118 Funny And Strange Things Spotted On The Subway (New Pics)

The next stops are: Weirdville, Bizarretown, and Strangeburg! There’s something unique about subways, metros, and the tube that brings out the weirdest and funniest side of humanity. A side of us that you won’t find on any other form of transportation. Buses, cars, horseback riding, high-speed trains, and trams have nothing on subways. We can promise you that, 100%.

You know for a fact that our team here at Bored Panda loves photography. The more unusual, the better. So we’ve collected a list of the most amusing, downright bizarre, and hilarious photos that people took while on the subway. Scroll down to see the best of the best! Oh, and while you’re upvoting your fave ones (the duck in the backpack stands out to us, personally), consider sharing your weirdest experience while on public transport, in the comments.

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I reached out to photographer Dominic Sberna to get his opinion on the etiquette we should follow when taking photos of people in public spaces, as well as his advice for amateurs hoping to take some great shots. You’ll find his thoughts below. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s exclusive interview.

#1 Lesson Learnt

Image credits: da_drought_3

Photographer Dominic explained to Bored Panda that there isn’t one specific set of rules or etiquette that can apply to all situations when it comes to taking pics in public spaces.

“From a legal standpoint, if someone is in a public place, they can be part of your photography. That is something I learned in college,” he shared. “However, you should ask someone for their persmission if you plan to make their identity the focal point of your image. As in, a proper portrait versus someone walking in front of a building for example.” This is something that photographers, veteran and amateur alike, should keep at the forefront of their mind, whether they’re taking pictures on the subway or anywhere else.

#2 I Found Her. She Is Alive

Image credits: 0Bits

#3 A Guy Brought His Peacock Onto The NYC Subway And No One Even Looked Up From Their Phones

Image credits: BookerDeWittsCarbine

Dominic stressed the importance of timing. It “is everything when trying to capture a specific moment or action,” he told me. As anyone with a creative streak knows, it can sometimes be hell trying to decide which photo to showcase when you’ve got several great ones. According to the photographer, deciding between the photos “is as simple as deciding what you want to convey.”

We need to consider what message we’ll be sending. “The first photo could be more impactful and the second one could be a different message entirely. It comes down to preference and intention at the end of the day,” he said.

#4 Springfield

Image credits: zhenxing

#5 A Guy Feeds A Kitten In The Subway

Image credits: TheHofinstop

#6 “How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety”. Interesting

Image credits: subwaycreatures

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As for his advice for amateur photographers, the essence is putting yourself out there and seeing what you can find. “Just go out and take in your surroundings and pay attention to the little details. The smallest of details in the everyday mundane might stand out to you on any particular day if you’re in the right state of mind,” Dominic shared.

However, we also need to learn to kick back, relax, and enjoy life, instead of worrying about missing out on some great photos. “Again, this is personal preference. It’s good to just enjoy life and put down the camera sometimes, but it’s also good to be prepared. You win some and you lose some, I suppose.”

#7 You Keep Doing You

Image credits: GallowBoob

#8 This Man Was Sketching People On The Subway And Telling Them That They Are Beautiful

Image credits: daaaabear

#9 Duck And Cover

Image credits: WullieBlake

Some time ago, Rick McGuire, the founder of the ‘Subway Creatures’ project on Instagram, shared with Bored Panda his own insights about what it is about subways that turns the strangeness all the way to 11.

According to him, commuters are forced into a confined space and have no other choice but to deal with each other. That means that everyone’s in close proximity with a small microcosm of society, including its most interesting and strangest parts.

“The NYC subway is still one of the most efficient ways of getting around and if you need an audience, this is the perfect place to find one. This can sometimes work out for the best and the worst,” Rick shared with Bored Panda.

#10 Just A Fox

Image credits: IosifMarianna

#11 I’m Feeling Lucky

Image credits: ibsanv

#12 Just Santa Riding The Subway

He explained that the “wild, bizarre, and crazy things” that the New York City subway had to offer inspired him to create the ‘Subway Creatures’ project as a way to document it all.

“NYC has this unspoken rule of ‘keep your head down and mind your own business’ but I’m a huge people-watcher. There’s so much going on around you at all times and it would be a shame to miss some of these typical ‘New York moments.’ When I’m on the train I always find myself looking for obscurities and checking my surroundings. You never know what you’ll see!” Rick said.

#13 Sauron The Commuter

Image credits: lizmulhall

#14 Taking Christmas To A Whole New Level

Image credits: bendiknee

#15 Hmmm

Image credits: Jazzdaddy66

Meanwhile, career coach Rita Friedman shed some light on commuting and how it shouldn’t always be used for maximum efficiency. Sometimes, you simply need a break from the rush. And your ride on the subway can be just that.

“A commute is literally a transitional unit of space and time, and a lot of commuters use it as their break between the responsibilities of home and the responsibilities of work or school, so it’s the perfect moment to look at pictures of failed cakes or animals making funny faces. It’s just nice to have time where nobody is holding you accountable,” Rita told Bored Panda.

#16 Old Lady In A Subway

Image credits: wartesz

#17 Dude’s Showing His Lizard Bro A Whole New World On An 8-Hour Bus Trip

Image credits: RSchelly

#18 Casual Day On The London Underground

Image credits: s1naba

According to the career coach, zoning out while on your commute can be therapeutic. It also helps manage our stress.

“That might be scrolling through social media or half-listening to a podcast. I’ll also say some of my best ideas have come to me when I’ve been staring out a window or at a wall. “If work is really taxing, you might find that bringing something on your ride lets you focus away from the distractions of the office—it actually might be a lot easier to knock out a report without a chatty coworker hovering nearby.”

#19 Brazilians In The Moscow Metro

Image credits: sallem654

#20 Spotted On The Subway

Image credits: crazeecatladee

#21 Does This Count?

Image credits: imgur.com

Though, if you’re feeling up to it, you can use your commute to catch up on some personal tasks. Like replying to emails you might have missed or managing your calendar to get your agenda in order for the near future. In short, your commute could be your morning ritual to sort through what you need to, so you can dive right into work the moment you get to the office.

#22 Next Station? Jerusalem Of Course

Image credits: Asmodeane

#23 Seems About Right

Image credits: julesvlees

#24 Swedish Fans Excited About Today’s Match

Image credits: lostinsweden

“You might also find yourself more productive at work if you spend your commute doing something like reading or playing a strategy game that gets your brain warmed up. If you are actively walking /driving/biking, taking a different route can help shake things up and break up the monotony,” Rita said.

#25 Dude Just Whipped Out This Desk On The Subway And Started His Meeting

Image credits: brdesignguy

#26 Looks Like Russians Invented A Time Machine

Image credits: Megalan

#27 I Have So Many Questions

Image credits: subwaycreatures

“Unless you have a very long commute, it’s probably pushing it to try to get into any kind of study or meaningful work that requires a state of flow, but it could be a good time to watch a 5-minute refresher tutorial on a new skill you’re working on or to skim through an article your colleagues will also have read.”

#28 These Two

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#29 A Must-Have For This Fall Season

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#30 When Your Wanted Level Is At 5 Stars, And You’re Hiding From The Cops

#31 Sir Robert Knight: Guardian Of The Subway And Protector Of The Innocent

Image credits: KantenKant

#32 Chicken Of The Sea

Image credits: spit_finger

#33 Corona Supermask

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#34 NYC Heat Wave Is Bringing More Than High Temperatures

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#35 Harris Hawk On The Metrolink – Apparently She Was Afraid Of The Fireworks

Image credits: Imperator_Helvetica

#36 Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

Image credits: StuffyUnicorn

#37 Took This About A Year Ago. Wasn’t Really Sure What Was Going On, Still Don’t

Image credits: inaterym

#38 I Know Amazing Right? Thought My Italian Grandma Was The Only One Who Covered Seats In Plastic

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#39 Why Does This Doll Look Like It Needs An Adult?

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#40 Interesting

Image credits: Zin-Fed

#41 Lion King

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#42 Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

Image credits: princezee

#43 Swedish Subway Creature

Image credits: Pachigalaxis

#44 This Guy

Image credits: mak-nil

#45 Quidditch

Image credits: SanchoLibre

#46 The Man Sitting In Front Of Me On The Train Is Using A Twix As A Pillow

Image credits: star_man_u

#47 What’s Your Number 1 Pet Peeve On The Subway?

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#48 Every Day Is Halloween In New York Subways

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#49 Gen Z Like ‘What’s That Thing On His Head?’

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#50 Horses Are Returning To The Luas, Nature Is Healing, We Are The Virus

Image credits: mccrickle82

#51 Give Me Dat Masking Tape Special

Image credits: koany

#52 He Walked In With Just A Loose Set Of Chair Legs. Then He Got Down, Took The Seat Top Out Of His Bag, And Assembled A Full Wooden Stool In The Middle Of The Train On Road

Image credits: sherzodrzfdgdgf

#53 A Great Way To Keep Warm Tonight

Image credits: bobotouch

#54 The Undertaker

Image credits: mak-nil

#55 Spotted While Waiting For The Train The Other Night. Made Me Laugh

Image credits: nonicer

#56 I Needed One Of These Pre-Covid

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#57 Probably Not Halloween Related

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#58 Headed To EarthDayCon

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#59 Guaranteed Social Distancing

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#60 Found In Paris, Even The Mask Has Flair

Image credits: invz27

#61 Found Satan On A Train

Image credits: Grimm6115

#62 Thanks, I Hate These Pants

Image credits: AristonD

#63 Protection Above Everything

Image credits: Calygula

#64 Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One. A Guy Gets On CTA (Chicago) With A Colony Of Bees

Image credits: my5lives

#65 Hmmm

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#66 Get This Good Boy Some Timbs

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#67 This Man From The Future

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#68 Cat Scarf

Image credits: Georgefayiz

#69 Wearing Is Caring

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#70 What Game Is This

Image credits: C4H10

#71 Self Protection

Image credits: Rebuluksz

#72 Why Does He Look Like A Spongebob Character?

Image credits: LordMetrognome

#73 Do You Think She Woke Up In Brooklyn?

Image credits: dervison123

#74 This Guy’s Dedication

Image credits: Lusake

#75 Try Explaining To Your Boss That You’re Late Because You Missed Your Stop While Feeding A Pink Chicken Cheerios On The Subway

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#76 Twisted Sister

Image credits: mak-nil

#77 With Her Pet

Image credits: mak-nil

#78 Enter All Bad Duck Jokes Below

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#79 NYers Getting Back On Their Feet

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#80 A Real NYC Bedbug Story

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#81 What’s That?

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#82 A For Creativity On His Mask

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#83 Coneheads (2021)

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#84 Buckle Up And Get The Popcorn Ready

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#85 Pumpkin Man

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#86 Her Own Biggest Fan

Image credits: hippo_king11

#87 After A Tough Day In Zootopia

Image credits: sn0rk95

#88 The Purrfect Beat

Image credits: ymylashen

#89 Corona Ain’t Gonna Get Her 200 IQ

Image credits: VoXaN24

#90 Should I Be Scared?

#91 The Hottest Pose I’ve Ever Seen In The Train

#92 Shout Out To All The Reptilian Gang Members In Da House

Image credits: oneamericaca

#93 Blasting Music During Peak Hours While Everyone Is Going Home After A Tiring Day

Image credits: goldeneag

#94 Never Have I Wanted To Touch Someone’s Hat So Much

Image credits: beckyshangrila

#95 I’ll Grab The Next Train

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#96 Holy Subway

Image credits: lafoot_indian

#97 This Guy Commutes

Image credits: merg_flerg

#98 Saw Miles Morales On The Train! This Dude Wasn’t Even Asking For Money, He Was Just Hanging Out

Image credits: Robotshavenohearts

#99 The Squirrel Master Never Needed A Leash

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#100 Lady, You Ok?

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#101 Just A Regular Lunch

Image credits: humansoftrulai

#102 Just. Just No

Image credits: PeaceOrchid

#103 Looks Safe Bro

Image credits: doomsday10009

#104 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Image credits: cyberpunkkarmathief

#105 A Duck Wearing Sneakers In Mexico City

Image credits: curielxm

#106 He Really Gonna Sit There Reading That Book Like That Thing Ain’t On It’s Phone Next To Him

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#107 The Guardian Of The Quiet Carriage Blocks Your Path. Do You Surrender Your Mobile Device, Flee, Or Challenge To Single Combat?

Image credits: Bosworth_13

#108 Meanwhile In Korea

Image credits: alekmude

#109 Hungry?

Image credits: Ho_Phat

#110 Still Figuring Out This Mask Thing

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#111 Washington Square Park Like “I’m Out”

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#112 “The Mushrooms Are Turning On Me”

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#113 So Many Things I Need To Know How She Physically Does

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#114 Subway Spider-Man

Image credits: leilliz

#115 Aw, She Knit Herself A Mask

#116 The Hand Of One Of It’s Victims

Image credits: Faith_SC

#117 This

Image credits: subwaycreatures

#118 Fashion-Forward

Image credits: subwaycreatures

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