115 Nostalgic Things From the 2000s Prove How Much The World Has Moved On Since Then

Since I haven’t had the luck to be born and to grow up in The United States of America, or any other western country, but rather an occupation-torn post-Soviet state that has just regained its freedom, I’ve never actually seen or touched half of the things on this list. And, yet, looking at all these Poo-chi dogs, Polly Pockets, and things like phone charms, I feel a massive wave of nostalgia! That’s probably because we, as kids, were glued to our screens whenever they showed something like Dawson’s Creek or even Hannah Montana, absorbing not only how the characters looked and talked but also the things they had. It was almost like having them yourself! Though speaking of series, we’d more often get something as old as The Little House On The Prairie or Doctor Quinn, rather than the newest episode of, say, Phineas & Ferb. 

Nevertheless, I can definitely feel the importance and the impact of the 2000s on our lives. Things were changing ever so quickly. Straight from oblivion, we went to the Western civilization and its pop culture with half-naked ladies, boy bands, electronic toys, TV series, and even portable phones (those definitely came out of some witch’s brew)! Also, the sense of liberation – both literal freedom regained by my homeland and the one given to us by the ever-expanding World Wide Web – was just overwhelming. So many new cultural experiences and opportunities were never present. Starting, of course, with toys and ending with poking someone on Facebook, this decade was moving into the future at a breakneck pace.

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But, without any more of my essayistic babble, let’s dive a few decades back and reminisce on the things that we all loved dearly when growing up. From Tamagotchis to pencils with cartridges, and from ye olde Cartoon Network to flare jeans, you’ll find many things that’ll remind you of your careless youth. So, share this list full of things from your 2000s childhood with someone susceptible to the same kind of nostalgia that you are, and tell us which of these items, pop stars, or games you miss the most!

#1 Flipping Through These As A Kid Trying To Find Your Favourite Bands Poster

Image credits: beardynolando

#2 Burning The Sickest CDs In The Neighborhood

Image credits: Jeffrey_Strange

#3 Pencils With Cartridges

Image credits: Lexjiggler

#4 The Magic That Was The Scholastic Book Fair

Image credits: MccreesKnees

#5 I Found An Old Pic Of Me Playing Computer Games. As It Turns Out I Haven’t Changed Very Much

Image credits: Bleep-bloop3000

#6 The Old Cartoon Network

Image credits: amazon.com

#7 These Are The Streets I Grew Up On

Image credits: kraftythings

#8 Windows Pinball

Image credits: bigpapi69x

#9 Found An Old Polly Pocket While Cleaning My Mom’s Basement

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Image credits: champagnebreezy

#10 The Smell Of Opening A Brand New Can Of Play Doh

Image credits: colburn317

#11 Can We Please Bring Back The Holes To Put Phone Charms On Our Phones?

Image credits: gamerguy287

#12 Remember When You Didn’t Have To Enter Your Personal Info Online To Win A Soda?

Image credits: VitruvianHooligan

#13 The Ge Alarm Clock That Everyone Seemed To Have

Image credits: 2ezyo

#14 The Family Computer

Image credits: IrishAzrael

#15 Linkin Park

Image credits: amazon.com

#16 Remember Watching The Pipes Screensaver?

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 These TV Carts Always Meant Class Was Going To Be Fun When The Teacher Rolled One In

Image credits: curly1022

#18 Starving Your Calculator To Death

Image credits: Mea05cer

#19 Today A 70th Years Old Ma’am Gave Me Her Nokia 3310 To Change The Battery. I Couldn’t Resist

Image credits: skiermax

#20 Wooden Playgrounds

Image credits: Xnightx0wlx

#21 My Girlfriend Got Me The Evangelion Tamagotchi For My Birthday And I’m So Excited To See Which Angel I Get First

Image credits: Kerrigannn

#22 When You Wore Flare Jeans And It Rained

Image credits: lori_kd

#23 Only Fidget Spinner I Ever Owned

Image credits: dystoxin

#24 I Restored My 16 Year Old iPod Nano

Image credits: 69_queefs_per_sec

#25 The Sims

Image credits: amazon.com

#26 Surreal Moment Today. I Went To Oaks, PA Too Many Video Games Expo. Found My Gameboy From Early 2000’s

Image credits: 2scott2handle

#27 These Cereal Bowls I Used To Eat Out Of As A Kid

Image credits: Amartincelt

#28 Me And My Best Friend In 1999/2000 Working On Our Donkey Kong/Banjo Kazooie Fan Website Titled “The Dk/Bk Jungle”

Image credits: reecord2

#29 When I Was 9 Years Old My Dad Was Deployed To Baghdad, Iraq. I Gave Him These Yu-Gi-Oh Cards To Keep Him Safe. They’ve Been In His Wallet For 12 Years

Image credits: Zanosa

#30 Found My Old Nintendo DS And Nintendogs And I’ve Been Screaming At The Fake Dog To Sit For 15 Min

Image credits: hyfr_hokie

#31 Friendship Bracelets – I Used To Love Making These

Image credits: take_me_home_tonight

#32 The Last Blockbuster Was A Five Minute Walk From The Motel I Was Staying At

Image credits: SpacingOut07

#33 Farm Ville

Image credits: amazon.com

#34 Torture Device Known As The Sit And Reach Test

Image credits: mikencapo

#35 You Guys Remember Boondoggle? Anyone Know Any Other Cool Stitches?

Image credits: leeba1983

#36 Jelly Shoes

Image credits: TylerSGman77

#37 Limewire

Image credits: Bjcistok

#38 Scary Movie

Image credits: amazon.com

#39 I Know You All Remember The Spacemaker Pencil Box

Image credits: FatSloppyPecker

#40 MSN Messenger! Playing With Emojis Over A Decade Before It Was Cool

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Did Anyone Else Have A Stage In The Cafeteria Of Their School?

Image credits: Zolebrow

#42 20+ Years Of Lip Balm Pans. Who Remembers Lip Smackers And Lip Lix?

Image credits: rpmk1120

#43 Knee-Length Rainbow Toe Socks

Image credits: Rikitikitavi9162

#44 Eminem

Image credits: amazon.com

#45 My 20 Year Old Toy Phone And My Daughters Brand New One! Both Fisher Price

Image credits: chelly1

#46 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, N64. The Warehouse

Image credits: JM-Rie

#47 Remember When All You Had To Worry About Was Your Tamagotchi Pet?

Image credits: retro_sphere

#48 Miniclip Games

Image credits: cjthompsonn95

#49 Motorola Razr V3xx

Image credits: Vtgac22

#50 Plastic Tube With Water And Plastic Fish Inside It, If You Try To Squeeze It It Just Rolls Itself

Image credits: nixonico

#51 With 40 Second Esp And Digital Dynamic Bass Boost! Philips Clear Cd Player..15 Years Old And Still Rocking

Image credits: philsorapter

#52 Cereal Straws

Image credits: AlexHughesie

#53 Dragon Ball

Image credits: amazon.com

#54 Nintendo DS Homescreen

Image credits: aqualink97

#55 I Know I’m 31 And All, But I Still Get Excited About Scholastic Book Club Order Forms

Image credits: _amanda_suzanne_

#56 Girlfriend Made Me The Chatterbox From The Opening Sequence For Our Anniversary

Image credits: grkd131

#57 Yes No Rubber

Image credits: annieseddon

#58 Until Today I Actually Realised That The Simpsons Hit And Run Knows When It’s Halloween And Changes The Start Screen

Image credits: HarryUK1234

#59 Today Is The Greatest Day Of My Life (Dance Dance Revolution)

Image credits: Peabo721

#60 Magic Tree House Books

Image credits: lazytuyo

#61 Mighty Beanz Were Pretty Cool. I Don’t Know Why Though

Image credits: nurse_with_penis

#62 I Found One Of Those Magic Grow Animals From The 2000s That Had Continued To Expand Since My Childhood

Image credits: LongjumpingCry7

#63 Hefty ZooPal Plates

Image credits: dezzzdavis

#64 When I Wear The Heelys, The Girls Get Feelies

Image credits: matteo1122

#65 Who Else Remember The Beyblade Tazos Spinners Come With Lays & Cheetos Back In 2000’s?

Image credits: Gurtek86

#66 Making Melting Beads At Day Care

Image credits: ellaphunt

#67 Found My Old Playstation 2 Still In Pristine Condition

Image credits: ixnine

#68 Geomag

Image credits: en.wikipedia.org

#69 Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Image credits: amazon.com

#70 The Erosion Of A Livestrong Bracelet After Wearing It Nonstop For 16 Years

Image credits: TheZenScientist

#71 This Movie Theater Carpeting

#72 Paper Toss – The First App I Downloaded On My iPod

Image credits: mrkowalscheme

#73 The Lord Of The Rings

Image credits: amazon.com

#74 Who Remembers This Ice Cream From School?

Image credits: 42iseverywhere42

#75 Found This While Going Through Some Childhood Things. Put Some Batteries In And Powered It Up To Find That I Was Taking Selfies Way Before It Was Cool. I Was Probably 8 Or 9 Here

Image credits: klopvi

#76 The Simpsons: Hit And Run

Image credits: ebay.com

#77 Got Myself A Birthday Present. My First Ever Pro Fingerboard After Years Of Tech Decks. This Feels Insane

Image credits: frostyflipper420

#78 I Have Way Too Many Silly Bandz

Image credits: LiquifiedSpam

#79 Watching The Simpsons

Image credits: GhstSnks

#80 Finally Found An Old Crt TV. Now To Relive My Childhood

Image credits: LookOutItsShadow

#81 I Got My Switch Running On An Old Crt

Image credits: Morimot

#82 Guitar Hero

Image credits: robsanty317

#83 Mean Girls

Image credits: amazon.com

#84 My Xbox 360 Collection

Image credits: karroq

#85 I Still Have A Stonecutter On My Old iPod Touch

Image credits: Dankerson_

#86 My Favourite Bionicle

Image credits: Kilfane

#87 Dreamcast

Image credits: snappycg1996

#88 Good Charlotte

Image credits: amazon.com

#89 Destiny’s Child

Image credits: amazon.com

#90 Bridget Jones’s Diary

Image credits: amazon.com

#91 Just Found Unopened Pokemon Packs In The Attic From The Early 2000s. I Guess I Never Got Round To Opening These

Image credits: The_Real_Weaver

#92 Poo-Chi Dog

Image credits: reddit.com

#93 Anyone Else Remember Club Penguin?

Image credits: bumpyog

#94 Pajama Sam

Image credits: lazygamereviews

#95 The Force Awakens Vintage VHS Tape- Courtesy Of VCRworld

Image credits: vulptexcore

#96 Complete Watch Novice, But Just Bought This And I Love It

Image credits: Thebunshouse

#97 How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Image credits: amazon.com

#98 Finally Got A Complete Set Of The Original Bratz

Image credits: thetipton

#99 Rainbow Magic Pens

Image credits: ebay.com

#100 Crocs

Image credits: kittycat_x

#101 Bow Lingual: The Dog Translator. Yes, This Is A Real Thing

Image credits: jkruisb2

#102 Re-Living My First Foray To Mobile Programming

Image credits: cr8ivecodesmith

#103 High School Musical

Image credits: amazon.com

#104 My Nostalgic Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss Collection

Image credits: reddit.com

#105 My Approach To Collecting MMPR: Quality Over Quantity

Image credits: BabyUGotAStewGoin

#106 Turbo Twist Spelling. Just Found This From The 00s

Image credits: tenvisliving

#107 Remember Playing This Game Late At Night Online

Image credits: WavyPhoton05

#108 Buzzbee Chrono Velocity X

Image credits: DerTestMichel

#109 The Devil Wears Prada

Image credits: amazon.com

#110 Cosmogirl Magazine February 2001

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 Mattel Superman DC Superheroes (2006)

Image credits: toxicshlock

#112 First LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Released In 2000

Image credits: 2fresh47

#113 Twilight Books

Image credits: amazon.com

#114 My Spongebob DVD Collection So Far

Image credits: drmario12

#115 I Found A Coke Card From The Year 2000 That I Had Saved As A Kid

Image credits: deadfreds

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