119 Times Urbanization Took A Turn For The Worse, As Shared In This Online Community (New Pics)

Think of it, there are 4.4 billion inhabitants, or around 56% of the world’s population, living in cities worldwide. Each person of these billions needs not only space but a vast array of resources to function. Then, a level of comfort, well-being and health has to be ensured, which is becoming somewhat of a challenge, to say the least.

In order to see what happens if things go out of control with cities turning into concrete jungles, we’re taking a look at dystopian, yet very real scenarios shared on the corner of Reddit known as “Urban Hell.”
This online community is putting to light the dark side of modern development which results in these candid, hard-to-look-at pictures of both urban and suburban landscapes turning into something unrecognizable.

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Scroll down through the batch of the newest posts and be sure to share our previous articles from Urban Hell here, here and here.

#1 Mumbai, India

Image credits: stefaniakio

With the worldwide population reaching record highs, you can’t help but wonder about the future of modern living. Will there be enough space for everyone? What kind of quality of life will we have? What if the urban landscapes turn into urban hell?

Bored Panda reached out to Dr. Audrey Tang, a chartered psychologist and author of multiple books, including “Be A Great Manager Now“, “The Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness,” and “The Leader’s Guide to Resilience” to discuss these worries. Dr. Tang was happy to share some incredible insights into the state of living today and its prospects in the future.

#2 Vegas, Minus The Neon Glow

Image credits: FAEtlien

#3 I See Your Sliding Puzzle Going Wrong And I Raise You Sao Paulo!

Image credits: IndeedDeflate87

#4 Landlord Puts Up Advertising On Scaffolding Which Blocks All Light And Air

Image credits: nighteeeeey

Dr. Tang explained that houses can be classed as “positional goods.” “This is a term used by economists i.e. goods that people value because of what they can convey to others; and there has been research which suggests that people would be happy to have a ‘small house in absolute terms, so long as it was bigger than everyone else’s.’ (Solnick and Hemenway, 2005 cited by Foye, 2022 in The Conversation).”

However, Dr. Tang argues that having a safe place to live falls within basic human needs (Maslow, 1943). In fact, a study by the Joseph Rowtree Foundation outlined 3 levels of poverty that Dr. Tang quoted: “Income below minimum standard making it difficult to manage the unexpected; Not enough income (where one falls short of a decent standard of living); Destitution (not being able to afford to eat, keep clean, stay warm and dry).”

#5 Mumbai, India. The Divide Between The Richest People In India vs. One Of The Poorest. Extreme Wealth Inequality On Display

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 Los Angeles Train Tracks Not Much Better Than India

Image credits: LionheartRed

#7 Newly Built Kid’s Playground In Trebišov, Slovakia

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Image credits: rexsk1234

According to the best-selling author and spokesperson, many of the places where people currently live fall below that. “Take the example of Hong Kong ‘coffin homes.’ The government calls them ‘bedspace apartments’ – in other words, there is space for a bed. They are legal, although you need a license, and they are not seen as an answer to the housing and cost of living crisis (Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world), but rather a ‘stop gap’ as people wait for housing,” Dr. Tang explained.

Dr. Tang argues that therein lies two immediate problems: “first, it is not a solution, although it is easy to believe it is; and second, one might say ‘at least they have a roof.’”

Meanwhile, many journalists have investigated the living conditions in coffin homes, “sometimes contributing to what some call ‘poverty porn’ because of the ‘shock value’ of the imagery, but those who have taken the time to speak with residents will hear how they ‘feel forgotten’ or for some of the seniors, it’s simply ‘wanting to die,’” Dr. Tang explained.

#8 A Train Engine Passing Through The Bandra Station Tracks Of Mumbai, India

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 Gurugram, India. Aqi Over 400 Because Of Farm Fires

Image credits: depressionsucks29

#10 30 People Getting Coffee vs. 30 People Enjoying Coffe

Image credits: iluvios

It brings up another issue and relates to her first point about “positional goods”. “When someone lives in space that is not adequate for their needs, there is a huge judgment and stigma placed around them, made worse if they feel the very nature of a ‘semi solution’ (i.e. ‘at least they have a roof’) is simply a way of being able to sweep the issue under the carpet… a carpet which they do not possess,” Dr. Tang argues.

According to the author, too often – “and this is a bit of an issue in psychology,” she adds – what was a temporary ‘stop gap’ becomes acceptable, and the real problem is overlooked… “Where this plays out in psychology is when organizations or schools have or bring in psychologists to run sessions or see people and no one feels the need to address the root of the toxicity because – there’s a psychologist!”

#11 View From My Hotel – Tangshan China, Birth Of The Chinese Coal Industry!

Image credits: ooo-ooo-oooyea

#12 Venice Beach California Homeless Encampment

Image credits: LionheartRed

#13 Residential Block In Hong Kong

Image credits: reddit.com

Dr. Tang told Bored Panda that she started the discussion with this “somewhat political point because we need to recognize that it is not just the effect of the environment at play – human nature, behavior, and stigma will also contribute to wellbeing.” She also argues that there are things that WE CAN do to make a difference, but this requires society to take steps.

#14 Calcutta

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#15 Phayathai, Bangkok, Thailand

Image credits: CLOT074

#16 Slums Of Manila

Image credits: Navstar27

Moreover, Dr. Tang noted that we need to make the distinction between a ‘small home’ and a tiny area in which a person has no choice but to live out of poverty. The first one “has access to green space, modern amenities, privacy, and is laid out comfortably for the professional who will often spend their time out of it, or can still afford what the lack of space may hinder.”

And the second refers to “the person who has no choice but to live in a tiny area, with unclean facilities that are shared, little soundproofing, and the reason they are there is because that is all they can afford… and society can see that.”

“We go on holiday and ‘live’ comfortably in our hotel rooms, we camp in less and many of us will have spent time in halls of residence at university,” Dr. Tang said. Yet, she reminds us that we need to remember one thing: “while during those times perhaps we did complain a little about the lack of privacy or the noise, we may always have known that this was temporary and we could afford to go out for the space we needed rather than thinking ‘This is all I’ve got’… and that’s after working in often just as cramped conditions for pay that only affords you that house.” She added that it is a really different situation.

#17 North Korea, Keasong

Image credits: MopCoveredInBleach

#18 Taroconte, Canary Islands, Spain

Image credits: _DCC_

#19 Severe Pollution In Delhi NCR, Pictures From Today And September 2022

Image credits: Hot-Hair2293

Dr. Tang worked with award-winning master planners who design communities, such as John Goldwyn and Alexandra Steed. “Both have voiced their concerns on modern development from within their field,” the award-winning author said.

She recounted how “Alexandra Steed discussed a project in Essex where ‘…there used to be 30000 hectares of marshland on the edge of the Thames Estuary which protected the land from North Sea storms and surges of water which would hammer the land.’ But people perceived these as wasteland – it was filled with waste, and these marshlands that were efficient at capturing and storing carbon, and home to thousands of creatures with such value – they were squandered.’”

#20 A Playground In Tokyo

Image credits: memelukkikala

#21 Urban Hell In The Making

Image credits: Pretty_Track_7505

#22 Kriviy, Rih

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

Meanwhile, John Goldwyn gives the example of Dubai, where “…to maintain the coastline the sea needs to be dredged on a frighteningly frequent basis. This is the opposite to resilient design.”

Dr. Tang explained that “all this is because of a cacophony of money and ego and to some extent – speed/desperation which leads to ‘quick fixes’! Both Alexandra and John continue to promote the importance of understanding the landscape and basing developments on that – which would also help when it comes to protecting nature and doing much to address some of the broader environmental issues – and yet governments do not always seek advice from the very people who can actually help them help others.”

#23 Los Angeles

Image credits: LL112

#24 Cherepovets, Russia

Image credits: dwartbg5

#25 Dhaka Bangladesh

Image credits: slowersea977

According to the award-winning author, we need to be working in a multi-disciplinary manner, “by seeking input from people who know the environment and who plan resilient cities and communities as their day job(!) – not just for sustainability, but ultimately for survival.”

Having said that, Dr. Tang fears that if we do not take time to listen or take advice because we haven’t planned for it, there will be tragic consequences. “We will continue to hide behind the idea of things being ‘unprecedented,’ mobilizing only at the point of crisis and using a ‘quick fix’ – when we could take steps now to build communities later ‘where every organism can thrive’ (Goldwyn) – and instead panic when the time comes and do things too quickly to put a sticking plaster over the cracks.”

Dr. Tang calls this “short sighted, ego-driven behavior.” And it’s not just going to affect the environment and our wellbeing, but life as a whole. “Is our lifestyle going to become as disposable as single-use plastics – because that’s what it looks like to me, and we all know what single-use plastics do!”

#26 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – More Than 60% Of The Population Do Not Have Plumbing. Instead Rely On Outhouse Toilets & Communal Wells For Fresh Water. Hardly Any Paved Roads With Stray Dogs Lurking Around

Image credits: Expensive-Team7416

#27 Alleyway In India

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#28 Address Be Like Left Testicle Dick No.7

Image credits: manbel13

#29 Driving To Huaguoyuan, Guiyang, China

Image credits: stillcantfrontlever

#30 Is It Considered An Urban Hell?

Image credits: yogurt_Pancake

#31 Penchala Interchange, Kuala Lumpur (Repost)

Image credits: FFoobar10

#32 Athens, Greece

Image credits: Zestyclose-Ad5603

#33 Mumbai (Bombay)

Image credits: Wrong_Truth_720

#34 This Is The Longest Traffic Jam Ever Recorded. The China National Highway 110 Was Clogged Up For 100 Kms For 10 Days

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Even The Ocean Can Be Hell

Image credits: yaboiBradyC

#36 Bangalore, South India

Image credits: xXCosmicChaosXx

#37 Pyongyang (North Korea) In 1992, Two Years Before A Famine That Killed Up To 15% Of The Country’s Population

Image credits: biwook

#38 Identical Single-Family Mcmansions

Image credits: cattapstaps

#39 Łódz, Poland

Image credits: EvilWhiteKitten

#40 Ice Hell

Image credits: midwestastronaut

#41 I Found This In My Camera Roll, I Think It Was From Brazil

Image credits: AlexxBoo_1

#42 Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1973

Image credits: roomofbruh

#43 Average Parking Space Outside Apartments In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Image credits: zoriglonzozo

#44 Bkk Building At Budapest

Image credits: drbombay0728

#45 Concrete Island, Hashima, Japan

Image credits: Tontoncarton

#46 Falowiec (“The Waveform”), The Longest Building In Europe. Gdańsk, Poland

Image credits: xxXERNOXxx

#47 It’s Just Infrastructure

Image credits: AkaGurGor

#48 Tong Lau, Hong Kong

Image credits: NastyLame

#49 Somewhere In North Korea

Image credits: bennydelgatto1

#50 Canary Wharf, London

Image credits: bourbonwelfare

#51 Someone Robbed The Building And Only Left The Facade

Image credits: AstronautWinter4694

#52 Hell

Image credits: random_word_sequence

#53 A Highway Bridge Across A Beach In Naha, Japan

Image credits: ExtensionWees

#54 Suburban Meets Nature

Image credits: DrFetusRN

#55 Beach Life In Karachi

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#56 American Cookie Cutter Suburb: Autocentric, Boring, Dystopian, Void Of Soul, Void Of Culture, Void Of Happiness

Image credits: GodlessSky

#57 Powai Hills Separating Rural And Urban Mumbai

Image credits: xbftw

#58 Cairo, Egypt – Wonderful City With Terrible Air Pollution

Image credits: mastah_D_Omina

#59 Impressive Engineering Footbridge

Image credits: -FaZe-

#60 Post Soviet Georgian Urban Hell

Image credits: Dapper_Possible_1578

#61 An Agricultural Field In Balashikha, Russia That Was Turned Into Housing Estate

Image credits: Mytishchi_Mapping

#62 Was Talking To My Wife About Bakersfield, Ca And Did A Google Image Search…holy Hell

Image credits: hansentj

#63 Three Socioeconomic Classes In The Philippines

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#64 Portland, Oregon

Image credits: I_D0nt_pay_taxes

#65 2814 Getting Louder

Image credits: TheSearsjeremy

#66 Took This From A Plane Over Dallas, Tx

Image credits: Rupid

#67 Being The Most Sparsely Populated Country In The World But Still Building Concrete Jungle Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Image credits: Large_Ad4123

#68 Coming Back Home In Uttar Pradesh

Image credits: andre_ange_marcel

#69 A Bunch Of Bollards Blocking A Shared Use Path In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Image credits: BadgercIops

#70 Light Pollution? What’s That?

Image credits: mamayellen69

#71 College Dormitory Of Vit, Vellore, India

Image credits: user_meme69

#72 ?

Image credits: Ducky118

#73 Ads To Sportive Bet Companies In Front Of A Highschool In Romania, Buvharest

Image credits: ghosty0310

#74 Close To Athens City Center

Image credits: VergilGR

#75 Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: No-Hat8038

#76 “Progress” Is Not Always A Good Thing

Image credits: ColterMarie

#77 Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: No-Hat8038

#78 I Really Wish This One Specific Bit Of Scaffolding Didn’t Have A Samsung Advert [barcelona, 2022]

Image credits: shalvar_kordi

#79 Belfast Northern Ireland Last Year

Image credits: Moredexcai

#80 Welcome To Post-Soviet Tbilisi

Image credits: lurjizgharbi

#81 The West Point Township In Monrovia, Liberia, One Of The Most Dangerous Place In The World

Image credits: reddit.com

#82 Clifton Beach, The Whole Shot

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#83 [chihuahua, Mexico] Help, It’s Spreading To Our Country (Is This Suburban Or Urban Hell, Or Rather Fuck Cars Material?)

Image credits: gabrieleremita

#84 Singapore

Image credits: biwook

#85 A Gas Station With 120 Pumps

Image credits: husendi

#86 Me Taking A Picture Of A Man Taking A Picture Of A Seagull Eating Garbage

Image credits: Mundane-Alfalfa-8979

#87 Metro Manila , Philippines (Btw The River Is Brown)

Image credits: AirHikaku_PH

#88 Falling Asleep, Bangladesh. A Large Number Of Homeless People In Dhaka, Bangladesh Have Lost Their Property Due To Natural Disasters. For Them, An Asphalt Street Is The Best They Can Hope For, Otherwise They Have To Sleep On Plastic Trash

Image credits: DeMinimisHominid

#89 “An Astonishing Architectural Triumph” Or “The Worst Building Of The Year.” 15 Clerkenwell Close, London Ec1

Image credits: LotteryOfDeath

#90 New York City During The Great Blizzard Of 1888

Image credits: aceraspire8920

#91 Rush Hour In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Image credits: niginger

#92 Cookie Cutter Apartment Living: Gwangju, South Korea

Image credits: teddiiursas

#93 Los Angeles By Plane. No End In Sight

Image credits: Embarrassed_Roof8165

#94 One Of Many “Slums” Or “Informal Areas” Of Cairo, Egypt

Image credits: Comfortable_Low_4317

#95 Alexandria Egypt

Image credits: hzm__ma

#96 Yangtze River In Chongqing, China, 2016

Image credits: Trick-Taro26

#97 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Where The 5th Largest Oil Refinery In America Is Right Behind The State Legislature And Downtown

Image credits: Songs4Roland

#98 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Image credits: mpcamposz

#99 Circle Jerk (Punta Gorda, FL)

Image credits: jackshort67

#100 New York City, US

Image credits: AlanRunner_ODamn

#101 Texas, Can You Not? Plano, Texas. Photo Credit David Hawkins

Image credits: _JP_63

#102 North Philly

Image credits: KillaCGD

#103 North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Image credits: Longjumping_Sea3578

#104 Do People Live Here?

Image credits: reddit.com

#105 Bike Lane In Clichy, North Of Paris

Image credits: Francis_Goodman

#106 Moscow, Russia In 2022

Image credits: madrid987

#107 The Downtown Connector In Atlanta During Rush Hour

Image credits: chriscooper01

#108 Holy Church Of Lidl

Image credits: Outside_Slide_3218

#109 The Sketchiest Hotel I Stayed In

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#110 Manila Philippines

Image credits: Azter1zk

#111 Dubai, Uae. 1985 vs. 2016

Image credits: torbatosecco

#112 So Many Broken Down Cables

Image credits: Urbanexploration2021

#113 The Sidewalk Where You Have To Walk Sideways, Philippines

Image credits: jenkosh

#114 Ahmedabad, Has The Potential Of Being The Biggest City You Never Heard Of

Image credits: longwaytotokyo

#115 Down In Ohio

Image credits: OCK-K

#116 Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: ExtensionWees

#117 How Could Anyone Ever Want To Live Here?

Image credits: taco_cravr

#118 Seoul Apartments

Image credits: TeamFailSafe

#119 Electric Post On A Road In The Philippines. Some Absurdity Looks Photoshopped

Image credits: phatapongacc

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