120 Times Cats Malfunctioned And Their Owners Just Had To Document It Online (New Pics)

They’re adorable, they’re charming, and judging by the way they rule the internet, cats are certainly entertaining. Sure, they can be mischievous at times, seeing your houseplants as their greatest enemies or smacking things off the kitchen counter for no reason at all. But if you ask us, that’s all part of their charm.

It’s no surprise that many cat lovers scratch their heads, trying to figure out why these mysterious creatures act a certain way. They’ve even created an online community to share their worries and laughs. What’s Wrong With Your Cat is full of the most hilarious pictures of our furry goofballs pouncing, cramming, stalking, and completely confusing their owners.

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From getting stuck in odd places to striking really unflattering poses, we have collected some of the funniest posts from this subreddit. Continue scrolling and upvote your favorites! And if you’re in great need of even more malfunctioning cat pics, take a look at our previous posts right here, here, and here.

#1 Caught My Cat Yawning While Tilting Her Head. Confirmed Eldritch Horror

Image credits: PocketsAndSedition7

#2 Her Favorite Way To Lay On The Couch

Image credits: MrTurtleFerguson

#3 Doodles Refuses To Let Me Brush Him, So About Once A Year He Has To Be Shaved Down Because His Fur Gets Matted. He Was Especially Unimpressed This Year

Image credits: keschaller89

#4 What Apex Animal Is This

Image credits: ConditionCapable5928

#5 Waiter, Why Is My Beverage Licking Itself?

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#6 Spider Cat Is Here

Image credits: UselessMarvin

#7 Squaring Up!

Image credits: Azsnee09

#8 Sandals Are His Favorite Toy.. Until He Gets Stuck And I Have To Save Him

Image credits: lebrunjemz

#9 Orange Kitty Lost The Single Brain Cell In The Middle Of Grooming

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Image credits: Azsnee09

#10 Lykoi Disapproves Of Your Shenanigans

Image credits: Azsnee09

#11 Lookouts Observing A Crime In Process

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#12 Half Of Cat Stopped Working

Image credits: fergieandtruro

#13 My Mom’s Cat Stares At Her Like This Until She Pets Him

Image credits: johntaylorsbangs

#14 He Really Didn’t Like The Smell Of Vitamin C

Image credits: Jazzel5

#15 She Prefers Rubber Bands, But A Net Will Do Too

Image credits: Sticky_Raccoon_4357

#16 My Sister Is A Vet Tech, She Snapped A Pic Of My Drugged Up Boy After His Dental. Weeeee

Image credits: Bskate69

#17 Just Vibing

Image credits: Azsnee09

#18 He Wandered Into My House About A Week Ago And Hasnt Left. Send Help?

Image credits: Able-Fact-3143

#19 He’s Ascended

Image credits: lljuhanall

#20 Mondays Be Like

Image credits: Azsnee09

#21 I Can Never Get A Normal Picture Of Him

Image credits: WitheredFlowers

#22 This Is Jack, He’s Available For Adoption. Unfortunately For Jack Everyone Thinks He’s An Alien

Image credits: grayshush

#23 Are They Supposed To Have Tentacles?

Image credits: Climpy

#24 Why Are You Disturbing My Rest Time With Your Camera

Image credits: Pazluz

#25 Bipedal Behavior And A Lush Tail; A Squirrel?

Image credits: Azsnee09

#26 Just Felt Right At The Time, I Guess?

Image credits: Snbridenbaugh

#27 “She’s Behind Me, Isn’t She?”

Image credits: maybeitsme23

#28 Its Called Fashion, Sweetie. Look It Up

Image credits: Kidoctogon

#29 Zig Saw A Moth On The Ceiling

Image credits: Teebster78

#30 Why Does She Keep Doing This

Image credits: azurestrike

#31 What?

Image credits: WeeDuckster

#32 Samuel Goes Into Salivary Overdrive Every Single Time I Pet Him, And Only When I Pet Him. Which Is Often

Image credits: fistful_of_ideals

#33 My Helpless Grandma Watches As Our Paper Towels Get Nommed

Image credits: AllThingsSlippy

#34 He Climbs Up The Screen Door, Gets Stuck, Screams For Help Until You Get Him Down

Image credits: kittycola94

#35 Mmmm Blanket

Image credits: Azsnee09

#36 I Can’t Believe He Got Those Ears To Fit

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#37 Deeeeeep Sleep

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#38 My Cat Wouldn’t Stop Trying To Get Into Her Food Bag. I Put Her Food Into A Container Instead And This Is How I Found Her

Image credits: xthatonegirlx

#39 Michael Going To The Vet

Image credits: Koalas_Kingdom

#40 There Is No Cat In This Image

Image credits: LauraEatsFalafel

#41 Not A Very Agile Acrobat

Image credits: ObservantHegemony

#42 Zappa Had An Exciting Morning With The Rug

Image credits: Teebster78

#43 My Cat Likes To Put Any And All Bags On His Head And Walk Around (Often Into Walls)

Image credits: stingraysareevil

#44 I’d Like To Believe The Cat Is Just Trying To Help The Other Animals, But I’ve Owned 5 Of Them

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#45 When You’ve Been Gone Too Long, And The Food Dish Is Empty

Image credits: -Xyriene-

#46 She Stayed Like This For Quite A While, Just Watching Her Street

Image credits: emikatdb

#47 At Least Someone Benefits From My Plant Dying

Image credits: seahavxn

#48 Bar Stool Is Food?

Image credits: TurboblueS5

#49 When You Attack The Yarn, But It Gets Stuck On Your Tongue

Image credits: boatdock18

#50 This Cat Trying To Get Someone To Answer The Door

Image credits: Pazluz

#51 Michael

Image credits: Koalas_Kingdom

#52 The Look On Their Faces

Image credits: Therapeutic_rec

#53 Camera Attack It Is

Image credits: Jazzel5

#54 Was Just Trying To Give Rufus A Kiss

Image credits: conquistawhore

#55 Just Look At It

Image credits: Elmurike

#56 Why Does She Do This?

Image credits: anarrowtotheknees

#57 Shared This With A Coworker Today, She Asked If He’s Alive. Ordered A Cat Tree At This Same Height Cuz I Want To Take My Blanket Off Of The Drying Rack As It’s Been On There For 3 Days

Image credits: AznDanger

#58 Doodles Got Caught Eating Birdseed Out On The Porch Again

Image credits: keschaller89

#59 The Face He Makes When You Stop Petting?

Image credits: SeaCucumberMummy

#60 Human I Choose You

Image credits: Usual-Calligrapher-7

#61 Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Walk Around Barefoot

Image credits: LOERMaster

#62 The Heck Was That?!

Image credits: ReadilyCarefree

#63 This Is My Weirdest Cat

Image credits: vfort410

#64 Not A Big Fan Of The New Cat, I’m Guessing?

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#65 Looks Even Funnier When You Rotate By 90 Degrees

Image credits: fluffmyfoxtailfern

#66 She’s Higher Than Snoop Dogg… After Finding The Catnip

Image credits: MSM1969

#67 Day Four Of Infiltration

Image credits: Opposite_Ebb9150

#68 Yzma Loves To Be Carried Like This

Image credits: chknchkn2

#69 She Stayed Like This For Solid 10 Minutes Just Staring At Me

Image credits: Ellielovesfoxes

#70 This Cat Is Plotting Something

Image credits: Pazluz

#71 Found This Furry Pretzel On My Husband’s Keyboard

Image credits: Brittamas

#72 You Cannot Hide From Me, Catto

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#73 My Usually Very Handsome Boy Had A Good Nap

Image credits: Greysonme

#74 Cat Gone Wild

Image credits: Jazzel5

#75 How To Avoid The Snow. Vintage Cat From 1967

Image credits: mks113

#76 Mission: Impossible Theme Plays

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#77 This Sleeping Position

Image credits: DmGUnKnown

#78 Kitty Thinks This New Thing Is For Him To Use

Image credits: MamboNumber5Guy

#79 Henry’s Version Of Blue Steel

Image credits: Grumpy_Dragon_Cat

#80 Not Sure Why He’s Looking At Me Like This But It’s Getting A Little Creepy

Image credits: BooberryTart

#81 I Think My Cat Broke Space-Time (We Just Moved)

Image credits: Ok-Dot-8215

#82 Tried To Slow Mo My Cat Shaking Himself, Caught This Gem

Image credits: dvrkscenes

#83 She Was The Talk Of The Clinic At Our Last Vet Visit! They Had To Get A Step Ladder To Get Her Down

Image credits: kissbythebrooke

#84 This Is A Common Occurrence. She Makes Too Many Friends

Image credits: Beer_Pancakes

#85 Suspiciously High Number Of Limbs Today

Image credits: usernamewastaken___

#86 Sometimes I Think Cats Are Aliens In Disguise, Trying To Adjust To An Earthling World

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#87 My Cat Brings Random Items He Finds In The Attic

Image credits: juliaouwens

#88 Tofu Was Caught “Red Handed” With His Paw In The Marinara

Image credits: coffee-with-kris

#89 Cat Thinks This Is A Speed Bag For Its Boxing Practice

Image credits: Pazluz

#90 Flef

Image credits: CriticalPick4703

#91 That Isn’t What That Is For

Image credits: Tennis69h

#92 Dramatic And Crazy

Image credits: Azsnee09

#93 He’s Upset That I Didn’t Share My Breakfast

Image credits: paintingcatlady

#94 His Name Is Lunchbox But He Thinks He’s A Popcorn Box

Image credits: mouth_toots

#95 This Is Pierogi. He Likes Scritches

Image credits: youngfiga

#96 He Always Tries To Flee When My Little Cousins Are Around

Image credits: Mairess99

#97 I’m Scared

Image credits: kokosnootkrab

#98 What An Adorable Little Derp

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#99 Sometimes When We’re Playing He Short Circuits

Image credits: Mycatissnootsy

#100 I… I Don’t Know. Living That Monorail Life Though

Image credits: heatherfeather315

#101 She Likes Watching TV Like This

Image credits: IggyScottKennedy

#102 I See Your Hipster Cat And Would Like To Share My Hipster Cat, Ready To Start Writing His Novel In A Coffee Shop

Image credits: KittyKateTooMuch

#103 I Posted A Similar Picture Of Our Current Cat, Brad Yesterday. This Was Our Old Cat Bo… Brad And Bo Didn’t Know Each Other

Image credits: NatStr9430

#104 A Perfect Normal Way To Sleep

Image credits: BarLeather2362

#105 Cat… Fish?

Image credits: Iamyour_friend

#106 For Some Reason She Tries To Seduce Me, But I’m Not Into Cats

Image credits: shamdwish

#107 The Comfiest Bed

Image credits: hayoungie

#108 This Kitty Clawed His Way Out Of The Screen And Was Like This The Entire BBQ With Outside Neighbors Lol

Image credits: Ok-Neighborhood1708

#109 He Just Fell Over And Gave Up

Image credits: Radio_Rose

#110 Not Cat Shaped Is, My Favorite

Image credits: Azsnee09

#111 Busted

Image credits: MonsterJuiced

#112 Zag On The Toilet

Image credits: Teebster78

#113 Mishi Is An Inspiration To Us All

Image credits: yeejiga

#114 Caught Him Mid Sneeze But It Just Looks Like He’s A Derp

Image credits: UAJZ

#115 Both Of My Cats Do This On A Regular Basis

Image credits: itsbredsheeran

#116 Idk Why Brad Is The Way That He Is

Image credits: NatStr9430

#117 Hipster Cat, He Purr’d When I Was Putting It On Him

Image credits: saxe_frey

#118 He’s A Completely Normal Cat

Image credits: OSArsi

#119 Not Sure What They’re Doing But They Sure Look Guilty

Image credits: Throwawayfacon

#120 Sid Always Sits Like A Total Idiot, But He Is My Daughters Absolute Best Friend. They Love Each Other So Much!

Image credits: tinyywarrior

Source: boredpanda.com

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