118 Of The Funniest Pics Of Cats Watching People From The Ceiling

Inspired by and dedicated to the Ceiling Cat meme, which I am certain you are acquainted with, this list aims to further unravel the mysteries of god-like cats. Since you are a knowledgeable Word Wide Web user, dear reader, we’ll not dwell on the history and conception of the Ceiling Cat meme but rather ponder on the cats themselves. 

For starters, this feline fascination of ours. Alright, alright, I know… You think I’m going to talk about the ancient Egyptians, their mummified cats, and the cat goddesses like Bastet, Sekhmet, and Mafdet. But just to spice up the “cats as deities” discussion, I’m adding in cat-gods from other ancient cultures as well. For one, there’s ‘The Ovinnik’ — a spirit in Slavic mythology that occupies the shape of a black, fiery-eyed cat. Once full-bellied, it’s a great protector of the barn and the livestock housed there, just like a normal cat. But woe to those who let Ovinnik’s tummy gurgle as the spirit will eat their animals and set buildings afire. Or take the Norse goddess Freyja for instance: her heavenly chariot was pulled not by mere steeds but by two giant grey cats. It’s said that people left snacks for these cats so they wouldn’t make a meal out of their children either. As you can see, cats have always occupied a special place among the divine, so transitioning to the overlords of The Internet is the next logical step. 

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Since simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Internet cats have dropped their gilded capes and diamond claws, moving on to basic things that would resonate better with wide-eyed mortals instead. And, ultimately, prolong their sovereignty over us. Now we have the same god-like cats being praised for their cuteness, infamous cat-logic, and general buffoonery — you know, the simple stuff of a cat’s existence. Like letting go of any old habit, though, dropping your status as a deity sure ain’t easy. Once in a while, we see a seemingly cute cat reminding us of its authority by occupying the highest possible place in our homes and scalding us with their austere stares. If you still don’t have a grasp of this post’s topic by reading it thus far, I invite you to scroll down below and see our collection of Ceiling Cat photos! Call them silly cats, funny, or even stupid; deep down, you know that only divine beings can be so entertaining, so spectacular, and serious at the same time! 

Vote for the cat photos that have amused you the most, tell us five reasons why you love cats and don’t forget to share this article with your friends! Au revoir and bissous!

#1 Just A Cat Hanging Out

Image credits: J3lackJack

#2 Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works

Image credits: noraad

#3 I’m A Plumber Working In A Ceiling Void Under A Leaking Shower And I Have Been Greeted By A Curious Kitty

Image credits: quinnransley

“My cat loves to climb to the highest place in the room—which is ok at home, but when we’re traveling and staying with friends, their homes aren’t as cat-proofed as mine and it becomes an issue,” Molly DeVoss, a certified feline training and behavior specialist who runs Cat Behavior Solutions agency, told Bored Panda.

She explained that at some height, cats indeed become fearful, but it is natural for them to seek high ground. “Sometimes they just need a little privacy, but this mostly comes from an instinctual alertness for predators; they can better see predators and potential territory invaders coming from afar,” Molly said.

#4 I Was Browsing The Books In This Small Secluded Book Store When I Heard Something Above My Head

Image credits: baysicbetch

#5 Is It You Whomst Pspspsps’d Me?

#6 I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This

Image credits: proffie

If you’ve ever wondered how come your cat is able to climb to the heights so gracefully and effortlessly, except those rare unexpected falls from the top counter, Molly said you have to look at their anatomy. “A cat’s sharp, strong claws, and muscular hindquarters, make climbing easy for them.”

Moreover, cats have a crazy sense of balance and are impossibly flexible, Molly said. “When they fall, they twist and land on their feet (hence the idiom ‘always land on your feet’); this is known as a ‘righting reflex.’ While all cat breeds, including our beloved DSH (domestic shorthairs), love to climb, the Savannah and Bengal breeds seem to exhibit a stronger penchant for climbing.”

#7 Umbrella Cat Is Watching You

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Image credits: danaiahuff

#8 Classics From My Phone

Image credits: naverlands

#9 Over The Last Week Our Kitten Has Discovered She Can Climb

Image credits: godofleet

Many studies have been done about how far cats can fall without sustaining injury. “These studies suggest cats can fall as far as 20 stories (over 200 feet) and survive with little to no injuries. However, you wouldn’t want to put this theory to the test; cats can fall about eight feet without injury,” the cat behaviorist warned.

#10 My Girlfriend’s Cat, Orange. Put Him In The Attic To Hunt For Mice And Now He Doesn’t Want To Come Back Down

Image credits: sictirul

#11 Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does

Image credits: lord_chesterfield_cat

#12 Trapped Cat

Image credits: meowed

If you don’t want your cat to climb on your counters and high places in your home, Molly said you’ll need to provide them with alternatives. “I have wall steps leading to shelves and cat beds above my windows and our cat, Pico de Gato, spends hours sleeping high above our heads. There are many surface deterrents, such as sonic sound mats and sharp/pointed mats, but I don’t recommend using a deterrent (of any kind) without first providing an alternative.”

She added: “I’ve always said, ‘you can’t tell a cat no—you have to show it what you want it to do instead’—which means the responsibility falls on you to provide adequate alternatives that allow them to express their natural behaviors.”

#13 The Master Who Will Break The Hole From The Ceiling Every Day And Fall From The Sky!

Image credits: 貓樂園

#14 Cat Stuck In The Ceiling

#15 This Cat

Image credits: 貓樂園

#16 I Walked Into Some Antique Shop And Saw This Cat Poking His Head Through A Hole In The Ceiling

Image credits: ieatpuppiezz

#17 Tent Cat 

Image credits: MrStranger44

#18 Ceiling Cat Is Always Watching

Image credits: J_Tema

#19 When I Looked Up, There Was A Shinobi

Image credits: hanamomoact

#20 Winnie Got Stuck In The Ceiling Yesterday

Image credits: mcgurgles

#21 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: omaturing

#22 Stop Looking To The Ceiling

Image credits: groovy03291013

#23 Cat Shocks Mom By Learning To Climb On The Ceiling Like A Spider

#24 I Can Halp Electrishun?

Image credits: ht4713

#25 Black Magic

Image credits: sino_a_fue

#26 How I Noticed That My Cat Was Stuck In The Attic

Image credits: antpile11

#27 My Cat Broke A Small Piece Of Our Drop Ceiling Tile Off

Just so he could stick his head through it and meow incessantly while I’m trying to watch TV.

Image credits: Lontology

#28 Ceiling Cat Is Watching You

Image credits: NurseLisa87

#29 I Know What You Did And Where You Hid It

Image credits: perrywell

#30 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: calebShibaKing

#31 I Spy With My Little Eye

Image credits: chairman_meow_esq

#32 It’s Almost 1:30 Am Here, And I Just Found A Cat In My Ceiling

Image credits: HighJellyfish

#33 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: campbellxemma

#34 A Photo Sent By A Colleague

Image credits: omocha_no_uma

#35 My Mom’s Cat Likes To Get Into The Dropped Ceiling And Lay On The Panels

Image credits: OSUJillyBean

#36 Shout Out To This Mofo Who Crawled Into The Kitchen Ceiling On His First Day Home

He didn’t even leave the panel ajar – I moved it because I was out of places to look within a 5 mile radius.

Image credits: _Borg_Queen_

#37 Kora Channeling Her Inner Ceiling Cat

Image credits: SheShrinks

#38 Dada’s Not Here So I Can Do Eeeverything I Want

Image credits: creamsiecat

#39 Fernanda Torres, Ceiling Cat

Image credits: timdaw

#40 Simon Oversees His Mother’s Repairs

Image credits: manwithtwothumbs

#41 Ceiling Cat Watches You Shop

Image credits: drunkill

#42 Views From My Bed

Image credits: tomgortonclark

#43 Hello From Above

Image credits: sand_snow.bengalbrothers

#44 I Heard A Rustle Of The Treat Packet

Image credits: theoriginalplaguecat

#45 Hangin Out

Image credits: savannah__thesiamesemix

#46 Just Moved Into A New Apartment With 15 Foot Ceilings. Woke Up On Morning One And Couldn’t Find My Cat Anywhere. Then I Looked Up

Image credits: ZeppelinDT

#47 He Sees You When You’re Sleeping. And He Knows When You’re Awake. He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good. So Be Good For Goodness Sake

Image credits: atithekitty

#48 Ceiling Cat

#49 Early This Morning I Couldn’t Find Nacho

I was calling and calling him and he wasn’t in his usual hiding spots. Then I just saw a tiny orange head looking down at me from the ceiling. 

Image credits: jill.n.nacho

#50 He’s Like A Cat Hanger

Image credits: maddymazee

#51 So A Cat Decided To Sit On Our Ceiling Window Today

Image credits: translocated

#52 Can You Find The Kitten In This Picture?

Image credits: livingcloudpets

#53 Mr. Nancy Has Decided To Live In The Ceiling

Image credits: glittersheree

#54 Ceiling Cat Is Watching You

Image credits: finforthewin

#55 This Picture Of My Friends Cat

Image credits: Raptors_McFlaptors

#56 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: mrelric_and_mspepper_mew

#57 ⁣⁣When Dad Tries To Go To The Toilet In Peace

Image credits: the_adventures_of_cosmo_c

#58 Hey

Image credits: cookie.catttt

#59 You Know, Asian Cats All Know Kung Fu

Image credits: michelincats

#60 Ceiling Cat Is Going For A Walk

Image credits: ma_jacard

#61 This Guy

Image credits: jandueporti

#62 Cat Sleeping On Ceiling In Seoul

Image credits: bobbykipper

#63 My Kitten Has Turned Into A Danger Cat

I think his goal is to get to the ceiling light. He spent 3 minutes on top of the bathroom door weighing his options. In the end, I had to rescue him.

Image credits: uwroo

#64 Mocha Is Ceiling Cat

Image credits: chronicknitting

#65 Hey

Image credits: kgatidis

#66 Exploring The Basement Ceiling On My Own Tonight

Image credits: _dizzy.miss.izzy_

#67 Your Privacy Isn’t Safe From Ceiling Cat

Image credits: KGhaleon

#68 Perla And Her Son Silko

Image credits: gustereophonics

#69 My Sisters Cat Likes To Watch You Go To The Bathroom From The Ceiling

Image credits: loosecaboose4u

#70 Yesterday, Gaz Fell Off This Balcony

How? He went to lay down and miscalculated lol… About a 10ft drop! Perfectly fine though, but gave us a scared. Looks like we have another project to do and gate that area off. Of course he ran up there right afterwards too. 

Image credits: gaz_n_loaf

#71 Ceiling Cat Sees You

Image credits: Catland21

#72 This Cat Peed In My Ceiling

Image credits: eholtart

#73 Ceiling Cat Reaching Down And Changing Livez

Image credits: tritchalee

#74 Just Another Day In The Life Of Ceiling Cat

Image credits: eugenejudo

#75 He Finally Got His Wish And Made It On Top Of The Door. And Got His Butt Stuck Cause The Ceiling Was Too Low

Image credits: Skye_Fire

#76 Cat

Image credits: kisemies

#77 My Cat Got Stuck In The Ceiling

Image credits: little_miss_lorelai

#78 My Cat (Appa) Keeps Crawling Into The Ceiling At Our New Apartment. He Stubbornly Refuses To Get Down, Even For Treats

Image credits: CaptainMatthias

#79 We Have 10’ Ceilings

Image credits: partlizard

#80 Cats Are Smart They Said. Yeah Well Mine Ended Up In The Ceiling Forgetting How He Got In And Meowing While I’m In Class

Image credits: BrendanKukla

#81 This House Worships Ceiling Cat

Image credits: ginkomooncat

#82 This Is Where He Sits To Yell At Us To Feed Him Dinner

Image credits: angelakaysf

#83 When A Stranger Walks In

Image credits: mylesb13

#84 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: SuperVinyl

#85 Cat Is Watching You

Image credits: ellies.cats.x

#86 Daniel The Ceiling Cat Is Passing Judgement

Image credits: harleyjanedoe

#87 So It’s Clear Who Is The Most Adventurey Adventure Cat

Image credits: ironicjenn

#88 Ceiling Cat. Watching Your Every Move

Image credits: r.b.y

#89 When You’re Alone And In Your Underpants Eating A Pint Of Ben & Jerry’s And Sense That You’re Being Watched

Image credits: soundtosea

#90 Ceiling Cats Are Watching You

Image credits: theblacktoad

#91 Doing Important Ceiling Cat Business

Image credits: cebesius

#92 Ceiling Cat: The Second Coming

Image credits: Matilla_the_Hun

#93 Red’s Turn To Be Ceiling Cat

Image credits: her_majesty_princess_luna

#94 There Is A Cat In My Ceiling

Image credits: darkbluerelief

#95 I Can See What You Can Not See

Image credits: temstagrams

#96 This Is Mabel

Image credits: Kidsthinkimedgy

#97 Ceiling Cat Says Hello

Image credits: bakeroleh

#98 Woke Up To This. I Really Need To Put My Ceiling Tiles Back In

Image credits: rogugu

#99 Our Dog Is Gone For The Weekend And Putin Is Still Lurking In The Floor/Ceiling

Image credits: TheLoneGrangerDanger

#100 When You’re Making Your Morning Coffee, Hear A Strange Little Noise, Look Up And See This Cutie Spying On You

Image credits: xx_kitty_kat

#101 Throwback Thursday To That Time That I Went To A Fancy Dress Party As Ceiling Cat

Image credits: harryduns

#102 Why Is Muffins In The Ceiling?

Image credits: ashley_lynn41

#103 She’s Keeping Nick Company While He Works

Image credits: knittingayarn

#104 Ceiling Cat Is Watching You

Image credits: ninelives_of_precious_kitty

#105 Oh Yes He Did

Image credits: shoppanther

#106 Yes This Is Real Life And Yes This Is My Ceiling. My Cats Are The Worst

Image credits: theoriginalgaga_

#107 Turn My Back For 10 Seconds And She’s Gone Up The Ladder

Image credits: del_the_welsh

#108 Sorry, I’m A Ceiling Cat Now

Image credits: skrewloose666

#109 Ceiling Cat Will Murder You

Image credits: Mizuko

#110 Have You Heard About Our Lord And Savior, Ceiling Cat?

Image credits: skm001

#111 Ceiling Cat Lives In My Apartment Building

Image credits: ADifferentKindOfFun

#112 Ceiling Cat Watching You. Judging You

Image credits: loosecaboose4u

#113 Is This Not What You Did At 1am? Try It. It’s Fun. Send Help

Image credits: jasoniangeis

#114 Heard A Noise In The Ceiling

Image credits: ken.lipp

#115 I Found My New Favorite Spot

Image credits: yorutoshiro

#116 We Are Infested With Ceiling Cats! They Watch While You’re Sleeping And Playing Xbox

Image credits: jeff8812

#117 Ceiling Cat Watches You Study

Image credits: nissavibesmoved

#118 Ceiling Cat

Image credits: Evilmonkey35

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