115 Times That Kids Coloring Books Were Corrupted By Adults

Coloring books are a fun way to pass the time. You don’t need impressive artistic skills to turn a coloring template into your own work. Just pick up a book or print a page with designs, grab your crayons and let your inner artist out.

This is exactly what users on the r/ColoringCorruptions subreddit have done. The only difference is that their inner vision involves turning children’s coloring templates into slightly more adult ones. These artists have taken cartoon images and corrupted them into malevolent, yet hilarious versions instead.

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You can see the cutesy images ready for coloring are contrasted by the dark end-result shared by the artists. Imagine Winnie The Pooh on drugs and/or in bondage gear, and you already get an idea of what’s going on. (Or maybe you don’t want that image in your head.)

Although some are pretty gnarly, you have to admire the artists’ creative skill at adapting the templates. Here is Bored Panda’s latest picks for the best corrupted coloring books. You can check out our other collections of them here, here and here. Look away if you don’t want to ruin your childhood!

#1 Happy (Early) Halloween!

Image credits: Mr_Fuzzyface

The r/ColoringCorruptions subreddit currently has 176K followers of the twisted artworks. I wanted to find out how it got started and who the diabolical mastermind behind the idea was.

The founder of r/ColoringCorruptions told Bored Panda the story behind the page. “One day, I was hanging out with my cousin and glancing through a coloring book she had while we chatted,” they told us. “I started chuckling because some of the characters were just so crazy looking. The next natural step was to bring the psychotic energy that I saw in their eyes to life!” 

#2 “Letters Of The Day”

Image credits: color_me_bpd

Creating art is one thing, but if no-one else sees it, did you really make it? Rather than letting their artworks become lost to time, the founder of r/ColoringCorruptions knew they had to share their art with others. They asked their nearest and dearest for opinions on the first pieces of corrupted artwork. 

The founder of the page said, “My family and friends thought the few I’d made were darkly humorous (my family is great if you couldn’t tell), so I just kept going.”

And with this encouragement, they felt they had to share the artworks even more. “As a regular Reddit user, I realized there were probably a lot of others out there who would get a kick out of it. So, I made our website and started the subreddit,” they explained.

#3 Happy Little Catnip Bushes

Image credits: visk0n3

#4 M’Captain

Image credits: EvilNassu

The subreddit community continues to grow with more twisted takes on coloring pages. I wondered what spurs the creators of the content to make these artworks. The founder of r/ColoringCorruptions gave me their opinion on it.

“Coloring is already sort of therapeutic and enjoyable. When you throw in some sick humor, it’s even better,” they said.

Coloring is definitely gentle and relaxing, even if these corrupted versions evoke anything but those emotions.

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#5 Mother Of Dragons

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#6 My Friend Introduced Me To This Amazing Sub! Here’s What I’ve Got

Image credits: Mr_Fuzzyface

As you can see, the artworks can be quite gruesome and bloody. So, should we be worried about the creators and followers of the page?

The founder of the page doesn’t think so. They said this about it: “I think as a community people just enjoys the shock value, the laughs, and sharing in some harmless fun. Life can be such a dark place, so it’s nice to bring some levity. And of course, seeing everyone’s reactions is always a treat.” 

#7 Posted This On R/Hufflepuff But Was Told This Would Fit In Here

Image credits: lilscizorspizza

#8 The New Spider Man Concept Art

Image credits: the_llama_caarl

#9 Are They Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?

Image credits: roxyloveriley

The founder of r/ColoringCorruptions is thankful that the community is still going strong. They told Bored Panda how appreciative they are: “To everyone who has participated, it’s been so much fun, thank you for sharing your weirdness with us all. I’m happy to have had a hand in making it.”

#10 Only The Finest

Image credits: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#11 Pikachu

Image credits: Grapz224

#12 “Fabrosaurus”

Image credits: color_me_bpd

Many of our own Pandas will have fond memories of making their own masterpieces with coloring books. So, how come coloring books are so commonplace and part of most people’s childhood?

Well, they have more benefits of just being fun to work on. According to Scholastic, coloring books are incredibly important for early-age development. They teach kids to develop focus, essential motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

These are skills we might take for granted as an adult, but something we once had to practice as a child. The next time you pick up a pencil and write your name, think back to when you had to learn how to even hold a pencil properly.

#13 Pooh Says “Perhaps” To Drugs. I Finished! Before Pic In Comments

Image credits: shutupesther

#14 God: The Original Troll

Image credits: irisseca

#15 Princess Loves When The Plumber Brothers Visit

Image credits: maddisour1996

Not to mention, coloring books also encourage us to use our imagination. With just some crayons and paper, we are already making our creative mark on the world. This is another important part of building our character and identity from an early age.

The need to express ourselves is the essence of art. Whether it’s emotions or concepts, learning how to put your ideas on paper or another medium as a child will last a lifetime. 

#16 Found My Friends’ Manga Drawing Book. I Had Fun

Image credits: elasticplank

#17 Corrupting A Corruption

Image credits: njclay21

#18 From A Children’s Bible I’ve Been Corrupting: “It’s Fun To Slay At The…”

Image credits: bcurrie

These corrupted coloring books are just one way that artists have expressed themselves. Maybe it wasn’t the original intention for the coloring templates, but who’s to say what’s correct in art?

There’s definitely some brilliant artists among the works. Turning these coloring templates into something completely different is surely a testament to their imagination and creativity. Check out the level of detail and effort that the creators have put into it.

#19 Always Wanted To Do One If These, Meet Eunice The Crack Whorse

Image credits: Brintyboo

#20 Michonne

Image credits: FelineSuppliment74

#21 Farmer’s Market

Image credits: Bittlegeuss

#22 Library Had Sheep Coloring Pages Out For The Kids Last Year. Here’s My Girlfriend’s Sheep…

Image credits: FnrrfYgmSchnish

#23 I Pray For Danny Devito

Image credits: cringelien

#24 Using The Necronomicon

Image credits: visk0n3

#25 Watering The Flowers

Image credits: EvilNassu

#26 My First Attempt

Image credits: MrsVR46

#27 Don’t Give Spider-Man Lsd. Ever

Image credits: ShotgunMikey

#28 My Submission To My Job’s Leprechaun Coloring Contest. Thots And Prayers For Me To Win That Candy Bar Are Appreciated.

Image credits: BasicTruths

#29 Bald Eagle

Image credits: roxyloveriley

#30 My Workplace Said To Get Creative In The Snowman Coloring Contest ?

Image credits: BasicTruths

#31 2020 Has Been A Rough Year For Everyone

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#32 Tomb Raider

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#33 The One Where Rachel Hits Rock Bottom

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#34 Pray Everyday!

Image credits: squats4jeezus

#35 Sometimes Bob Forgets…

Image credits: forthedeadkids

#36 Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#37 Wonderland

Image credits: Bittlegeuss

#38 After Ken Left…

Image credits: JenniyBean

#39 Don’t Stop Me Now

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#40 Me And Carole Made Money Off Each Other

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#41 Found At My Sister’s Condo…

Image credits: Moorwhore

#42 Xi Jinping’s Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Image credits: EvilNassu

#43 A Little (Sesame) Street Corner Action

Image credits: born_2_pizza

#44 Squidward Finally Broke…

Image credits: haddythecreator

#45 A Corruption From A While Back (Accidentally Deleted It Oof)

Image credits: socialgutbrain777

#46 Bob The Booze Hound. He Couldn’t Fix His Marriage.

Image credits: OrlandoWashington69

#47 The Execution Of Ariel

Image credits: JenniyBean

#48 Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are….

Image credits: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#49 B(Dsm)arbie – My First Corruption

Image credits: allafternooninlove

#50 “Very Fine People On Both Sides”

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#51 Cubone Thinks He Should’ve Had His Own Movie (Xpost Oc)

Image credits: Animal_Pharmacy

#52 The Sunsational Spider-Tan

Image credits: Son_of_Samus

#53 I Know This Is Low Hanging Fruit, But When Life Gives You Lemons…

Image credits: roxyloveriley

#54 Belle Is Looking Pretty Hot

Image credits: EldritchSlut

#55 “Merida Is Upset To Learn She Must Get Married.”

Image credits: FelineSuppliment74

#56 Pity The Warrior Who Slays All His Foes

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#57 Nothing To See Here…

Image credits: TraCity

#58 Geraffes Are So Dumb

Image credits: Andiththekid

#59 My First Coloring Corruption

Image credits: SomeEpicUserNameIDK

#60 Frosty The Slashman

Image credits: AmIonFire

#61 Dissection Time!

Image credits: JenniyBean

#62 My Sad Dino

Image credits: -CA-

#63 I Made Aladdin Into A Zombie

Image credits: RAK00N2

#64 The Flying Sponge Of Bikini Bottom

Image credits: Dogandbass

#65 He Thicc

Image credits: TheSheWhoSaidThats

#66 What Else Could I Possibly Draw In?

Image credits: savaresejt

#67 Manny Recalls Vietnam.

Image credits: OrlandoWashington69

#68 To Be Honest, It Felt A Bit Weird Giving Milhouse These Colours.

Image credits: mattnick1983

#69 Somebody Left This On My Windshield Last Night, Discovered At 2 Am, Freaked Me Out But Thought It Would Fit Here.

Image credits: The_Cocaine_Mann

#70 The Butchery

Image credits: EvilNassu

#71 “Hiii Poooooh.. What’ll It Be Todaaaay??”

Image credits: mattnick1983

#72 “M Is For Muchies, That’s Good Enough For Me”

Image credits: color_me_bpd

#73 When It’s Friday The 13th And No One Notices

Image credits: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#74 Qui-Gon Wasn’t Interested In Hookers During Nam

Image credits: merx_peyne

#75 Blood Pool

Image credits: stup4200

#76 My First Corruption. How’d I Do?

Image credits: StephenTheMechanic

#77 Friends Forever

Image credits: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#78 “It’s Not A Phase, Mom!” I Recorded My Entire Process, But The 58 Min Video Is Taking Forever To Upload To Youtube 🙁

Image credits: XxpillowprincessxX

#79 He’s Gatorade.

Image credits: TheSheWhoSaidThats

#80 Trypophobia Trisha Wants To Be Friends

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#81 He Was Mean, And He Was Coarse, And Unrefined..

Image credits: Ghost_withthemost

#82 Dumbo Has Changed

Image credits: EvilNassu

#83 Before And After… Evil Santa

Image credits: willnorland

#84 Crush Fetish

Image credits: JenniyBean

#85 Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#86 Baby Birds

Image credits: CrayonsForBrains

#87 Coloring Page For The Local 24h Run

Image credits: Ratchetar

#88 “You A Big Fine Woman…”

Image credits: color_me_bpd

#89 Peaceful Pond

Image credits: Mr_Fuzzyface

#90 My Husband Submitted One Of My Corruptions (Cheeseburger With A Rockin’ Throbber) And I Thought You Guys Might Like This One As Well! Here’s Aurora Just Hangin’ With Some Special Friends, Indeed.

Image credits: BongGoblin

#91 Hey Bozo, You Fat Donkey, Do Me A Favor – Take Your Jacket Off And Fuck Off, Will You?

Image credits: doughnutdiva

#92 We’ll Be There On The Double…

Image credits: Drackenstein

#93 Reach For The Stars

Image credits: lastofthelurkers

#94 Nature.

Image credits: roxyloveriley

#95 The Exorcism Of Joseph Smith

Image credits: CrayonsForBrains

#96 It’s Gonna Be A Gas!

Image credits: OrlandoWashington69

#97 The Pediatrician’s Death List

Image credits: EvilNassu

#98 Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

Image credits: _Hank-Hill_

#99 Hello Boils And Ghouls

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#100 That’s Right. I Am The Pumpkin King

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#101 Beware The Lizard People

Image credits: pink___lemonade

#102 Baby’s First Corruption™

Image credits: ezelllohar

#103 Ben Shapiro Quarantined & Enjoying The Comforts Of Home

Image credits: doughnutdiva

#104 Someone’s Got Their Hands In The Cookie Jar

Image credits: born_2_pizza

#105 Over 900 Billion Killed

Image credits: UraniumLucy

#106 Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Image credits: deathbysupercool

#107 She’s One With The Animals

Image credits: JenniyBean

#108 My First Coloring Corruption

Image credits: nfewee

#109 Sophia The First To Die

Image credits: My1stUsrnameWasTaken

#110 Oh Shit Oh Fuck [oc]

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 Alternate Ending…

Image credits: yellowdays

#112 The “Heads Will Roll” Burger, Comes With Severed Head

Image credits: ChriszLilSkeeto

#113 Prince Eric Goes To Burning Man.

Image credits: blondersmusic

#114 Hunasaurus – First Attempt At Corruption

Image credits: princessparklebottom

#115 What Really Happens When We Leave Our Toys Alone..

Image credits: Ke1sifer

What are your favorite images from this collection of corrupted coloring books? You can vote for the best ones here. Have you ever turned blank coloring pages into something dark too? Tell us about it, and then head over to the r/ColoringCorruptions subreddit or website to share your artworks too!

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