120 Times Architects Outdid Themselves (New Pics)

Many things can shape a city—its culture, history, social life, or food scene. But perhaps nothing is more visually pleasing than its architecture. Some buildings can completely fascinate you with their astonishing design and pure aesthetics. Through careful urban planning and understanding of the cultural background, the structure of a city can carry you through time while still leaving you in a very particular place.

Need convincing? Let me introduce you to this subreddit page, an online community with more than 923K members. It is dedicated to sharing interesting architecture and some of the most eye-pleasing images of buildings you could find. If you wish to immerse yourself in other cultures, traditions and the everyday life of the locals, this is the place to be.

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#1 Two 17th Century Half-Timbered Houses At Hohe Straße 18 And 19 In Quedlinburg, One Of The Best-Preserved Medieval And Renaissance Towns In Europe That Escaped Major Damage During World War II. Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#2 Athens

Image credits: forestpunk

#3 My Favorite Castle In Germany

Image credits: nico_shoot

#4 Sun And Moon Pagodas In Guilin, China

Image credits: oddprophet63

#5 Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan

Image credits: Sunkisty

#6 The Shambles In York, England

Image credits: Fuckoff555

#7 Inner Walls Of Ta Prohm Monastery. Cambodia, Khmer Empire, 12th-13th Century

Image credits: MunakataSennin

#8 Ruyi Bridge, China

Image credits: Dee_Odj

#9 Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest

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Image credits: KantKay11

#10 80 Metre Climbing Wall Built On The Side Of A Power Plant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Image credits: 99Blake99

#11 Chefchaouen, Morocco

Image credits: bakhtura2403

#12 Architectural Juxtaposition In Clinton Hill Historic District, Which Consists Of 1,063 Largely Residential Buildings Built Between The 1840s And 1930 In Contemporary And Revival Styles Popular At The Time, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York City

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#13 English Country Garden Surrounding Asthall Manor, A Gabled Jacobean Cotswold Manor House Originally Built In The 1620s And Later Altered And Enlarged In The 1910s. Asthall, Oxfordshire, England

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#14 La Casa Pàdua, An Example Of Catalan Modernism Architecture Originally Built As A Single-Family Residence In 1903, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District Of Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#15 Tolbooth Tavern, Edinburgh / Sir Lewis Bellenden

Image credits: langshot

#16 Cathedral Of Saint Mary Of The Flower, Florence

Image credits: Maksele

#17 Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: Sunkisty

#18 Wooden Houses In Bergen, Norway

Image credits: MassiveCunt1

#19 Evening Scene In Bremen, Germany

Image credits: granta50

#20 The Architecture In Some Older Power Plants Were So Unique And Ornate, This One Built In 1925 Was A Neoclassical Design Inspired By Roman Bath Houses. Although It Has Seen Better Days It’s Still Beautiful And Dripping In History

Image credits: st-jawnthebaptist

#21 Las Lajas Shrine – Built 1916 -1949 Designed By J. Gualberto Perez & Lucindo Espinosa – Nariño, Colombia

Image credits: 43mysticalSquirrels

#22 Tree House, Singapore

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#23 Mont Saint-Michel, France

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#24 The 24 Year Old ‘Wisteria’ Cottage. This Beautiful Cottage Is Located In Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Image credits: TheGuvnor247

#25 Cairo, Egypt

Image credits: manbel13

#26 Grand Central Terminal, NYC, The Sun Can’t Shine Through Like That Now Due To The Surrounding Tall Buildings. 1929

Image credits: SHIVANSH_RTX

#27 Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

Image credits: Roku80

#28 Old Gatehouse In Northern Ireland

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#29 Imam Reza Shrine, Mashhad, Iran

Image credits: BrilliantFamous6570

#30 Ornate Carvings And Solomonic Columns On The Stone Steps Leading To The Water In Varenna, A Town On The Scenic Shores Of Lake Como, Northern Italy

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#31 Walzin Castle On A Cliff Overlooking The River Lesse, A Castle That Started Construction In The 13th Century And Was Restored Several Times Since, Namur, Wallonia, Belgium

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#32 Old Bridge Over A Modern Road. Dublin, Ireland

Image credits: trinerr

#33 The Neuschwanstein Castle In Germany Looks Even More Stunning In Snow

Image credits: SophiaJohnson123

#34 Top Of Tribune Tower, Chicago Illinois

Image credits: MessyGuy01

#35 Guangzhou Opera House

Image credits: Industriosity

#36 San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane, Lugano, Switzerland

Image credits: Dee_Odj

#37 Pool In The Courtyard Of Pink House, A Private Residence In Long Xuyen, Vietnam

Image credits: bolognesesauceplease

#38 Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Image credits: kichnoh

#39 Quaint Black And White House, Washington, Dc

Image credits: WideEyes369

#40 Front Steps To A Home In Charleston, Sc

Image credits: Lynncy1

#41 Seoul, South Korea

Image credits: Dee_Odj

#42 Overcliff Castel Built In 1892 In Yonkers, New York

Image credits: WideEyes369

#43 Stone House In The Small Village Of Tissington, Derbyshire, England

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#44 Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China

Image credits: oddprophet63

#45 The Baroque Beauty Of Ottobeuren Abbey In Bavaria, Germany

Image credits: IronThunder77

#46 A Water Mill From The 12th (The Bridge) And The 16th (The Mill) Century In France

Image credits: redcattino

#47 Building In Riga, Latvia

Image credits: Man_From_Latvia

#48 Traditional Old Wooden Houses In Trakai, Lithuania

Image credits: 43mysticalSquirrels

#49 Concrete Turret Of The Félix Potin Building, A 1904 Art Nouveau Department Store With An Exterior Of Moulded Concrete Casts On Rue De Rennes, 6th Arrondissement Of Paris, France

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#50 St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City. Built In 1878

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#51 English Garden Of The Coton Manor, A 17th Century Country Manor House That Was Extended In The 1920s, Coton, Northamptonshire, England

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#52 The Bellevue Hotel In Philly

Image credits: Trev_Takes_Photos

#53 The Rock Of Cashel From Above, Tipperary, Ireland

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#54 Townhouse With A Double Staircase Entrance On Howe Street, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#55 The Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi

Image credits: degeneratecity_

#56 This 50-Foot Tall Statue Of A Native American Woman In South Dakota Titled “Dignity”

Image credits: karmagheden

#57 Manasija Monastery, A Serbian Orthodox Monastery Established In Early 15th Century And Surrounded By Massive Fortifications, Despotovac, Pomoravlje District, Central Serbia

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#58 Glass House In Maryland

Image credits: rockystl

#59 Kapaleeswarar Hindu Temple In India

Image credits: Rapama2

#60 Nurse Dormitory Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital – Plan Architects (2021) Aic

Image credits: treskro

#61 Sainte-Chapelle At Paris, France

Image credits: chardrizard

#62 Casa Batlo, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: Industriosity

#63 Henderson Cifi Tiandi By Ateliers Jean Nouvelm, Shanghai

Image credits: oddprophet63

#64 Windows Of Paris

Image credits: TheHammershoi

#65 Catedral De Santiago Galicia, Spain

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#66 Snowy Evening, Oxford University

Image credits: granta50

#67 Pont Del Bisbe, Barcelona

Image credits: granta50

#68 The Striking Blue And White Entrance Of Smolny Cathedral, A 18th Century Elizabethan Baroque Style Cathedral Built As A Part Of The Smolny Convent Complex In Central Saint Petersburg, Russia

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#69 This Is One Of My Favorite Museum’s Stairs (Paris)

Image credits: redcattino

#70 Still Under Construction Project Valley, Zuidas Amsterdam

Image credits: drumpleskump

#71 Eye Of Zhuhai, China (Architectural Design Of The Sales Department Of A Real Estate In Zhuhai)

Image credits: oddprophet63

#72 The Frog House In Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Image credits: Faiiven

#73 Tashkent Metro

Image credits: Kimpurusha

#74 Bürgerhus, A 1560 Half-Timbered House Built For The Hollenstedt Family Who Were The Council Members Of Hamelin, Lower Saxony, Germany. Refurbished Extensively In The 1980s

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#75 A Bell Tower In Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: FujifootXT2

#76 Gaitor Cenotaphs Of The Maharajas Of Jaipur, India

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#77 Old Sugar Mill Converted To A Hotel, Guilin

Image credits: iam4real

#78 Cinéma La Salamandre, France

Image credits: KantKay11

#79 Chatsworth Apartments And Annex

Image credits: ElectronicRhubarb841

#80 Fallingwater, Pa By Frank Lloyd Wright

Image credits: unclekiva

#81 There Are A Lot Of Modern Buildings On This Sub But This Is Just As Impressive To Me. Burg Kriebstein Near Kriebstein, Sachsen, Deutschland

Image credits: Tralux21

#82 Leeds Arcade, UK

Image credits: hanifalghifari

#83 The Emporia: One Of The Biggest Shopping Malls In Scandinavia, Sweden!!

Image credits: IMNubsib

#84 Pula Arena – Built Between 27 Bc And Ad 68 By Roman Empire – Pula, Croatia

Image credits: 43mysticalSquirrels

#85 Bahá’í House Of Worship, Wilmette, Illinois, USA. Designed By Louis Bourgeois

Image credits: TheMadSon

#86 1000 Year Old Shamlaji Temple, Gujarat, India

Image credits: 00__starstruck__00

#87 University Of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Image credits: chriscambridge

#88 The Overgrown Ruins Of The 19th Century Gwrych Castle Located In Conwy County Borough, Wales, UK

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#89 Bruxelles Pub, Harry Street, Dublin

Image credits: I_am_person6969

#90 Ghost Sculpture In The Castle Of Vezio, Italy

Image credits: karmagheden

#91 Can You Guess When This Building Was Built? If You Guessed 2005 You Are Correct! (Frauenkirche In Dresden)

Image credits: ForwardGlove

#92 British Museum, 2017

Image credits: sad_grimreaper

#93 Circular Courtyard At Casa Uc, Mexico

Image credits: musterduster284

#94 An Organised Chaos Of Steel. The Eiffel Tower

Image credits: Undercover_123

#95 Palais Longchamp, Marseille, France

Image credits: GamingPokemon

#96 Leuven Town Hall, Belgium

Image credits: mendetti

#97 House Nestled In The Trees, Costa Rica

Image credits: amb005

#98 Concrete Bench, Part Of The Santuario Dell’amore Misericordioso Complex, Todi, Italy (By Architect Julio Lafuente, 1953-1974)

Image credits: tanmaypendse63

#99 Kanwar Nagar, Jaipur, India

Image credits: anastasiamalkoch

#100 Sheats-Goldstein Residence: Los Angeles. Construction 1963. Architect: John Lautner

Image credits: Arkitek_Yorkshire

#101 Habitat 67, Montreal

Image credits: AryamanShetty

#102 Arkadia Apartments, Designed In A Collaboration Between Dko Architecture And Breathe Architecture

Image credits: Nejoodd

#103 34 Gramercy Park East, Gramercy, Manhattan

Image credits: ElectronicRhubarb841

#104 Prague, A Photographer’s Dream

Image credits: tim_durgan

#105 A House In The Centre Of Varna, Bulgaria

Image credits: Polaroid1999

#106 Šibenik Cathedral, Croatia

Image credits: granta50

#107 The First Of The Two Round Houses Constructed In Moscow 9-Storied, 936 Flats, Built In Late 1970s

Image credits: ElectronicRhubarb841

#108 Biosphere 2, Az

Image credits: beepboop069

#109 The Sentinel Building In San Francisco

Image credits: AtomicAerials

#110 Bok Tower, Lake Wales, Fl

Image credits: syzygialchaos

#111 City Hall, Philadelphia

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#112 Home In Des Moines, Iowa

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#113 Beautiful Vancouver Island

Image credits: CDN_Casanova

#114 Vejle, Denmark

Image credits: redditgemma

#115 Hanselmann House By Michael Graves In Indiana (1967)

Image credits: beepboop069

#116 A 736-Meters-Long Building In Moscow (Research Center For Electronic Computing Technology)

Image credits: PressTab123

#117 This Brutalist Architecture In Ivry-Sur-Seine, France

Image credits: hikittyy1

#118 Heard You Like Cubic Windows? Shot This On Monday At The Huntington In La

Image credits: mikeleus

#119 Walkway In Chonqing, China

Image credits: ikketta

#120 Bachritterburg Kanzach: A Reconstructed 13th Century Timber Castle

Image credits: OnCastles

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