115 Times People Proved Museums And Galleries Can Be Very Fun

Museums are so much fun, it’s ridiculous that it’s not against the law. We absolutely love walking (remember, no running!) down the corridors of art galleries, as well as science and history museums. But while we’re absorbing all of that knowledge and human genius, we also remember to have a spot of fun. This article is all about that.

Our team here at Bored Panda has curated this list of those glorious moments when people had tons of fun at museums. Have a scroll and stroll down our digital gallery and remember to touch the art as much as you’d like. Oh, and if you have a favorite museum, why not let us know all about it in the comments? For instance, we’re huge fans of the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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#1 Close Enough

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 So I Went To A Museum

Image credits: JakeMarshall91

#3 This Art Completes Me

Image credits: Theobesehousecat

Even though we’re major fans of museums, we also understand that not everyone is. Hopefully, this list will change your mind. Some people find museums intimidating. Boring. Even snooty. But that’s far from the case in our experience.

Good museums make art, history, and science approachable and enjoyable. There’s nothing to be gained by turning someone away. And there’s everything to gain by sparking joy and curiosity in someone’s heart. In short, learning is a lot of fun. But teaching? There’s something even more magical there.

#4 Took Kids To A Children’s Museum. My Five-Month-Old Fell Asleep Before We Got There But We Didn’t Let That Stop Her From Having A Blast

Image credits: apdrzmom

#5 “Kevin? What Have They Done To You?” Decided To Spend Halloween At The Museum Of Natural History. Great Decision

Image credits: IamChicharon

#6 Abraham Lincoln: Dog Walker (Taken Outside NYHS Museum)

Image credits: sruvolo

One way to spread awareness and interest in art and history is through memes on social media. One successful example of this is the ‘Classical Damn’ Instagram account. Bored Panda recently spoke to the founder of the project who found a lot of success when they mixed classical paintings with modern captions.

In short, the memes made classical art very relatable because they touched on topics that we all care about. From relationships and coronavirus to politics and religion.

#7 Had An Electric Day At The Children’s Museum

Image credits: Mofomania

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#8 Visited The Modern Art Museum Today. Fascinating Stuff

Image credits: Not_Joshy

#9 All The Single Ladies

Image credits: zeebee

“Even though the paintings are hundreds of years old, their expressions and captions make it seem they are one of us,” they told Bored Panda.

“In my opinion, art and art history can be made more accessible by increasing public access to art spaces. Instagram has done a tremendous job in this by providing a platform to artists, content creators, and curators,” the creator of ‘Classical Damn’ said.

#10 We Put Glasses On The Floor At An Art Gallery

Image credits: TJCruda

#11 Houston Museum Of Natural Science’s Humor

Image credits: vinhtrind

#12 I Spotted This Today At The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History

Image credits: hailtothkngbby

“More and more people have started appreciating art after seeing them on their feeds and then trying to learn more about their backgrounds. Technology has made its interpretation and access inclusive. The future is going to be an exciting period for art and I’m looking forward to it,” they shared their thoughts.

However, former art gallery director Shelby Bercume from Florida disagrees that art and history aren’t approachable. She sees art as an intrinsic part of our daily lives.

#13 My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum

Image credits: rachelmaryl

#14 Found This Museum In Estonia. Had To Do It

Image credits: mannyrmz123

#15 Absolute Madlad

Image credits: Miexriir

“Art is not snooty and complicated. Art is in literally everything we do, it makes the world go round. It is how we market, it’s what we decorate our homes with, heck it is what we decorate ourselves with,” she shared her opinion with Bored Panda.

“You literally cannot turn around without seeing some form of art, in architecture, logos, billboards, television, everything. And that came from somewhere,” she said that, from her perspective, the idea that art is unapproachable is archaic.

#16 This Is How To Enjoy A Visit To A Museum

Image credits: kirstylkelly

#17 Girlfriend And I Enjoyed The Illusion Museum Very Differently

Image credits: Hello_Generic

#18 So My Drivers Ed Teacher Only Has 3 Fingers On His Left Hand And Took Advantage Of It When He Went To A Museum

Image credits: Andreastheslimjim

“Everything is cyclical. We develop new styles that hold qualities of the old while still addressing and innovating in the now. So do I think there will be an exact regurgitation of the older movements? No. But I do think we can see common themes from what once was,” Shelby mused about whether or not we’ll see a renaissance of classical art.

“I don’t think I could pick one movement that would be my favorite, but I am very fond of the Rococo movement. I love the frivolousness and whimsey of it. It was idealistic and excessive and a bit of an absurd expression of a carefree lifestyle,” the art history expert told Bored Panda.

#19 A Guest Dropped A Pacifier In The Cypress Swamp Exhibit At The Virginia Living Museum Today. Someone Was Quick To Take Advantage

Image credits: fmlmel

#20 Took My Daughter To A Van Gogh Exhibition

Image credits: Ka_paw

#21 Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

Image credits: Dommlid

“It definitely shows the disconnect of the French aristocracy from the plights of the common people, but for me, in this day and age, it serves as an idealistic escape into whimsy and a carefree land of nonsense. It just makes me giggle.”

Shelby believes that we can appreciate art without delving too deeply. There isn’t always something “to get” when it comes to art.

#22 Went To A Museum Armed With Face App To Brighten Up A Lot Of The Sombre Looks On The Paintings And Sculptures. The Results

Image credits: OllyGibbs

#23 My Girlfriend Thought She Lost Me At The Art Gallery Today

Image credits: Leuke

#24 Found My Ex In The Natural History Museum

Image credits: SimonCowellsTrousers

“If you don’t care for one style of art, there are plenty others to choose from. I have never really understood why there is such a block. Art is what you make of it, if you don’t like ‘x,’ move on to ‘y.’ And if you really want to understand something, do your research and dive into it. Figure out what the beginnings were. What is the artist trying to say? Are they trying to say anything? Is it for aesthetics? Are you supposed to interpret it or are you looking too far into it? You don’t have to understand everything to like it, and you don’t have to like everything to appreciate it. If you can’t get past disliking a particular movement, you can find another one.”

#25 Went To The Museum Of Anthropology Today And I Can’t Unsee

Image credits: alphtrion

#26 It’s Art

Image credits: dontknowdem

#27 Went To The Shanghai Natural History Museum Today. I Think The Taxidermist Was Out Sick On Lion Day

Image credits: MannyLaMancha

#28 Me And My Girlfriend At The Trick Art Museum

Image credits: DecentOpinion

#29 So Anyway, I’m Banned From The Children’s Museum

Image credits: jb69029

#30 The Natural History Museum In Cleveland Hides Cheeseburgers Around Their Exhibits

Image credits: ArchPower

#31 People Were Asked To Write Down Their Fear At A Museum Exhibit

Image credits: SoRa333

#32 Found In Museum Of Earth Sciences In Cambridge

Image credits: OldFingerman

#33 Spent 2 Hours Looking For This At The Natural History Museum (London): Totally Worth It

Image credits: watsonio

#34 Noticed You Guys Like Accidental Green Screen Pics. My Son Wore A Green Hoodie To A Pompeii Exhibit. We Ran With It

Image credits: clrobertson

#35 Rare Statue Of Michael Jackson Spotted At The Field Museum In Chicago

Image credits: p1zzaslice

#36 My Daughter Is At The Ivan The Terrible Torture Museum. I Consider This A Masterpiece

Image credits: Slivnikov

#37 Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand

Image credits: Strid3r21

#38 My Local Museum Is Holding A Star Wars Exhibition On The 5th Of December, And To Promote It, People/Staff Are Dressing Up As Characters From The Series And Walking Through Town

Image credits: running531

#39 Found This At My Local Art History Museum

Image credits: rach_ette

#40 My Friend Went To The Museum And Made Art Of The Selfie

Image credits: MagicWatermelon

#41 Museum-Goers Touched The “Please Touch” Sign Instead Of The Rock

Image credits: superjew102

#42 I Was At The National Gallery In Slovakia And Noticed They Use Star Wars Wallpaper On One Of The Walls In A 19th-Century Art Exhibit

Image credits: Ascarea

#43 Went To Museum And They Had A Working Piano They Had This Sign

Image credits: OkSurprise7755

#44 I Work In A Museum. This Is How I Spend My Break

Image credits: goodeffort

#45 Guy At A Modern Art Gallery

Image credits: Gwizwold

#46 When I Was 10, I Also Visited The Lamborghini Manufacturing Plant & Museum. My Dad Was A Little More Creative About Taking A Picture Of Me

Image credits: pastorofmuppets95

#47 Took My Mom To An Art Museum This Weekend And Had Some Fun With The Snapchat Filters

Image credits: liamh94

#48 A Butterfly Landed On This Girl’s Nose At The Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Image credits: RNRSaturday

#49 Went To The Museum Today

Image credits: paypik

#50 Guy Visits The Museum Of Illusions Alone, Gets A Museum Worker To Help Him With The Pictures

Image credits: its_micAh

#51 You Wouldn’t Believe It Either

Image credits: posingatthelouvre

#52 My Brother At An Art Gallery

Image credits: Unjust_Flying_Pasta

#53 “I’m Henry The 8th I Am”

Image credits: scrmedia

#54 Visited A RAF Museum In Cornwall And Saw This Police Statement

Image credits: Sher3et

#55 Ok, Whatever Karen (Sao Paolo Museum Of Art)

Image credits: fira1996

#56 These Dinosaurs Wearing Masks At The Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Image credits: consoLe_-

#57 Mr. Bean Has Reach Enlightenment. British Museum

Image credits: BummingAbout

#58 Kelvingrove Museum Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

Image credits: Scooby359

#59 Museum Fun

Image credits: withlovefromjoji

#60 Wearing Art

Image credits: mhraymond

#61 Bennett’s Face

Image credits: instagram.com

#62 My Little Cousins Wanted To Know Why The Art Museum Had A Painting Of Their Uncle

Image credits: Tina_R_Belcher

#63 Took My Son To A Modern Art Museum And Told Him That He Needs To Really Think About The Art And What They Are Trying To Say

I am not sure… But I think I have a smarty on my hands.

Image credits: Piccrazy

#64 This Is Why They Usually Don’t Let Me In To Museums

Image credits: leotree

#65 My Friend Visited A Wax Museum

Image credits: Haiaimeeman

#66 My Sister’s Boyfriend, Admiring The Sculptures At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In NYC

Image credits: Lutchern

#67 The Unnamed Soldier Was My Guide At The Game Of Thrones Exhibition

Image credits: amwaa

#68 Solid Life Advice From The Local Museum

Image credits: expressadmin

#69 As We’re Doing Funny Exhibition Cards, Here’s An Old Favorite Of Mine From An Exhibition At The National Maritime Museum

No, I don’t like going abroad I went to Wales and I cried

Image credits: mikimoo9

#70 The Fire Exit Sign In This Egyptian Museum Is A Pharaoh Running

Image credits: Redditor23005

#71 This Happy Guy I Saw On The Rear Of A Museum Aircraft

Image credits: Maisheir15

#72 Dustin Hoffman Looks Jealous Of My Mom And John Travolta At A Wax Museum

Image credits: jgrandi7

#73 At The Bangkok Museum Of Natural History The T-Rex Is Wearing A Facemask With A Dinosaur Pattern

Image credits: dr-jae

#74 The WiFi Password At The Museum Of Broken Relationships In Zagreb, Croatia

Image credits: Avg_White_Guy

#75 My Local Zoo Has An Empty “Drop Bear” Exhibit

Image credits: coffecup1978

#76 These Face-Swapping Apps Are The Most Fun In Museums

Image credits: cropdustinggenius

#77 Just Had A Sleepover At The Natural History Museum

Image credits: Bad_Choice_Beers

#78 First Nations “White Man” Mask Looks A Lot Like Nic Cage

Image credits: Redlocks7

#79 Almost Got Kicked Out Of The National Museum Of The Philippines For This Pic

Image credits: Fellrunner

#80 So I Found This Dog Portrait In A Museum In France

Image credits: Chechup

#81 This Castle Has Been Painted 6 Days A Week With About 2 Gallons Of Paint Each Day For The Past Year And A Half. At The Phoenix Children’s Museum

Image credits: TravelsWithTheDoctor

#82 Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’s La Danse Sculpture Found At The Musee d’Orsay

Image credits: that_muse_

#83 My Wife Got This Pic Of Me Staring Incredulously At A Whale Dong In The Icelandic Phallological Museum

Image credits: readycent

#84 The Sign I Saw At A Museum

Image credits: ohhecc2008

#85 My Friend And I Set His Watch And Sunglasses Down In An Abstract Art Exhibit At The DMA

Image credits: fleeceunion

#86 In 2009, I Wore An Abe Lincoln Costume To Attend An Abe Lincoln Museum Exhibit. In The Middle Of Summer. People Thought I Worked There And Took Photos With Me

Nope, just a big Lincoln fan.

Image credits: bandandboujee

#87 My Girlfriend Is Studying Abroad In France This Semester And She Saw This Today At The Museum Of The French Revolution In Vizille

Image credits: hawkdawg42

#88 My Buddies And I Did This With Every Painting We Were Able To At The Museum

Image credits: macksund

#89 Took A Picture Of My Brother At The Museum Of Natural History (When You See It)

Image credits: teramainia

#90 Someone Donated A Psyduck To The Natural History Museum

Image credits: Timguin

#91 I Saw This Outside A Gallery In Brussels

Image credits: scribbleandscratch

#92 My Wife Isn’t Impressed

She doesn’t get the whole jump-shot thing, but she thought this was funny cause it made her think of how they “blue-skadoo” on Blue’s Clues.

Image credits: THX0477

#93 I See The Science Museum Has Made Good Use Of Their 3D Printer. That’s A Doorstop

Image credits: Stopikingonme

#94 Found This Legendary Sign In A History Museum At A Dance Exhibit

Image credits: mrnoodle619

#95 Funny Countdown At The Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History

Image credits: LinaStarPrincess

#96 This Sign Of Hobo Symbols At Railroad Museum

Image credits: Liapocalypse1

#97 This Art Museum In Denmark Lets You Scratch A Lamborghini

Image credits: Thomask124

#98 This Museum Has Taxidermised Animals Randomly Hidden About In Odd Places, Behind Other Exhibits And So On

Image credits: Atomlad360

#99 Spotted In A Museum In Riga About “What Can I Do For Latvia?”

“Not much. I’m only a tourist, but I’ll recommend it to my non-existent friends.”

Image credits: sonicandfffan

#100 Our Friends From Sncewips Museum Played A Little “Trickolas Cage” On Us

Jasmine, our exhibition coordinator, stumbled upon this treasure during her work day.

Image credits: kelowna_museums

#101 A Bit Of Fun At The Louvre. I Was An Exhibit For 30 Seconds. I Think I Need A Bigger Head. Or Maybe A Smooshy Nose

Image credits: belindahackneyart

#102 Zuckerberg Prototypes On Display At Museum Of Moving Image

Image credits: lzandman

#103 These Two Lions From Today’s Gallery Visit

Image credits: Vivijanoz

#104 Wife Made Me Go To Art Museum. I Found A Way To Make It Fun

Image credits: MarkSh

#105 When I Brought My 9-Month-Old Niece To The British Museum. Dunno Why But Still Makes Me Laugh

Image credits: Elzy_53

#106 The Face Of Your Nightmares

#107 Spotted In A Gallery In Florence. John Wick: Renaissance Man

Image credits: setsomethingablaze

#108 Why The Long Face?

Image credits: btwashburn

#109 The T-Rex Skull In A Mask. Walk-Ins Welcome

Image credits: MachetteBagels

#110 Passive-Aggressive Sign At My Local Museum

Image credits: Judo_Turtle

#111 This Mosaic Wall Art At A Museum In Tunisia Floored Me

Image credits: TomJH1993

#112 Merry Christmas From The Louvre Museum

Image credits: non5ense

#113 My Friend’s Grandpa Visited A Wax Museum In Vegas

Image credits: reddit.com

#114 The National Museum Of New Zealand Is Trying To Name A New Species Of Fish

Image credits: raytaylor

#115 Just A Kitty-Copter At Our Local Museum

Image credits: Tortoski

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