119 Times People Encountered Such Bad Designs, They Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Think of some great designs of the modern era. Like iPhone, Tetra Pak, Post-It, Zippo, the list is endless. How would you describe it? Simple, smart, timeless, appealing, intriguing, engaging, well, basically everything but what you’re about to see in this post.

Because we’re about to dive into the collection of pics that put design to shame. Whether it’s a product, window, furniture, interior, poster design, you name it, they all have some pretty bad examples they would much rather forget.

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So without further ado I leave the stage to a bunch of aesthetic apocalypses from this amusing corner of Reddit that will make you appreciate whatever it is that you have at home, even that old broken chair that’s barely alive, because it could be worse. Worse squared.

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#1 My Grandparent’s Carpeted Bathroom

Image credits: Iamwallpaper

#2 I Almost Gagged When I Opened The Cabinet In My Bnb. Turns Out It Was Just The Design

Image credits: barebasem

#3 Circles Have Already Won, Smarta**

Image credits: Amiral_Poitou

#4 Suppose To Say Trick Or Treat

Image credits: probler

#5 We Had To Stop… We Kept Mixing Up Our Pieces

Image credits: MaxMustemal

#6 I Have No Idea How They Turn This Off

Image credits: Iridalken65

#7 This Portuguese Football Team Shorts

Image credits: EletricoAmarelo

#8 This Stall Door In A Gas Station Bathroom

Image credits: _ThatSynGirl_

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#9 On Today’s Episode Of “Extremely Poor Formatting”…

Image credits: anniedabannie

#10 Got This New Hoodie And Everybody Has Asked Me Why I Am Wet And I Have To Tell Them Its Just The Design Of The Hoodie…

Image credits: sirSosig

#11 You Have To Step Over The Bathtub To Get Between The Toilet And The Sink

Image credits: Mococe

#12 This Nurse Themed Sticker Pack With A Temp Of 98.6 C(209 F)

Image credits: swanpjm

#13 I Think I’ll Milk The 2 People

Image credits: yoyome85

#14 We Stayed In Room 204…on The 4th Floor

Image credits: sopwith-camels

#15 I Feel As Though The ‘Tackling’ Could Be A Little Larger…

Image credits: Serious-Minimum7482

#16 My Son Won This As A Prize In Math Class A While Back. It Used To Say “Be A Problem Solver”

Image credits: MrBirdBeak

#17 I’ll Drink The What Now?

Image credits: magicalglitteringsea

#18 When It’s A Sfw Foot Post

Image credits: Toowiz

#19 Shape Of The Bowl Kind Of Makes It Look Like “Puke”

Image credits: zektuuk138

#20 This Weird Door At The Top Of The Stairs In A Weird Hotel

Image credits: AlephMartian

#21 Why Do Hotel Rooms Insist On Making Me Watch My Partner Bathe? I‘m Just Glad I’m Not Sharing The Room With A Friend Or Parent…

Image credits: Coneskater

#22 A Urinal In Germany With A Full Length Mirror For Inspecting Other Dude’s Junk

Image credits: Verkhovny

#23 This Bathroom Stall At My School

Image credits: BoopBeepBoopie

#24 Who Wouldn’t Want A Ceiling That Looks Like It’s Covered With Hair?

Image credits: im-jared-im-19

#25 Why Have A Picnic Table And A Swing, When You Can Have The Worst Of Both Worlds?

Image credits: RobertoDeBagel

#26 The Dog Is Supposed Look Like It’s Running

Image credits: PheonixGalaxy

#27 If Only There Was A Letter Resembling The Shape Of The Eiffel Tower They Could’ve Used…

Image credits: racheljobe

#28 Look That’s Really How America Looks

Image credits: jozews321

#29 Ah Yes, The Eiffel Tower, My Favorite Italian Landmark

Image credits: Rene1993In

#30 This Sign That Due To Shade And Letters Being Close To Each Other Is Almost Unreadable

Image credits: polish_animu_boi

#31 Our Vodka Tastes Like Dog Piss!

Image credits: Barles21

#32 This Shower At My Airbnb

Image credits: daredelvis421

#33 Ops

Image credits: Plevell

#34 This Halloween Costume

Image credits: PioneerStandard

#35 Derotic Demergency Dequipment

Image credits: Ecstatic-Inevitable8

#36 Closet Space

Image credits: monkbass

#37 For That, Dipped In Mud Look

Image credits: ImRussell

#38 This Traffic Safety Sign

Image credits: psuranas

#39 I’ve Never Understood This Mug – Keeping A Chocolate Bar Underneath A Hot Beverage?

Image credits: Linthoughts

#40 Almost Drank From This Bottle Of Wood Polish Disguised As A Water Bottle

Image credits: puta_blyat

#41 These Garbage Bins Placed On Top Of Park Benches To Save Space

Image credits: arkydon

#42 Had Someone Swing This Door Open On Me While Using The Toilet…

Image credits: daviskenward

#43 Do You Want A Kid For Free?

Image credits: GreenM4x

#44 This Sidewalk That People Cemented Stones To

Image credits: Droe4155

#45 So This Means I Can Come To Work Stoned, Correct?

Image credits: MaxPaladin

#46 Went Into Walgreens And All The Drinks Are Like This. You Can Then Wave Your Hand To See Pictures Of What’s In Each Case, But Only Know What’s Sold Out Once You Open It

Image credits: Andromeda321

#47 These 2022 Glasses

Image credits: Ever_946

#48 Which Floor Am I On?

Image credits: SherbetIndividual128

#49 Stop

Image credits: coyotoka

#50 Anel Nasa?

Image credits: Big-Al97

#51 So Last Year My School Hired Big Brain Architects And They Remade All The Elevation In The Shape Of A Hopper. When It Rains All The Water Floods The Main Building And Hall

Image credits: CCCyanide

#52 Was Browsing Amazon For An Ottoman, When Suddenly…

Image credits: usualnepali

#53 Door Lock Died. Can’t Replace The Batteries Unless I Take Either Of The Locks Off

Image credits: ContentPuma

#54 This Door Will Never Be Opened. Found In An Austrian Spa

Image credits: Sarkasmus-detektor

#55 Crappy House

Image credits: juareno

#56 The Handles Make It So You Cant Fully Close The Shower Doors So Good Luck Not Spilling Water Everywhere

Image credits: _jeo

#57 This Elevator Button Layout

Image credits: SomethingClever2468

#58 There Is Only 1 Toilet Paper Dispenser At My School Bathroom And Every Time You Have To Take A Dump, You Must Calculate The Amount Of Paper You Will Use. And If You Don’t Calculate Correctly, Well…

Image credits: supermhu

#59 I’m Do Yvoegan

Image credits: flopsychops

#60 The Amon Us Costume Is Obviously Photoshopped

Image credits: Blue-A

#61 I’m Sorry I Thought I Ordered Socks Not…

Image credits: crazychica5

#62 I Am In Room 920. Why Do I Feel Dumb?

Image credits: doajones

#63 Defective Pikachu

Image credits: EnderMax2106

#64 This Handbrake That Lifts The Arm Rest

Image credits: brwnxx

#65 This School Picture Order Form My Kids Brought Home A Few Years Ago Is Dark Af

Image credits: AshFromHouseWares

#66 The Makers Of My Swedish Book Forgot About Belgium, Luxemburg And The Netherlands

Image credits: IamNeverPro

#67 If This Isn’t Illegal, Well It Certainly Should Be

Image credits: ELEXTRlCY

#68 Second Degree Burns On My Thighs? Yes Please!

Image credits: cxntney

#69 Fake Grass Around Toilet In The Man’s Bathroom

Image credits: potatoasseater

#70 This Sign That Says Slaughter Multiple Times

Image credits: dinklenerg

#71 Hotel In Iceland. It’s Supposed To Tell You Which Rooms Are On Which Floor

Image credits: pewpewpewpee

#72 The Placement Of This Urinal In My High School…

Image credits: A_Mother_fan

#73 The #9 Position

Image credits: Lic_Valderrama777

#74 Me And My Friends Were Out Of Town For A Day At A Private Residence And Saw This Interior Design Fail

Image credits: FruitylandTV

#75 So Which Way Do I Turn It!?

Image credits: nuneser

#76 Presenting, How I Got A Face Full Of Tiles And 2 Stitches

Image credits: LIGUY1

#77 Everything About This Emoji Ornament

Image credits: Ssselcouth

#78 “Tie Dye” Design Hoody Just Looks Like Grease Splashes (Probably Why Its On Sale!)

Image credits: robgod50

#79 I Think My Book Is Frozen

Image credits: YeahYeahButNah

#80 This Mirror In A, Other Than That, Very Nice Hotel

Image credits: zorrez

#81 Why Couldn’t This Be One Window? Been Bugging Me Since I Moved In

Image credits: fosta02

#82 Ah Yes, My Four Favourite Languages, Norwegian, Norwegian, European And Danish…

Image credits: HippyHappy12345

#83 Get To Know Each Other I Guess

Image credits: ninetyand9

#84 There Are Stairs To This Elevator Which Defeats One Of It’s Primary Functions.

Image credits: nick1234678909876

#85 Reddit Please Show Me The Difference…

Image credits: ki4fkw

#86 Who Needs Kevlar?

Image credits: gotprops

#87 Yellow As A Container Color For Gallons Of Drinking Water

Image credits: jeejeehadhid

#88 Horrible Font By Spotify…

Image credits: NomYap95

#89 You Want Crappy Design? How About A Train Crossing A 7-Lane Highway!?

Image credits: rion-is-real

#90 We Have 14 Letters, Let’s Turn It Into A Clock!

Image credits: neilb4me69

#91 Ah, Yes! The Time I Went To Paris Visit Tower Of Pisa Was Unforgettable

Image credits: lalmanocadeseuslados

#92 These Elevator Buttons Makes No Sense

Image credits: abbbe91

#93 This “Pikachu” I Found On A Fair A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: SmolMagicBoi

#94 Looking For A Party Dress. The Paint™ Is Strong In This One.

Image credits: Ir0nMaven

#95 This Bike Lane

Image credits: RenJHoek

#96 Because Having Two Staircases Is Better Than One In The Bathroom. Toilet Is Behind The Wall On The Left.

Image credits: mrhealthy

#97 Infamous House In My Hometown. Yes, Those Are Stairs

Image credits: cheetocoveredfingers

#98 Which Way Is Gate 5?

Image credits: noeyebob

#99 My 25 Dollar Wallet Case Cannot Hold Cards Correctly

Image credits: green_tuxxedo

#100 Looks Like A Down Arrow

Image credits: Nucleuh_Powuh

#101 Look At The Colour Scheme

Image credits: kranools

#102 3D Hairy Arms On 3D Characters

Image credits: ABrokenMirror

#103 Is It 10 Or…?

Image credits: JurDan775

#104 Don’t Let Your Dreams

Image credits: sarahashtonsummer

#105 The Printed Wolf Looks Sad

Image credits: joshi97

#106 Can’t Fit Two USB Adaptors For My USB-C-Only Mac At The Same Time

Image credits: iwonteatpickles

#107 These Tables At My School Make Your Writing Horrible

Image credits: Minecraft_Strider

#108 Yellow Text On Yellow Background

Image credits: SexyScientistGirl

#109 I Hope They Have A Room For Good Employees As Well

Image credits: FireKing9372

#110 Ah Yes, Women Love The Idea Of Men Photographing Them In The Public Restroom

Image credits: handsomeamanda

#111 Toilet In A New Build

Image credits: FelixDaKat69

#112 The Only Part Of His Face That Isn’t Covered! Found In My Local Hospital!

Image credits: Danger_Ads

#113 Rubber Duckies That Float Upside Down

Image credits: zoerows

#114 This Is The Library At My College. Shelves Right Around A Support Beam That Are Nearly Impossible To Get To

Image credits: beefkake5

#115 I Know This Person Is Drowning, But How Was Your Day?

Image credits: OpenSauce04

#116 This Come-Hither Book Cover Depicting Anne Of Green Gables, The Plucky, Freckled Orphan Girl Whose Most Recognizable Trait Is Her Red Hair

Image credits: Grinkles_the_Gnome

#117 Gaming Headset With Questionable Esports Player…

Image credits: ZuBoosh

#118 I Had Low Expectations From This Group, But This Flyer Is One Of Their Worst Yet

Image credits: rtowne

#119 Anybody Wants A Shower?

Image credits: rrk99

Source: boredpanda.com

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