117 Genius Pet Inventions You Didn’t Know You Needed To Be The Coolest Pet Owner

Pets enrich our lives with the most beautiful colors, allowing us to experience emotions we didn’t even know we carried within our hearts. Whether you refer to them as your best friend or your fur baby, the foundation for your relationship is unconditional love. And with that, you only want the best for your companion.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to spoil them. To give you some fresh ideas, we at Bored Panda put together a list of brilliant inventions that seem to have been created by animal whisperers; from doggie stick libraries to space-saving cat towers, continue scrolling and check them out.

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#1 Stand For Strays Thailand, Has Launched Foldable Shelters Made Of Recycled Billboards For Stray Dogs

Image credits: Stand_forstrays

#2 My Wife Started Feeding A Stray Cat, But I’m Allergic, And We Can’t Take Her Into Our House. I Built The Cat Her Own House Instead. It’s Insulated And Has Electric Heating

Image credits: gnarly-skull

#3 This Vending Machine In Istanbul Dispenses Dog Food For Homeless Dogs When People Put Bottles In For Recycling

Image credits: pugedon.com

#4 This Man Is Recycling Old Picnic Coolers Into Shelters For Stray Cats For Winter! How Very Cool Is This

Image credits: Waifer2016

#5 My Friend Remodeled The Ceiling Of The Shop For Cats And Now He Is Being Monitored All The Time

Image credits: SCMcrocodile

#6 Found A Little Free Library For Dogs

Image credits: spiffturk

#7 I’m Lovin’ It

Image credits: DeltaMVperru

#8 My Uncle Built Little Stairs For His Little Dog

Image credits: potato-face-129

#9 This Restaurant Not Only Welcomes Dogs, It Offers Dog Portions For Cheap

Image credits: RCViking44

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#10 My 11-Years-Old Dog Is Blind But Still Loves Hiking So I Got Her Doggles To Protect Her Eyes From Sticks

Image credits: WildBill-

#11 My 10-Year-Old Dog Likes To Sleep On My Legs. I Made Her This Out Of Some Of My Old Jeans For Her To Sleep On While I’m At Work

Image credits: DMLorance

#12 This Sofa Has A Cosy “Dog House” By The Side As Part Of The Armrest/ Side Table

Image credits: Seungji Mun

#13 Good Boy Gets A Special Room All To Himself

Image credits: KempGriffeyJr4024

#14 When Safety And Style Come Together Fabulously With Glowing Collar

Image credits: Brideshead

#15 Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

Image credits: julcarls

#16 Noise-Cancelling Dog House That Can Keep Your Pup Calm During Fireworks And Thunderstorms (A Prototype By Ford, Using Technology Created For High-End Vehicles)

Image credits: Ford

#17 Dog Has A Condition That Makes It Hard To Get Food Down So He Eats In A Special High Chair

Image credits: natsdorf

#18 This Fence Has A Window For The Dog

Image credits: Derpazor1

#19 My Friend Has A Hammock For Their Cat

Image credits: bbjackson

#20 When You Take A Drink From This Bubbler, The Excess Water Flows Into A Bowl For Your Dog

Image credits: ThePitOfTheArm

#21 The Solution Of Keeping Your Cat Off Your Laptop

Image credits: LYCS Architecture

#22 Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes So They Can Be Up-Cycled Into A Cat House

Image credits: Samsung

#23 Made Her A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared At But Could Never Reach

Image credits: soup_sammich_

#24 If They Don’t Go Out In Their Cat Strollers At Sunset To Watch The Birdies, I Never Hear The End Of It

Image credits: mooboomooM

#25 This Supermarket Has A Special Cart For You To Shop With Your Pet

Image credits: lherme13

#26 This Drinking Fountain For Dogs, That This Person, Built Into Their Front Walkway

Image credits: frecklefart80

#27 Made An Iron Throne For My Maine Coon. He Slipped Right Into The Role

Image credits: nikers93

#28 Cat Bedroom Is Completed. Bird TV Is On

Image credits: Bry_in_the_sky

#29 In This Pet’s Water Bowl, A Paw Print Will Appear In It If The Water Has Been Sitting Around For Way Too Long

The pet bowl has roughened areas in its plastic base in the shape of a paw. When water has been sitting around for too long, the sludge aggregates around the roughened plastic area – and leads to a paw symbol appearing!


After washing the bowl, the paw symbol is not immediately obvious but can be seen once you tilt the bowl and let the light hit it from a suitable angle.

Image credits: Argodruid

#30 I Felt Bad For My Cat Not Being Able To See Out To Our Front Yard, So Together We Cut Him A Peephole In The Frosting

Image credits: Jacklightsout

#31 My Space-Saving Cat Tower

Image credits: citadelinn

#32 A Coast Guard Dog Is Wearing A Cool Helmet And Goggles

Image credits: Southwood_

#33 Keep Those Paws Safe This Summer

Image credits: Reading_Owl01

#34 My Aunt Got A Kayak For Her Dog

Image credits: dippylovesmayo

#35 Put My Fat Cat On A Diet And Bought A Feeder With A Timer. Now This Is How He Waits Patiently For Dinner

Image credits: FedEx_Potatoes

#36 There’s Still A Lot Of Bad Air Quality In Seattle. My Coworker Got A Special Mask For Her Dog

Image credits: Narkolepse

#37 This IKEA Has A Dog Parking Station For You To Keep Your Pet While You Shop So It Won’t Succumb To The Heat While Waiting In Your Car

Image credits: ikea.com

#38 These Designers Created A Purrfect Bed For Cat Owners

Image credits: catlife.co

#39 An Old TV Repurposed Into A Cat Bed For My Cat’s Birthday

Image credits: BrewCoven

#40 How To Solve Cat Typing Issue

#41 Free Vegetable Leaves For Pets In My Local Supermarket’s Produce Section

Image credits: Lord_Stahlregen

#42 I Made A Cat Wall

Image credits: linnylaw

#43 Would Absolutely Jump In The Water To Swim, But Refuses To Walk In The Rain Without A Coat

Image credits: DamnItCasey

#44 Underneath The Skin Of This Pineapple Dog Toy Is A Pineapple Pit Toy

Image credits: ATLBMW

#45 Saw This Little Guy While Out For My Daily Walk

Image credits: geekypenguin91

#46 My Foster Cat Has Asthma And Uses An Inhaler Twice A Day

Image credits: Rehauu

#47 My Aunt Made A Couch For My Cat: Pippin

Image credits: winflow_2

#48 This Personalized Truck For Dogs

Image credits: letsfoldscarves

#49 My Cable Provider Has A Channel Specifically For Dogs

Image credits: oldkingcoles

#50 My Girlfriend Made A Massage Table For Her Bearded Dragon And He Loves It

Image credits: RecklessBrandon

#51 An Inventor Approached My Mom With A New Invention For Blind Dogs. Logan Seems To Like It

Image credits: bobschlitz

#52 Heated Dog Parking While Shopping

Image credits: pimzon

#53 My Brother And I Built A Custom Chinchilla Mansion

Image credits: bhargs99

#54 My Dad Made An AC For Our Husky’s Dog House

Image credits: chopperj1

#55 This Water Fountain At My Local Mall Has Dog Treats, And Two Water Fountains For Dogs, In Addition To The Water Fountain For Humans

Image credits: verasgunn

#56 A Friend Of Mine Has Bathroom Art For Their Cat

Image credits: slingblade1315

#57 I Made Tiny Pancakes And A Tiny Table For My Little Buddy

Image credits: pheromonekvlt

#58 Two Dogs Out For A Ride. Made Me Smile Ear To Ear For Days

Image credits: billypmacdonald

#59 Cat Door Into The Laundry Has A Brush All Around It So They Get A Nice Pet

Image credits: 4chanuser001

#60 She Likes Being Petted Roughly With The Grooming Gloves

Image credits: FrenchWenchOnaBench

#61 Mini-Condo For Kitty’s Cross-Country Drive

Image credits: ggbuttstead

#62 The Squeaker From Inside Her Dog Toy Has Declared Her The Winner

Image credits: MissShananigansbong

#63 My Water Cooler Has A Built-In Pet Water Bowl

Image credits: MotorboatingSofaB

#64 Pet Pooping Station At The Airport

Image credits: twotea

#65 This Single Water Fountain Has A Place For Dogs, A Short Person, A Tall Person, And A Place To Fill Your Water Bottle

Image credits: BukkakeFan

#66 This Is A Food Truck Made Specifically For Dog Food, Primarily Dog Frozen Yogurt

Image credits: trustmeitsnotaphase

#67 Just Made This Shelf/Hammock For Our Cat. I Guess It’s Been Given The Approval Of The Boss

Image credits: idaoda1993

#68 Ice Cream Shop In My Area Has Kibble Ice Cream For Dogs

Image credits: VanessaClarkLove

#69 Our Fence Has A Gate For The Dogs

Image credits: MAC7024

#70 My Dog Tore Open His Yoda Plush Toy And The Squeaker Inside Is A Heart

Image credits: TimSPC

#71 At A Park By My House, Someone Just Put A Bag Of Balls Here For People And Their Dogs To Play With

Image credits: Rogue_Mongoose

#72 My Ambulance Is Now Equipped With Pet Oxygen Masks

Image credits: Snutchy

#73 My New Girl Enjoying The Special Bed I’ve Made To Keep Her Toasty

Image credits: uncredible_source

#74 My Husband Set Up A Tunnel That Leads From Our Window Into A Tent In The Front Yard. It’s Been A Massive Hit With Both Of Our Cats And The Entire Neighborhood

Image credits: IncomprehensibleHare

#75 There Was One Heart-Shaped Treat In My Dog’s Bone-Shaped Treats

Image credits: evasie

#76 My Dog Treats Came With A Clip So You Can Attach One To Your Phone And Take A Selfie With Your Dog

Image credits: bjexSALT

#77 Istanbul Airport Has A Bathroom Just For Pets

Image credits: Axle-f

#78 Our Dogs Got An Electric Dog Paw Cleaner For Christmas That Cleans By Rotating

Image credits: Woodabear

#79 “Solartec Pet Cot” Is Totally Worth It, And My Puppy Loves It

Image credits: latoyag18

#80 Otter, A Disabled Cat Whose Skull Did Not Form Properly, Wearing His Made-To-Measure Helmet

Image credits: iklegemma

#81 This Sign Is Translated For Dogs

Image credits: Gettafa

#82 They Have Pet Carts In Grocery Stores In Italy

Image credits: MerleChi

#83 Scratching Post + Bed For Cats

Image credits: katris_cat

#84 This Water Bowl Outside A Pet Store

Image credits: elonder

#85 Little Anubis Is Taking To His Feeder Like A Pro, Not Big Enough To Sit Up With The Top Cats Yet Though

Microchip feeder, it scans their microchip and opens for that cat only. Anubis isn’t chipped yet so he is currently wearing an RIF tag that I registered to the feeder.


The company that makes them is SurePetCare.com they do feeder, pet doors and water bowls. I think they also do a tag that tracks your pets location and stuff too (not 100% on this one).

Image credits: AFinalFantasyMom

#86 Kitty Carrier For My Bicycle. Top Zips Open For Quiet Trails And A Removable Fleece Liner For Cool Mornings

Image credits: mikeabikea

#87 This Cafe Has Water Bowls For Different-Sized Dogs

Image credits: sandtear

#88 Saw A Girl Wearing A Cat In A Backpack While In Line At The Pet Store

Image credits: Summitjunky

#89 I Bought My Cat A Tiny Tent And She Absolutely Loves It

Image credits: audreybrookee

#90 My Dad Made A “Catio” For His Indoor Cat

Image credits: djroomba09

#91 I Got My Cat A Plush Recovery Collar So She Would Be More Comfortable And Look Like A Lion. I Think It’s A Bit Too Big

Image credits: PandorasTrunk

#92 Oliver Showing Off His New XDog Weighted Vest, To Tire Him Out

The vest helps to combat obesity, reduce anxiety, increase performance, strengthen cardiovascular health and build muscle. It also makes dogs use more energy while doing everyday things. It’s great for high-energy dogs. I’ve seen a difference already with Ollie. By the end of the day, he’s exhausted.

Image credits: Whiskey_Sweet

#93 This “Area” In A Petrol Station For Dogs To Do Their Business

Image credits: RisbyWoodlands

#94 My Vet Has A Cat Waiting Area Around The Corner And Special Blankets For Your Cat Box

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 We Have A Bedroom For My Dog Under The Staircase

Image credits: icantsle3p

#96 Apparently, Busch Makes A (Non-Alcoholic) Drink For Dogs And It Has A 5-Cent Deposit On It

Image credits: ODB2

#97 Japanese Online Retailer Dinos Released This Special Kitchen Table Has A Hole For Your Cat To Peak Through And Join You For Dinner

Image credits: dinos.co.jp

#98 Chuchu Looks Cute And Stays Still In His New Hair Dryer Box

Image credits: Dreamlighter777

#99 It’s Charlie’s Heating Pad

Image credits: Wrekizm

#100 I Made My Cat A Little Living Room In A Corner Of My Living Room

Image credits: ToastRiposte

#101 My 7-Year-Old Informed Me That New Ice Cream I Bought, Tastes Horrible. Little Did He Know It Was Dog’s Ice Cream

Image credits: shelzer

#102 A Huge Reptile Vivarium I Made For My Very Special Blue Tree Monitors

Image credits: SpectrumVivaria

#103 This Pet Shop Has An Emergency Door Lock For Runaways

Image credits: Lasttimelord1207

#104 The Arthritis My Corgi Suffers From Makes It Hard For Her To Use Stairs, So We Made Her A Ramp. She Loves It

Image credits: BennyKB

#105 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Room Service Menu Just For Dogs

Image credits: DoNotLickToaster

#106 I Bought A Pet Window For The Fence, And Benny Approves

Image credits: mcglothi

#107 A Dog’s Toothbrush

Image credits: lnikv

#108 Kmart Is Selling These Cooling Mats For Pets For $20. I Highly Recommended Getting One

Image credits: BaronVonHomer

#109 I Put A Heating Pad Out For The Neighborhood Cats. I Think They Like It

Image credits: whatisAlabama

#110 The New Shelf Bed Is A Win

Image credits: tjasper1225

#111 Hobbes Hates Getting His Nails Clipped, So They Have To Hang Him In This Sling

Image credits: Samwise912

#112 My Dogs Tore Apart A Cactus Toy, To Reveal Another, Sad Cactus Toy

Image credits: SilverTigerstripes

#113 This Vending Machine Solely Dispenses Medications For Your Pet Falcons

Image credits: Affentitten

#114 My Pet Pigeon Goes Backpacking With Me

Image credits: JMHorsemanship

#115 These Condiments For Dogs

Image credits: Pulled_Orc_Sandwich

#116 My Local Pub Has A Keg For Dogs

Image credits: grumble_hoof

#117 This Homeowner Made A Cage Outside A Window For His Cat To Enjoy The Scenery Below

Image credits: icywoodz

Source: boredpanda.com

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