120 Times People Had Awful Taste But Executed Their Ideas Flawlessly (New Pics)

They say that taste is all a matter of opinion, and we mostly agree with this. But let’s get real here for a moment—there are some specific things that objectively look truly awful, on a multiversal, multi-timeline scale. However, despite how tasteless the thing might look, we can still marvel at the amazing craftsmanship that went into making it.

Enter, the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit. The ATBGE community is made up of over 1.6 million members and is dedicated to displaying “quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible.” From the merely tacky to the overwhelmingly gaudy, it has a little bit of everything, proving once and for all that a sense for aesthetics doesn’t necessarily have to overlap with the person’s creativity or skills. And the moderators are very proud of keeping a high bar for the type of content that gets posted on the subreddit.

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Scroll down to check out some of the best recent ATBGE posts and upvote the pics which impressed you with the craftsmanship. Do you think some of these images don’t deserve the hate they get and you think the creators actually have amazing taste? Let us know in the comments.

Bored Panda was interested to learn more about taste and skill and the overlap between the two, so we reached out to talented pie artist Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, who recently published her new book, ‘Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book.’ Jessica, who is both very skilled and has a great sense for aesthetics, told us how we can motivate ourselves to continue developing a new skill when we can’t see the results that we want.

“One of my favorite Bart Simpson lines is, ‘I wasn’t good at it right away, so I quit,'” she said referring to his very brief interest in playing guitar. “I always think about this when I struggle with something and I’m trying to motivate myself to continue. It is incredibly rare to be instantly talented when trying your hand at a new skill.” Scroll down for our full interview with Jessica.

And if you’re in the mood for some more ATBGE ups and downs that’ll make your inner aesthete wince and your inner crafter smile, you can check out Bored Panda’s previous articles about the awesome subreddit here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

#1 Michelin Buddha

Image credits: rastroboy

Pie artist Jessica went into detail about how we can tell whether or not a certain skill is worth learning for us personally. “Sometimes, you find you ‘have a bit of a knack’ for something new, and even though you still have to work hard, you are able to find enjoyment, or that ‘flow’ state, a little more easily than others. This is usually an indication to me that the skill is worth investing the time and effort in, even if you don’t see professional-level results right away,” she told Bored Panda.

“If it comes ‘a little bit easier’ to you than others, you’ll probably be able to get to where you want to be if you keep at it. If, on the other hand, the work feels like banging your head against a board from day one, and you’re just not having any fun at all, you may want to consider picking a different skill to cultivate!”

According to Jessica, how much taste and skill overlap depends a lot on the context, as well as the community that’s actually judging whether something’s tasteful or tasteless. The larger the community, the less subjective and niche the group’s interpretations are likely to be.

#2 Gingerbread Crack House

Image credits: shpritzie

#3 Shrek Car

Image credits: Bubbly_Hat

“In a small community with a narrow definition of ‘taste,’ the bar may be lower for the quality of ‘tasteful content.’ But if you are looking at the internet at large as your audience, for a group that size to predominantly agree something is ‘tasteful’ it is generally a pretty good indicator that the creator is at the top of their game,” she explained to Bored Panda.

“And it makes sense—if you as a creator are exposed to a broader selection of content that is informing your sense of taste and your work, you are probably also exposed to a broader selection of skills and techniques executed at a high level.”

The artist also added her insights about the type of content that gets posted on the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit. “In the case of many of these posts, the creators are intentionally making a controversial, subversive statement, and likely don’t intend their work to be taken as an expression of their refinement and taste!” she shared her opinion.

#4 Sigh… *unzips*

Image credits: OlivesGoOnFingers

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#5 This Water-Like Epoxy Floor

Image credits: uni-versalis

#6 Pretzels Dipped In White Chocolate And Laid On Poppy Seeds Make Up This Delightfully Smoky Charcuterie Board

Image credits: sfyjnkljc

A while back, Bored Panda spoke to Jonas Nyffenegger and Sébastien Mathys of the Ugly Design project on Instagram about aesthetics. They explained that beauty, in their opinion, is boring. Ugliness, meanwhile, is exciting, fresh, and captivating. And it definitely stands out in your social media feeds.

“As our love for ugliness keeps growing, the line between ugly and beauty is getting a bit blurred. It appears more and more of our followers have completely lost their taste. That’s a good thing. It means they’ll have to find it again. It will most likely be forever changed,” they shared with us.

“When seeing an ugly design rather than perfect aesthetics (as defined in the 21st century)—scrollers takes notice,” they told Bored Panda that the key to getting attention is not being predictable. That way, content doesn’t go stale.

#7 Perfect For Aerating The Lawn

Image credits: xmastreee

#8 Was Told I Should Post My Drag Grinch Look Here

Image credits: https://old.reddit.com/r/ATBGE/comments/rjfqdm/was_told_i_should_post_my_drag_grinch_look_here/

#9 Might Be Hard To Get The Vacuum Into All The Nooks And Crannies

Image credits: caitazoid

Previously, Bored Panda spoke to the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ moderator team to learn more about the online community.

The founder of the entire subreddit explained that r/ATBGE was created as a spin-off of another subreddit. The mods of that particular subreddit kept rejecting ATBGE posts, so the moderator was inspired to create a separate community, a niche entirely for their vision of what the content should be like.

“In the beginning, /r/ATBGE focused heavily on automotive-related posts, but we knew doing this would potentially limit our user base. To make /r/ATBGE more appealing to the masses, we opened up the subreddit to include things beyond autos (tattoos, fashion, décor, etc.),” the moderator told Bored Panda.

#10 Slowly Bleeding Candle Hand

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#11 A Bread Beanie

Image credits: treeshateorcs

#12 This Cigarette Dispenser

Image credits: RagingHomo_DaPenis

“As we grew, moderators were added and subreddit rules were further refined. Now we are here and things are still looking good. We continue to add new subscribers each day, which is a good thing (considering we all do this for free),” the mod said.

The subreddit has amassed a whopping 1.6 million members since August 2016. And it seems like its growth isn’t stopping any time soon.

If you’re planning on being an awesome member of the community, you’ve got to keep r/ATBGE’s rules in mind. They’re nothing too fancy, but everyone needs to be reminded of the rules from time to time, whatever subreddit they might be a fan of.

#13 One Sec, Let Me Grab My Laptop

Image credits: rightcoastguy

#14 Barber Has Skills But Wouldn’t Want My Kid Walking Around With This

Image credits: MegaMindxXx

#15 I See Your Denim Boots And Raise You Hiking Stilettos

Image credits: birdycrow

In the case of ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution,’ naturally, the focus of the posts has to be on awful taste and great execution. When one of these crucial factors is missing, the entire point of the image is gone.

“All posts must be of something exhibiting awful taste but great execution. If it does not display great execution it does not belong here. Great execution is defined as a work of quality craftsmanship,” the moderators write, adding that they will always remove any posts that are related to music videos and car wraps.

#16 Thanks, Now I Hate Eyes

Image credits: Currynrice9728

#17 This Haircut

Image credits: Cr1ms0nSlayer

#18 This Person’s Tattoo

Image credits: Floodbucket

“Posts that are cute, funny, unique, or otherwise tasteful will be removed. Taste is highly subjective, so use your best judgment. Just because it is a tattoo does not mean it is awful taste. Do not post something you made or own,” the mod team explains, regarding the taste aspect of the pics.

What’s more, the sub actually tries to minimize any hateful or overly critical comments that reach the creators of all of these tasteless projects. That’s why they ask people not to post any direct links to the creators and artists. That way, the subreddit can still have its fun while the creators don’t suffer backlash because some redditors simply couldn’t hold their tongues behind their teeth.

#19 Bauble Head?

Image credits: TaLDoR_RuMBuX

#20 Custom Limousines By Jay Ohrberg

Image credits: Mlliii

#21 Car Ad That I Found

Image credits: HalfDecentFarmer69

And speaking of (literally) tasteless things, sometimes it infects even food. For instance, in an interview with Bored Panda, writer Geraldine DeRuiter, who founded the Everywhereist blog, shared her thoughts about a horrible experience she had at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Italy. Some chefs forget that they’re actually making food, so they hyperfocus on the aesthetics of the meals. The dishes might look impressive, but they’re difficult to eat.

“It’s honestly hard to pick the worst thing about this meal. It was a symphony of mistakes made by the kitchen. But honestly, the worst part? It was that the food didn’t even taste good and it was so, so expensive compared to other, wonderful meals we’ve had in Lecce,” Geraldine shared with Bored Panda.

#22 I’ve Bean Making Dice

Image credits: Nolencompany

#23 This Plushie My Friend Brought To School Today

Image credits: shrombus3

#24 What Is He Chasing After? Eggs?

Image credits: LawyerMotor210

“I guess they’ve forgotten what it means to actually be a chef. They’ve let ego overtake everything else,” Geraldine shared her opinion on why some chefs sacrifice everything for the sake of aesthetics.

“I think that food can be so overworked and so far removed from its original source as to become pretentious, but when that happens fault obviously lies with the chef.”

#25 Lovekraft Macaroni ‘N’ Cthulhu

Image credits: BolsonaroIsACunt

#26 All Her Art It Beautiful But This One Makes Me Laugh

Image credits: boinkish

#27 This “Pump-Kin” At My Ob/Gyn’s Office.

Image credits: jenniferandjustlyso

#28 “What Would You Like Grandma To Make You For Christmas? ” Not This!

Image credits: YourBrainOnFacts

#29 A Microscopic Toilet Created For A Micrograph Competiton And Yeah Won It

Image credits: just_minutes_ago

#30 These $180 Denim Boots

Image credits: johnseri451

#31 This Stained Glass Car Sunroof

Image credits: Currynrice9728

#32 This Is Exactly The Lifesize Starving Beggar Lamp I Was Looking For.

Image credits: Smug_amoeba

#33 Found This Gem On Facebook

Image credits: techturner22

#34 “I Don’t Wanna Toot In My Own Horn…”

Image credits: R-o-C-k-E-t_69

#35 My Friend Has This Ring With An Actual Used Glass Eye In It…

Image credits: Brojuha

#36 Boombin? Hope This Frickin’ Thing Hasn’t Been Posted Already

Image credits: Caesar_Passing

#37 Why Use Your Driver On The Fairway When You Can Drive The Fairway?

Image credits: Illiubinati

#38 Creepy Hybrid Hand/Face Sculpture From Wellington, New Zealand

Image credits: Uncle_Axel21

#39 This Armchair With A “Touch” Of Ussr

Image credits: FloX04

#40 CVS Receipt Scarf

Image credits: M3D1ATED

#41 Beer Can That Turns Into A Christmas Tree Onrnament

Image credits: pouwerkerk

#42 TV Cover

Image credits: Thryloz

#43 Zucchini Shoes

Image credits: cry724

#44 Everything About This Bathroom Says; “I’m Rich & Morbidly Disturbed.”

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#45 Admirable Craftsmanship

Image credits: xStormwitchx

#46 Don’t Have A Cow, Man! Or Have One… Permanently Across Your Whole Torso

Image credits: AloofAltruist

#47 Picture On Tumblr With No Credit, Sadly

Image credits: sxeoompaloompa

#48 This Ornament

Image credits: danistrangeton

#49 Car’s Mater

Image credits: Successful-Milk-1720

#50 Grub Meatloaf & Grub Carrot Cake

Image credits: jonnytechno

#51 Pimple Nails

Image credits: ewzoe

#52 Last Supper Manicure

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#53 Lobster Flip Flops. 10/10 Would Wear

Image credits: LydiaAgain

#54 Moshi And Yario

Image credits: comments-yourestupid

#55 When There’s Nothing Left In The Budget For The Kitchen

Image credits: Browndog888

#56 When You Can’t Bring Your Actual Dog With You To The Store

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#57 God Emperor Leto Atreides Enters The Chat…

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#58 Wouldn’t Drink…wouldn’t Wear But Damn Good Execution

Image credits: Needle2daGroove

#59 Little Princess Sasquatch

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#60 The Brass Knuckles Of Ronald

Image credits: exarobibliologist

#61 Balloon Bride

Image credits: CrochetCrafterCat

#62 Rice On Your Clothes Is The Most Uncomfy Thing

Image credits: Dautletty

#63 Next, Applying For A Heliport Code

Image credits: JohnnyTeardrop

#64 These Roasted Mackerels As A Groom And Wife

Image credits: dan_sundberg

#65 These Cow Stools, Complete With Udders

Image credits: Oceana22

#66 Hairdryer That Looks Like A Magnum Revolver

Image credits: BarryThecon

#67 I Have A Skull. I Have A Pineapple. Huh Pineapple-Skull

Image credits: Supergerauddedinant

#68 This Amazing Airport Carpet

Image credits: TyrranicalOverlord

#69 Cube Croissant

Image credits: Gilli_Glock

#70 Stepmoms Casket. Never Seen Anything Like This

Image credits: emmjaymax

#71 Ew, David

Image credits: Order_a_pizza

#72 It’s Ugly Fight Me

Image credits: kartoshsalat

#73 Metal Pirate Ship Lamp My Mom “Had” To Get At A Flea Market Because “It Was So Horrible”

Image credits: AsymptoticAbyss

#74 Realistic Bread Clothing Line

Image credits: Kdial2002

#75 Keyboard Flip Flops

Image credits: TooHigh2Die420

#76 Tiny Hand Nail Design

Image credits: ewzoe

#77 Getting A Fresh Cut To Start The Year

Image credits: dwrussell96

#78 Boots Made From Psych Ward Grippy Socks

Image credits: EpicDivorceTime

#79 Found On Fb: Bdsm Tea Cup?

Image credits: NickaMLRN

#80 Nice

Image credits: Travellingjake

#81 Worst Cross Over Ever!

Image credits: Romulus_Hex

#82 Florida Man

Image credits: _johnald_

#83 This Seashell Kitten My Mom Loves Is Peak Atbge… Absolutely Horrifying

Image credits: yt_phivver

#84 Chicken Soup Popsicles

Image credits: WYLD_STALLYNS

#85 Was Told To Post This Here! My Mom Bought A Massive Fur Blanket Made Exclusively From Roadkill

Image credits: LeopardDot

#86 Meat Manicure

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#87 Fashion Crash And Burn (Now Without Image Text)

Image credits: pallepishus

#88 Give It A Name!

Image credits: BobMcCully

#89 Ugh

Image credits: AmirJeffrey

#90 This Is A Bathroom…

Image credits: n4pth4

#91 Female Toilet Entrance

Image credits: unk0wn8

#92 Teeth For Holding Your Toothbrush

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#93 Stance Shopping

Image credits: CantaloupeCamper

#94 And They Used Just One Arm To Lay Him In A Manger, Because They Were Totally Jacked. And Yea, The Babe Was Also Completely Yolked -Luke 2:7 Probably

Image credits: Zeugirdork

#95 Red Solo Wine Glass

Image credits: GatchaNoise

#96 Commando Crocs

Image credits: DemoCahx

#97 Air Fryer

Image credits: cappsy04

#98 I’m A Pipe Smoker And My Dentist Neighbor Decided To Make Me A Pipe…

Image credits: Azmichael21

#99 I Don’t Know How To Feel About This

Image credits: DrathNur

#100 Having Gold Chains In Place Of Having Hair

Image credits: RayZenz91

#101 I Don’t Even Know What To Say

Image credits: ElectronicRooster976

#102 Snakeskin And Head Boots

Image credits: AltruisticMorph

#103 Buick Chadcrosse Spotted In Ohio!

Image credits: SuperS3xehBunnyGirl

#104 This Mug

Image credits: daltonadkins15

#105 This Brass And Deer Leather Ringmail Shows A Little Too Much Skin For My Taste…

Image credits: Dominarion

#106 Whatever This Is

Image credits: Silojm

#107 These Pokemon Remasters Are Perhaps Going A Bit Far

Image credits: robaato72

#108 Two Eyes Aren’t Enough

Image credits: RagingHomo_DaPenis

#109 I Like KFC Too, But Not This Much

Image credits: dilettantedebrah

#110 Hands Up, Sucker

Image credits: tom_the_pilot

#111 There’s A 50/50 Chance I’m Going Back To Buy It

Image credits: fishbethany

#112 A Better Than Average Antivaxx Tattoo

Image credits: CyXone

#113 Guy In Our Town Won A Few Million In Lottery. He Decided To Plate His Hummer In 14k Gold

Image credits: MStudley311

#114 This “Cute DIY Mask”

Image credits: The-Lying-Tree

#115 These High Heel Chucks

Image credits: kentaki_cat

#116 Hideous Crocodile Shoes Giving Side Eye

Image credits: SnapCrackleMom

#117 Definitely These. I Hate And Love How Realistic They Are

Image credits: mayonnaiseprincess

#118 When Trauma Is On The Wishlist.

Image credits: 801-One-N-Done

#119 9/11 Tribute Float

Image credits: arithmetic

#120 Drake The Kinda Guy To Cry When He Sees This

Image credits: xzxi_sir

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