12 Pics Of Kids Who Are Already Over Those Zoom Calls

Technology is supposed to make distance learning easier during the pandemic, but sometimes it can be absolutely exhausting.

Parents are posting photos of their kids struggling to use Zoom during their virtual lessons. The expressions and their body language say it loud and clear—they’re over Zoom and just want everything to be over already. Bored Panda has collected the best such pics that embody the feeling of ‘Monday,’ so scroll down and upvote your fave ones.

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Remote learning is a challenge for everyone involved: the kids, their parents, as well as their teachers. And all of them have to adapt to the ‘new normal’ because not every kindergarten and school is holding classes in-person.

#1 My Kindergartner

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#2 43 Minutes Into 1st Day Of 2nd Grade Via Zoom

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#3 It Doesn’t Get Any Better Little One

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The Zoom videoconferencing app has seen huge growth during the coronavirus pandemic and exceeded all expectations. The BBC reports that its revenues soared 355 percent to a whopping 663.5 million dollars during the second quarter of 2020. Customer growth rocketed 458 percent and profits rose 186 million dollars compared to the same time a year before.

Even though the app is both useful and popular, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect or that we’re built to use it so much. So-called ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a relatively new phenomenon that parents and students alike are vulnerable to: constant video calls and a lack of physical interaction with people are mentally tiring.

“Zoom is one of the platforms we use to try and fill the communication void. [It is a] poor substitute for face-to-face communication,” Memorial Regional Healthcare System chief of the department of psychiatry Daniel Bober told Parents.com.

#4 Online School Meetings Can Be Frustrating

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#5 This Is How Our 5th Grader Is Coping With Monday Today. If Wearing A Plague Doctor Mask While Remote Learning Doesn’t Sum Up 2020 Schooling, I Don’t Know What Does

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#6 The Cat Loves To Show Herself During The Daughter’s Virtual Classes

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According to him, certain social cues are “out of sync” when using videoconferencing apps and we’re left feeling irritated and anxious.

The best way to fight ‘Zoom fatigue’ is to use it less often and to space out virtual lessons to give your kids time to rest in between them.

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Bober adds that telephone calls might possibly be a valid alternative to Zoom calls because people are less stressed when they don’t feel like they’re being “watched” or that they have to “perform.” With that in mind, switching off your kid’s camera might help them feel less tired.

#7 The Teacher Texted Me And Told Me To Wake Her Up

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#8 Class Better Be That Boring

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#9 2nd Day Of Virtual School

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#10 I Know The Feeling

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#11 2 Types Of Kids

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#12 Remote Learning Be Like

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