115 People Who Took Their Family Photo Recreations To The Next Level (New Pics)

If you haven’t heard of this heartwarming trend, the chances are you were off to the moon. Because people have been recreating their old and dusty family photographs with pretty amazing results.

There’s something quite otherworldly about looking at people doing the exact same things they did many years ago. But it’s not only the time that sets these two photographs apart, it’s also all the experiences that happened between them, the transformations people went through, the ups and downs they conquered.

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So today, we are taking a walk to see some of the loveliest and most soul-soothing family photograph recreations staring the same people, the same composition, sometimes even the same place and clothing, as in the old photograph. The modern remakes suggest that even when the world changes beyond recognition, there’s something inside every one one of us that stay the same.

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#1 My Parents Recreated Their Honeymoon Picture 40 Years Later

Image credits: Old_but_New

#2 I Saw The Apron While Shopping, And Decided To Do A Remake Of My Mother’s Favorite Picture For Christmas. 23 Years Apart

Image credits: Deeplight

#3 We Recreated One Of My Favorite Photos A Few Years Later

Image credits: kitterific

#4 My Parents Always Told Me I Looked Like My Dad’s Mom But I Never Got To Meet Her. Here’s My Grandmother Holding My Dad vs. Me Holding My Son, Taken Exactly 63 Years Apart

Image credits: nancyxxu

#5 18 Years Later We’re Back On The Beach

Image credits: Gabriel Santos

#6 Then And Now: Couple Recreates Wedding Photos After 50 Years Of Being Married

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#7 We Had To Put My Dog Of 16 Years Down Yesterday, But Before We Did We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Him

Image credits: weezabeeb

#8 My Dad Passed Away When I Was 1. I Like To Think He’d Be Happy With How Much We Look Alike

Image credits: mountain55man77

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#9 35 Years Ago I Met This Amazing Man. Love Him Even More Today

Image credits: muzzpete

#10 First Flight With Dad. So Special. 12 Years Difference

Image credits: jasmijnvwvd

#11 The World Needs More Fathers Who Stick Around Like This

Image credits: kingjosiah96

#12 Veteran And His Wife Recreate Their Wedding Photos

Image credits: NewCarthagea

#13 From Having One To Being One Happy Father’s Day

Image credits: nharshul

#14 Me And My Great Uncle 24 Years Apart

Image credits: IdontSparkle

#15 A Lot Can Change In 22 Years. Some Things Never Do

Image credits: lilpaulie

#16 Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Son. Some Things Never Change

Image credits: Arnold Schwarzenegger

#17 This Man Waits Years To Recreate This Pic

Image credits: _shadjay

#18 My Aunt And Uncle Just Celebrated Their 55th Wedding Anniversary. Top Photo 1967 Bottom 2022

Image credits: ATLjeweler

#19 These Pictures Were Taken At The Same Restaurant, But About 2 Years Apart. He’s Lost 90 Lbs And I’ve Lost 135 Lbs

We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together, and be around as long as possible for our kids. So grateful for this journey with my best friend!

Image credits: aworsh

#20 Bindi Irwin And Her Husband Recreate Her Mom And Dad’s Pregnancy Photo

Image credits: bindisueirwin

#21 I Remade This Picture Of My Grandma From 1945 For My Dad For Father’s Day. I Didn’t Realize How Much I Looked Like Her

Image credits: allovia

#22 Side By Side Of My Grandfather At His Wedding And Myself

Image credits: expectopatronumdmb41

#23 My Sister And I Graduating Headstart vs. Us Graduating College

Image credits: void590

#24 We Were Destined To Get This Titanic Set (1998 vs. 2022)

Image credits: blitzangel

#25 Same Drama

Image credits: NazliNazNazli

#26 My Grandparents’ 53rd Anniversary Is Today

Image credits: JulianRob37

#27 Me And My Dad. 1982 And 2021. Both Age 20, 39 Years Apart

Image credits: IneedThepiano

#28 My Grandmother At A Homecoming Football Game In 1957, And Me In The Same Dress 60 Years Later

Image credits: Jazzmattazzz

#29 My Daughter And My Wife Wearing The Same Dress 28 Years Apart. Made Me Smile

Image credits: lightningcrane31

#30 Cousins In 1998 vs. Now. Not Much Has Changed

Image credits: dokidokiStrider

#31 My Nana And My Little Sister, 64 Years Apart. They’re Nearly Identical

Image credits: ominous-owl

#32 Not On Wilkerson Street, But I Grabbed A Photo For A “Then And Now” While I Had A Chance. 61 Years Apart And Still In Love. Life Goals If I’ve Ever Seen Them

Image credits: WhatAFineWasteOfTime

#33 We’re The Wikipedia “High Five” Couple, Now We’re Married And Teaching It To Our Kids. Up High

Image credits: musicismath

#34 My Dad And His Siblings In 1969. Then They Recreated It 50 Years Later

Image credits: irish89

#35 Family Visits Are About Quality Time & Recreating Photos

Image credits: mrskrisromero

#36 2008 Picture Recreation 13 Years Later. For Context, The Boys Were 4 And 6. Now They Are Both Well Over 6 Feet Tall

Image credits: lilcowdoc

#37 Our Baby Came Home For The Weekend Before College Starts Tomorrow. Not Much Has Changed

Image credits: ortizda26

#38 The Day We Got Our Puppy, And 11 Years Later

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Every Graduation From UG-PhD We Have Managed To Recreate The Original “Awkward Family Photo”. Last Night Was No Exception

Image credits: _VicBrennan

#40 I Wonder What My Grandchildren Will Experience 100 Years From Now? One Thing I Know, Is My Sisters And I Are Creating A Legacy For Them. Even 20 Years Apart We Still Have It

Image credits: thebodywisedancer

#41 2000 To 2022

Image credits: dmelvey

#42 Me Holding My Son At My HS Graduation vs. Me Holding My Son At His HS Graduation

Image credits: bigK24

#43 My Father And His Father, In Kiev When He Was A Baby In 1920, And Then In Poland In 1941 Shortly Before He Was Picked Up And Put In Labor Camp

Image credits: Outrageous_Bell4293

#44 My Husband And His Two Older Brothers

Image credits: CarrieAnnSmith5

#45 2009-2019

Image credits: RobertIrwin

#46 My Grandparents. Then And Now

Image credits: maxxhock

#47 My Mom And I Getting “Called To The Bar” As Lawyers 35 Years Apart. 1981 To 2016

Image credits: lannart123

#48 Difference Of 14 Years

Image credits: LehiRed

#49 Thanksgiving 2011-2021

Image credits: 2manyhotdogs

#50 My Dad And I (Right 1993) And My Son And I (Left 2016)

Image credits: CanIGoHomeYet

#51 The Pichler Family Recreation Picture. 2016 And 2021. Hoping To Do It Every Five Years. Someone Remind Me In 2026

Image credits: jpichseven

#52 My Family Christmas Photo Recreated 20 Years Later

Image credits: NateTrib

#53 Pictures Of Me And My Brother With The Same Owl 10 Years Apart

Image credits: bugpunis

#54 My Dad Holding His Niece, Mariam, In The Early 2000s vs. Me Holding My Niece, Also Named Mariam, In 2020

Image credits: LCInc

#55 Cousins In Yellowstone 1992 And Again In 2012

Image credits: ClaraPink

#56 Me Holding My Son At His 8th Grade Graduation vs. Him Holding Me At His HS Graduation

Image credits: shouttag_russ

#57 For Christmas, My Bros And I Remade 3 Classic Childhood Photos. Minus Bowl Cuts

Image credits: malachi_rempen

#58 My Dad And I Recreated A Picture, With Long Hair Due To Covid. Original Is Circa 1979

Image credits: lothar74

#59 So We Recreated A Photo (Me On Top)

Image credits: Emoje775

#60 I Always Thought This Would Be A Cute Photo To Recreate

Image credits: Beccalynne

#61 Happy Siblings Day. Proud To Call These My People

Image credits: eliselouisesimp

#62 So We Did A Thing Yesterday. It May Have Taken Us All Day Be We Had So Much Fun Doing It. Happy Father’s Day Dad

Image credits: mandyeib

#63 “Like Mother, Like Daughter” Taken A Little Too Literally. My Mom Is On The Left With Her First Born Son 41 Years Ago And Me On The Right With My First Born Son Today

Image credits: yessykeena

#64 Mom And Dad In 1960 And Again In 2010. Married For Almost 59 Years

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 Decided To Recreate A Photo With My Dad 25 Years Later

Image credits: AlexRudi

#66 Some Things Still Don’t Change

Image credits: zeronine

#67 My Father And His Brother 60 Years Ago vs. My Two Boys Today

Image credits: suspended_in_life

#68 My Grandma, Dad, Aunts And Uncles

Image credits: TBMRQM

#69 Throwback Thursday, 1991 vs. 2021, Back At The House I Grew Up In (Queens, NY)

Image credits: StatandMelo

#70 Happy Mother’s Day. My Grandma Made Us Recreate An Old Photo

Image credits: BossDozzz

#71 24 Years Apart

Image credits: ShowTunesAndCatsAreMyJam

#72 Yesterday We Did A Recreation Of This Photo From 8 Years Ago. I Am The One Who Is Sitting With The Baby (Not So Baby Anymore) In My Arms

Image credits: manesquinn

#73 19 Years Ago Today, My Wife And I Met In A Waterslide Line. Here’s Us The Night We Met And Us Now

Image credits: the-d-man

#74 My Dad Literally Got A Hernia Trying To Re-Create This

Image credits: DABBERWOCKY

#75 My Brother’s Kids Accidentally Almost Recreated A Photo Of Their Father And Myself 33 Years Later

Image credits: kalyknits

#76 My Father With Me (1988) vs. Me And My Daughter (2021)

Image credits: thisissotandem

#77 My Dad & My Son. Same Place, 70 Years Apart. Trafalgar Square, London

Image credits: robedwards99

#78 Happy Father’s Day

Image credits: beerdidtrev

#79 Recreated My Favorite Picture Of My Dad And Late Mother This Weekend

Image credits: redrobyn804

#80 My Grandparents, April 5, 1961 And Again April 5, 2021

Image credits: erice495able

#81 Another Family Recreation, Uncle, Niece, And Nephews

Image credits: TFCBaggles

#82 2003 Recreated In 2021

Image credits: Naptownfellow

#83 I Was Quite The Picky Eater Back In The Days

Image credits: j9990

#84 20 Years Difference

Image credits: ShartCarney

#85 Camping With My Son In 1995 And 2022

Image credits: dragon296joe

#86 My Dad And I Exactly 10 Years Apart

Image credits: HazelnutIcedCof

#87 Me And My Brother Around 10 Years Later

Image credits: ComradeBraixen2nd

#88 My Grandfather On His Honeymoon In 1955 And Me Traveling For Work In 2018

Image credits: samprescott1751

#89 The Very First Professional Photo I Had Taken With My Mom And Then Our Most Recent One

Image credits: smugmisswoodhouse

#90 Mike Gordon (From The Band Phish) With His Mom. Mansfield, Mass, July 1993 And July 2022

Image credits: mike_gordon

#91 14 Years Later

Image credits: NYGroove

#92 My Parents At Their Wedding In ’94 vs. Now At Ages 70 And 60

Image credits: StBlaize

#93 My Dad With His First Child (My Sister, 1988) And With His First Grandchild (Her Daughter, 2021). It Wasn’t Recreated Intentionally. He Holds Every Baby Like That

Image credits: Lark_Iron_Cloud

#94 My Dad And I In 1981 Next To Me With My Son 35 Years Later

Image credits: Babayaga844

#95 Happy 70th Anniversary To My Wife’s Grandparents. Married In 1950

Image credits: bigfun1982

#96 Me And My Bros

Image credits: guilhasbranc0

#97 My Dad’s Senior Picture In 1975 vs. My High School Picture Freshman Year In 2004

Image credits: easily-distrac

#98 Age 2 And Age 6

Image credits: sonicSkis

#99 Great Grandmother (1920) And Great Granddaughter (2021), Both In Their Early 20s

Image credits: breadspac3

#100 The White Fence Was Taken Out And The Trees Grew In 61 Years

Image credits: leave171

#101 The 3 Mouseketeers

Image credits: Outrageous_Bell4293

#102 Me And My Dad, 1989 And 2016

Image credits: thedymtree

#103 Giving My Boys A Ride vs. My Boys Giving Me A Ride

Image credits: VisibleRace7849

#104 Same Spot, Different Food, 18 Years Apart

Image credits: fundevill

#105 We Recreated A Childhood Photo. From Blue’s Clues Birthday Party To 20 Years Later At Thanksgiving

Image credits: madiissuun

#106 When My Little Brother Was Just Born vs. Now. 13 Years Between Us

Image credits: MeelinFelo

#107 Thought You Guys Might Like This One Too. There’s Approximately 20 Years Between These Two Photos Of Me And My Mom. I Painted Her Face, She Painted Mine

Image credits: hanwestwood

#108 During The Morning Matinee 2009-2021

Image credits: morickiraly

#109 2003 vs. 2020

Image credits: kellyripa

#110 We Worked On Updating Some Old Family Photos Today

Image credits: emgeekout

#111 Finally Got A BB Gun

Image credits: Eggburtcha

#112 30 Years Apart At My Grandma’s House

Image credits: De5perad0

#113 Nana And Her Grand Babies

Image credits: Kristy-1661

#114 Me And My Mom, A Few Years Later

Image credits: sangulop

#115 Gatorland Zoo In Florida

Image credits: Brewskiman

Source: boredpanda.com

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