120 Hilarious Tweets By Women That Had People Cracking Up

The fight for gender equality doesn’t just include equal pay or equal civil liberties – it means knocking down old gendered stereotypes that exist in pop culture. A popular idea people can’t seem to let go? women aren’t as funny as men. Starting all the way back in 1695, playwright William Congreve stated in his treatise, Concerning Humor in Comedy, “I must confess I have never made an Observation of what I Apprehend to be true Humour in Women.”

Now here we are in 2019 and this mentality hasn’t changed. However, with the advent of the internet women have another platform other than t.v and comedy clubs to show off their comedic chops and it is a blessing. On the list below is another hilarious collection of tweets from women that prove once again women are just as funny as men – who knows maybe funnier. Scroll down below to upvote your favs!

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