122 Pictures Of The Weirdest Things People Saw On The Road (New Pics)

Say what you want, but on any given day, the open roads around the world can serve as the backdrop for the most unpredictable and humorous scenes you might witness. Take, for instance, the spectacle of a man confidently “parking” his cow next to a local McDonald’s. Not your average vehicle, but hey, it’s eco-friendly transportation! Or how about peeking into the car beside you at a stoplight, only to find the driver nonchalantly holding a sneaker in his mouth? Perhaps it’s a bold fashion statement, or maybe he’s just a very literal follower of the “taste in shoes” concept.

Oooh, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, brace yourself as a massive pirate ship rolls majestically down the road in your neighborhood. It’s a sight that could give even Captain Jack Sparrow a run for his money, complete with an enthusiastic crew of pirates shouting “Arrr!” at bewildered pedestrians. These are just a few of the examples you will see in this post, Pandas, so buckle up, the ride is wild to say the least!

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#1 This Pitbull Pulled Out His Teddy To Show It To The Dog Of The Other Car

#2 Pspspsps

Image credits: ginapsallidas

#3 This Driver Has Woody And Buzz Hanging Off Their Truck

Image credits: thatguywhojunk

#4 The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses

Image credits: kenziemonsterrawr

#5 This Is Still One Of My Favorite Things I’ve Witnessed On The Highway

Image credits: SilverOwl321

#6 This Guy Has A Skeleton In His Passenger Seat

Image credits: The____Wizrd

#7 While Driving, I Saw A Man With A Shoe In His Mouth

Image credits: mcnugglet

#8 I Knew It Was Trouble When They Drove By

Image credits: MadDongTannen

#9 There Was A Massive Pirate Ship Driving Around My Neighborhood

Image credits: ceqwz

#10 Drove By These Guys The Other Day

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Image credits: NismoJase

#11 The Car I Designed In 3rd Grade Has Finally Made It Into Production

Image credits: dennisonb

#12 Moving Day

Image credits: d0ppelgangr2

#13 There’s A Town In Massachusetts Called Sandwich And Their Cop Cars Read “Sandwich Police”

Image credits: Artistic-Confection7

#14 As A Driver, I Agree With His Argument

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 In The Drive-Thru Today

Image credits: Ok_Extension5535

#16 Sitting At A Red Light When A Peregrine Falcon Landed On The Hood Of My Car

Image credits: Astrofluke

#17 This Person Riding A Cow Though The McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Image credits: Ohnobros111

#18 In Case You Need To Connect While On The Road

Image credits: skywalker3165

#19 Three Deloreans Driving In A Row

Image credits: Itsnottuna

#20 Sears Tower. Banana For Scale

Image credits: DorShow

#21 Do Idiots On Motorcycles Count?

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#22 Toaster Car

Image credits: radioheadbabe

#23 The Way This Truck Is Painted To Look Like It’s Open

Image credits: FreddiePrinzeJr4Life

#24 This Guy Driving An Old Style Race Car Around My Town. He Has The Correct Clothes On And Everything

Image credits: khnnhk

#25 A Chicken Is Literally Crossing The Road

Image credits: dgevxn

#26 That Time I Was At The McDonald’s Drive-Through And Got Side-Eyed By A Dog In A Backpack

Image credits: macabrejaguar

#27 Saw This Bananamobile On The Highway

Image credits: Big-Neck

#28 Florida Man

Image credits: _johnald_

#29 Drove By A Helicopter Wrapped In Plastic This Morning

Image credits: cantread4content007

#30 Cattle Dogs Being Transported Under The Herd

Image credits: lizjeann

#31 Broken Window Resolution

Image credits: IndrawnCliff442

#32 When You Gotta Get Somewhere No Matter What

Image credits: rto0057

#33 The Way You Can See The Truck Through These Pipes

Image credits: wiegandster

#34 Saw This While On The Highway

Image credits: the_agentpickles

#35 I Passed “The Nut Mobile” Today While Driving

Image credits: Ambulldogmama

#36 This Ice Cream Cone Rolling Down The Road

Image credits: tburns1469

#37 A Creepy Biden Mannequin Bound And Gagged On A Car In Texas

Image credits: Easy_senpai

#38 A Car Designed As The Dumb And Dumber Van That Went Through My Chic-Fil-A Drive-Through

Image credits: Ryanfunroe

#39 Saw This Guy On The Highway Yesterday

Image credits: sambran414

#40 Drove Behind A Van Today With The Warning “Blind Man Driving”

Image credits: i_need_coffee_

#41 Florida Man! Creative? Yes. Dangerous? Yes. 2nd Trailer Attached With Rope

Image credits: Penguin_Reaper

#42 Drove Behind Them For 30 Minutes

Image credits: blacknmap

#43 This Car Covered In Nickels

Image credits: pacexmaker

#44 Saw This “Upside Down” Truck On The Highway A Few Years Ago

Image credits: thestorysoclose

#45 Love Knows No Bounds And Doesn’t Care About The Highway Code

Image credits: SonnyWade

#46 This Guy Driving Around With His Pet Iguana

Image credits: Cameronb102697

#47 Who Needs A Moving Truck

Image credits: RealPinchersKorean

#48 I Saw This Car Today

Image credits: A1rightyTh3n

#49 I Found Someone Driving A Home-Made Limo In Virginia

Image credits: JStahlman

#50 Saw This Guy Playing A Recorder While Driving His Fiat On The Highway

Image credits: schottslc

#51 Same Cars With Sequential Plates

Image credits: oh_0neupp

#52 Epic Driver

Image credits: accidental-stuntman

#53 Spotted An Old School Bat Mobile On The Road

Image credits: Yurrrr__Brooklyn347

#54 Found The Mystery Machine While On The Road Today

Image credits: mycatnolikeme

#55 Encountered This Dog Totally Content Wearing Protective Eye Gear On The Highway Today

Image credits: lucidzealot

#56 The Car I Was Behind Was Almost The Same As The Toy One I Keep On My Dash

Image credits: NiallSeamistWay

#57 This Land Rover Has A Working Clock On Its Rear

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 A Tiny House On A Trailer On The Highway This Afternoon

Image credits: Johnny_Carcinogenic

#59 I Was Waiting At The Red Light And Realized That I Was Surrounded With All White Cars

Image credits: maxistellar

#60 Ready For The Highway

Image credits: sheavill

#61 This Truck I Was Driving Behind On My Way Home Dragging Another Truck Facing Me

Image credits: babyim

#62 Blue Angel Being Hauled On The I90 Outside Of Seattle

Image credits: evancd

#63 This Jurassic Park Jeep I Spotted On My Way To Work

Image credits: TheYoungGriffin

#64 Made Me Smile

Image credits: GomerP19

#65 This Car I Saw On The Highway Today

Image credits: Exa_N0ri

#66 Just Passed Jay Leno Driving A Steam Powered Car Near The Burbank Airport

Image credits: Badfish1060

#67 Biker Casually Wearing Two Katanas On His Back (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Image credits: RonaldGolden

#68 This Had All My Attention On The Drive Home From Work

Image credits: Fptmike

#69 Just Drove By This On Duty Speed Trap

Image credits: GiantBeef

#70 Yesterday I Managed To Witness The Rare And Miraculous Birth Of A Seasonal Reindeer Vehicle While Waiting At A Red Light

Image credits: 360inMotion

#71 Was Driving Through Town And Ended Up Behind This Garbage Truck With A Paint Job Showing Stacks Of Money

Image credits: iDurtyDan

#72 How To Drive On A Highway, Explained By An Educated Driver

Image credits: IHateHangovers

#73 We Have A Self-Driving Bus In My City

Image credits: norwegianlife

#74 Foggy Morning Appears As If We’re Driving Into The Clouds

Image credits: ExBx

#75 Somehow Ended Up Behind These 2 Cars At The Same Location A Couple Of Days Apart

Image credits: duckduckbananas

#76 This UFO Being Transported With A Police Escort

Image credits: tekkaman01

#77 Drove Next To The Wiener Mobile Today

Image credits: Jzimm25

#78 This Car Carrying A Miniature Replica Of Itself

Image credits: RoboticElfJedi

#79 My Dad Sent Me This

Image credits: abe17124

#80 Really Really Big Tires I Saw On My Drive To Work

Image credits: chromebaloney

#81 This Mini Cooper On The Highway Today Had A Space Shuttle Attached To The Roof

Image credits: uoYredruM

#82 This Matte Black And Gold Car

Image credits: Onecleodboi

#83 Even Being Quicker Than Quick Won’t Save You From Traffic These Days

Image credits: SmallEvilOne1

#84 I Saw A “Tumbler” While I Was Driving Down The Freeway

Image credits: tylern

#85 I Drove Past An Emergency Beer Ambulance

Image credits: rockytotes

#86 My Wife And I Drove Next To A Truck Towing A Truck, Towing A Truck, Towing A Truck

Image credits: Sinnedbackwards

#87 I Saw A Truckload Of Bees Being Transported On The Highway Yesterday

Image credits: sanitation123

#88 Lady Has A Mannequin In The Passenger Seat So She Can Use The Carpool Lane

Image credits: This_Hippo

#89 Not Yet Released 2020 Car Being Driven Downtown, Totally Hidden

Image credits: purpleeliz

#90 I Passed A Lobster On The Highway

Image credits: MassGootz

#91 Saw A Danny DeVito Devoted Van On The Highway. Vanny DeVito

Image credits: lipoppi

#92 This Is A Chrome Tesla I Saw On The Highway

Image credits: tardissomethingblue

#93 The Driver Forgot To Put The Meat Away Before Leaving The Grocery Store

Image credits: OpalOnyxObsidian

#94 This Guy Decided To Do Off-Road To Circumvent Traffic Jam

Image credits: One-Wait-8383

#95 Defensive Drivers

Image credits: fartfartpoo

#96 Idiot Dragging A Tree Down A Highway

Image credits: RedWineSkeletor

#97 Is Your Plate Closed As Well?

Image credits: aarkrye

#98 This Guy Was Next To Me On The Highway. The Longer You Look The Funnier It Gets

Image credits: blakekb77

#99 Spotted This Totoya On The Road Today

Image credits: Mr_Chance

#100 This Guy Driving His Bird Around My Neighborhood

Image credits: galaxzii

#101 This Upside Down School Bus I Drove By

Image credits: leothelion634

#102 Saw This In A Parking Lot

Image credits: Detabolik

#103 On A Texas Highway

Image credits: Christpuncher2019

#104 Saw This Guy On The Highway Today. Tought It Belonged Here

Image credits: realalexmg

#105 I Thought This Was Funny. The Hoop Was Wobbling Pretty Good When He Turned

Image credits: misplaced_pants742

#106 All White Cars Behind Me

Image credits: 1saltymf

#107 On Our Way Home In Southern Pennsylvania And Found Ourselves Behind This Masterpiece

Image credits: viryamind

#108 Guess They Really Want Everyone To Know They Drive A Maybach. Had To Look Up This Car Brand

Image credits: wires_dont_talk

#109 It’s Moving Day

Image credits: ecky–ptang-zooboing

#110 Just Grabbing Some Wood

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 Driver Asks For Spare Kidney On Back Of Car

Image credits: BangThyHead

#112 Share The Road

Image credits: PositiveCunt

#113 I Drove Home With One Of The Cars From Mad Max

Image credits: Yogbox

#114 A State Dot Truck Hits A Bridge On A State Highway

Image credits: maxcrazy

#115 Stuck Behind A “The Price Is Right” Winner In Traffic Today

Image credits: ottolotto1

#116 This Happened In My City. She Was Arrested

Image credits: kerosene-dreamer

#117 This Van In Our Town

Image credits: MAINsalad1

#118 I’m Impressed He Made It On The Highway

Image credits: sender2bender

#119 Dude Said He Don’t Need A U-Haul

Image credits: _B2W_

#120 I Have No Words

Image credits: Zestyclose_Guess_790

#121 Spotted In Alabama While On A Road Trip

Image credits: maddiejake

#122 I Saw A White UPS Truck The Other Day

Image credits: CookiesWithMilken

Source: boredpanda.com

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