120 Interesting Photos Of Freezing Winter That Show What True Cold Looks Like

The Starks are always right, eventually—winter is coming, and would you look at that, it’s already here in our yards. And it doesn’t feel like leaving. There’s a blizzard raging outside our windows, we’ve got our favorite ugly sweaters on, and we’d gladly exchange our radiators for roaring fireplaces.

Our team here at Bored Panda wanted to share our love for snow and ice wonderlands, so we’ve compiled this list of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping, and outright inspiring winter photos. Mother Nature is far more powerful than we give her credit for.

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Don’t forget to put on your gloves, hats, and scarves, dear Pandas, the photos are so powerful, you can almost feel the cold through your screens. We’ve also packed you some hot tea in a thermos because the weather outside is truly frightful. So go on, scroll down and have some fun in the snow. Remember to upvote your fave photos and tell us all about the coldest winter you’ve ever experienced in the comments.

Also, read on for Bored Panda’s interview with photographer Dominic Sberna who told us about working in the cold and staying warm if you’re out in the snow for hours and hours at a time.

#1 Freeze. Defrost. Refreeze. Thaw. Freeze Creates An Ice Hummingbird

Image credits: little_totoro

#2 Due To The Low Temperature, Lake Michigan Shattered Into Countless Pieces Of Ice

Image credits: bissell2300

#3 Frost Pattern On A Car This Morning

Image credits: CalTech0003

Photographer Dominic shared with Bored Panda how professionals and amateurs alike should prepare before venturing out to take photos in the cold.

“When going out in any inclement weather, it’s extremely important to dress appropriately for the conditions. Make sure you’ve got a good pair of gloves to go along with a nice coat. You want to be able to feel your hands, at least a little bit while photographing the winter scenes before you,” he told us.

#4 The Way My Windscreen Froze

Image credits: Liamers

#5 Forget About The Arctic Cold And Surf The Lake They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said

Image credits: YonomellamoJavier

#6 This Is Canada. Saw This While Skiing. It Was A Little Cold

Image credits: fpshadow26

“I’m not good about going out in it myself, but once I’m out there, so long as I’m properly dressed for it, you’d be hard-pressed to get me out of the snow. Dress warm! That’s the best advice I can give. If you have too many layers on, you can always take a layer of clothing off. It’s better to over-prepare than under-prepare in these situations,” Dominic pointed out that it’s best to put in a bit more effort when getting dressed before heading out. We’re talking about our health, after all.

The photographer also shared a few insights about the relationship between snow and lighting. “It really depends on what you’re dealing with as far as lighting is concerned. If it’s a typical bleak and overcast winter day, you’re going to have nice soft shadows,” he told Bored Panda.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#7 Freezing Temperatures Create The Perfect Environment For Free-Falling Water To Form A Massive “Ice Crater” At The Bottom Of The Falls

Helmcken Falls, British Columbia, Canada.

Image credits: mounntaingoat

#8 Endless Snow-Covered Forest In Finland

Image credits: mrvxv

#9 When Wind Meets Freezing Rain

Image credits: shaniho

“Now if it is a sunny day with a lot of snow, you’re going to have high contrasts and harsh shadows. No matter what the weather is, photographing under an overcast sky is always going to be less of a challenge than in direct sunlight,” the photographer explained.

Though there are some places on Planet Earth like Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tuvalu that have never seen snow (and likely won’t see it any time soon), the vast majority of countries have gotten snowfall at one time or another. Even hot countries like Egypt see snow from time to time!

#10 It’s Been So Cold, I Snapped My Welcome Mat

Image credits: garthanthimum

#11 Came Out Of Work To This Interesting Ice Formation On My Car

Image credits: IFaffy

#12 Driving Through Freezing Rain Turned My Wheels Into Something From Mad Max

Image credits: w1122334455

The general rule is that the closer you move towards the equator, the less likely you are to see any of that wonderful thing we call snow. Places with mountains, however, can have snowy peaks, as the high altitudes make for a far better home for ice and snow than the warmth down below.

Some of the chilliest places on our planet include the Eastern Antarctic Plateau which holds the title of the coldest location on Earth at -94 degrees C (that’s -137.2 degrees F!). However, some researchers actually believe that the temperature there might even go lower because of how dry the air is there.

#13 Snow Covered Net Roof Of The Aviary In The Zoo

Image credits: Littlemeggie

#14 This Just In: Newfoundland Changes Name To “Newlostland” Following Winter Apocalypse

Image credits: DefinitleyNot203Eels

#15 Cars After Freezing Rain In Vladivostok, Russia

Image credits: vesti_news

Standing in second place is the Vostok Station in Antarctica. The temperature there was noted to have dropped down to -89.2 degrees C (-128.56 degrees F).

In third place, not far behind, is the Amundsen-Scott Station in the South Pole, built way back in 1956. The lowest temperature recorded there was -82.8 degrees C (-117.04 degrees F) in 1983. However, don’t think that it stays that cold all year round. In fact, in 2011, the temperature rose to -12.3 degrees C (9.86 degrees F). That’s practically summer!

Of course, all of this pales in comparison to the coldness of space. Once you leave the coziness and warmth of our atmosphere, you can enjoy the company of absolute zero which is -273.15 degrees C (-459.67 degrees F).

#16 It Warmed To 26 F And The Pajamas Are Melting Matrix-Style

Image credits: TheTonz

#17 Beautiful But Weirdly Creepy Icicles Grew On My House This Winter

Image credits: Icthus888

#18 Cat Standing In Barn Underneath Curved Icicles

When it comes to the smallest particles that make up snow, the snowflakes themselves, researchers are still unraveling their mysteries. One thing that we were stunned to learn was the shape of snowflakes changes depending on how cold it gets and what the humidity is.

For instance, at certain temperature points, the snowflakes we know and love can actually start looking like columns.

#19 Ice Coming Out Of This Hole In A Hand Railing

Image credits: Wanderlustcanadian

#20 Dutch Firefighter After Dousing A Fire In Freezing Conditions

Image credits: japie06

#21 So Y’all Like Pics Of Poorly Insulated Houses, Eh?

Image credits: dinogest

It’s true that no two snowflakes are alike and we think this definitely proves the involvement of magic on some level when it comes to physics (you should expect your letter to go to Hogwarts any day now).

Snowflakes develop as they move through the air, so each one’s ‘evolution’ is entirely unique. That’s because you can’t replicate the exact same humidity and vapor conditions in every tiny area of the sky. So let’s extend this even further: it’s not just every snowflake that’s unique, it’s absolutely each and every pile of snow and blizzard. From the tiny to the vast. You might not see it in the photos, but the fact is always there.

#22 This Floating Ice Shelf After The Water Level Drops

Image credits: MonsterJuiced

#23 This Christmas Bush Under A Smooth Blanket Of Snow

Image credits: Jah_213

#24 How The Water Froze On My Window

Image credits: Mangopod

#25 The Way The Mud Froze On My Truck Looks Like A Painting Of The Forrest

Image credits: The-devils-usb

#26 This Spiky Ice That Formed On A Fence By My House

Image credits: Nvermind08

#27 This Tree Collapsed In A Very Strange Way From The Weight Of The Snow

Image credits: pluey200

#28 Guy Parks On The Stripes Thinking He Can Avoid The Freezing Rain Only To Be Under A Leaky Pipe

Image credits: tnick771

#29 Stoplights In Lake Tahoe Filled With Snow Due To A Design Of Not Having The Bottom Cut Out To Prevent Snow Accumulation

It’s a world-class ski area, snow should be a key factor in all design decisions.

Image credits: Worst_Username_Evar

#30 Freezing Fog (Hoar Frost) On Top Of A Wind Turbine

Image credits: Docta-Toboggan

#31 My Dad Throwing Boiling Water In The Air On A Very Cold Day

Image credits: up_a_random_tree

#32 What Happens When The Water Is Not Turned Off In A Non Winterized House. 5ft Frozen Solid

Image credits: dguisltl

#33 When The Road Wants To Kill You

Image credits: Marko_90

#34 How The Water Froze On The Lake By My House

Image credits: BigDaddyDench

#35 Draining Water Froze Around A Chain Creating A Cool Icicle

Image credits: andeedangerously

#36 This Fountain That Was Left Running During Really Cold Weather And Froze

Image credits: Animaloona

#37 Frozen Flower I Found In Austin During The Texas Winter Storm

Image credits: Syllabub-Temporary

#38 River Levels Fall, Lapping Ripples Kiss Ice Cold, Missouri Driftwood

Image credits: brownduck84

#39 Mighty Crown Of Ice Formed In My Bucket Of Rainwater

Image credits: Niikuro

#40 This Is What Finnish Winter Looks Like When It Wants To Hurt People

Image credits: rontti313

#41 The Way The Drizzle Froze To The Chicken Wire

Image credits: Serpent86

#42 So Cold The Grill Froze To The Ground

Image credits: nvthis3

#43 This Axe Left On Top Of A Frozen Creek, Now An Inch Under Ice

Image credits: Viojezajanu

#44 The Way This Ice Froze

Image credits: Burtonium

#45 Anthropomorphic Icicle Hanging From My Eave This Morning

Image credits: Fritzout

#46 Even Victoria Gets Cold Enough To Be A Part Of Canada

Image credits: mcg42ray

#47 With All These Worrying News Coming, I Wanted To Share This Peaceful And Beautiful Memory From Yakutsk, In Siberia, Known As The Coldest City On Earth (-40C That Day)

Image credits: williamodaniels

#48 It Is Crazy Cold In Sweden, Småland Now. On My Way To Our “Summer” Cabin

Image credits: Barely-Dazed

#49 The Pattern The Ice Left On My Grill

Image credits: RSL1234567

#50 When You Wake Up To 40″ – 44″ Of Snow In One Night

Image credits: ledgendary

#51 Neighbor Left Lawn Sprinkler On During A Freeze Leaving A Satisfying Ice Sculpture In The Front Yard, How Beautiful And Festive For The Holidays

Image credits: ispaydeu

#52 Water Froze In My Fire-Pit Cover And Made This Wreath

Image credits: ohmygoditsdip

#53 Literally The Bus I Was In (-67 Degrees Freedom Units)

Image credits: ElectronPie171

#54 Icy Field Near Oberammergau, Germany

Image credits: silentdragon95

#55 Freezing Rain In Canada Gave My Car A Second Set Of Windows

Image credits: stfx2012

#56 Freezing Fog Frost On These Pine Needles This Morning

Image credits: kswan00

#57 It Was So Cold Last Night My Lava Lamp Froze

Image credits: Available-Mix-8399

#58 The Way This Water Froze In My Field

Image credits: BigManCoulson

#59 Spaghetti Tundra

Image credits: Diagonalizer

#60 It’s A Dog’s Life Out There

Image credits: Asmodeane

#61 I Just Wanted To Open The Passenger Door

Image credits: MrShatanas

#62 I Live In Central Alberta, It Got Down To Roughly -45°C Tonight. Woke Up To Frost In The Corner Of My Bedroom

Image credits: Delphox4000

#63 Starting To Get Chilly In Wisconsin

Image credits: sunflower53069

#64 My Car Doesn’t Start When It’s Below -30F, It’s Been That Cold For Days, And I Don’t Have Running Water. I’m Finally Getting Desperate Enough To Melt Snow For A Bath

Image credits: kinoko_noyama

#65 The Way This Pond Froze

Image credits: hajh8

#66 The Branch-Like Pattern The Ice Froze On The Roof Of This Car

Image credits: MorganFreemansMole

#67 This Tree On My Way To Work Freezes Every Time Someone Splashes It As They Drive Through The Puddle

Image credits: bigglett

#68 It Rained In Freezing Weather Last Night Before My Night Shift

Image credits: YupImGod

#69 The Water From The Roof Freezing On This Bush

Image credits: az1mo

#70 In Michigan We’ve Been Having A Snow-Freeze-Snow Cycle. You Can See The Layers

Image credits: Nrf2

#71 It Snowed Two Feet Overnight And This Unlucky Neighbour’s Car In The Underground Parking Lot Is Next To A Large Grate

Image credits: lalalindz22

#72 A Can Of Sealant In Cold Winter Weather Sprayed Some Of Its Contents Which Immediately Froze In Place

Image credits: boringnerdygirl

#73 So Cold Water Still Freezes At High Pressure

Image credits: plolops

#74 So Cold Outside The Inside Of All Of My Windowpanes Are Completely Frosted Over

Image credits: Unique_the_Vision

#75 Yeah So It’s Cold Where I Live

Image credits: Deepwoondz

#76 Electric Vehicles’ Charger Drama

Image credits: shanebarkley

#77 My Living Room Has Had A Slight Freezing Cold Draft All Winter. Looks Like I Found It

Image credits: mobius153

#78 In Winter, People At My University Take Children’s Clothing Items, Dip Them In Water And Hold Them In Place Until They Freeze Like This All Over Campus

Image credits: dashingtoast

#79 Gas Pump In Minnesota

Image credits: usmcbenson

#80 Freezing My Royal Nay Nays Off

Image credits: jdacheifs0

#81 This Is What Happens When You Leave A Case Of Pop In The Truck Of Your Car When The Overnight Temp Is -32°C

Image credits: ImFloatingOnTapestry

#82 Good Thing I Was Wearing My Winter Coat Last Night. It Was A Little Brisk

Image credits: rhodesman

#83 Have A Nice Day

Image credits: sopadebombillas

#84 Mom, I’m Not Going To School Today

Image credits: Den_Muller

#85 How The Water Froze In My Gutter Spout And Formed An Ice Dragon

Image credits: Rizzo360

#86 My Pillow Froze Against My Window In Texas

Image credits: WienerBarf

#87 The Way Water Froze On This Table

Image credits: mjy5061

#88 This Mailbox After A Few Hours Of Freezing Rain

Image credits: Ryan_for_you

#89 So Cold Outside My Doorknob Frosted

Image credits: TheBaronVonTito52

#90 First Snow Of The Season

Image credits: gray_sweatpants

#91 The Way This Water Froze To The Fence

Image credits: Linty_Basket

#92 My Pond Froze With A Design Resembling Neurons

Image credits: saintnicklaus90

#93 The Car Froze Overnight And This Is What Happened To The Back, Not Exactly Related To DMT But Shows That Patterns Are Everywhere In Nature

Image credits: Attack_Apache

#94 Inside The Vestibule, At Work, The Doors Are A Little Cold

Image credits: Mitchxhell

#95 It’s -43C Feels Like -51C Outside Where I Live

Image credits: Jimbrutan

#96 Can Anyone Explain How This Ice Is Formed On Our Car Windscreen? The Weather Was Raining Then Froze Quickly But Only To Around -1C

Image credits: theroch_

#97 Cold Temps And Clear Skies In The Interior Of BC, Canada

Image credits: TheEqualizer37

#98 It’s Been A Snow Globe The Last Week, Colorado

Image credits: itsaberglund

#99 A Frosted Finnish Lapphund

Image credits: oskQu

#100 This Thin Snow Layer Folded Itself In To A Roll On A Windshield

Image credits: Stenagriz

#101 The Way These Icicles Grew Sideways

Image credits: Praetori4n

#102 The Way Water Started Freezing In My Backyard

Image credits: Deuuis

#103 Snow Collected On Top Of My Kids’ Basketball Hoop. Utah 12.15.2021

Image credits: johnny127912

#104 Scariest Sight For Folks Up North

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#105 Just November In Canada

Image credits: exclamationmarksonly

#106 Hungary, Veszprém

Image credits: Pixelhero68

#107 Ice Bench In Tampere

Image credits: Separate-Audience658

#108 Water Froze In Our Kiddy Pool And Now We Have A Giant Eggo

Image credits: areYOUsirius_

#109 The Footprints On The Sidewalk Outside My House Froze

Image credits: ObjectiveAgent

#110 Now That It Is Freezing In Belgium, Our Water Fountain Makes An Ice Tower

Image credits: SunnySonicc

#111 The Cold Slowly Creeping In Through This Poorly Insulated Door

Image credits: oddbehreif

#112 A Pic I Took Many Years Ago In My Hometown, The Temperature Was -45

Image credits: vexearu

#113 This Ice Is Absolutely Shameful. What Is The Municipality Even Doing? It’s Been Days Since The Freezing Rain

Image credits: FatGecko5

#114 Minnesota Is A Cold Place To Take Your Dog For A Quick Walk

Image credits: Joeyfingis

#115 A Sign I Should Stay Inside

Image credits: savemejebus0

#116 Windchill Is -21 & Kids Just Egged Our House. Froze Instantly

Image credits: gloworm8675309

#117 After Taking The Dog For A Walk

Image credits: Forrestape

#118 The Usual Level Of Snow In Winter On The Road In Chukotka, Russia

Image credits: Proper-Sock4721

#119 -26 Degrees Celsius Feeling Like -33 Degrees In Downtown Yellowknife

Image credits: ty_perry_much

#120 7th Of December 2021

Image credits: Jax-Light

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