12 Hotel Safety Hacks For Solo Travelers, As Shared By This Flight Attendant

You know what they say, “traveling is food for the soul,” so most would probably agree that it’s an incredibly crucial part of our existence; you get to escape the repetitive, at times, dull lifestyle and experience something totally new.

Visiting places is not only about taking pictures and strolling around – it nourishes your life with new ideas and educates you about the people of our world. It allows you to break out of your comfort zone and take on new experiences you’ll gladly reminisce about later in life.

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However, before tackling your new adventure, whether you’re going somewhere far or having a nearby town weekend getaway – it’s essential to remember a couple of safety tricks that’ll guarantee you a peaceful stay.

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Personal security is one of the most crucial aspects of travelling abroad

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“Top hotel security tips from a flight attendant” – Cari Curri, a TikToker with nearly 30K followers, took it to the video hosting platform to share some hotel safety tips for fellow travelers. The woman made a two-part series; both went viral and received heaps of thankful comments.

Flight attendant shares 12 hotel security tricks in a viral two-parter

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Now, the accommodation that you choose for your travels will either make or break your entire trip; it’s important to choose a place that’ll offer you comfortable and satisfactory conditions where you’ll be able to rest after your long day of exploring.

A hotel room is usually among one of the most convenient options as, more often than not, it’s supplied with all the necessities that’ll make your getaway complete.

And although most hotels have taken numerous steps to ensure that the visitors have a safe stay, it doesn’t hurt to keep a couple of things in mind.

Always check your closet

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Put a piece of furniture in front of the adjoining door

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Don’t forget to secure your main door

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You can never be too safe, and while there is a lot of good that comes with international and local travel – being in a foreign place can make you an easy target for crime.

It’s understandable that safety is probably the last thing that’s bound to cloud your mind, especially if you’ve just arrived at your long-awaited vacation – however, it’s incredibly vital to stay alert.

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When you’re staying in a familiar place, perhaps traveling within your country, you know what to do in case of emergency, but when you catch yourself in trouble in an unfamiliar land, things might not work the same, so taking a couple of minutes to ensure your personal safety is truly in your best interest.

Put your suitcase in front of the door to avoid people messing with your security lock

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Keep the TV on with the volume up to let the people know that there’s someone in the room

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Make sure your phone works

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However, worry no more, as Cari has assembled a little list to help you stay protected in your hotel room.

The travel influencer suggested checking any adjoining rooms and making sure that they’re locked; she then recommended checking the closet and putting a piece of furniture in front of the adjoining door to make sure that no intruder enters.

Another tip is to secure your main door. The woman says that though it might seem like common knowledge, she entered a bunch of rooms that were already occupied because the privacy wasn’t on.

Cover your door’s peephole

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Don’t forget about your privacy sign

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Secure your lock with a washcloth

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The woman then suggested putting your suitcase in front of the door, so that no one will be able to open the security lock with a wire; keeping the TV on with the volume up and checking whether your phone works were also among the safety tips.

She also urges travelers to cover the peephole on their door if the cover is absent and to always put up a privacy sign outside.

More suggestions on how to keep yourself safe in a hotel room

Image credits: cici_inthesky

Image credits: cici_inthesky

You can watch the video here:

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TikToker clarified why one of her tips suggested putting the suitcase in front of the door

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