122 Times People Missed The Joke So Bad, They Embarrassed Themselves (New Pics)

We’ve all been there—someone makes an awesome joke, but it’s either too subtle or it has a hidden twist to it that we don’t see. And the joke just goes over our heads, making a very loud ‘woooosh’ sound! However, some people don’t get these jokes to such a degree that their reactions get screenshotted and featured on the massively popular r/woooosh subreddit, an online community of over a million members.

Scroll down to find some of the most ridiculous times people missed the joke so bad, they ended up embarrassing themselves online. Don’t forget to upvote the pics and jokes that made you chuckle the most, Pandas.

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We got in touch with British comedy writer and aspiring pop star Ariane Sherine to have a chat about humor and not getting jokes. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with her.

#1 These Subtitles Are Really Immersive

Image credits: ThePbbLatias

Bored Panda wanted to get comedy writer Ariane’s opinion on what it says about us as people if some jokes go over our heads. “Depending on the situation, it either means you’re not privy to knowledge you need to understand the joke, or it just means your brain doesn’t work in the way it needs to in order to understand that particular type of humor,” she said.

However, we shouldn’t worry because we all miss some jokes some of the time. Nobody’s perfect, not even comedy professionals. “Stuff goes over my head occasionally too and I’m a comedian!” Ariane told us.

#2 Mews, Mewsment Park

Image credits: Sandesfinas

#3 Nothing Starts With “N” And Ends With “G”

Image credits: LunaBug235

The comedian isn’t sure if our awareness of what’s funny is just about exposure to humorous content. “Babies find a lot of things funny, so it’s partly innate,” she mused that understanding comedy is a mix of nature and nurture. “But for jokes like puns, you definitely need a firm grasp of language, and for political satire, you of course need an understanding of politics.”

We also touched on whose responsibility it is for the audience to get the joke, the comedian or the listeners. “It really depends on the joke and how it’s told,” Ariane said.

“People can’t be expected to get badly-told jokes where the setup or punchline is mangled, but if the joke’s told well, it’s not necessarily the comic’s fault if another person doesn’t get it. Humor can be quite a niche and individual thing, but if a joke regularly falls flat most comics will drop it from their sets.”

#4 Wdym, Its A Picture Taken Back Then

Image credits: Minestars_player69

#5 C’mon, Pet Smart Would’ve Told You It Was A Ferret

Image credits: tangshxcvcbvbn

#6 Clearly, You’re Not Smart As You Think You Are

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Image credits: wainpot437

Judging people for their mistakes and feeling embarrassed when we make them ourselves are part and parcel of being a human being. It’s a part of who we are. However, there’s a healthy way to react when someone (including us!) misses the joke entirely.

Psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers explained to Bored Panda during a previous in-depth interview that people judge others both consciously and automatically. “Comically, we are often told as children not to judge others and have stories shared about how judging others can mean we upset them or lose opportunities to see what really lies behind our perception,” he told us.

#7 Definitely Left

Image credits: ScottieBoiJoe

#8 Nope He’s From Star Trek

Image credits: lesterzeor1

#9 How To Slow

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

There are a variety of reasons why we might judge someone. “Sometimes, we judge others to feel superior ourselves, finding faults in others, highlighting them, and feeling better about ourselves in the process. Sometimes, we use it to work out where we fit in, recognizing how we want to be, where our aspirations lie, and how we don’t want to become,” the psychologist revealed.

“Sometimes, it’s in response to our own flaws, and we attack others for what we don’t like or don’t see into ourselves. And on other occasions, it’s to fit into a wider group who judge something or someone, and we conform and perform with the same judgment,” Lee said.

#10 No It’s Blue

Image credits: Zacronize

#11 He Also Forgot About Canadian And Australian

Image credits: More-Engineering-888

#12 “This Is Also A Lie”

Image credits: pthomsen-Tvhf4576

In the psychologist’s view, being judgmental “does have some benefits when used mindfully.” For instance: “It can help us to set goals, find alignment with our values, it can help us to build the self-awareness of others and it can boost our self-esteem.”

#13 16 Thousand Likes Is A Lot Of Wooshes

Image credits: hazardousf

#14 I Mean He Was Trying To Be Helpful

Image credits: USGrantWasTheMan

#15 Right Over The Head Of An Anti-Vaxxer

Image credits: GillianMcKeith

What’s more, passing judgment on others can help us make positive social choices. “it’s understanding how and why we judge that gives us the ability to use it for our benefits instead of escaping our flaws or pulling others down.”

Meanwhile, if we end up feeling embarrassed because we didn’t get a joke and we’ve responded in a frankly silly way online, it’s important to remember to accept those feelings. Running away from our embarrassment can, later on, morph into shame.

#16 Running Was Invented

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#17 1918 Netflix

Image credits: AfraidLeg2153

#18 I Know A Fat Guy Who Likes To Grill!

Image credits: International_Ad2893

“We spend a lot of time and effort presenting an ideal version of ourselves to other people. When something happens that contrasts with the image we’ve been projecting—when we say or do something that shows we actually aren’t as graceful or as smart as we’d like people to believe—we feel embarrassed,” Vanessa Bohns, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Cornell University, told Bored Panda.

#19 The Government Controls Everything Stoopit

Image credits: ErickaLydon

#20 Frontside 180

Image credits: tonyhawk

#21 Yes, Dorothy

Image credits: nimeshudawattha99

“Discovering you were wrong about something most everyone else around you has long known to be true is one of those moments. In that moment we learn, ‘Wait a minute, maybe I haven’t been presenting the image of being smart or worldly that I thought I was presenting all this time,’ which is embarrassing,” she said.

#22 Congratulations, You Didn’t Get It

Image credits: johndofghfghgf

#23 It’s An Ifunnier, So Go Ahead And Hate On Him

Image credits: dfvgdthyjnhjkjfjmjkg

#24 I’d Like A Tornado

Image credits: connor_wx

“One thing that’s interesting about embarrassment is that, for as much as we might experience it as painful in the moment, it’s actually very socially adaptive. Being embarrassed signals to other people that you care about what they think. And that actually draws people in to you,” Vanessa said that there are benefits to showing that you’re embarrassed about a mistake.

#25 Core-Ean

Image credits: ExoticChef2

#26 I Guess He Won’t Be Getting 500k

Image credits: DigitalCapes

#27 It’s Just A Picture You Dumbass

Image credits: trenchman_

“So blushing, burying your head in your hands, laughing, acknowledging how embarrassing something was, are all totally healthy ways to react,” she told us.

“The unhealthy way to react is to pretend you’re not embarrassed, that you didn’t make a mistake, or to get angry. Those things undo the positive effect of embarrassment typically has on other people by conveying insincerity and pushing people away rather than drawing them in.”

#28 Apologies For Being On Instagram

Image credits: JackelynDuarte

#29 This Is Heartbreaking

Image credits: CUtORTHA

#30 Your Mind Tricks Don’t Work On Me

Image credits: urzyreaea

Which of these pics and ‘wooooshes’ did you enjoy looking at and reading the most, dear Pandas? Have you ever had a ‘woooosh’ moment? Have you ever had a joke go over someone else’s head? Share your thoughts with all of us in the comment section at the bottom of this list.

#31 I Can’t Believe Da Vinci Would Do Something Like That

Image credits: UnderstandingFuture6

#32 That Won’t Kill You

Image credits: jshirley_

#33 Nothing Gets Past This Person, Not Even Those Sneaky Party Invites

Image credits: FireFlavour

#34 Dave Grohl Should Create His Own Band

Image credits: uV1EGAS__

#35 Oh Damn Sorry Didn’t Realize

Image credits: codedreamz

#36 This Man Speaks The Deutsch

Image credits: RichardsonM24

#37 Yeah, Why Is She On Them?

Image credits: TheGalvanian

#38 Oh Wait

Image credits: Azmatang

#39 Wow, Really

Image credits: DaDiamondGuy

#40 Discord

Image credits: Tanango

#41 F.o.r.t.n.i.t.e

Image credits: ekbuland

#42 Which One?

Image credits: Winning-Sonic

#43 He Really Think He Did Something

Image credits: Worickorell

#44 This Is Quite Offensive

Image credits: basketbefore

#45 Keyboards Were Invented In 1868

Image credits: Express-Librarian833

#46 Man Twitter Makes Me Feel So Stupid Sometimes

Image credits: 721936282

#47 Yep Totally Blaming Ninja

Image credits: StruggleBasic

#48 Yes Of Course Silly, And Airports Also Existed Back Then

Image credits: nathie_333

#49 By Flying Up Obviously???

Image credits: DiavoloExplainsIt

#50 Hello, I’m Your

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#51 F In The Chat For The People In The Old Days

Image credits: EvanBondz

#52 5 Foot 12

Image credits: Aware_View_2381

#53 You Can’t See Me

Image credits: Sins0fTheFather

#54 She Didn’t Understood

Image credits: JubinJohn

#55 I Don’t Know Man I Think It Looks Pretty Real

Image credits: nimeshudawattha99

#56 Sorry It’s On Instagram

Image credits: pTERtuTi

#57 You Can’t See Me

Image credits: dbicvbcvbcvb

#58 Bro It’s A Meme

Image credits: _aaskk_

#59 I Was Dumb To Assume That People On Facebook Had A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: Menardoyt

#60 How Tf Does Sgel Stand For That

Image credits: toasterlunch

#61 Smuthe Brian Pleb

Image credits: Bob_Kerman_SPAAAACE

#62 Definitely The Bird Hitching A Ride

Image credits: Ash_Dog_Magic12

#63 Defending Schrödinger’s Cat

Image credits: Dubious_Naysayer

#64 Average Elon Musk Enjoyer

Image credits: Player9050

#65 Context, Teller Never Speaks During Performance

Image credits: rocket_racoon99

#66 No S**t Dude

Image credits: Accomplished-Fruit76

#67 He Saw John Cena, But At What Cost?

Image credits: Tomsta17

#68 Right Over The Head

Image credits: solexmc

#69 But Seriously Where Does The Water Come From?

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#70 I Discovered This On A Random Poll

Image credits: PrinceSamMusic

#71 There Surprisingly Was Only One Other Person Saying That Too, Probably Because It Isn’t That Old

Image credits: IntelligentAd7057

#72 Star Wars Fans At Their Finest

Image credits: AcanthaceaePhysical4

#73 People Dumb

Image credits: KNAC_YT

#74 Photo Generator

Image credits: strange-the-bitch

#75 Wtf Look At Them All !

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#76 There Was An Attempt To Understand The Humor

Image credits: Arachnid-Person

#77 My Friend Got Me And It Went Right Over My Head

Image credits: Astro-gothic-punk

#78 The Ladies Man

Image credits: the_dipshitt

#79 Hmm Ohk!

Image credits: itshimstarwarrior

#80 This Is A Bruh Moment

Image credits: CosmicMinun59

#81 Obama’s Angry Because Trump Found Out His Last Name

Image credits: oevan343q423423

#82 How Could You Forget This

Image credits: WhileApprehensive967

#83 You Hurt My Brain Alot

Image credits: Routine-Cost9245

#84 This Had To Be There

Image credits: yamheisenberg

#85 Small Talk

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#86 Pov: You Dont Have A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: Whirlwind2002

#87 Kid Named Ency

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#88 Hmm What A Coincidence

Image credits: rnelsonbvbnnb

#89 Oh Really

Image credits: MendySmallwood

#90 No Suck Playing For This Guy

Image credits: moralpomposity

#91 He’s Either A Troll Or A Dumb To Think He Would Eat All Of The Tic Tacs

Image credits: AndrewsBR

#92 Dogs Must Think

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#93 Good Lord

Image credits: fugazi-stugotz

#94 Redditors Woooshing Themselves Is Something Magic

Image credits: TreyAlbarn

#95 Niantic Isn’t Trying To Get Their Players Killed?

Image credits: T900Kassem

#96 He’s A Genius

Image credits: ChristinFerris

#97 Luckily He Was There To Correct The Meme

Image credits: jokke4

#98 Fact Checker

Image credits: Rebuildingz

#99 Thats Kinda Embarassing

Image credits: SquiddoSpaghitto

#100 It’s 10

Image credits: doggochips

#101 Thanks Vice!

Image credits: TarTimOoAl

#102 I Seen A Old Man Getting

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#103 Im Pretty Sure Its Hulk Though

Image credits: ruiriko-

#104 Hmmmm What Was His Name

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#105 All My Homies Hate Will

Image credits: ostrichboio

#106 They Don’t?

Image credits: z0mbieG3nocide

#107 Thank God I’m A Scorpion And Not An Asparagus

Image credits: stocvxcv

#108 The Commentator Felt Compelled To Make It Very Clear

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#109 Did You Know They’re Actually The Same Character????

Image credits: Numinexxus

#110 Had To Be Twitter..

Image credits: GlitzDev

#111 Vikings Covered Their Roofs In Grass

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#112 Blind Playthrough Tag For Being

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#113 Idk What To Put Here

Image credits: Significant_Line_896

#114 It’s About How You Treat A Grill

Image credits: Red_Micro

#115 Call Of Duty Wwll

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#116 No Culture Whatsoever

Image credits: nevers_

#117 Programming Humor Irl

Image credits: J_S_artboy

#118 *sigh* Why.

Image credits: northernremarkable

#119 He’d Get Fired You Idiots

Image credits: HollieKaye

#120 He Betrayed Us

Image credits: Fine_Possibility_711

#121 A Reddit User Thought People Really Thought People Confused Mt Everest With A Nuclear Bomb Attack

Image credits: Elitetimeline7

#122 Really Went Over That Guy’s Head. Am I Right?

Image credits: MadArtz15

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