116 Times Tech Support Had To Deal With Horrible Cases While On The Job (New Pics)

There are solid reasons why a subreddit like Tech Support Gore exists. You see, as little documented as it may be, people living in the golden age of technology are no strangers to occasional, or rather pretty frequent mishaps.

And when we talk about mishaps, we’re talking about real stuff, like fry-ups, grease and nests. It sounds like something from Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen, but it’s not. Burning plastic, cable nests and hand grease are all the tip of the iceberg of things technicians see and have to find ways to fix on a daily basis.

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So today, we are about to dive into the collection of the worst cases these blessed workers have seen while on duty. From straight-up embarrassing to plain weird, thumbs up are simply not enough to give to tech support. Psst! More of the crazy tech fails people brought in can be found in our previous posts here and here.

#1 My Client Says He Doesn’t Know Why His PC Isn’t Turning On Anymore…

Image credits: exxxxkc

#2 Internet Is Temporarily Unavailable

Image credits: ScienceForEveryOne2

#3 Boom

Image credits: rextnzld

#4 Merry Christmas

Image credits: Vilquid

#5 My Friend Told Me She Broke Her Phone And Sent Me This

Image credits: Rattlecan6669

#6 Lol “Gold Plated” My Ass. (Gold Doesn’t Rust) ?

Image credits: cyberdoodle

#7 Anyone Wanna Guess What Happened To The Server?

Image credits: myltiti

#8 Marriott Hotel Network Closet – Where Past Problems Meet The Present

Image credits: audiblepromotions

#9 Ouch

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: dixchocolate

#10 When I Was Younger, I Tried To Dry My Laptop Keyboard By Putting It In The Oven On Low

Image credits: MokausiLietuviu

#11 This Mac Book Cable Being Used By A Staff Member At Work

Image credits: catserta

#12 This Beauty Of A Touchpad I Found At The Thrift…

Image credits: cherry-kid

#13 How Do You Even Wear Dimples Into A Keyboard Less Than A Year Old? Is This The Keyboard Of A 50000 Wpm Typer?

Image credits: isecore

#14 My Mum Is Using Her Laptop In The Rain On The Beach

Image credits: AloneRefrigerator789

#15 The Bad Part About Giving Tech Support To Your Local Food Place Is Seeing This And Knowing You Shouldn’t Eat There Any More

Image credits: M4rK101

#16 Even When Booting, iPhone 11 Displays Other Images

Image credits: c0brachicken

#17 It Just Bothers Me

Image credits: pingywon

#18 Thinkpad Overheating For Some Reason

Image credits: lhauckphx

#19 Bought A Vic 20. Came With A Rad Wasp Nest. I Reckon This Is Fine

Image credits: PotatoKingIV

#20 I Don’t Think The Problem Is With The Modem This Time…

Image credits: Stitchpool626

#21 So Yesterday My Hamster Escaped From His Cage And Somehow Ended Up Inside My Computer. My PC No Longer Works…

Image credits: erorogunsou001

#22 The Server / WiFi Setup Where I Work. (The Tupperware Is To Catch The Water From The Leaky Aircon)

Image credits: jethrobradford

#23 Customer States “Our Intercom At The Gate Doesn’t Work” Meanwhile In The Connections Box

Image credits: trdsc7797

#24 What Mandatory Sanitizing At Work Did To My Brand New $2,000 Laptop Last Winter

Image credits: lesbiab

#25 Pro Tip: Dont Store PC Stuff Near Paint When Moving Into A New House

Image credits: dat1driftenleaf10101

#26 Crunchy And Fibre Rich

Image credits: themo98

#27 Oh No!

Image credits: ballz-to-the-wall

#28 My Local Government Office’s Server

Image credits: mr_y2kj

#29 I’m Gonna Start A Collection

Image credits: type_r_boy

#30 What Do You Think It Looks Like Inside?

Image credits: DiogoSN

#31 This How-To Video

Image credits: samwichse

#32 New Girl At My Job Tried To Find Out The WiFi Password To Connect Her iPhone And Watch Tiktok During Breaks, Bent The Router Hook While Trying To Take It Off The Wall Brutally, That Metal Hook Got Stuck And Short Circuited The Router From Inside. People Are Dumber Than Donkeys

Image credits: themo98

#33 Second Hand Router I Bought Ran Too Hot. A 7-Up Can, Tape, And Toothpaste Solved The Issue

Image credits: Zentuckyfriedchicken

#34 Can You Make A Network Map For Us?

Image credits: polarbearjuice

#35 Just Discovered This Sub – (About A Year Ago) A Customer Asked Me If I Could Recover Anything. He Bent It Across His Knee In A Drunken Rage One Night. Hdd Was Miraculously Undamaged And I Was Able To Do A Full Recovery!

Image credits: Phr057

#36 Spaghetti On A Drill

Image credits: ASD_AuZ

#37 People Are Often Shocked When They Found Out I’m Such A Bad Electrician (Not My Pic)

Image credits: itsTyrion

#38 Sorry Guys, My Bad, Next Time I’ll Be More Careful Transporting The Instagram And Whatsapp Servers

Image credits: N1664TR0N3000

#39 Just Turn It Off And On Again. Should Work

Image credits: 69_queefs_per_sec

#40 “The Ports Stopped Working!” “Which Ones?” “All Of Them!”

Image credits: appleontheapex

#41 Laptop Of A Guy I Sat Next To At Uni. It Still Works For Some Reason

Image credits: IEatTahmKench

#42 We’ve Gone Too Far!

Image credits: GreatGreyWolf021

#43 Client Told That Old Owner Would Leave All Network Infrastructure. Thank You

Image credits: Lysergic-D

#44 New Form Factor

Image credits: aquaritis

#45 Apparently This Is A Customer Server Power Supply

Image credits: Miniappolis

#46 Do I Belong Here?

Image credits: jeeverz

#47 My Eyes It Burns!

Image credits: kurtstir

#48 The Aftermath Of A High Speed Rear End Collision With The Laptop In The Trunk

Image credits: alfredpsmurtz

#49 “I Didn’t Touch A Thing. I Just Walked In And It Was Like This” – Any Manager, Any Given Day…

Image credits: putfunbackinfuneral

#50 What Do You Mean You’ve Converted You’re Data Line To A Clothes Line?

Image credits: BallisticCrux

#51 Pain

Image credits: supertoine_FR

#52 Got A Ticket About A Computer That Wouldn’t Boot. Found This Plugged In

Image credits: Nathan96762

#53 “Screw In With Confidence”

Image credits: jaacck3d

#54 Ahhh

Image credits: SnooChickens8041

#55 When You’re Given 4 Business Hours Notice To Have 7 Workstations Available For A Training Class:

Image credits: bwave1

#56 My Fan Was Vibrating And Making Loud Noises. Decided To Cut Around The Fan. It Now Passes The Diagnostic Test

Image credits: terrytibbss

#57 Black Friday Came A Bit Early

Image credits: Flori347

#58 Customer Stated “Minor Damage” On Intake Form, The Techs Think Otherwise

Image credits: Miserable_Cellist_24

#59 Omg

Image credits: exxxxkc

#60 “I Am Not Satisfied With The Product.”

Image credits: ovi143

#61 Oh God Whyyyy

Image credits: teehizzlenizzle

#62 “No, I Haven’t Spilled Any Liquids Near The Computer. Why Do You Ask?”

Image credits: isecore

#63 The New Bookmac Amateur

Image credits: citizenofeurope

#64 My Brother-In-Law Bought A Cheap 2tb Ssd, But He Said It Was Slow And Not Working Properly, So He Wanted Me To Check It Out And… Nice

Image credits: Mayban36

#65 My Boss Thinks He’s Funny

Image credits: echelon3

#66 I’m Sure They’ll Be Calling Tech Support Soon

Image credits: cacecil1

#67 Friend Did This

Image credits: gcz1214

#68 10900k Keychain

Image credits: BrokenMusicB0x

#69 My Chromecast Isn’t Having A Good Time

Image credits: Froey

#70 My Friend Said That He Don’t Know Why His Card Is Running Hot

Image credits: GilbertzRivi

#71 How?

Image credits: TheMemeSniper

#72 A Burning Laptop

Image credits: thalarina

#73 Touchpad Ready For Lift Off In …

Image credits: StEeLc0re321

#74 Bomb Defused – Counter-Terrorist Wins

Image credits: letsdothisiguess92

#75 We Shipped This Machine Brand New To Our Client Two Months Ago. This Weekend He Sent It Back To Rma, Wouldn’t Turn On. Client Said That He Had Another Tech Shop Take A Look At It B4 Sending To Us

Image credits: KryanThePacifist

#76 What Do You Mean You’ve Converted You’re Data Line To A Clothes Line?

Image credits: BallisticCrux

#77 Customer Wasn’t Sure Why New Build Was Idling At 80c

Image credits: Suiously

#78 A Friend Hired An Electrician To Run Ethernet Drops In His House

Image credits: GeneticallyZero

#79 Found Outside My Office

Image credits: frankhadwildyears

#80 Stripped Screw. Last Ditch Effort With Jb Weld. Will Try It Again Tomorrow, Wish Me Luck! Will Update If It Ends A Disaster

Image credits: Hung_S0lo

#81 Client Reports Spotty Internet In Engineering Office

Image credits: justg85

#82 Client’s Face Turned Beet Red When I Asked If It Was Him Or His Son That Put On The Thermal Paste

Image credits: g0d_m0de

#83 I Tried To Unplug My Monitor And The Entire Socket Thingy Came Out

Image credits: Exa_N0ri

#84 What A Day To Have Eyes

Image credits: Alessandro227

#85 I Feel Like This Should’ve Worked

Image credits: dawiebe

#86 $1.90 In Change Removed From An Imac Optical Drive. Oh Yeah, Also A Chuck-E-Cheese Token.

Image credits: Quilicofy

#87 We Found The Heat Problem For The Client

Image credits: oldoneswake

#88 Got Called In This Morning

Image credits: thexpandaman420

#89 An Expensive And Insulting Soccer Ball

Image credits: dixchocolate

#90 Platform From 2011 And Cpu Still Works After 0 Contact For All These Years

Image credits: sijedevos

#91 Blackberry Graveyard!

Image credits: alan13446

#92 You Can Disconnect Neighbour’s TV

Image credits: PTV02

#93 Built In Io Sheild

Image credits: I_cant_code_

#94 Gtx 470

Image credits: I_cant_code_

#95 This Is How The Office Christmas Tree Was Plugged In…

Image credits: jcommisso

#96 This Unmonitored Computer At Sox-35th Which Seems To Have Full Access To Every Switch Along The Red Line On The L. A Single Lock-Pick Could Bring Chicago To It’s Knees

Image credits: ImplosiveTech

#97 A Backhoe And Bunch Of Optical Cables, Wcgw?

Image credits: LGR9-D

#98 Only “Slight” Water Damange

Image credits: AirFrance447

#99 Sold My Friend My Old Parts. Clearly This Was A Mistake. He Says It’s Currently Running A Minecraft Server As Well As A Whole Bunch Of Docker Containers. I Just Realized I Sold My Old Favorite Horse To The Glue Factory.

Image credits: chaoticGovernor

#100 ”stuck During Sorting, You Guys Can File A Freight Claim Online”

Image credits: xaeleepswe

#101 Just Got This Computer In At Work. Looks Like Someone Spilt Hot Chocolate And Just Continued To Use The Computer For Months

Image credits: dafops_98

#102 Recently Moved. Wondered Why The Network Sockets Did Not Work And Borrowed The Tester From Work…

Image credits: xarxty

#103 This Is How Dell Is Cooling A 1000+$ Cpu

Image credits: Poglosaurus

#104 It’s Hard To See But There Is A Cut That Goes Through The Bezel At The Top. In Addition To Destroying The Screen, This Student Cut Through The Chromebook! They Ran Their Face Mask’s Elastic String Back And Forth Creating Friction To Cut It.

Image credits: meeseeksIT

#105 Customer States She Could Not Copy Files On This 60$ 2tb Ssd From Amazon

Image credits: LhosteShiryu

#106 “My Hard Drive Died And I Tried To Fix It But Got Stuck. Can You Recover The Data For Me?”

Image credits: the123king-reddit

#107 Saw This Full Page Marketing Ad For Finding Jobs

Image credits: Rotflmaocopter

#108 Why In My Opinion, It Guys Deserve Hazard Money…

Image credits: wicked_one_at

#109 D-Did You See The Ghost? It Ran Through Here And Slimed Me!

Image credits: bubonis

#110 The New Eu Standard Powerplug Has Arrived!

Image credits: t3hl34d3r

#111 Someone Installed This Fuse On +12v In Parallel

Image credits: iQuerz

#112 Gigabit Internet Connection In An Apartment Complex

Image credits: Mulocus

#113 Wcgw Putting Your Phone In The Microwave To Dry Off

Image credits: matafritas

#114 Always Use A Firewall Kids

Image credits: pieroc91

#115 Found An Old Server Where My Father Works. I Wanted To Keep The Cpus Before They Threw Them Away And I Saw That They Left The Plastic Film On The Heatsinks. These Worked For A Decade Like This.

Image credits: Ballabong

#116 Just Received This From Ebay… From Another Country

Image credits: intercake

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