120 Pics Of Huge Things That Strike Fear In People Just Because Of Their Size, As Shared On “Megalophobia” (New Pics)

From nomophobia, an irrational fear of being without a mobile phone, to xanthophobia, a fear of the color yellow, countless phobias exist out there. Now this time, we’re delving into the mind of megalophobes, people who are in fear of anything large, like skyscrapers and jumbo jets.

In fact, there’s a whole corner of Reddit dedicated to sharing examples of this phobia known as megalophobia. “A place to post images of all things large, particularly ones that are ‘triggers’ for those with megalophobia,” the group’s description states.

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Below we rolled up some of the most interesting examples shared on the group, so scroll down. Also, when you’re done reading this one, make sure to check out part 1 of the article.

#1 The Tallest Tree In Wales Got Damaged By A Storm And Was Supposed To Be Cut Down, Instead Chainsaw Artist Simon O’rourke Found A Better Solution To Symbolize The Tree’s Last Attempt To Reach The Sky

Image credits: 4reddityo

#2 Angel Oak, The Oldest Tree East Of The Mississippi

Image credits: -Rookie-Mistake-

#3 A Minnesota Woman Recently Captured A Cloud Formation That Appeared To Look Like An Ocean In The Sky

Image credits: renny_g

#4 Just Something About This Being Able To Float Is Stressing Me Out Somehow

Image credits: ___jeffrey___

#5 Oil Rig Platform Being Towed Into The Sea. The Platform Itself Is Dwarfing The Luxurious Hotel On The Left

Image credits: redditor-1992

#6 Toy Story Room Size

Image credits: According_South_2500

#7 An Iceberg Underwater

Image credits: o0Otaca0o

#8 Worlds Without End

Image credits: je-m-en-fiche

#9 Ukrainian Helicopter Flying With Freeway Traffic To Avoid Russian Radar

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Image credits: YoVoldysGoneMoldy

#10 Pyramids On The Horizon

Image credits: RecentQuiet5262

#11 A Giant Statue Of Chinese Warrior Hero Guan Yu

Image credits: telcsiziksg

#12 Statue Of Unity In India. The Biggest Statue In The World At Present

Image credits: QuantumChemistryNerd

#13 Temples In Thailand

Image credits: Vesane

#14 40 Feet Of Snow, North Dakota (1966)

Image credits: TangibleMalice

#15 A Towering Thunderstorm As Seen At 37000ft Over Panama

Image credits: Roflmaoasap

#16 The True Size Of The Easter Island “Heads”

Image credits: IllSherbet1671

#17 The Vastness Of Fishermen’s Nets

Image credits: worldiscubik

#18 Point Nemo, The Spot Farthest Away From Any Land In The World, Where You Are Closer To Astronauts Aboard The Iss Than Humanity

Image credits: MadMadBunny

#19 The Typhoon Is A Class Of Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarines Built By The Soviet Union. With A Submerged Displacement Of 48,000 Tonnes, The Typhoons Are The Largest Submarines Ever Built

Image credits: snellslampa

#20 Quetzalcoatlus, As Tall As A Giraffe, The Largest Known Flying Animal In History. Imagine This Flying Towards You

Image credits: revenger_v

#21 150 Meter Aluminum Sea Serpent Skeleton Sculpture In Saint Brevin Near Nantes

Image credits: chr15c

#22 Lakewood Church In Texas Capacity 45,000 People. Is This Really Necessary?

Image credits: maryhartman000

#23 Ponte City Apartments In Johannesburg, South Africa. The Tallest Residential Building On The African Continent

Image credits: coleisional

#24 Recently Got A 17 Hour Ferry And Looking Out Into Nothing At 3am Was Terrifying

Image credits: Rad_Sh1ba

#25 Just A Spiral Staircase

Image credits: pertilee

#26 Each Frame Of Interstellar’s Black Hole Took Over 100 Hours To Render

Image credits: BlowHenk

#27 I Hate Hot Air Balloons In General, But These?? With Faces?? Looking At Me?? Absolutely Not

Image credits: angieemann

#28 The Inside Of 160 000m³ Long Containment Tank

Image credits: burdzjemd

#29 Twin Towers, New York City

Image credits: bobrossfkingcool

#30 A Blanket Of Mammatus Clouds Dwarfing A Plane

Image credits: iwasasin

#31 Nooope

Image credits: Competitive_Emu705

#32 Comet Compared To Los Angeles

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#33 Imagine This Showing Up In Your Hospital Room

Image credits: Inevitable-Careerist

#34 A Research Team Surveys A Remote Area In Antarctica Where There Have Been Historical Accounts Of An “Ancient Giant Frozen In Ice”. Its Exact Size And Location Were Never Given. If Real, Scientists Suspect The So-Called “Giant” To Be A Mummified, Prehistoric Animal. The Team Is Looking For Traces

Image credits: Jared846

#35 This Hallway To Single Restroom At A Shop I Was At

Image credits: nobape

#36 The Biggest Bug Known To Ever Live. The Arthropleura Millipede That Predates The Dinosaurs And Grew Up To 100 Pounds.

Image credits: vantionsio

#37 “Duga” Was A Soviet Radar System Used As Part Of The Soviet Anti-Ballistic Missile Early-Warning Network. These Things Were So Powerful It Interfered With Radio Signals Half Way Around The World

Image credits: nnniiicccoollllaaa

#38 Burning Man Festival

Image credits: 4reddityo

#39 Inside Of A Windmill

Image credits: BeneficiaBank

#40 Earth Next To Jupiter

Image credits: Extreme-Nebula-466

#41 Can You Imagine?

Image credits: iwasasin

#42 Anchor Hole To A Sunken Us Warpship

Image credits: afuihqwe

#43 First Direct Image Of Another Planetary System Located About 300 Light-Years Away Around A Star Like Our Sun

Image credits: 808picklejuice

#44 Mosquito Flying Over Camera Lens

Image credits: sshhrreeyyaass

#45 Attack On Titan Statue

Image credits: Fury500million

#46 Man vs. Spaceship

Image credits: o0Otaca0o

#47 Rough Scale Of An Atomic Bomb Mushroom Cloud

Image credits: the_dutiful_waxanna

#48 A Cave

Image credits: samthetreeman

#49 Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: _riveraguille

#50 This Sculpture That The Pope Apparently Sits In Front Of

Image credits: fightersguildrecruit

#51 Hong Kong From A Different Perspective

Image credits: skyliner86cn

#52 Standing Over 7 Feet Tall And Weighing A Massive 2600 Pounds, “Big Jake” Is Currently The World’s Largest Horse

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#53 Tokyo Flood Tunnels Are Huge

Image credits: crefeoid

#54 Never Realized These Were That Big

Image credits: Naive-Swordfish9744

#55 This Scares The Crap Outta Me

Image credits: Difficult_Sir_3462

#56 Somebody Tell Me This Isn’t Real

Image credits: tywalker215

#57 Anyone Else See A Bear?

Image credits: Loskaufkr

#58 Mount Saint Michel

Image credits: BryantWilsonju

#59 Olympus Mons, On The Planet Mars. It’s The Largest Mountain In The Solar System And Is About 22km High

Image credits: TheDaedricCourier

#60 Largest Salt Mine In Europe

Image credits: ThisIs_Unacceptable

#61 The Fog… Oh God

Image credits: Bulky_Indication_425

#62 My First Thought When I Hear “I Wish Pokémon Were Real Sometimes”

Image credits: Ok-Educator984

#63 The Uss Gerald R. Ford In Her Drydock

Image credits: waffelmaker2000

#64 1,3km Tall Mountain In Norway (House For Scale)

Image credits: xheppelin

#65 Warner Von Braun Next To The Engines Of The Saturn V Rocket Used For The Apollo Lunar Missions

Image credits: Kontakt6

#66 Supercell Forming In Wyoming

Image credits: bulu88

#67 Rare Jellyfish Red Sprite Lightning Found 30-90km In The Atmostphere

Image credits: unc0verFr0sk

#68 Face In The Clouds

Image credits: Snaplocke

#69 “The Line Is A Proposed Smart Linear City In Saudi Arabia In Neom, Tabuk, Currently Under Construction, Which Is Designed To Have No Cars, Streets Or Carbon Emissions”

Image credits: Maned_LionMan69

#70 Standing On The Spire, Wilshire Grand, Downtown Los Angeles

Image credits: kumanosuke

#71 Just A Frozen Waterfall

Image credits: ObiJuanKenobly

#72 Giant Scary Blanket

Image credits: ReversedZebra

#73 150 Ft Iceberg Floating By A Small Town In Newfoundland, Canada. Gives Me The Heebie Jeebies

Image credits: pufferfishpocket

#74 Human Terrarium

Image credits: LGP747

#75 “The World’s Greatest Parking Lot” Ethel Greene, Oil On Canvas 1969

Image credits: IntimateYolanda

#76 A 1 Million Seater Stadium Concept Made And Designed By American Artist Paul Pfeiffer

Image credits: nefrodes

#77 C H E E S E

Image credits: ReversedZebra

#78 The Infinite City

Image credits: Doofenshmertz_69

#79 How Large A Megalodon Would Have Been

Image credits: HoneyBuddy123

#80 Argentavis Magnificens (Literally “Magnificent Argentine Bird”) Is The Largest Flying Bird Ever Discovered

Image credits: Accomplished-Yak8584

#81 The Statue Of Liberties Face Before Being Installed

Image credits: marktherobot-youtube

#82 Just Truly Shows You The Size Of Battleships

Image credits: RoyalFunkyGames

#83 That Huge TV In Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion

Image credits: LeontiosTheron

#84 “Join Us, Play With Us… Forever”

Image credits: bobmguthrie

#85 Salt Mines

Image credits: bighag

#86 The Tallest Clock Tower (Abraj Al Bait) Compared To Big Ben

Image credits: Rational_Rick

#87 The Statue Of Unity In India Is 182m Tall

Image credits: big_squid97

#88 Saint-Michel Castle, France

Image credits: Dayfallah

#89 Yes. That Is Actual Fog

Image credits: bonk425

#90 Looks Like It Might Rain

Image credits: kvasoluya

#91 The Widest Highway In The World Is Interstate 10, Located In Katy Texas, It Serves Over 219,000 Vehicles Daily

Image credits: gusewt

#92 1920’s Fiat Built A Racetrack On Their Production Warehouse

Image credits: 4reddityo

#93 So I Finally Found Someone Who Was Selling A Previously Owned 12ft Skeleton From Home Depot. As You Can See Here, I Started Putting The Bottom Half Of The Skeleton Together Just To Get A Better Scale As To How Big This Thing Is And Yeah

Image credits: -Waning_Moon-

#94 Giant Crocodile Found In The Philippines With A Length Of 20+ Feet

Image credits: Correct_Pension7644

#95 This Almost Half A Kilometer Long And Over 65m Wide Cargo Ship

Image credits: dewgtamingman

#96 Funny Yet Terrifying

Image credits: yoshshor

#97 Eagle Demi-God Jatayu (Kerala, India)

Image credits: AkaGurGor

#98 The Duomo In Florence, Italy

Image credits: antronoid

#99 This Cave Entrance At The Bottom Of A Sinkhole In Guizhou, China. See The Four Guys On The Rock For Scale

Image credits: Soupmother

#100 Boat Under The Bridge

Image credits: PegGuvara

#101 Now Imagine The Titanic

Image credits: Summer-Serious

#102 That’s Absolutely Terrifying

Image credits: BrennanVicente

#103 The Line

Image credits: The_ElBando

#104 General Sherman Tree: 83.8 M (275 Ft)

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#105 The Architectural Designs Of Étienne-Louis Boullée (12 February 1728 – 4 February 1799)

Image credits: GaPSMAV

#106 A Comparison Of The Us And Jupiter’s Storm Credit: Nasa

Image credits: themousekindd

#107 Would You Slide?

Image credits: Traditional_Sail1310

#108 Big

Image credits: AncientShakthimaan

#109 With 2% Of Its Annual Defense Budget, The Us Could Afford To Construct A Colossal Obsidian Sphere In The San Francisco Bay, Visible Throughout All Of Northern California And Emanating An Ominous Hum!

Image credits: delectrico

#110 This Oil Rig

Image credits: NumberCritical7907

#111 Belaz 75710

Image credits: cookiepiehorse

#112 A Reoccurring Nightmare Of Myne.. Cool Or Absolutely Fking Not?

Image credits: tywalker215

#113 Digital Illustrations By Stuart Lippincott

Image credits: Apprehensive-Cause40

#114 Siemens Gamesa’s Sg 14-222 Dd Operational Prototype – The Largest And Most Powerful Wind Turbine In The World

Image credits: Geruchsbrot

#115 I Wonder If You Could Hear It Creaking

Image credits: reddit.com

#116 Amoco Cadiz

Image credits: ShanThrash

#117 Airport On Stilts

Image credits: Aggressive-Ad-24

#118 Alex Dawson’s Scuba Diving Photos

Image credits: Friendcherisher

#119 Monument To The Revolution Of The People Of Moslavina

Image credits: Odd_Adhesiveness_389

#120 Just A Tantive In Dry Dock

Image credits: Vesane

Source: boredpanda.com

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