122 Surprising Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed, As Shared In This Group (New Pics)

Filmmakers love using little details to send their audiences secret messages. They’re called easter eggs and finding them in movies is a great pleasure; it’s like you’re communicating with the artist through a secret language, not bound to the constraints of time and space. All it takes is keen observation and a little experience.

However, there’s a way to enjoy this visual lingo even if you’re not fluent in it. As we at Bored Panda have already shown you here, here, and here, there’s an online community where attentive viewers share all the hidden gems they uncover. It’s a 2.8-million-member subreddit called “Movie Details.”

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Since our last publication, these folks have made plenty of new discoveries, so we thought it’s about time we paid them another visit. From old classics (“Jaws”) to recent hits (“Blade Runner 2049”), continue scrolling to learn more obscure facts and trivia about some of the most beloved productions.

#1 In Thor (2011) One Of The Asgardians Is Played By Walt Simonson. He Wrote The Thor Comic Book From 1983-1987

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#2 In Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Han Drops His Parka On The Floor When He Arrives At Starkiller Base

When he leaves, Chewbacca hands it back to him, and he reacts with confusion. This part was improvised by Chewbacca’s actor Joonas Suotamo, who went off script, confusing Harrison Ford.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#3 In Jaws (1975), The TV Reporter Is Played By Peter Benchly, The Author Of The Book

Image credits: NeverCallMeFifi

#4 In Joker (2019), Arthur Performs At Pogo’s Comedy Club. It Was Named After Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy. Gacy Would Regularly Entertain Children As “Pogo The Clown”

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#5 In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (2009), Child Tom Riddle Has 7 Rocks On The Windowsill In His Bedroom, Foreshadowing The 7 Horcruxes

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#6 The Opening Scene Of “Bladerunner 2049” (2017) Shows Giant Solar Concentration Farms, Which Are Based On The Real-Life Ivanpah Solar Electric Generation System In The Mojave Desert

You actually drive right past it if you take the Interstate 15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Image credits: seinfeld4eva

#7 In The Princess And The Frog (2009) The Villains Shadow Turns This Wallpaper To Skulls And Crossbones In This Scene

Image credits: M_R_MISM

#8 The Phrase “There’s A Snake In My Boot!” That Woody From ‘Toy Story’ (1995) Says Is A Reference To A Common Hallucination Suffered By Alcoholics In The 19th Century

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Image credits: klsi832

#9 In Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), The Blond Man On The Right Is Gal Gadot’s Husband, Yaron Varsano. And The Little Girl Is Maya, Their Younger Daughter

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#10 In Bohmian Rhapsody (2018), The Trucker That Eyes Freddie Is Played By Singer Adam Lambert

Since 2011, He Has Been Touring With Queen As Their Frontman

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#11 In Spider-Man (2002) After Recieving The News Of His Dismissal From The Board Of Oscorp, Norman Osborn Goes Through The Five Stages Of Grief In A Microcosm

Image credits: loorollkid

#12 In Bttf Part 3 (1990), The Photographer That Takes A Picture Of Marty And Doc Is Played By Dean Cundey, Who Was Director Of Photography On All Three Back To The Future Movies

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#13 In Die Hard (1988), The Scene Where Uli Pockets A Candy Bar Was Improvised By Actor And Stuntman Al Leong

Writer Steven de Souza said “That assured him a longer life. I was killing somebody every eight or 10 pages but that moment made him interesting. He’s one of the last guys to die.”

Image credits: unhappy_lil_trees

#14 In The Little Mermaid (1989), You Can See The King And His Advisor From Cinderella (1950) At The Wedding

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#15 In Pearl Harbour (2001), Michael Bay Gave His Dog A Cameo. He Was Named Mason, And He Was 5-Years-Old During Filming

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#16 In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 (2018), The Old Couple Taking Photos Are The Parents Of James Gunn. They Are Credited As “Weird Old Man” And “Weird Old Man’s Mistress.”

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#17 In Knives Out (2019), Ransom’s Sweater Has A Ripped Collar And Several Noticeable Holes

The costume designer added this detail to show Ransom’s nonchalance towards his wealth and disrespect for his family. 

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#18 In The Matrix (1999) In The Real World Both Cypher And Mouse Are Bleeding From Both Ears In Every Scene


It’s a hidden detail in the original script.

“MORPHEUS This will feel a little weird.

There are several disturbing noises as he works the needle in.

We MOVE IN as Neo’s shoulders bunch and his face tightens into a grimace until a LOUD CLICK fires and his ears pop like when you equalize them underwater.”

When you enter the Matrix, your ears pop. Scuba divers often can get blood in their ears from this effect. So, the “jacking-in” causes the ears to pop. If repeatedly done (to talk to the machines or to see a woman in a red dress) would mean repeatedly popping your ears—causing them to eventually bleed.

Image credits: stealthispost

#19 In Hp And The Half-Blood Prince (2009), A Newspaper States That A Witch Named Amelia Bones Was Found Murdered At Her Home. She Was The Witch That Defended Harry In The Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#20 In Pulp Fiction (1994) Tarantino’s Smiling Globe T-Shirt Is For A Detroit Magazine Called Orbit

They were the first magazine to ever interview him about being a filmmaker and he wore the shirt as a ‘thank you’ to them.

Image credits: nedelbach

#21 In Harry Potter (2007), Ralph Fiennes Asked For A Hook To Be Added To Voldemort’s Wand So That He Could Move More Fluidly And “Snake-Like” Without The Wand Falling From His Hand

Image credits: PristineAnimator683

#22 In The Truman Show (1998), The Couple At The Table Are Daryl Davis And Robert Davis, They Are The Founders Of Seaside, The Town Where The Movie Was Filmed. They Agreed To Give Filming Permission, In Return For A Cameo

They agreed to give filming permission, in return for a cameo.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#23 In Shrek 2 (2004), The Kings Bedroom Has A Tapestry Of A Lily Pond

It foreshadows that he is the frog prince.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#24 In The Truman Show (1998) The Boat That Truman Sails On To Escape Is Named Santa Maria, The Same Name Of One Of Christopher Columbus’ Ships, Signifying That Truman Is Heading To A “New World”

Image credits: PaintMyThrone

#25 In Despicable Me (2010), The Number On Gru’s Ticket Is 072069. Aka July 20th 1969, The Date Of The First Moon Landing (Which Gru Watched In A Flashback)

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#26 In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005), Its Shown That Willy Wonka’s Distant Father Had Framed Highlights Of His Sons Life

This was inspired by a trip Tim Burton took to visit his dying mother in 2002. Despite their relationship being not great, she owned framed movie posters of all his films.

Image credits: FionaWalliceFan

#27 In Knives Out (2019), The Type Of Phone That A Character Uses Hints At Their Guilt Or Innocence

Apple doesn’t let villains use iPhones on camera. Ransom, the murderer, doesn’t use an iphone

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#28 In Zootopia (2016), Bellwether Is Wearing A Little Bell. In Real Life, A Bellwether Is The Leading Sheep Of A Flock, With A Bell Around Its Neck To Help Direct The Other Sheep

Image credits: Russian_Bagel

#29 In Hp And The Half-Blood Prince (2009), Luna Wears A Bracelet With A Hare On It To Slughorn’s Christmas Party. This Is A Reference To Her Patronus. Also, The Bracelet Was Made By Evanna Lynch, The Actress Who Plays Luna

This is a reference to her patronus. Also, the bracelet was made by Evanna Lynch, the actress who plays Luna.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#30 Some Good Advice In The End Credits Of The Naked Gun (1988)

Image credits: thereisnozuul

#31 In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), You Can See Stephen And Julie Getting Back Together In The Background At Julie’s Party

Image credits: McManster

#32 Impractical Jokers: The Movie — 2020. Will Ferrell Makes A Cameo Without Any Lines & Zero Reference. I Did A Double Take And Had To Rewind!

Image credits: AMICUS_

#33 For This Scene In Alien Resurrection (1997), Sigourney Weaver Insisted On Pulling Off This Basketball Shot, And Did In Fact Do It.

Image credits: Comic_Book_Reader

#34 In Tombstone (1993) Val Kilmer Had The Art Department Fill His Deathbed With Ice Which He Laid On. Not Only To Shake More In The Performance But To Create A Pain Equal To What Doc Might Have Felt Saying Goodbye To His Best Friend

Image credits: wreckage88

#35 In Up (2009), The Reporters In The Opening Newsreel Are Just Floating Hats, With No Actual Character Models Present

Image credits: CaptainJZH

#36 In Weird Al’s Movie “Uhf” (1989), A Man In The Audience Gets A Mouthful Of Whipped Cream. This Is Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen), The Novelty Radio Host Who Made Weird Al Famous And Launched His Career. Hansen Has Also Appeared In Several Weird Al Music Videos.

Image credits: howmuchbanana

#37 In Batman Returns (1992) Michelle Pfeiffer Put A Live Bird In Her Mouth For The Scene Where Catwoman Threatens To Eat Penguin’s Bird

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#38 In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe (2005), If You Look Closely At The Lamppost, You Can See It Has Roots, Like A Tree. This Is Because In The Narnia Books, The Lamppost Was Grown From An Iron Bar Torn From A Similar Lamp In London.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#39 In Mean Girls (2004), Tim Meadows, Who Plays Principal Duvall, Broke His Wrist A Week Before Filming Started And Had To Wear A Cast. This Was Written Into The Movie As Principal Duvall Suffering From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#40 In The Outsiders (1983), The Nurse In Dallas’ Hospital Room Is Played By S.e. Hinton, The Author Of The Book From Which The Movie Was Adapted

Image credits: VictorBlimpmuscle

#41 In Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009), Sam Injures His Left Hand In The Desert. This Is Because Shia Labeouf Injured His Hand In A Car Accident During Filming. So It Had To Be Written Into The Movie

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#42 In Potc: At World’s End (2007), You Can See A Hidden Mickey On Sao Feng’s Sea Chart

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#43 In ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ (1991), The T-1000 Wears A Combination Of The Normal Cop And Bike Cop Clothes In The Foundry. This Is Due To It Malfunctioning / Glitching After Reassembling Himself, As It Struggles To Control It’s Form

Image credits: theLloyd3

#44 In Space Jam (1996), Bill Murray Explains His Entry Into The Toon World By Saying The Film’s Producer Is A Friend Of His. Space Jam’s Executive Producer Was Ivan Reitman, Who Directed The Murray-Starred Ghostbusters (1984), Among Others

Space Jam’s executive producer was Ivan Reitman, who directed the Murray-starred Ghostbusters (1984), among others.

Image credits: MtNowhere

#45 In Back To The Future (1985) We See A Dying City Center. Besides Boarded Up Stores There Is A Partially Shown Sign Suggesting That The Businesses (E.g. Zales Jewelers) Actually Migrate Towards The Mall.

Image credits: robin_888

#46 The Mother In The Opening Cartoon Of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Is Not A Giant Cartoon Woman. Its A Non Cartoon Actor In Women’s Legs Stilts.

Image credits: ripjim93

#47 In Lotr: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001), You Can See Pippin Playing In The Band At Bilbo’s Party, Before His Proper Introduction. Confirmed By Billy Boyd On The Dvd Commentary.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#48 In Coco (2017), The Skull On Ernesto’s Guitar Has A Single Gold Tooth, Foreshadowing That…

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#49 The Matrix Reloaded (2003) – In The Matrix Universe An Agent’s Suit Is Slightly Green, But As Agent Smith Has Evolved He Now Has A Black Suit

Image credits: jj-sickman

#50 In Moana (2016), You Can See Caricatures Of Ron Clements And John Musker, The Directors Of The Movie.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#51 In It Chapter Two (2019), This Skateboard Has The Famous Carpet Pattern From The Shining (1980).

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#52 In Luca (2021), Massimo Serves Luca “Trenette Al Pesto”. This Is A Dish From Liguria, The Italian Region Where Genoa Is Located. Genoa Is The City Where Giulia’s Mother Lives, And The Home Town Of Director Enrico Casarosa.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#53 In The Addams Family (1991), They Pour Boiling Oil On Some Christmas Carollers At The Start Of The Movie. You Can Still See The Stains From The Oil At The End Of The Movie.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#54 In The Incredibles 2 (2018) Edna Mode Comments That Jack Jack’s Powers Manifest When Listening To Mozart. In The First Incredibles (2004), Babysitter, Kari Puts On Mozart For Jack Jack, Triggering His Powers. Madness Ensues

Image credits: hikingonhigh

#55 In The LEGO Batman Movie (2017), Bruce Suggests “Fox Force 5” As A Name For A Strike Force Team. This The Name Of Mia Wallace’s Failed TV Show From Pulp Fiction (1994)

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#56 In Midsommar (2019) The First Shot Of The Film Is A Mural That Lays Out The Entirety Of The Film Up Until The End

Image credits: Financial_Lecture997

#57 In Austin Powers In Goldmember (2002), The Flashback Scene Featuring A Younger Nigel Powers Is Actually Footage From The Early Michael Caine Movie Hurry Sundown (1967).

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#58 In The Polar Express (2004), A Protest Sign Says “Say Yes To Lone Pine Mall Construction”. A Sneaky Reference To Back To The Future (1985). Both Movies Were Directed By Robert Zemeckis.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#59 In Candyman (2021), Burke Is Seen Reading Weaveworld By Clive Barker, Who Also Wrote The Short Story “The Forbidden” Which The Original Candyman Is Based Off

Image credits: EndTheMadnessPls

#60 In Crimson Peak (2015), Edith Wears A Belt Made From Her Dead Mothers Hair. This Type Of Clothing Was Common During The Victorian Era, As A Way Of Mourning Deceased Loved Ones. The Costume Designer Even Went The Extra Mile And Made The Belt From Real Human Hair.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#61 In Rushmore (1998), The Shot Of Max Sitting On A Go-Kart Wearing Goggles Was Inspired By A Photo By The Famous French Photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. That Photo, As Well As Several Others By Lartigue, Appears Behind Max Earlier In The Film.

Image credits: VictorBlimpmuscle

#62 In Rocky (1976), Adrian’s Hesitation To Kiss Rocky Wasn’t Originally In The Script. Talia Shire Had Contracted The Flu And Was Worried About Getting Sylvester Stallone Sick, So She Was Very Reluctant To Kiss Him. It Ended Up Being Better Than The Planned Scene, So It Was Kept In The Movie.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#63 In The Big Lebowski (1998), Jesus Quintana Is Wearing Rings From The American Bowling Congress That Certify His Ability To Roll A Perfect 300 Game, A 299 Game And An Incredibly Difficult 800 Series. Those Rings Tell You That Creep Can Roll.

Image credits: oceanicplatform

#64 In Joe Dirt (2001), The Oil Company That Joe Works For Is Called Scotch Oil. That Is Also The Name Of The Oil Company That Chris Farley’s Dad Owned In Madison Wi (And Where Chris Worked Before He Became A Comedian) – A Small Tribute By Spade To His Late Friend.

Image credits: VictorBlimpmuscle

#65 During The Credits To “Lilo & Stitch” (2002), Agent Bubbles Is Shown Serving A Turkey. This Is A Reference To Norman Rockwell’s Painting “Freedom From Want” (1941-43)

Image credits: Granite-M

#66 In The Opening Titles Of Alice In Wonderland (2010), You Can See The Cheshire Cat’s Face On The Moon For A Split Second. I Sharpened The Image On The Left To Make It More Visible.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#67 In ‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021), Astronomers Appear On A ‘Morning Joe’-Style Cable News Talk Show. Though Not Explicitly Noted As Liberal, Their Logo Reflects Their Slant. A Clever Detail!

Image credits: LarryKingshead

#68 In 1917 (2019), Schofield Is Running Along A Trench, When Another Soldiers Runs Into Him And Trips Him Up. This Was Unscripted: An Extra Accidentally Ran Into George Mackay During A Particular Take, But McKay Recovered And Kept Running.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#69 In Luca (2021), Giulia Says That A Telescope Belongs To “Old Man Bernardi”. This Is A Reference To Set Supervisor Chris Bernardi, Who Is Interested In Astronomy And Owns 6 Telescopes.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#70 In Wreck It Ralph (2012), You Can See A Sketch Of The Movies Director, Rich Moore, On A Wall At Tapper’s.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#71 In Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017), You Can See A Bar Named “Korben’s”. This Is A Reference To Korben Dallas, The Main Character Of The Fifth Element (1997). Both Movies Are Directed By Luc Besson.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#72 The Newspaper From Batman (1989) Shows That The Movie Takes Place In The 1940s Apparently.

Image credits: iliketolickthebuttah

#73 In Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones (2002), The Yellow Airspeeder That Anakin And Obi-Wan Use To Pursue Bounty Hunter Zam Wesell Is Based On John Milner’s Yellow Deuce Coupe From American Graffiti (1973).

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#74 In A Show Of True Commitment To Character, Danny Devito Ate A Raw Fish For This Scene In Batman Returns (1992).

Image credits: noelccnoel

#75 In Kung Fu Panda (2008), Po’s Father Owns A Noodle Shop. This Is Actually A Reference To His Voice Actor, James Hong. Hong’s Father Owned A Noodle Shop And Hong Would Often Work There. When The Filmmakers Learned About This, They Integrated It Into His Character.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#76 Back To The Future(1985) The Billboard That Marty Sees In ’55 Is An Exact Image Of The Mcfly Home.

Image credits: aslanenlisted

#77 In Jojo Rabbit (2019) All The Clones Are Played By Gibly Griffin Davis And Hardy Griffin Davis, Twin Brothers Of Jojo Actor Roman Griffin Davis

Image credits: dartmaster666

#78 Batman Returns, 1992: Selina’s Eyeglasses Shadow Project The Catwoman Mask On Her Face.

Image credits: stianenko

#79 In Full Metal Jacket (1987), When Joker And Rafterman Encounter A Mass Open Grave, A Film Crew Is Shown Alongside It. The Woman Shooting Footage Of The Site Was Played By Vivian Kubrick, Daughter Of Director Stanley Kubrick. Vivian Also Composed The Film’s Score Under The Pseudonym Abigail Mead.

Image credits: VictorBlimpmuscle

#80 In Titanic (1997), The Car That Rose And Jack Have Sex In Is A 1912 Renault Type Cb Coupé De Ville. To Date, It Is The Only Automobile Known For Certain To Have Been On The Titanic.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#81 In Thor (2011) The Name On The Id Dr. Selvig Tries To Use To Get Thor Out Of Shield Detainment Is Dr. Donald Blake. This Is Also The Name Of Thor’s Alter Ego In The Comics

Image credits: onemm

#82 In Free Guy (2021), You Can See A Bottle Of Gin Labelled “Subtle Product Placement”. This Is Actually A Bottle Of Aviation Gin…a Brand Which Is Partially Owned By Ryan Reynolds.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#83 Tremors (1990) The Scene Where Val Mckee Misses Hammering The Nail Was Improvised By Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward And Ron Underwood.

Image credits: omegansmiles

#84 In The Ring (2002) The Tree With Fiery Red Leaves Is A Japanese Maple. The Fruit That This Tree Produces Is Called A Samara. The Name Of The Movie’s Antagonist Is Samara Morgan.

Image credits: Str33twise84

#85 In Despicable Me (2010), There Is A Flipped Blu-Ray Logo Stylized As, “Gru-Ray”.

Image credits: finnishflash128

#86 In The First Three Potc Movies (2003-2007), All Three Protagonists Are Named After Birds. Sparrow And Swann Are Obvious. But Will Turner’s Surname Is A Reference To Terns. Confirmed By The Screenwriter

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#87 In Catch Me If You Can (2002), You Can See The Words “Steven And Tom’s 4th Project” Written On A Blackboard. This Is A Reference To Director Steven Spielberg And Actor Tom Hanks.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#88 In Avatar (2009), Grace Wears A Stanford Tank Top In Her Avatar Form. This Was Added By Sigourney Weaver As A Reference To Her Alma Mater. She Graduated From Stanford In 1972.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#89 In The Matrix (1999), Neo’s File Says He Was Born March 11, 1962, In Capital City, Fu, USA And The File Was Last Updated July 22, 1998. These Are The Only Hard Details About The Name Of The City It Takes Place In And When.

Image credits: IrisMoroc

#90 In Man Of Steel (2013), You Can See A Building Named “Utopia Casino” In Metropolis. In The Superman Comics, The Utopia Casino Is Owned By Tony Gallo. He Was The First Person To Bring Kryptonite To Metropolis.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#91 In Moonrise Kingdom (2012), The Indian Chief Khaki Scout Is Played By Cooper Murray, Real-Life Son Of Bill Murray, In His Only Credited Feature Film Role.

Image credits: VictorBlimpmuscle

#92 In Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), You Can See The Name “Bagley” Behind Spider-Man. This Is A Reference To Comic Book Artist Mark Bagley, Who Worked On Amazing Spider-Man And Ultimate Spider-Man.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#93 In ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (2009), The Corduroy For Mr. Fox’s Outfit Came From Wes Anderson’s Suit Fabric.

Image credits: penultimate_evil

#94 In Moana (2016), Maui’s Tattoo Changes To Reflect Him With A Shark Head

Image credits: memberrr_berries

#95 In Hercules (1997), The Cape Attached To Hercules’ Armor Is Actually The Shawl That Is Given To Him By His Adoptive Mother.

Image credits: thepickleofmyeye

#96 Captain Ron (1992): All The Cars Captain Ron Interacts With End Up Losing Their Left Headlight Just Like His Left Eye.

Image credits: bigdaddysweet69

#97 Has Anyone Mentioned Before What Looks Like Jigsaw Sketched In The Background Of Insidious (2010)…?

Image credits: MDS95

#98 In Charlie’s Angels (2000) Mcg Used The Same House Where E.t. Was Shot As The Location For The House That Dylan, Drew Barrymore, Stumbles Into Naked And Asks Two Boys Playing Video Games For Help. He Also Included An E.t. Poster On The Wall, Toy On The TV And Reese’s Pieces In A Dish On The Floor.

Image credits: Str33twise84

#99 In Finding Dory (2016), Alexander Gould -The Original Voice Of Nemo From The First Movie- Voices A Trucker In A Sneaky Cameo.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#100 In Good Will Hunting (1997), The Watercolour Painting Of A Rowboat Was Actually Painted By The Movie’s Director, Gus Van Sant.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#101 In Little Italy (2018) Emma Roberts Wore The Same T-Shirt As Her Aunt Julia (And Her Friends) Wore In Mystic Pizza (1988). Both Movies Are Directed By Donald Petrie.

Image credits: CringeOverseer

#102 In Parasite (2019), There Is A Scene Where The Son Teaches His Dad (Played By Song Kang-Ho) How To Act. This Was Included In The Movie As A Deliberate Inside Joke As Song Is Considered One Of The Greatest Korean Actors Of All Time.

Image credits: kdavva74

#103 In The Goonies (1985) Written By Christopher Columbus, There Is A Scene Where Chunk Contacts The Sheriff Who References A Previous Prank Call About “All Those Little Creatures That Multiply When You Throw Water On Them”. This Is A Reference To Gremlins (1984) Also Written By – Christopher Columbus.

Image credits: ElectronicAnybody871

#104 In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989), The Heart Insignia On Indy’s Chest Is A Life Scout Badge. Life Scout Is The Second-Highest Rank In The Boy Scouts.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#105 In Tenet’s (2020) Opening Scene, Although We Aren’t Introduced To The Main Character, The Viewers Eye Is Pulled Towards Him Because His Visor Is Clear, While All The Other Soldiers Visors Are Fogged Up.

Image credits: Mathakk

#106 In Soul (2020), You Can See A Sign For “9 Inch Nails” At A Hardware Store. This Is A Reference To Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross, Two Of The Movies Composers And Members Of The Band “Nine Inch Nails”.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#107 It’s Well Known That Matt Damon Has A Cameo In Deadpool 2 (2018), However What’s Less Well Known Is That He Is Credited As “Dickie Greenleaf”. This Is A Reference To The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), Jude Law’s Character Was Named “Dickie Greenleaf”.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#108 In “500 Days Of Summer” (2009), When Asked Who Is Going To Sing Karaoke Next, Summer Nominates Tom By Saying “I Nominate Young Werther Here!” This Is A Reference To The German Poet Goethe’s “The Sorrows Of Young Werther”, Which Is About A Doomed Romantic Relationship.

Image credits: SmoothRide117

#109 In Spider-Man 2 (2004), Peter’s Landlord, Mr. Ditkovich, Is Named After Steve Ditko, The First Illustrator Of Spider-Man.

Image credits: marvelbat5

#110 In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019), Margot Robbie Actually Wore Some Of Sharon Tate’s Personal Jewellery

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#111 In How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), Director Ron Howard Cameos As One Of The Villagers.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#112 In The Dark Knight (2008), The Bank Manager Is Played By William Fichtner. This Is A Reference To Heat (1995). Nolan Has Cited Heat As A Major Influence On The Dark Knight.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#113 In Step Brothers (2008), Brennan Huff Has A Hugalo’s Pizza Sign Which Is The Restaurant Will Ferrell’s Character Ricky Bobby Works At In Talladega Nights

Image credits: nearlyheadlessbick

#114 In Cars 3 (2017), You Can See The Carriage From Cinderella (1950) On A Shelf In Sterling’s Office.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#115 In “John Wick Chapter 2” (2017) The Rotary Phone Is The Same Model They Used In “The Matrix”

Image credits: lesi20

#116 In Beauty And The Beast (1991), The Latin Motto On The Window Is “”Vincit Qui Se Vincit”, It Means “He Conquers Who Conquers Himself”. It Foreshadows How The Beast Overcomes The Curse.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#117 In Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (2021) The Guy Who Livestreams Shang-Chi’s Fight On The Bus Was Also Seen In Spiderman Homecoming (2017) As A Street Vendor.

Image credits: harsha29o7

#118 The Design Of The Bloody Elevator In Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining [1980] Was Based On The Ahwahnee Hotel In Yosemite. My Pic Left – Film Pic Right.

Image credits: hydromies

#119 In Kung Fu Panda (2008), The Animators Chose A Peach Tree Because It Is A Symbol Of Immortality In Chinese Culture. Peach Blossom And Peach Tree Leaves Are Used In Taoist Magic. The Wood Of The Peach Tree Is Said To Ward Off Evil. Oogway’s Staff Is Made From The Tree.

Image credits: Russian_Bagel

#120 In Moana (2016), You Can See The Lamp From Aladdin (1992) In Tamatoa’s Shell.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#121 In Spider-Man (2002), J. Jonah Jameson Has A Telescope In His Office. While Preparing For The Role, J K Simmons Visited The Offices Of The New York Post And Saw That The Editor Had A Telescope In His Own Office. So, He Incorporated It Into Jameson’s Character.

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#122 This Shot Of Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) Features The Nationalists Driving By The Ruins Of Belchite, A Town Destroyed In The Spanish Civil War And Ordered By General Franco To Remain Untouched As A Living Monument To The War.

Image credits: profgdisciple

#123 Last Night In Soho (2021) The First Shot Where Ellie Sees Sandie Through The Mirror Was Achieved By Casting Twin Actors James And Oliver Phelps (Famous For Playing Twins In Harry Potter) As The Coatroom Attendant/His Reflection

#124 In Mean Girls (2004), Tim Meadows, Who Plays Principal Duvall, Broke His Wrist A Week Before Filming Started And Had To Wear A Cast. This Was Written Into The Movie As Principal Duvall Suffering From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

#125 In Joe Dirt (2001), The Oil Company That Joe Works For Is Called Scotch Oil. That Is Also The Name Of The Oil Company That Chris Farley’s Dad Owned In Madison Wi (And Where Chris Worked Before He Became A Comedian) – A Small Tribute By Spade To His Late Friend.

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