122 Pics That Prove Iceland Is Unlike Any Other Country

Ah, Iceland, one of the most magical places on Earth and on this side of the Milky Way. The beauty of the country, however, goes deeper than the gorgeous fjords, (sometimes) slumbering volcanoes, and windswept tourists you’ll find on the covers of brochures (though the nature there is truly stunning and a large part of the draw).

Iceland embodies the essence of community, happiness, and health, and we hope to show this to you in this list, compiled by our travel-hungry Bored Panda team. As you’re scrolling down, upvote the Icelandic facts that caught your attention, and let us know what you think of the country in the comments. If you’ve ever been to Iceland yourselves, Pandas, then we’re itching to hear all about your adventures there!

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If you’re in the mood for some more Icelandic awesomeness after this list, then you’ll want to check out Bored Panda’s earlier articles about the fabulous country here and here.

#1 Without An Address, An Icelandic Tourist Drew This Map Of The Intended Location (Búðardalur) And Surroundings On The Envelope. The Postal Service Delivered

Image credits: reddit.com

It isn’t an overstatement to say that the Icelandic people are some of the happiest on our planet. The 2021 World Happiness Report ranked Iceland as the fourth happiest country on Earth, right behind Denmark in second place, Switzerland in third, and just ahead of the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

Finland was given the number one spot in this year’s World Happiness Report update (its fourth consecutive year!) whereas Afghanistan was ranked as the unhappiest country in the world.

#2 Iceland Has The World’s Highest Gender Equality

Image credits: Strandjunker

#3 Polar Stratospheric Clouds Over Iceland A Few Days Ago

Image credits: h0rdur

The difference between the overall happiness index in the top few countries is marginal at best, meaning that European, especially Northern European countries are consistently the best places to live. If happiness is your thing that is.

According to the World Population Review and the World Happiness Report, Iceland has the highest feeling of social support in the world, even ahead of such countries as Finland, Norway, and Denmark, which tied for second place in terms of this metric.

#4 The Viking Sword Road In Iceland

Image credits: giuliogroebert

#5 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image credits: KristjanHrannar

#6 Iceland Does Not Want To Deal With Your Stupidity – And I Think That’s Beautiful

Image credits: Joe_Vanelli

Currently, Iceland has a population of just 371k, according to Encyclopædia Britannica’s latest figures. That means the country is incredibly sparsely populated. Or, as Arctic Adventures puts it, that’s around 3 people per square kilometer (that’s roughly 8 people per square mile for our British and American Pandas).

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They might be a small nation, but they’re tight-knit and really do know how to live a high-quality life. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the data, but it’s far better to experience the hospitality in person than to read about it or to look at just the stats and figures.

#7 This Street In Iceland

Image credits: TransIndian

#8 Modern Icelandic Houses Are Built With Geothermally Heated Water Pipes Under Their Sidewalks So Icelanders Never Have To Shovel In Winter

Image credits: karljam

#9 Breathtaking Icelandic Landscape

Image credits: brandonjbb

When we talk about Iceland being magical, it’s not all just fantasy and evocative words. According to the Nordic Visitor Blog, around a third of Icelanders believe in the existence of elves. Meanwhile, there are even spokespeople for the elves present when constructions take place in certain lava fields in Iceland.

#10 Fun Fact Iceland Is Full Of Rainbows. Their Rainbow Paths Were Created To Show Their Immense Support For Pride, Diversity, And Acceptance

Image credits: slozhna

#11 Information Sign Nr 1, Geysir Iceland

Image credits: SuperMyge

#12 Work Signs In Reykjavik, Iceland Feature A Female Worker

Image credits: ithinkik_ern

Some of the reasons why Icelanders are so happy include their strong sense of community, their focus on equality and inclusion, and their high levels of transparency. This means that the Icelandic people have very high levels of trust in their governments while they also boast a low crime rate. Statista notes that there were 167 prisoners in the entire country in 2010. This number fell to 136 in 2018.

#13 The Coolest House I Found During My Trip In Iceland

Image credits: jaymesucks

#14 Town In Iceland Paints A 3D Pedestrian Crossing To Slow Traffic

Image credits: Gústi Productions

#15 This Is How Glacier Rivers Looks From Above In Iceland

Image credits: mohiemen

Of course, all the natural beauty, stunning settings, and fresh air don’t help your chances of wanting to settle down in Iceland, either. Quite literally everyone that we personally know who’s been to Iceland has expressed their deep love of the country and has promised to go back. Hey, it might be an amateurish scientific study, but the sentiment is real.

#16 Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometers Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland

Image credits: Johanngunnar

#17 Krónur Coins, The Icelandic Currency, Have National Marine Species As Heads

Image credits: maryanasims

#18 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

Image credits: maggipedia

Some time ago, Bored Panda spoke about traveling etiquette and the importance of learning local costumes with Professor Christine Vogt from Arizona State University. She said that it’s vital that we do proper background research about the country we’re traveling to before setting out on the adventure itself. Analyze the customs, get to know the language. “More than likely that is what draws a person to visit a certain place. The more local knowledge a traveler has, the more a traveler can feel like a local and fit in,” she said.

#19 People Gathered Around Lava, Iceland

Image credits: wyazici

#20 This Poster Under A Camera In Iceland

Image credits: andnonymous

#21 This Scuba Crossing Sign In Þingvellir, Iceland

Image credits: Machomanrandicabbage

“Local customs can include how a traveler dresses, eats, uses a cell phone, etc. When a traveler is out in a community such as walking in a downtown area or eating in a restaurant, these local customs can come into play. For example, in Buddhist countries, a woman who has not covered her shoulders or legs may not be allowed into temples or even a restaurant. Learn as many local customs as you can and a few key words to enhance your experience,” the professor explained to Bored Panda.

#22 In Hólavallagarður Cemetery, Iceland, It’s Said Trees Are Planted On Graves As A Old Norse Tradition. You Can Touch The Trees As A Way To Connect With The Deceased

Image credits: Yako_hello_nurse

#23 Beautiful Photograph Taken In Iceland Where The Blue Sea, The Black Beach, The Yellow River And The Green Fields Meet In Perfect Harmony

Image credits: sebastianmzh

#24 This “Where Are You From” Map At The Aurora Museum In Reykjavík, Iceland

Image credits: ECEguy105

Meanwhile, Professor Vogt added that travelers should refrain from taking any historic artifacts home with them as souvenirs. Some of the ways that the locals can make sure nothing gets taken is to set up signs that discourage people from pocketing what they shouldn’t. If that doesn’t work, penalties for stealing and setting up cameras to catch rule-breakers might work. It’s also a good idea to set up a display of all the items that tourists had stolen and then returned later on.

#25 This Gate Made From An Old Bike In Reykjavik

Image credits: Blake001

#26 This Is The Last McDonald’s Burger Sold In Iceland

Image credits: Gavin_beast13

#27 Every Stop Light In Akureyri, Iceland Is Shaped Like A Heart

Image credits: Diabolus734

#28 There Are Places In Iceland Where You Can Be Standing On The North American And European Tectonic Plates At The Same Time. This Rift Was From An Earthquake

Image credits: scalebirds

#29 Black Church In Iceland

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#30 Blue Lagoon In Iceland, A Geothermal Hot Spring

Image credits: functional45training

#31 Remember That Icelandic Mayor Who Was Offering Signed Pictures Of Himself? Yeah. Mine Arrived Today

Image credits: lpisme

#32 Elephant Rock – Don’t Miss Out The Natural Statue Of Gaint Elephant Near Heimaey Island, Iceland

Image credits: h0rdur

#33 Today I Drank Straight From An Icelandic Glacier. The Finest Of H20

Image credits: asvpcn

#34 Icelandic Condoms

Image credits: Noticemenot

#35 Reykjavík Looking Extra Soft After Today’s Snowstorm

Image credits: tom.the.explorer

#36 Sheep Taking Shelter In A Tunnel In The Westfjords Of Iceland While A Bad Storm Blows Over

Image credits: Thorhallur_Bjornsson

#37 No Church In The Wild. Oldest Church Of Iceland, So Cute

Image credits: olivier_symon

#38 The Icelandic Pledge For Tourists

Image credits: ilseno

#39 In Iceland, There’s No Such Thing As The Flavour “Ranch”

Image credits: Dinosaur_Monkey

#40 Icelandic Girl Watering The Rooftop Of A Restaurant In Downtown Reykjavik

Image credits: catsandturtlesmix

#41 Fun Fact The Sheep Population Of Iceland Is More Than Double The Human Population

Image credits: Z3F

#42 Teddy Bear Quest

Image credits: HrefnaHelga

#43 Speed Bump And Cross Walk Signs In Iceland Look Like Alien Abduction

Image credits: nmathmaster

#44 Went To A Beach In Iceland And Took A Full-Color Picture That Looks Entirely Grayscale

Image credits: AcerRubrum

#45 Hostel In Iceland Has No Elevator, But Offers Elevator Music

Image credits: footeclimbs

#46 A Convenience Store In Reykjavik, Iceland Has A Well As You Walk In

Image credits: MVF3

#47 Meet Óttarr Proppé, Iceland’s New Minister Of Health

Image credits: frnak

#48 The Arctic Fox Is The Only Land Mammal Native To Iceland

Image credits: pexandapixie

#49 In Winter The Sun Sets At 2:00 PM In Iceland

Image credits: IceVaper

#50 Laugarvatnshellar Caves. House Built Into A Hill In Iceland

Image credits: rutbah

#51 Fun Fact About Iceland

Image credits: _vventura

#52 This Public Bike Service And Repair Station In Reykjavik

Image credits: isithuthuthu

#53 Painted On The Side Of A Little Cafe In Iceland

Image credits: gangbangkang

#54 In Iceland, Handicapped Parking Spaces Have Ramps Onto The Curb

Image credits: ThunderThighs711

#55 Campsite Inside A Greenhouse To Keep Us Warm (Hverinn, Iceland)

Image credits: _Trik

#56 Facts About Icelandic Water

Image credits: infoway777

#57 Visiting Iceland And This Is The View At Midnight

Image credits: aln786

#58 In Reykjavik, There Is An Old Gate For “Single Gloves Speed Dating” Where You Can Put Other People’s Missing Gloves Or Look For Your Missing Gloves

Image credits: LuckyNumb3rSeven

#59 My Hostel Has Preserved The Last McDonald’s Cheeseburger Sold In Iceland

Image credits: shaanxiprovince

#60 1-Hour-Old Rock Sample Taken From An Icelandic Volcano

Image credits: MushroomsAreEvil

#61 This Sign Reminding Tourists Not To Walk On A Geothermally Active Area In Iceland

Image credits: SaltyHairNCupsOfTea

#62 This Pavement In Iceland For Wheelchairs Is Warmed Up So They Don’t Slide Down

Image credits: fridrik-prs

#63 A Guide To Tying A Tie, Painted On A Wall In The Shopping Street Of Reykjavik, Iceland

Image credits: Shediwe

#64 Chunks Of Ice On Iceland’s Diamond Beach

Image credits: Finn-Finns

#65 Windows Running On Windows (Airport In Iceland)

Image credits: duebers

#66 They Sell Icelandic Air In A Can At Gift Shops In Iceland

Image credits: alongstrangetrip95

#67 Icelandic Benchpress Record Being Broken On Top Of A Glacier, 1986

Image credits: ahmtslmz

#68 A Chilly Day In Þingvellir National Park. Glimmering “Good Luck Coins” In The Water

Image credits: loubrownx

#69 Traditional Icelandic Dishes

Smoked lamb “Hangikjöt” with beetroot, yellow turnip & redcurrant. Cured Minke Whale with horseradish, blueberry & mustard.

Lamb rib eye with wild thyme, oyster mushroom and cauliflower.

Icelandic Skyr Mousse with buckthorn berry, carrot cake, carrot sorbet and lemon.

Image credits: LadyStreetTheFirst

#70 The Easiest Bread I’ve Ever Made And It Turned Out Delicious! Icelandic Rúgbrauð

Image credits: One_Left_Shoe

#71 Reykjavík, Iceland In 1910 And 2013. The Former “Edge” Of The City. The Only House That Still Stands Is The Red-Roofed House On The Right

Image credits: Thorhallur_Bjornsson

#72 A Bra Fence In Iceland

Image credits: IcelandHotSpots

#73 A Chair And A Living Room Setting. In The Middle Of Nowhere. Iceland

Image credits: i_like_cake_a_lot

#74 In The Iceland Airport, You Wash And Dry

Image credits: r3dditatwork

#75 My Flight To Iceland Has Aurora Style Lighting

Image credits: rabbit_collar

#76 My Favorite Photo From My Trip To Snæfellnes Peninsula In Iceland Last March – Búdakirkja. Surreal To Be There In Person

Image credits: fitz4days

#77 The View From These Public Restrooms In Iceland

Image credits: feed-the-good-wolf

#78 This Fish Restaurant In Iceland Had Dried Fish Skins As Lighting Fixtures

Image credits: tnick771

#79 This Oil Tank In Reykjavík Is Lit Up With LED Lights In The Colors Of The Pride Flag During The Pride Week In Iceland

Image credits: Thorhallur_Bjornsson

#80 This Sign In Iceland Gives You A Smiley Face When You’re Under The Speed Limit, A Sad Face When Your Over The Speed Limit And An Angry Face If You’re Way Over The Speed Limit

Image credits: Destroyer317

#81 The Phallus Museum In Reykjavik, Iceland Uses Mermaids To Gauge Size

Image credits: GabbersLJ

#82 This Eve Online Monument In Iceland Contains All Usernames Up Until 2014

Image credits: abrooks0812

#83 Everything In Iceland Is Beautiful

Image credits: espressojoe84

#84 This 6-Wheeled Pickup Truck Car We Saw In Iceland

Image credits: jakeycakey1

#85 Garbage Bins In Iceland Have Mini Recycling Sections

Image credits: SupermansCat

#86 This Water Bottle On Board Iceland Air Is Shaped Like An Iceberg

Image credits: snakeofsilver

#87 Iceland Have Some Very Amusing Condom Packaging

Image credits: rskl123

#88 The Hallway To The Restroom In This English Pub In Iceland Is Made To Look Like A Tube Tunnel

Image credits: Saufen

#89 Icelandic Grass Roof (In The Summer)

Image credits: nicaraguandeathsquad

#90 This Store In Reykjavik, Iceland Has A Well In The Middle Of It

Image credits: robot_son

#91 This Recycling Bin Shaped Like A Bottle In Blonduos, Iceland

Image credits: earth_inked

#92 Icelandic Alternatives For Beef Jerky

Image credits: anonimvid

#93 In Reykjavík, Iceland, Some Of The Pedestrian Lights Are Female

Image credits: JoelKeys

#94 The Satellites In Iceland Are Almost Pointed Down Because It’s So Far North

Image credits: TheOneInTheHat

#95 Tear Shaped Egg I Found In A Local Market In Iceland

Image credits: SaladBacksides

#96 Hospital Food In Iceland, The Salmon Was Surprisingly Well-Seasoned

Image credits: lilac_whine

#97 In Case You Didn’t Know, The Sign Is For You

Image credits: cathsimard_

#98 At Reykjavik Airport, The Skylights Look Like Icicles

Image credits: shadowdoodles

#99 2AM In Reykjavik, Iceland. This Is A Dark As It’s Going To Get Tonight

Image credits: volcs0

#100 Some Amusing Graffiti I Saw In Iceland

Image credits: Gin_Tonic

#101 Bunker-Like Home In Iceland

Image credits: BunyipPouch

#102 Strange (Perhaps Unappealing?) Candy From Iceland

Image credits: alongstrangetrip95

#103 Iceland Very Often Gets Beached Whales, This Is One That Is Laying On The Beach At The Moment

Image credits: asdishallae

#104 This Artwork On A House In Reykjavik, Iceland

Image credits: Unfair-Leader

#105 Chain Bicycles That You Can Chain Your Bicycle To In Reykjavik Iceland

Image credits: sleepydopyfarty

#106 This Fence In Iceland Has A Glass Window

Image credits: wurstpun

#107 Icelandic Humor In Front Of A Local Bar

Image credits: pnznkltn

#108 Hotel In Iceland. It’s Supposed To Tell You Which Rooms Are On Which Floor

Image credits: pewpewpewpee

#109 The Water At The Blue Lagoon In Iceland Looked Like CGI

Image credits: patchyweasel

#110 Looked Up And Saw A Tiny Solder On This Street Sign In Reykjavik Iceland

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 DJ In Icelandic Mall Phone Store

Image credits: High2222

#112 Black And White Lavastones. I Got The Black One From Iceland And The White One From Milos, Greece

Image credits: itsiateyourcakeday

#113 The Bathrooms At This Dunkin’ Donuts In Reykjavik, Iceland Are In An Old Bank Vault

Image credits: dpu80

#114 Icelandic Hydrant Loves Fires

Image credits: Examinus

#115 The Windows In Iceland – What Is The Story Behind Them?

Image credits: FuriouslyChonky

#116 On My Flight To Iceland, The Cover On The Back Of Your Seat Has A Fun Fact

Image credits: EmporerAxolotl

#117 Freeze Your Left Hand And Boil Your Right Hand At This Airbnb In Iceland

Image credits: VJJDentata

#118 I Found Mojito-Flavored Soda In A Reykjavik Grocery Store

Image credits: Frozenteacher

#119 There’s A Bar In Reykjavik Iceland Called Lebowski Bar. It’s A Theme Bar Based On The Big Lebowski

Image credits: Saufen

#120 This Sign For Asian People In An Icelandic Public Bathroom

Image credits: I_Am_The_DrawerTable

#121 There Are “No Poop” Signs In Iceland

Image credits: hellandger

#122 This Camp Shower In Iceland Cost 300 Isk About 3 USD For Two Minutes Of Freezing Cold Water With Hardly Any Water Pressure

Image credits: wurstpun

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