115 Times People Had The Worst Neighbors Ever

We’re constantly reminded how we’re supposed to love our neighbors and treat others the same way that we’d like to be treated. While that works in theory, the sad fact is that politeness, basic respect, and even common sense are in extremely short supply these days. Unfortunately, some people have run out of all three and substituted them with spite, jealousy, and messiness.

We firmly believe that having good, cheerful, helpful neighbors is a gift from heaven. However, they’re pretty rare in this day and age. To help you value the people you live next to right now more, Bored Panda has collected posts about the very worst things that neighbors have ever done. Nobody should have to live next to these individuals. And we wouldn’t wish them even on our worst enemies.

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Scroll down to see just how bad neighborly life can get, and upvote the posts that really got your hearts racing with disappointment and despair, Pandas. If you’d like to vent your anger about the people in your neighborhood, block, or building, feel free to do so in the comment section. There’s nothing like letting off a bit of steam to help you move forward.

#1 Neighbor From Hell

Image credits: zapbob

#2 Neighbors Moved Out, Took Their Cat’s Collar, But Not The Cat

Image credits: Lou-Lou-67

#3 Our Homophobic Neighbor Complained To The City That Our Trash Bins Are On The Side Of Our House. The City Said We Could Put Up A Lattice In Front Of The Bins

Hope she loves our new lattice!

Image credits: Magical_Narwhal_1213

Bored Panda spoke about neighborly life, and why we no longer seem to know who our neighbors are with Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D. She is a Licensed Counselor, Professor, and the Chair at the Department of Counseling and Higher Education at Northern Illinois University. She explained to us what has happened over the past half a century in the United States.

“A lot of things have changed over the last 50-60 years that have created obstacles to getting to know our neighbors,” she told us.

#4 Neighbor Taped This To My Door

Image credits: RamenRat

#5 Our Duplex Neighbor Of 3 Years Mysteriously Moved In The Middle Of The Night. We Had Never Seen The Inside Of His House The Whole Time. Now We Know Why

Image credits: mama_ji

#6 My Neighbors’ Son Was Hiding From Them So He Could Sneak A Smoke, He Put His Bud Out On A Paper Bark Tree And Set The Tree And My Back Yard On Fire

First photo is how close the fire was to my gas bottles.

Image credits: AtlasGamingAU

“We’re more independent and less inter-dependent than we used to be. We’re also more peripatetic—the number of people who grow up and stay in their hometowns or family neighborhoods has diminished so we don’t have the connections with neighbors or others in the community that people used to cultivate over the years and even over generations,” the professor explained to Bored Panda.

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#7 My Friend Found This Puppy. We Took It To The Neighbor Previously Seen With Puppies, And He Said He Had “Set The Puppy Free” Because He’d Already Gotten Rid Of The Rest

Police said this isn’t the first time he’s done this.

Image credits: MzMegs

#8 Told My Neighbors’ Kids To Knock It Off When I Caught Them Throwing Rocks Against My Fence And Siding. Found This In My Backyard 30 Mins Later. I Have A Dog

Image credits: seebz69

#9 The Way My Neighbor Decided To Move For A Couple Of Hours

Image credits: Lilstoner-420

“We are often ‘strangers in a strange land’ when we move into new cities for our jobs,” Professor Degges-White said. Technological developments have also pushed us away from interacting with our neighbors.

“Something that we often don’t think about if we’re living in a modern home is that up until around 50 years ago, here in the US, air conditioning wasn’t common, so people would sit outside on their front porches to stay cool. This ‘front porch sitting’ also led to conversations with neighbors who were strolling by.”

#10 This Is Why I Can’t Wait To Move! The Guy Across The Street Is A Pervert Scumbag Who Blocks Our Entire Street With RVs That He Repairs As A Side Business From His Home

They’ll stay parked in front of his place for months. Guess what? There is NOTHING we can do about it! We live in a private community and the cops said they can’t stop him we can only complain to the HOA but the guy is renting from friends of ours so we complain and our friends get in trouble not him. 3 more weeks.

Image credits: mela_beautrix

#11 Stealing From A Self-Isolating, Vulnerable Neighbor

Image credits: maylesa

#12 Amazon Delivery Picture Of My Package On My Neighbors’ Porch. Asked My Neighbor If They Happened To Accidentally Get My Package. “Nope Didn’t See It”

Image credits: _The_Space_Monkey_

According to the professor, there was a focus on engagement, and folks wanted to “get to know their neighbors.”

“Kids also had a lot of free time that would be spent outside because there was more freedom to run, to be loud, and to engage with other kids in the neighborhood.”

#13 I Pay $125 A Month To Park In My Parking Spot. I’m 111B. This Jerk Is My Neighbor

Image credits: badbicth06

#14 A Neighbor’s “Security” Light That They Keep On 24/7

Image credits: TaudeTheThird

#15 The Neighbor Had A Dispute This Morning. Resulted In A Gunshot Through Our Bathroom Mirror

Image credits: JesusUnoWTF

Fast-forward to the present day, and things are very different. We may live more modern lives, but we’ve also become more isolated from the rest of the neighborhood. How we socialize and amuse ourselves has profoundly changed, as we increasingly rely on digital communication and entertainment.

#16 Moved To A New Office, I’m Amazed Of How Disgusting My Neighbors Are

Image credits: giokinkla

#17 Another Arrow To The House From A Neighbor

Image credits: SolarMatter

#18 While Moving The First Load Of My Thing Into My New House, Neighbors Greet Me By Burning Trash And Setting Their Truck On Fire

Image credits: ibuildonions

“Now, thinking about today, many of us have AC in our homes, front porches have shrunk in size as we have seen the ‘backyard paradise’ expand,” Professor Degges-White said.

“People focus on their patios or decks, creating an ‘oasis’ away from the ‘real world.’ In addition, kids are hooked up to electronics, and the majority of their connecting and socializing with other kids is through electronic means,” she noted.

#19 Neighbor’s Kid Decided To Decorate My Car With A Rock To Make It Look “Cute”

Image credits: burd-the-wurd

#20 What Could Go Wrong If My Jerk Neighbor Put Hot Charcoal From His Grill Into A Trashcan

Image credits: TheCubeZero

#21 I Put Up A Fence To Keep My Thieving And Incredibly Nosy Neighbor Out. He Then Puts Up A Camera So That He Can Look In

Image credits: harbinger_CHI

“They play video games together, use social media to chat, and can have a huge network of acquaintances that they can Facetime and Snapchat without ever having to leave their rooms,” the professor pointed out that kids tend to spend much more time indoors these days, instead of outside.

#22 My Mom Made Me Throw Away This Good-Looking Cake Because It Was Given To Us By A Muslim Neighbor For Eid

Image credits: SciencesnObjects40

#23 My Neighbor “Allegedly” Refused To Pay The Guy Who Cleared His Backyard. He’ll Be Coming Home To This Gift Left In His Driveway

Image credits: CalbertCorpse

#24 Our Neighbor Shot A Hole In Our Bedroom Wall Last Night

Image credits: ryannefromTX

“Safety is another reason that folks are less likely to get to know their neighbors—kids don’t have the free rein they once did to roam the block or run errands for their parents due to fears about abduction,” she said that there seems to be a general lack of trust in the people living around us.

#25 This Neighbor Likes To Snap Photos Through The Window Of The Home Next Door

Image credits: simonyates88

#26 How The Neighbor Left My Garage After Fixing His Truck

Image credits: NCC74656

#27 My Landlord Texted Me This After He Kicked My Sweet Elderly Neighbor Out Of Our Duplex So He Could Move In

Image credits: MitziVinyl

“Mistrust of what others do and the sensational news stories about ‘the neighbor who didn’t look like a violent criminal/kidnapper/rapist/murderer’ raise the fear level. We may not even be aware of how these stories affect us unless we pause to consider why we’re hesitant to speak to a neighbor or wonder about why someone’s shades are always drawn.”

#28 Neighbors Have Been Pouring Bleach, Dog Urine, And Dirty Mop Water On My Balcony. Today’s Treat Was Dog’s Puke

Image credits: Suspicious_Station83

#29 Ordered A Bassinet For My Newborn Baby And My Neighbor Decided To Steal It

Image credits: toffeechip777

#30 Crazy Neighbor Has A List Of People Who Are Not Welcome On His Front Door

Image credits: Illustrious_Welder94

#31 What’re The Chances My Neighbors’ House Has A Corpse?

Image credits: Feefee986

#32 My Neighbor Down The Street’s Recycling Pile Must Be Over 100 Empty 1/2 Gallon Bottles Of Captain Morgans Rum. The Recycle Bin Was Full As Well. A Lot Of Captains In Him

Image credits: Sekreid

#33 My Neighbors Had A Party Last Night. That’s My Trampoline

Image credits: HalfWaySlick

#34 The “Weird” Neighbors Moved Out

Image credits: cheezballs

#35 Came Home From Working All Night To Discover My (Townhouse) Neighbors Didn’t Put Out Their Fireworks Completely Last Night

Image credits: Fooberdoober97420

#36 Just Had Part Of The Neighbor’s Trampoline Fly Into My Niece’s Bedroom

Image credits: 600-shot-of-autism

#37 So A Mexican Can’t Be A US Citizen? True Trashy Neighbor

Image credits: Rex39914

#38 My Neighbors Keep Putting Their Bins In Front Of My Van On My Property

Image credits: Spirited-Stick

#39 Neighbor’s 12-Year-Old Grandkid Decided To Sneak In The Car And Take A Joyride. Freaked Out, Hit The Gas, And Crossed Their Lawn And Mine To Hit The Front Of My House

Image credits: hellonene3

#40 Neighbor Tried To Scare Us Out Of Parking In Our Assigned Spot

We recently moved to a new apartment complex, and have out-of-state plates. Another person had been parking in the assigned covered spot we were given. We checked with the office and they said it was the spot for our apartment and the person had probably been parking there since it had been empty for a bit. They said we didn’t have to worry about being towed. I figured it was a person who was the second car in their apartment. My suspicion seems to be confirmed as three weeks later this person hasn’t parked in any other covered spot.

Image credits: binxbox

#41 My Nosy Neighbor Peeping In My Window When I Didn’t Answer The Door

Image credits: rollincode3

#42 Woke Up To Noises Coming From My Bathroom Turns Out My Neighbor Tried Getting Into My Apartment Through My Medicine Cabinet

Image credits: jchancho

#43 When My Neighbor In The Building Accused Me Of Lying

Image credits: YourInfidelityInMe

#44 Apartment Neighbor Blasting Music With Full Bass For Hours, Making Myself And My Pet Uncomfortable

Image credits: extra_brisket

#45 My Neighbors Who Took A Delivery That Didn’t Belong To Them

Image credits: BasicBaby

#46 This Planter Was Almost 100 Years Old And My Grandmother’s. Thank You, Next-Door-Neighbor’s Demon Child, Aka Spawn Of Satan

Image credits: MissK413

#47 My Neighbor’s Gun Went Off While He Was Cleaning It. Two Apartments Down From Mine

Image credits: idogiam

#48 This Is My Girlfriend’s Neighbors’ House, It’s A Large Family Of Around Maybe 7-8 That I’ve Seen (They Just Got Evicted)

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 Note Left On Car Of Disabled Neighbor’s Social Worker

Image credits: The_winner_man

#50 My Neighbors Put Sandy Clothes In Our Shared Dryer. It’s Rough, It’s Coarse, And It Got Everywhere

Image credits: AppleTStudio

#51 My Neighbors Throwing Trash Off Their Balcony Instead Of Just Walking To The Dumpster. They Do This Regularly

Image credits: sxviet

#52 Neighbors Put Their Dog In The Flower Planter When He Needs To Pee

Image credits: sausage4717

#53 Neighbors Have Been Letting Their Dog Excrete So Much On The Balcony That The Wall Become Discolored

Image credits: PBSabre

#54 The Definition Of A Karen

Image credits: quora.com

#55 Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Getting Out And Causing Problems. First Picture Is The Message I Sent Her. Second Is Her Response. Just Take Some Damn Responsibility

Image credits: sbtrey23

#56 Neighbor’s Getting Free Electric, Think I’m Only Angry Because I Didn’t Think Of It First

Image credits: lukascos

#57 Some Idiot Put A Full Can Of Paint In The Dumpster. This Is My Neighbor’s Car After The Garbage Truck Loaded The Dumpster

Image credits: Boomer8450

#58 Trashy Neighbors That Dump Their Beer And Buts Out Of Their Window Which Is Right On A Main Street Sidewalk Downtown

Image credits: sheendog

#59 Neighbor Thought It Was A Good Idea To Have A BBQ On Their Balcony, Destroying 3 Flats

Image credits: sharkwithknees

#60 My Neighbors Throwing A Party During Covid

Image credits: Fizgriz

#61 What Could Go Wrong If My Neighbor Uses The Longest Possible Drill Out There?

Image credits: p4r4v4n

#62 My New Neighbor’s Flags. I Live In Switzerland

Image credits: Chaschpi

#63 My Neighbor Asked Me To Feed His Cat While He Was Away. This Is How The Cat’s Water Dish Looked Like

Image credits: DylanVincent

#64 Someone Spilled The Soup In My Building’s Stairwell, And Now Notes Are Accumulating

Image credits: emilyzulllo

#65 My Neighbor Throwing Nails In The Front Of My Driveway At 3 Am, Hoping To Pop The Contractor’s Tires

Image credits: TheHNC

#66 My Neighbors Shot “Whatever” Through My Fence Yesterday, Knowing Well There Are Children Here During The Quarantine. Thank God We Were Out Front When It Happened

Image credits: XxpillowprincessxX

#67 New LED Light Post In My Neighbor’s Yard. Can I Report This To The City For Light Pollution? I Need To Install Everywhere Blinds Now

Image credits: desnyr

#68 Stealing Your Neighbors’ Underwear

Image credits: Quizomba

#69 This Neighbor Parks Blocking The Whole Alley

Image credits: therealbillbateman

#70 My Neighbor Put Up New Lights Around His Property And Runs Them All Night Long

Image credits: mbardeen

#71 My Neighbors Put Spikes On Our Shared Fence To Stop Our Cats From Jumping Up

Image credits: MalloryWillow

#72 Have A Shared Doorstep With My Neighbors. They Seem To Think This Is Okay

Image credits: f1sh_

#73 Had Plans For A Backyard BBQ This Memorial Day Weekend And Last Night My Neighbor Drove Through My Fence

Image credits: Head-Satisfaction-69

#74 My Neighbor Also Likes To Use The Shared Hall As A Personal Storage Box

Image credits: JadaLovelace

#75 Neighbor Parked Motorcycle On Walkway Blocking Path To Multiple Apartments

Image credits: Crescentxsky

#76 My Upstairs Neighbors Left Their Trash On Their Porch During A Rainstorm, And Now My Window Is Covered In Rotten Milk Trash Juices

Image credits: Finninda

#77 My Neighbor Thinks This Parking Spot Belongs To Him And Does This To Everyone Who Parks There. This Time He Did It To Me

Image credits: AnnieCactusCz

#78 My Classy Neighbors Left Me This Gift This Morning

Image credits: rswann0923

#79 Our Neighbor’s Patio Is A Rental Property. Who Needs An Ashtray Anyways?

Image credits: eabiss9

#80 Looks Like My Neighbor Went Spearfishing

Image credits: damfreak

#81 Neighbors Who Have Nothing Better To Do

Image credits: Ezzy17

#82 My Neighbor Insists I Grew My New Grass Over The Property Line So She Continues To Mowing This Two-Foot Section Of What’s Actually Mine

Image credits: punch_you

#83 My Neighbor Installing Shelves

Image credits: ahab1313

#84 My Neighbor Has Been Giving Me Repeated Notes To Cut Down My Trees, These Are My Trees

Image credits: brmamabrma

#85 Received In The Mail From A Concerned Neighbor

I haven’t been able to care for my yard as much as I would like over the past few months because we had our second child back in February and I’ve been single-handedly caring for the newborn and our 5-year-old while my wife has been in the hospital recovering from postpartum complications. At no point has my yard been out of compliance with city or HOA ordinances, and at no point has anyone bothered to approach me directly about the matter. Instead, we just received this anonymous passive-aggressive letter in the mail. They even postmarked it and sent it through the mail, rather than walking a few doors down and speaking to me like a human being.

Image credits: mahelke

#86 My Neighbor Refused To Cut Down Her Trees And They Got Into My Backyard, I Can’t Even Get My Bike Out

Image credits: benboi4269

#87 Came Home From Vacation To Find My Neighbor’s Painter Using My Hose To Wash Out Used Paint Trays In My Yard

Image credits: GeorgiaDevil

#88 Neighbors’ Friend Left Their Car Across My Drive All Night Blocking Me In This Morning Meaning I Can’t Get To Work

Image credits: sup_bruv

#89 Neighbors Want Free Access To The Pool As They Had A “Verbal Agreement” With Previous Owners

Image credits: Indianfattie

#90 The Neighbor Has Tons Of Mannequin Heads All Over Her Lawn And Changes Them Every Week

Image credits: bcbarista

#91 Was Wondering Where Our Packages Have Been Going To, And It’s Been Going To A Neighbor In A Different Building. They Have Been Accepting And Stealing Our Stuff

Image credits: Nikki_Lastname

#92 The Guys Next Door Decided To Tear Down Our Fence While We Weren’t Home. They Didn’t Even Put Up Any Sort Of Barrier Between Our House And The Pit

Image credits: Bass_Ape

#93 My Neighbor Is A Smoker. The Hallway By My Door Always Smells Like Cigarettes

Image credits: PStar7

#94 My Neighbor’s Yard. Yes, It’s Full Of Feces

Image credits: tykit2RIDE

#95 Neighbor Treats Each Blunt Wrapper Like A Trophy

Image credits: lemonjelly66

#96 Neighbors Are Too Good To Put Their Trash In The Bins

Image credits: fleanine

#97 Our Neighbor Bought This Giant Sign Instead Of Turning The Light Off

Image credits: nicbra86

#98 Ugh. I Sent A Copy Of This To My Landlord. My Neighbor Just Had To Be This Guy

Image credits: NaiadoftheSea

#99 Our Neighbor Doesn’t Like It If Anyone Parks On The Street In Front Of Their House

Image credits: kayaniv

#100 The Way My Neighbor Won’t Take Care Of His Banana Trees

Image credits: lightlybaked

#101 My Neighbor Is An Idiot. Hacked A Huge Portion Of My Front Lawn Down To Dirt Because He “Thought The Property Line Was At The Tree”

There’s a permanent fence line and patio area that clearly line the property and he’s lived her for 2 years and has never done this before.

Image credits: emragozz

#102 My Neighbor Has Really Bright Lights That They Leave On All Night. This Was Taken At 2 Am From My Bed. My Landlord Doesn’t Allow Any Changes To The House, Including Curtains

Image credits: llamaporn227

#103 My Neighbor Has Clearly Never Parked A Car Before

Image credits: cadenjpeters

#104 New Neighbors Truck. Every Night

Image credits: vuxnomica

#105 My Neighbor’s House

Image credits: Fictional_fantasy

#106 My Neighbor Cut Down His Tree Two Days After I Took A Picture Of Its Beautiful Fall Foliage

Image credits: wordnerdette

#107 Neighbors Decided My Front Yard Was A Good Place For Their Snow

Image credits: GimmieGnomes

#108 When Your Neighbor Puts Up A New Fence

Image credits: captainplant188

#109 All That This Light On My Neighbor’s Shed Does Is Shine Into My Bedroom All Night

Image credits: agent_revenge

#110 Years Of Being Harassed By My Crazy Neighbor Has Caused Me To Move Out. She Got In One Last Jab By Keying My New Car. I’m Surprised She Didn’t Scratch “See You In Hell”

Image credits: gregjacquin

#111 When The Neighbors With 8 Cars Move Your Trash Cans To Park In Front Of Your House

Image credits: babyarrrms

#112 Since Our Neighbor Got Chickens We Have Had A Problem With Flies, This Flycatcher Is 2 Weeks Old

Image credits: is-this-valid

#113 My Neighbor Hates His Driveway And Instead Parks In Front Of Our Yard

Image credits: zv101

#114 My Parents Got Security Cameras And This Is Their Neighbor’s Reaction

Image credits: statini

#115 My Neighbor Had A Flag Pole Installed The Day After Biden Entered Office With The U.S. Flag Flying Upside Down For The Sole Purpose

Of letting everyone know his disdain for the newly elected regime.

Image credits: TheNeedForFreeze

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