120 Times Mannequins Made Shopping More Fun (New Pics)

Store mannequins are designed to do a very basic thing—display clothing and different fabrics in a way that would show us how they look on a real person. However, sometimes window dressers or store owners miss the target and end up attracting customers with bizarre models that are just begging to be documented.

Whether it’s a motionless figure with 4-foot-long arms or a unicorn’s head instead of their usual one, it’s equal parts creepy, unexpected and completely hilarious. Needless to say, a great source of entertainment too.

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Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest moments when mannequins truly departed from the norm. Below you’ll find the funniest pictures we found floating around the internet, so upvote your favorite ones! And if you’re in the mood for some more, be sure to check out our previous post right here.

#1 Not Much Customers Around Today, So I Got Creative With The Bedsheets

Image credits: magenta_lilies

#2 Interesting Choice In Mannequin For A Table Saw Display

Image credits: Roho_Kitnam

#3 This Exactly Why I Don’t Take Him Nowhere

Image credits: BIndlovukazi

#4 This Kid Mannequin

Image credits: Cnmbnmya

#5 I Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Saw This. Spotted In NYC Today

Image credits: bmagnusson

#6 This Mannequin In A German Mall

Image credits: phiiotalambda

#7 These Mannequins Are Terrifying

Image credits: ReksilTheRed

#8 Finally A Realistic Mannequins In Women’s Lingerie Store

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 Yet Another Unrealistic Body Standard For Women

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Image credits: cisgenderhaver

#10 Dental Training Mannequin

Image credits: Import

#11 This Clothing Store Is Undergoing Construction, So They Dressed Their Mannequins Appropriately

Image credits: Bbilbo1

#12 This Shrek-Inspired Mannequin

Image credits: TheoreticalButt

#13 The Training Mannequins In My College. There Is A Control Room To Make Them Have Heart Attacks

Image credits: Skylord_Zantharan

#14 Pumped Up Mannequin

Image credits: Palifaith

#15 Found This Mannequin At A Pharmacy In Russia

Image credits: dididaada

#16 Found This Mannequin In Our Warehouse This Morning. Thought It Perfectly Represented Monday Mornings

Image credits: jacoma89

#17 Slenderman’s Girlfriend Is Looking Great

Image credits: Panksyy

#18 A Rabbit Headed Mannequin I Spotted In Japan

Image credits: matteocrayo

#19 This Mannequin In A Museum In Normandy

Image credits: Moldy_crumpet

#20 Whenever My Daughter Walks Past Child Mannequins, She Likes To Pretend She’s One Of Them

Image credits: frisbm3

#21 Another Impossible Body Standard For Women

Image credits: SloanethePornGal

#22 Elongated Mannequins

Image credits: EltaninAntenna

#23 Mannequin At A Local Shop. Her Face Says It All

Image credits: QwikLike

#24 Mannequins At The Mall Near My House. I Think They Used Mark Zuckerberg As The Template

Image credits: LDPro_Gamer

#25 This Weird Mannequin At The London Science Museum

Image credits: ThePoonCoon

#26 “Hey, Can You Put This Shirt On That Mannequin?”

Image credits: JFK_NOSCOPEZ420koosh

#27 Mannequin Stored Under Leaky Gutter

Image credits: Rhumnzouk

#28 I Thought It Was A Real Person Sitting On A Bench, Until I Noticed Her Hands. Festive Mannequin

Image credits: livllovable

#29 These Mannequins

Image credits: creepthekid_

#30 This Mannequin Is Hilarious

Image credits: mungnung1

#31 This Kid Mannequin That Looks Like He Will Devour The Souls Of Sinners On Judgment Day

Image credits: largavidaapedromendo

#32 This Mannequin In The Store Showcase Looks Hyper Realistic

Image credits: suaveElAgave

#33 This “Mannequin” In A Swiss Shoe Store

Image credits: B-Montalcino

#34 These Strange Mannequins

Image credits: Aecko_

#35 This Mannequin

Image credits: serketbored

#36 Quite A Mannequin

Image credits: im_president_charlie

#37 A Guy Printed His Face On A Mannequin Outside Of His Shop In Egypt

Image credits: MohamedBone

#38 These Creepy Mannequins At My Local Store In Japan

Image credits: The_Gunslinger86

#39 This Mannequin With Character

Image credits: Mr_Simmonds

#40 These Super Jazzy Mannequins

Image credits: astroboots

#41 Stores Are Stepping Up Their Game With Unrealistic Female Body Expectations

Image credits: Nysoz

#42 Is The Mannequin’s Head Really Necessary To Sell The Jeans?

Image credits: RandyValarde

#43 This Mannequin At An Antique Shop

Image credits: Moonpo1n7

#44 This Large Mannequin With Small Clothes

Image credits: LucklessList828

#45 Deer Mannequin

Image credits: StreetratMatt

#46 Mannequin Head At A Clothing Store In My Town

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Blursed Mannequin

Image credits: guitasketball

#48 Hmmm

Image credits: SleeplessInBangkok

#49 These Mannequin Faces

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Finally, I Can Relate To A Mannequin As A Woman With 4′ Curved Legs

Image credits: LeChrome_

#51 This Mannequin At A Jewelry Store

Image credits: poocatgod

#52 This Mannequin Of A Boy In A Bulgarian Shop

Image credits: Zealousideal_Bit3936

#53 This Mannequin

Image credits: Pjulledk

#54 Put The Eyelashes On The Mannequins, Boss

Image credits: badger_danger

#55 Finished Dressing Those Mannequins, Boss

Image credits: Luvsomeone2nite

#56 More Unrealistic Body Expectations For Women

Image credits: bathtastic1

#57 The Body Standards Young Women Have To Try And Emulate Are Getting Ridiculous

Image credits: JackBNimble33

#58 We Change The Mannequin’s Clothes According To The Seasons, This Time He Is Ready For The Summer

Image credits: Melizz00

#59 This Mannequin With Facial Stubble In A Thrift Store

Image credits: PurpleOwl85

#60 This Disturbing Franken-Mannequin Exhibit

Image credits: leer_zeichen

#61 This Mannequin

Image credits: werew0lfsushi

#62 It’s Hard To Imagine What Creatures Inspired The Designers Of These Mannequins

Image credits: Katica123

#63 Dental Training Mannequin

Image credits: adamyatesart

#64 No Space To Put Santa Mannequin? Ok, Let’s Just Hang It

Image credits: SociallyAwkwardWagyu

#65 Went To Get A Haircut Today. Creepy Masked Mannequin At The Counter Scared Me Half To Death

Image credits: Rang3rBill

#66 Put The Shirt On The Mannequin Boss

Image credits: benkozich

#67 This Store’s Emblem/Mascot Is An Eagle, And So Are The Mannequins

Image credits: Bizarrmenian

#68 “Mannequin” Found In An Antique Mall In Texas. Nightmare Stuff

Image credits: Splizmaster

#69 This Mannequin Appears To Have Originally Been Shooting A Jump Shot But Has Since Been Turned Into A Diver

Image credits: grilledmilk

#70 These Mannequins In Japan Bow To The Customer

Image credits: imlookingforelliot

#71 How they posed the mannequins was pretty hilarious. Spotted at the core mall in Calgary, CA

Image credits: Lazar-God

#72 This Pharmacy Mannequin Looks Like He Had A Rough Day

Image credits: what_to_be

#73 Another Unrealistic Body Standard

Image credits: hambylives

#74 Mannequins Are Too Complicated

Image credits: zingingcutie29

#75 Another Unrealistic Body Type For Women To Try To Live Up To

Image credits: nthensome

#76 Impossible Body Standards

Image credits: Tisshme

#77 The Dumbest Mannequin I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: pablo1019

#78 This Mannequin I Saw In A Store Today

Image credits: Glumbot_2

#79 Horse Head Mannequin In John Lewis

Image credits: eurfryn

#80 This CPR Mannequin Without A Face Looks Like A Baby Bird Wanting Food

Image credits: gunstar47

#81 There’s A Mannequin Couple At An Underwear Store Kissing Each Other

Image credits: voltroom

#82 These Slenderman-Like Mannequins

Image credits: frostedmelodies06

#83 This Child-Sized Mannequin

Image credits: vegetarian_slut

#84 The Head Pieces On These Mannequins Make Them Look Even More Bald

Image credits: Trainrideviews

#85 These Uncanny Gucci Mannequins

Image credits: DokkanVlack

#86 Cursed Mannequin

Image credits: raph_ael

#87 This Mannequin At A Department Store

Image credits: persianversionspeaks

#88 This E(XXXX)tra Large Mannequin

Image credits: thurman_merman20

#89 I Will Forever Have Nightmares Because Of That Mannequin’s Face

Image credits: thecoolest090

#90 Unrealistic Body Standards

Image credits: accidentallydented

#91 This Jacked Toddler Mannequin

Image credits: arillyis

#92 Shoutout To The Target Employee Who Dressed This Mannequin

Image credits: trobsmonkey

#93 This Danny Devito Mannequin I Saw In Norway

Image credits: Fleeling

#94 This Local Chicken Place Has A Mannequin With A Chicken Head To Display Its Shirts

Image credits: mopeiobebeast

#95 The Long Necks On These Mannequins Are Creeping Me Out

Image credits: tacolordY

#96 This Mannequin

Image credits: ExistentialYurt

#97 These Mannequins Are Wearing Masks Too

Image credits: panikipatashi

#98 These Mannequins In My City

Image credits: Gankubas

#99 These Laughing Mannequin Heads

Image credits: SnagglToothCrzyBrain

#100 This Mannequin Looks Like It’s About To Eat Our Souls

Image credits: comicalben

#101 Elongated Neck

Image credits: Carson_2112

#102 Kohl’s Took All The Middle Fingers Out Of Their Mannequins

Image credits: mrssmile

#103 Custom Made Mannequins

Image credits: dbowskiii

#104 What Tremendous Breasts This Mannequin Has

Image credits: Tarot_master

#105 Got The Mannequin Dressed

Image credits: PM_ME_TIT_PICS_GIRL

#106 The Standards For Mannequins These Days Are Ridiculous

Image credits: FlaccidBaguette

#107 Another Unrealistic Body Expectation

Image credits: gasp1324657980

#108 That Is One Long Neck

Image credits: LordFalcon101

#109 A Mannequin At My Nearby Supermarket

Image credits: baoanhhon

#110 Gotta Use What You Got

Image credits: fluentinimagery

#111 Creepy Mannequin Heads In Rockport, MA

Image credits: Myschism

#112 This Baby Hat Fits Perfectly On This Mannequins Head-Stump

Image credits: AlbinoBeefalo

#113 This Mannequin Outside Of A Cellphone Repair Shop

Image credits: cigarettehaze

#114 This Mannequin In An Outdoor Supply Store Wearing A Wig And A Hammock – I Can’t Decide Which Accessory I Like More

Image credits: fruitsnvag

#115 Another Unrealistic Body Expectation

Image credits: j_grantham94

#116 Realistic Body Standards. As Long As You Skip Leg Day

Image credits: JuicyBoxerz

#117 The Way These Leggings Hang Off The Mannequin Make It Look Like It Has A Saggy Double Butt

Image credits: NapLiving

#118 This Interesting Representation Of A Mannequin

Image credits: wowbobwow

#119 Unrealistic Body Image For Men’s Legs (Amusing)

Image credits: Occamsbandaid

#120 These Unrealistic Male Body Standards Are Getting Ridiculous

Image credits: ShadyNasty6969

Source: boredpanda.com

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