photo Of The Reflection In My Cat’s Eyes

Image credits: somnambulist7

#83 The Reflection Of The Lights In The Room Behind Me Make It Look Like The Sky Has A Trap Door

Image credits: dmazarin

#84 Reflections In The Window Look Like A Glitch In A Skybox

Image credits: RoosterjayP

#85 Glass Reflection Makes It Look Like There Are People In The Sky Of Tokyo

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#86 Tom’s Reflection Reflecting His Inner Wolf

Image credits: rivermark

#87 Reflecting From Window. Rainbow Cat

Image credits: hypnotichair6

#88 Maltese Reflection

Image credits: annibalivan

#89 The Colorful Reflections From People’s Shirts On My Airplane

Image credits: WhatIsTeleport

#90 This Reflection Looks Like Howard Stern

Image credits: Vance_Refrigerati0n

#91 This Ceiling Light Reflection On My Camera Lens

Image credits: Evil_Lan

#92 The Reflection From The Ironing Board In My Hotel Room Looks Like A Transformer

Image credits: zascar

#93 My Plates Create An Illuminati Sign When Reflected By Light

Image credits: TemptedGuy

#94 This Reflection Of The Sky On A Building Looks Like The Sky

Image credits: TG–

#95 The Color And Reflective Properties Of The Key Make It Blend In With The Doorknob

Image credits: duckvimes_

#96 The Reflection From My Oven Looks Like A Happy Robot

Image credits: sionnach

#97 The Light Reflected Off These Candle Holders Look Like Flames

Image credits: Shepard21

#98 Took A Pic Of The Sunrise Out My Office Window And The Interior Lights Made Some Cool Reflections

Image credits: talvar

#99 Saved This Adorable Baby Opossum From My Dog. Look At That Face

Image credits: thunderheart26

#100 Not Much Of A Guard Dog, Though! But Lost It When I Came Across The Second Pic

Image credits: xmomman.onakay

#101 The Reflection Off This Can

Image credits: ExtraTurnip

#102 Umbrella Reflection In Spoon

Image credits: Panishev

#103 The Reflections In This Building Make It Look Like A Bad Render

Image credits: DBaLA

#104 The Reflection In My Trumpet Creates A Tiny Planet Effect

Image credits: sssnark

#105 Today I Saw A Reflection Of A Vehicle That Completes The One Next To It


#106 My Cats Tag Reflection

Image credits: Worldroam

#107 The Clouds Reflected Off This Building Look Pixelated

Image credits: Shdhdhsbssh

#108 The Crack In The Door Splits My Grow Light Into Different Colors

Image credits: babygirl-des

#109 A Piece Of Sky Fell On The Road

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#110 I Can See The Reflection Of My Phone If I Take A Close-Up Of My Eye

Image credits: SorryforbeingDutch

#111 Sunlight Reflecting Through Lengths Of Aluminium

Image credits: Quasaris_Pulsarimis

#112 Reflection Makes It Look Like The Knife Is Transparent

Image credits: alekhug

#113 Sunlight Was Dispersed And Reflected By The Building Facing Mine, Then Passed Through My Blinds And Ended Up On My Floor

Image credits: VinSkeemz

#114 Reflection From My Car Window Onto My Phone Looks Like The Stock Apple Wallpaper

Image credits: smbrct41

Source: boredpanda.com

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