120 Photos Of ‘Tiny Units’ To Melt Your Heart

Winter’s coming, and it can’t be helped that some of us are feeling a tad blue. We want nothing more than to wrap ourselves in a warm blanket with a steaming mug of hot cocoa, our beloved pets by our side, and a cozy movie marathon on the TV. Alas! We’ve got grown-up responsibilities like work, studying, and worrying about the future to do. It’s enough to make anyone feel demotivated!

Fortunately for all of us, the internet is here to poke a few holes in those dreary gray clouds and let some sunshine into our lives. There’s nothing like taking a good long break and looking at photos of cute animals to warm our hearts. That’s where the wholesome r/TinyUnits online community comes in. The niche subreddit has been making people’s day better since the spring of 2019, posting photos of ‘tiny units,’ aka smol animals. They’re the exact opposite of ‘absolute units,’ but they take up just as much space in our hearts!

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Scroll down for some of the cutest photos of these adorable tiny animals and remember to give them an upvote if you think you’d like to pet ‘em. We hope this list will chase away those pesky autumn blues and melt your hearts, Pandas. Let us know in the comments if we’ve succeeded!

Bored Panda reached out to the moderator team at r/TinyUnits and my first impressions of the community weren’t wrong: they’re as friendly as they seemed from the first glance. Redditor u/hwhouston517, the current head moderator, was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the subreddit, the cuteness factor, and how subjective things can get when considering whether or not something is, in fact, a tiny unit.

“I’ve only been here for about a year, using the ‘Reddit Request’ feature because the previous mods were inactive, transferring the ownership of the subreddit to me,” the moderator told Bored Panda how they came to head the entire tiny operation. “Throughout the years, the subreddit has remained pretty simple and of only one objective: posts animals or objects that are very tiny.” Simplicity at its best? I like to think so! The redditor stressed the fact that the subreddit is “extremely fun to mod” and being the head mod has been a “fun experience.”

#1 Confident Tiny Bird Unit

Image credits: LadyAdiee

The head moderator, u/hwhouston517, went into detail with Bored Panda about where the line lies between something that is a tiny unit and where it’s no longer one. There’s a lot of subjectivity involved, however, we really shouldn’t overthink things too much. It’s simply best to sit back, relax, and enjoy the overwhelming adorableness of the units.

“The beauty about this subreddit is that the concept of a ‘tiny unit’ is entirely subjective, meaning there are less complaints, fewer posts to moderate, and altogether more posts in general. Personally, I would define a ‘tiny unit’ not by total height, width or length, but by scale. My opinion is that an animal or object has to be at least 3 times as small as the average size of the animal or object in order to count,” the head moderator went into detail about what they personally view as animals and things worthy of the label.

“For example, a Labrador Retriever cannot be posted here, but a Chihuahua can, since it’s probably three times smaller than the average size of a dog. The scale factor works in much larger animals, too. Fully grown elephants obviously aren’t tiny units, but baby elephants, which are still much bigger than other animals, count as tiny units as well.”

#2 Baby Deer Meets Baby Human

Image credits: bobekyrant

#3 Chonky Boi Fell Asleep On The Wheel

Image credits: chrisrobles

The head moderator reiterated that a lot of people enjoy r/TinyUnits because of the cuteness factor. As human beings, we tend to enjoy and admire looking at tiny animals because we can comprehend them in their entirety. From our point of view, they’re less threatening, meaning we tend to see them as cute. “The more cute or attractive something is, the more dopamine our brain releases and therefore it makes us more happy,” the mod said.

Psychologists Gary Sherman and Jonathan Haidt propose that small and cute things trigger a protective impulse in us. However, that’s not all. Seeing cute things and animals also brings out a childlike response in us. We have an impulse to engage with adorable, tiny things because we find it fun.

We also feel a deep sense of satisfaction that we’re capable of taking care of vulnerable creatures who might be incapable of looking out for themselves. So it’s no wonder that tiny units win over our hearts and our souls, leaving no place for sadness.

#4 This Tiny Lil Unit Is One Hour Old

Image credits: mlemu

#5 Seal Accidentally Scares Baby Polar Bear

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Image credits: chrisrobles

#6 Hippo Tiny Unit [condition: New]

Image credits: 123bpd

The moderators of r/TinyUnits describe the subreddit as “a chilled out place” that’s all about sharing photos and videos of teeny tiny animals, insects, and even “random objects.”

“You seen a cool tiny unit in the wild whether it be an animal or object? Then this is the place to share it!” they share.

The subreddit is pretty rules-light. You simply have to be a decent human being and the content you post has to include tiny units that you think are totally awesome. It’s as clear and focused as it gets on the internet, folks.

#7 Sad Unit

Image credits: tyboarder

#8 Adopt Me

Image credits: jasontaken

#9 Defiant Beef Unit

Image credits: sexykettlecorn

According to Know Your Meme, the term ‘absolute unit’ came into existence in late 2017 when someone uploaded a photo of British hotelier David Morgan-Hewitt alongside the Queen of England on Twitter. They captioned the photo, “In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit,” and the meme spread from there.

Over time, people began referring to anyone and anything that seems larger than life as absolute units. Our guess is that, eventually, the r/TinyUnits team decided to go for the exact opposite while keeping the term ‘unit’ as part of the community’s name.

#10 Couple Of Tiny Birds Snuggling Next To Each Other After Rain

Image credits: SpearofTrium05

#11 Baby Warthog

Image credits: chrisrobles

#12 A Baby Goat Standing On A Capybara

Image credits: chrisrobles

While there are plenty of tiny units to be found in our homes, odds are that you’ll come across quite a few of them outside and in nature, too. Back in September, I’d spoken about protecting critters that we find in the wild with a member of the British charity-run advice website, ‘Help Wildlife.’

According to the representative, when we’re out in nature, we have to learn to be careful so we don’t disturb any tiny creatures. “To avoid disturbing small animals when in nature, it’s best to stick to established pathways where possible. If you see a nest or other animal habitat then only observe from a distance, never try to touch or interfere. If you have a dog friend walking with you, make sure they’re kept under control and they’re not allowed to disturb or harm wildlife,” Sarah told Bored Panda.

#13 Blessed Baby Possum

Image credits: LuciferrLu

#14 One Of The Earliest Uses Of Animal Therapy. Baby Ducks Cheering Up A Little Girl Undergoing Respiratory Therapy For Polio In 1956

Image credits: chrisrobles

#15 Nvm Lions Dis Da Real King Of The Conkgle

Image credits: reddit.com

What’s more, traffic on roads also has “a very big impact” on wildlife. It affects animals of all sizes, small and large. “As well as the obvious accidents, roads also divide and reduce their natural territories,” Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife’ said.

“Some forward-thinking countries create wildlife crossings when building new roads these days which can be helpful. Otherwise, the best way to prevent the loss of life is to drive carefully, especially in areas with lots of wildlife or where there is undergrowth at the side of the road which animals may dart out from. If an animal comes into contact with your car then always stop and check on them and try to find them help.”

#16 Awww

Image credits: jasontaken

#17 Beware Of Attack Dog

Image credits: jasontaken

#18 Bun

Image credits: reddit.com

Meanwhile, if we find ourselves overwhelmed with an animal’s cuteness out in the wild, we have to remember that we can’t let them become overly dependent on human beings for things like food, shelter, and attention.

‘Help Wildlife’ told Bored Panda that we shouldn’t overfeed animals, no matter if they’re small or large. 

“Make sure it’s something healthy, don’t feed so much that they become dependent on people, always keeping in mind you won’t be the only ones feeding them, and don’t let them associate people with food. It’s best for their survival that they remain independent and don’t start approaching people for food.”

#19 Grumpy Unit

Image credits: fismer

#20 Baby Seal Getting A Checkup

Image credits: chrisrobles

#21 Baby Capybara

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#22 Teeny Succulents!

Image credits: Poisongrape

#23 My Heart Goes Out To All The Animals In Australia, Like This Baby Koala

Image credits: chrisrobles

#24 Lil Mustache!

Image credits: likeasexyboss

#25 This Tiny Lion Cub With His Dad

Image credits: FormerFruit

#26 Guardian Tiny Unit

Image credits: -thelastburrito

#27 Awww Lawd He Struttin’

Image credits: sexykettlecorn

#28 A Rescued Baby Sloth Happy To Be Safe

Image credits: reddit

#29 A Baby Tank Puppy Was Born At The Miami Zoo

Image credits: chrisrobles

#30 Looks So Comfy!

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 I Need The Teenie-Tiny Police, Nao Plz

Image credits: neurogenocide

#32 Getting Into Bed Is Not Easy

Image credits: eklarka

#33 Tiny Hawk

Image credits: Bob_Janke

#34 Baby Hedgehog

Image credits: chrisrobles

#35 5 Shades Of Buns

Image credits: swat_08

#36 The Holy Kitten

Image credits: jasontaken

#37 Tiny Kitten Adores Its Hooman

Image credits: chrisrobles

#38 Riggins Is A Tiny Unit

Image credits: PastCall

#39 Tiny Units First Bath

Image credits: unCenteredFrame

#40 Awww

Image credits: jasontaken

#41 Just Some Donkeys

Image credits: Tronkfool

#42 Illegally Smol Driver

Image credits: jasontaken

#43 Smol

Image credits: chrisrobles

#44 Awww

Image credits: jasontaken

#45 Baby Marble Fox

Image credits: chrisrobles

#46 One Dashingly Handsome Crab

Image credits: fujfuj

#47 Pipsqueak On My Thumb (And I Have Pretty Small Hands)

Image credits: GenimD

#48 Nature’s Softest Round Boy

Image credits: thou_art_a_saucy_boy

#49 Tiny Donkey

Image credits: TooManyBalloooons

#50 Incognito Kitten

Image credits: jasontaken

#51 Awww

Image credits: jasontaken

#52 Dad’s New Beefy Lil Unit! Little Sister Named Her “Apple Pie”

Image credits: ttw06

#53 Sup ?

Image credits: jasontaken

#54 Illegaly Smol Frog

Image credits: Coded_TNT

#55 Tiny Fluff

Image credits: im_not_zelda

#56 Having The Time Of His Little Life. Enjoy Big Things In Short Life

Image credits: BHeiny91

#57 My Husband Found A Tiny Scorpion

Image credits: brennachill

#58 Omg She Is So Cute Tiny

Image credits: touchfeel

#59 Mouse Babies

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#60 Tiny Cone Doin An Important Job

Image credits: Bait_Za_Dusto

#61 Teeny Dragon

Image credits: everryn

#62 Does A Cute Sleeping Bee Count For This Community?

Image credits: Tronkfool

#63 A Bee Hummingbird, The World’s Smallest Bird!

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#64 Le Blue Tailed Skink

Image credits: CptnToolwRench100

#65 He Is Making A Disturbance

Image credits: melodic_squash

#66 Tiny Spiky Units

Image credits: AlyLeila

#67 Saw This Shy Tiny Unit The Other Day

Image credits: Massive-ballshack

#68 This Tiny Aardwolf Unit

Image credits: Bloodtruffle

#69 He’s Small But Also At The Same Time Very Big

Image credits: gottlieber

#70 Tiny Units Surrounding Another Tiny Unit

Image credits: Mrestemayer18

#71 If I Fits I Sits

Image credits: jasontaken

#72 Smol Cow Unit

Image credits: LottimusMaximus

#73 The Baby Chinchilla

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#74 Rescued Baby Deer Is Just Six Inches Tall And, At 500 Grams, Weighed Little More Than A Bag Of Sugar

Image credits: thou_art_a_saucy_boy

#75 Momma Quokka Proud Of Her Baby

Image credits: chrisrobles

#76 Absolute Chonker

Image credits: lagomorphduchess

#77 My Two Favorite Dogs

Image credits: IreneRWarwick

#78 A Baby Goblin Enjoying Their Human’s Warmth

Image credits: thou_art_a_saucy_boy

#79 Is It Just Me Or Is This Little Tiny Bag From IKEA Really Cute?

Image credits: PaulaBogota

#80 Dwarf Hamster!

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#81 A Very Polite Bee

Image credits: thou_art_a_saucy_boy

#82 Andy The Hamster Wearing A Poncho

Image credits: bheighkeigh

#83 This Is Penelope And Her Hobbies Include: Sleeping, Napping, And Resting

Image credits: bheighkeigh

#84 The Fluffiest Passenger Ever

Image credits: chrisrobles

#85 This Tiny Unit Of A Dog I Found In My Camera Roll From 2016

Image credits: HoRnet_31

#86 Tiny Monching Unit

Image credits: LadyAdiee

#87 Tiny Unit Of An Axolotl

Image credits: ifdisdendat

#88 Little Kitten Walk

Image credits: Summerttiimmer

#89 Not My Picture. Cute Lil Two Gram Boi

Image credits: beelzebailey

#90 Teeny Tiny Tamandua

Image credits: 10ccazz01

#91 Help Him Travel!

Image credits: cactusdaddy

#92 Yawn

Image credits: RebekhaG

#93 Baby Seal Really Enjoys Their Shower Time

Image credits: chrisrobles

#94 Tiny Angry Unit

Image credits: crisgoe

#95 Feeling Relax

Image credits: AutomaticShip7

#96 K9 Unit

Image credits: Thryloz

#97 Meet My Friends Turtle, Squirt

Image credits: Ieatassonthe1stdate1

#98 Baby Ashy Gecko Found In The Florida Keys

Image credits: tmansen

#99 Tiny Sluggo Explorer Unit

Image credits: frog_bomb

#100 This Small Pupper

Image credits: friendly-antagonist

#101 All Da Puppies

Image credits: jasontaken

#102 A Tiny Snake Giving Finger Hugs

Image credits: chrisrobles

#103 Sauce Froggo

Image credits: Kim-Jong-Long-Dong

#104 Oh Lawd He Comin

Image credits: GreedyJicama

#105 Press F For This Deformed Dog

Image credits: Nothro_

#106 This Train Car

Image credits: Tronkfool

#107 Baby Bowser Was In A River And Being Swept Out To Sea. Safely Relocated Him/Her To A Freshwater Pond

Image credits: jeffgolenski

#108 Paperclip For Scale

Image credits: bheighkeigh

#109 The Smallest Snek I’ve Ever Found In The Wild

Image credits: katbeautie

#110 Our New Couch Makes Our Smol Chihuahua Look Like A Tiny Unit

Image credits: Cheesydrycakestuff

#111 Double Headed Turtle

Image credits: touchfeel

#112 Happy Friday The 13th From My Tiny Menacing Turtle!

Image credits: zhmo

#113 Puppy We Bought My Dad. Fairy Liquid For Reference !

Image credits: mxrmaidtits

#114 Baby Spike

Image credits: chrisrobles

#115 Tiny Unit In My Hand

Image credits: German_Average

#116 Small Rat Unit Guards Mushroom

Image credits: anicholas22

#117 Alfie And Ricky

Image credits: sk038

#118 One Of Joys Of Living In The Tropics Is Your Yard Is Inevitably Full Of Tiny Units

Image credits: SciNZ

#119 S M O L Danger Noodle

Image credits: CatVonTea

#120 Found These Wild Tiny Units Crawling On My Wall!

Image credits: Unforjhinate

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