123 Photos Of Dogs Before & After Their Adoption That Will Melt Your Heart (New Pics)

There is still good in this world. Good dogs, I mean. And it’s our job to protect them. One of the best ways to show compassion to our four-legged best friends is to adopt those in need.

About 3.3 million dogs end up in shelters across the United States every year, and about 670K of them are euthanized. While these numbers are heartbreaking, the latter has been steadily declining. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that is one of the main reasons why there is an increase in the percentage of animals adopted.

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The subreddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption is the perfect proof of this. It has over 274K members, many of which post pictures, revealing the spectacular transformations their new pooches have gone through. Scroll down to check them out and fire up Bored Panda‘s equally touching posts about rescue pets here and here. It’s incredible to see what love can do.

#1 A Korean Family Rescued This Golden From A Breeding Facility. Went From 15 Lbs To A Healthy 60 Lbs

Image credits: vo_xv

#2 Barkley, Rescued From The Streets Of Puerto Rico And Loved Back To Health

Image credits: imgur.com

#3 Gus Gus Was Saved From The Meat Trade In China. He Just Moved Into His Forever Home And Now Gets To Spend His Vacations In Tahoe

Image credits: Forrestjung

#4 Meet Anna! She Was Living On The Streets Of Italy Before My Mom Brought Her To Germany. Now She’s Happy And Loves Her Buddy Iluq

Image credits: Pawlii

#5 New Foster Pup Nic, She’s Come So Far Already!

Image credits: shelavesit

#6 Adoption Day vs. Today. She Has Come A Long Way And Is Spoiled Rotten

Image credits: lisa0505050505

#7 Lucia, Right After She Was Rescued From A Hoarder. You Couldn’t Touch Her. Curious But Terrified. Fast Forward 2 Years She’s Fluffy And Fat And Happy

Image credits: fifidelia

#8 The Shelter I Volunteer For Has Incredible Before And After’s

Image credits: shelavesit

#9 Rambo Was Left Behind By His Family And Found Tied Inside A Dark Shed By The New Owners. Here’s His Before And After

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Image credits: ilikerocks19

#10 I Found Her 4 Years Ago, Covered In Blisters, No Hair And Starved… Who Knew She’d Be The Love Of My Life. She’s The Greatest

Image credits: Bananalexa22

#11 My Gorgeous Pupper With Her Puppies Before I Adopted Her And Now 3.5 Years Later

Image credits: fitnessjunky12

#12 Rescued A Skeleton And Ended Up With This Sweet Girl Who Is Always Smiling

Image credits: 62smith52

#13 This Is Ruthie, Our 16yr Old Chihuahua Mix. December Close To Death In The Shelter Compared To Now. Old Dogs Are Worth Adopting Too!

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 This Is Dobby! She Came Into My Life A Few Months Ago After Terrible Neglect From Her Previous Owners. With Some Love And Care (And A Lot Of Food) She Has Turned Into A Whole New Dog! She Is My Everything

Image credits: icracknuts

#15 When We Met Her In The Shelter My Daughter Immediately Started Whispering In Her Ear “Your Okay, We’ll Take You Home And Keep You Safe, We Love You Already”

Image credits: Rennegader

#16 My Next-Door Neighbors Abandoned Their Dog And Got A New Puppy. She Was In The Shelter For A Full Month Before I Realized What Happened. This Is Missy In The Shelter, And When She Realized She’s Never Going Back

Image credits: punkassbitch6969

#17 No One Wanted To Adopt Him Because Of His Cropped Ears And “Scary” Looking Face. He Had Stopped Eating At The Pound And Was Severely Underweight. Now Bronco Is Healthy, Always Smiling, And Loved By Everyone He Meets

Image credits: briscoleg

#18 This Is Casey, A Senior Who Was Used For Breeding Then Dumped On The Roadside With A Very Large Tumor & A Blind Eye

Image credits: Patientnine

#19 Our Pug Had A Hard Start To Life. Raised By A Trucker Who Couldn’t Take Care Of Him And Get Him The Treatment He Needed. Then A Vet Who Didn’t Diagnose Him Correctly. Now He’s A Healthy Stud-Muffin!

Image credits: LichVader69

#20 We Found Her Infested With Fleas On The Curb 3 Months Ago. Her Name Is Sky And She Likes The Rain.

Image credits: imgur.com

#21 From A Severe Case Of Mange And Dumpster Diving In The Streets Of San Antonio To 3 Months Later Loving Life, Growing, And Learning Sign Language! Meet Our Deaf Dog, Rue!

Image credits: Beemorriscats

#22 Timmy Was Hit Over The Head With A Blunt Object By His Racing Trainer. After Surgery To Repair His Broken Skull, Therapy To Help Him Regain Proper Use Of His Legs And Plenty Of Tlc He Was Rehomed And Lived Everyday To The Fullest!

Image credits: CanidaeLycaon

#23 This Is Dex. He Fought For His Life After Having Been Left For Dead On The Streets Of Austin. After 10 Weeks Of Being Nursed Back To Health By Pug Rescue Austin, We Were Lucky Enough To Adopt Him In Our Loving Home

Image credits: ihatejackblack234

#24 Rescued Last Night, Settled In 2 Hours Later And Slept With Me All Night

Image credits: The-Jumpseat

#25 Took In This Sweet Angel When I Heard She Was About To Be Tossed In The Garbage By A Breeder For Being A Runt. Four Months Later, And Yumi Is The Most Playful, Loving, Healthy Gal

Image credits: Jingles46

#26 Thought I’d Share My Friend’s Facebook Post. Here Is Lucy A Few Months After Adoption!

Image credits: imgur.com

#27 Ruth Was Used For Breeding And Then Dumped. She Had Soft, Tender Paws From Being Locked Up All The Time And Was Found Tied To A Fence In The July Heat. I Was Honestly A Little Afraid At First But She Is So Docile And Sweet. She Was Adopted By People Who Love And Spoil Her. Her Face Says Everything

Image credits: doublecheeseburger

#28 It’s Been 4 Months Since I Caught Marley And Her Puppies. She Was Living As Part Of A Feral Pack For 13 Months After Being Abandoned, And It Took Me 3 Months To Gain Her Trust. She Seems To Know Everything’s Going To Be Alright Now

Image credits: kittyandmarley

#29 Glow Up! Not My Dog But The Adoption Group I’m Proud To Have Gotten My Rescue From

Image credits: Fleurtatious

#30 Pickles Is Still Up For Adoption But It’s Amazing What Just Being Out Of The Shelter Can Do

Image credits: imgur.com

#31 This Guy Walked Into Our Hotel In Nepal And Never Checked Out

Image credits: greenmangolassi

#32 Meet Finn. Nothing But Smiles The Day We Brought Him Home

Image credits: BarehandedNut

#33 Falcor Was Returned To The Pound Because He Had Kennel Cough. My Friend Only Saw His Inner Beauty And Nursed Him Back To A Belly Rub Lovin’ Happy Boy

Image credits: jared_number_two

#34 Before And After

Image credits: Acdr34

#35 This Puppy Was Abandoned On Backroads With Zip Tie Tightened Around His Jaw. Look How Happy He Is At His New Forever Home

Image credits: Joyce_D_

#36 This Is Bowie. He Lived On The Streets Of Greece For 3 Years. He Was Shot With A Shotgun By An Unknown Man On April 27th 2017. Unfortunately Not All Of The 20 Bullets Could Be Removed But They’re Not Life Threatening. He Is So Happy And Thankful To Live A Normal Life!

Image credits: Spirit-Dragon

#37 Suffering From Mange And Unable To Take Care Of Her Puppies To Romping In The Cascade Mountains And A Closet Full Of Bandanas In Every Color

Image credits: quinoapatra

#38 When I Found Fred On The Side Of The Road He Was Skittish, Neurotic, And Sweet As Could Be. One Month Later He’s Still All Those Things, But Now He’s Fat Too. Love Him More Every Day

Image credits: imgur.com

#39 From Eating Paper In The Middle Of An Intersection To The Most Handsome Dog I’ve Ever Met: Meet Pierce

Image credits: furrybollocks

#40 2 Weeks Before When He Was Picked Up By Animal Control After Having An Abusive Owner, And A Whole Year Later As My Best Friend

Image credits: cmac2238

#41 My Sweet Girl, Ivy, 5 Years Ago Versus Now!

Image credits: imgur.com

#42 Nova Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer And Has A Few Weeks Left With Us. I’m So Glad That We Got To Love Her For These Last Five Years

Image credits: sydhasmybike

#43 Timmy, From Pauper To Prince

Image credits: rougesavard

#44 Rango, Who Was Scooped Up From The E-List By My Sister

Image credits: squishysockz

#45 Sadie Was One Of 100+ Animals Rescued By Our Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit. 3 Months Later And Her Wounds Have Healed. She Just Spent Her First Christmas As A Permanent Member Of The Cox Family! Our Transfer Partner Lone Star Aussie Rescue Helped Sadie And Even Connected Her With The Cox Family

Image credits: spcaoftexas

#46 The Difference A Little Love Can Make Is Truly Incredible. We Love Our Rescue Girl

Image credits: JessGlad2BeHere

#47 Our Pup Was Found Covered In Mange And Left To Die In A Rubbish Dump. Now, She’s Super Spoiled!

Image credits: coocoocoocooll

#48 Abandoned At A High-Kill Shelter In Texas Because They Were “Done With Him”, And His First Adopter Backed Out Because He’s Hw Positive. Irv Is Now Going To Be A Condo-Dwelling Torontonian!

Image credits: salexandrah

#49 I Adopted Raisin One Year Ago. It Was One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

Image credits: prettyabs

#50 Our Little Guys Adoption Day Just Happened A Few Days Back. 3 Years With Us And Loving Life!

Image credits: raticle111

#51 Way Happier After A Few Months At Home

Image credits: AnUnusuallyLargeLeaf

#52 Facebook Reminded Me That I Got Her 2 Years Ago! Here’s A Before And After Adoption Picture Of Her. Nothing Was Wrong; I Just Really Want To Show You All How Cute She Is!

Image credits: _SWANS_CAN_BE_GAY_

#53 Elderly, Abandoned And Left For Dead, Full Of Tumors, Skin And Bones vs. Two Years Full Of Love, Treats, Hikes, (And Vet Care) Later. My Little Love Bug, I Will Meet You At The Rainbow Bridge

Image credits: gingeslc

#54 Biggest Change I’ve Ever Seen For Little Ranger Here.

Image credits: stefeyboy

#55 Ride From The Shelter vs. Ride For Fun

Image credits: omnipotens_satanas

#56 From Prison Pup To Pup Of Honor

Image credits: merlotandmutts

#57 September 1st, 2012 On The Left- Abused, Neglected, Stray Boy Showed Up In My Garden. September 1st, 2019 On The Right- Celebrating The Chunky, Happy Old Man’s 10th Birthday With A Walk To The Dog Bakery

Image credits: Regular_Sized_Judy

#58 Charlotte ❤️ She Has Since Passed On, But Had A Good Couple Of Years With Me And Then Her “Forever Foster” Parents, Who Loved Her Tremendously. Very Proud I Could Make That Sad Face So Deservedly Happy

Image credits: fifidelia

#59 Latest Foster Came To Me With A Skin Condition. A Few Months Later He Is Going Back To Be Adopted. Meet Tidbit!

Image credits: TeaAndToeBeans

#60 From Adoption Day To Current Day, Tincho’s 2 Year Transformation

Image credits: gamrgrl

#61 10 Years Old And Dumped At The Pound Covered In Flea Bites And Scars Once She Could No Longer Have Babies. My Mom Adopted Her 3 Weeks Ago And She’s The Best Little Old Lady She Could Ask For

Image credits: ShamelessLove86

#62 This Is Marcy. Found In A Burger King Dumpster, Covered In Fleas, Incredibly Malnourished, Actively Lactating And Surrounded By Her Dead Puppies. And This Is Her 5 Months Later. She Still Has A Soft Spot For Burgers!

Image credits: Tabbycat11

#63 Our Lilly Came To Us With Cigarette Burns On Her Ears And Head. She Was So Shy And Scared When We Brought Her Home. But Now, With Love And Plenty Of Adventures, She Shines As Our Heart Of Gold Goofball Who Loves Snuggling And Chasing Butterflies

Image credits: RaptorTractatus

#64 On Our Way Home From The Shelter vs. 8 Weeks Later <3

Image credits: sjquinta

#65 Coco – 2 Months Ago And Now. I Can’t Believe Anybody Would Abandon Such A Smart And Cute Dog.

Image credits: CD5X

#66 This Is My Little Lily! Found Her Abandoned On Highway 64 Right Outside Of The Grand Canyon In Arizona. Most Of Her Teeth Were Broken, She Was Incredibly Malnourished, And She Had Cactus/Scabs All Over Her Tiny Body. After Lots Of Love (And Food), She Is The Happiest Girl Now

Image credits: simplyimpassable

#67 Poor Charlie’s Before Photo Makes My Heart Hurt. My Husband And I Rescued Him Last Week And Now He Is All Cleaned Up And Couldn’t Be Happier!

Image credits: emmyjoe311

#68 When We Found Him On The Street, He Was Gandalf The Gray….after Multiple Surgeries, He Is Now…gandalf The White!! This Little Guy Saved My Life In Reality…

Image credits: MrSwell

#69 I Adopted 13 Year Old Phyllis One Year Ago Today! She Came In Emaciated, Flea Anemic And With A 5 Lb Tumour On Her Side. No One Thought She Was Going To Make It And Here We Are One Year Later! Happy Adoption Day, My Little Philly Cheesesteak!

Image credits: zenmin75

#70 Abandoned Outside Of A Shop In September Last Year- Who’d Have Known She Was Such Cutie! 11 Months Later, Living In A New Country And Remarkably Well Trained

Image credits: imgur.com

#71 Does Fostering Count? Our Foster Girl Khloe, Two Months After Being Pulled From The Shelter

Image credits: dipforthischip

#72 Oliver In Adoption Photo And At Home On The Couch 1 Month Later

Image credits: bcshelto565

#73 It’s Amazing What Tlc And Time Are Capable Of

Image credits: Slurm11

#74 My Friend Has Had Little Cherry For A Year, This Is Her Before And After. The Before Photo Was Taken The Day They Did A Dog Meet And Took Her Home On Foster. She Was Rescued From A Backyard Breeder And Has All Kinds Of Health Issues, Including Major Spine Issues And Wasn’t Expected To Live Very Long

Image credits: jennabenna11

#75 Exactly A Year Ago Today, Our Pup Was Rescued As A Stray. Her Fur Was Almost Completely Gone And She Was Just Generally In Really Rough Shape. She Had To Wear Sweaters To Keep Warm. Today She’s The Fluffiest, Prettiest Dog On The Block!

Image credits: farewell-ellie

#76 The Shelter Called Her Babs, But She’s Our Little Daisy

Image credits: cmanson3

#77 My Boy At The Shelter The First Day We Met And After Two Months At Home. Skippy Is Still Super Anxious And Has A Long Way To Go, But Every Day He Gains More Confidence

Image credits: kickkkasss

#78 Our Buddha – From Shelter To Family In Just 6 Months

Image credits: Heather1ove

#79 My Dad’s New Friend Just Two Months Apart. She’s So Happy All The Time It Warms My Heart <3

Image credits: llamallama_

#80 3 Years Ago vs. This Morning

Image credits: tmbelac

#81 This Dog Came In Severely Matted At My Work. Got Adopted Just Like That! So I Gave Him A Trim Down For His New Adopter!!

Image credits: xEighty8RAWx

#82 First Pic Is Him In The Shelter, Second Pic Is The Day Of Adoption, Bottom Pic Is Now. Meet Bear, Everybody!

Image credits: revankillsmalak

#83 My Best Friend, A German Shepherd Mix. Adopted After Being Saved From A Puppy Mill. Most Of His Siblings Succumbed To Parvo, But He Pulled Through. I Present To You, Rocky

Image credits: JackUSA

#84 My Tri-Pod, Hobbles, Before And After Adoption. From Timid And Afraid To Happy And Loved By Anyone He Meets!

Image credits: thegreatcatsby17

#85 Day 1: After Being Found In A Live Trap With A Broken Tail And Scars All Over Her Tummy, This Little Girl Was Finally Brought Home From The Shelter But Sat In The Corner For 2 Hours. Now: She’s A Fun, Playful Girl That Gives The Best Snuggles! We Love Our Bella

Image credits: checkcheck0725

#86 This Skittish, Skinny Pup Has Blossomed Into My Happy And Healthy Daisy. She Loves Hiking, Car Rides, And Naps

Image credits: onceuponanadventure

#87 From Pregnant And Abandoned To Snuggled Into Her New Dad’s Arms

Image credits: ThorseDogRescue

#88 This Is Leo, Named After Dicaprio Because We Found Him On Our Street Just Before The Oscars 2016 (When Leonardo Finally Won). These Pics Are From February 28, March (Top Right), And May (Bottom Right) 2016, He No Longer Has A Dry Nose

Image credits: eliamrl

#89 Marge Wants To Say Hi! Found On The Street During The Polar Vortex Four Years Ago, She’s Become My Tiny Shadow

Image credits: iwasjackduluoz

#90 Our Little Lady Was Found With The Rest Of Her Litter In An Abandoned Building, Covered In Fleas. Now, She’s A Happy, Healthy Puppy!

Image credits: imgur.com

#91 Quick Turnaround: Lemon In The Shelter vs. When We Brought Her Home A Few Hours Later. Instant Happiness 🙂

Image credits: imgur.com

#92 My Friend Taco Before And After

Image credits: Crow_Jizzy_Mang

#93 It’s Amazing How Much Of A Difference A Little Love Can Make

Image credits: OrneryMouse

#94 My Best Friend Was Poisoned This Weekend, We Found Him As A Mange Covered Puppy And He Grew Into A Beautiful Boy. Rip Bingy

Image credits: imgur.com

#95 (Not My Dog) A Local Shelter Just Shared That Rupert Finally Found His Forever Family!

Image credits: AnneeDroid

#96 Jamie. A Sicilian Stray Found Crying, Unable To Walk With A Cracked Skull. Adopted This Day 21-07-2017 Living The Island Life In Malta

Image credits: sphinx042

#97 Just 5 Days Ago, Barley Was A Scared Dog Stuck In Her Second Shelter Who Urinated On Herself Out Of Nervousness. Now She’s Already Well On Her Way To Confidence And Adjusting To A Spoiled New Life!

Image credits: SycoraxAttacks

#98 From Skinny (Starved) Sad Boy, To A Thick Loved Boy. Meet Barney!

Image credits: wenniis

#99 My Moms Pup, Roscoe, Was Found Somewhere In Texas, Completely Covered In Mange And About To Be Euthanized. He Was Brought Up To Oregon, Where My Mom “Failed” At Fostering Him And Made Him A Permanent Member Of The Family. This Is Him The Day He Was Found In Tx (1.5 Years Ago) And Him Now

Image credits: petielvrrr

#100 New Post So Back In June Of Last Year I Found A Very Sick Dying Puppy. I Kept Her For A Month To Nurse Back To Health Then My Sister Took Her. I’m Spending The Weekend At House/Dog Sitting While My Sister Takes A Trip. I Think She Is Now Living The Best Life

Image credits: imgur.com

#101 This Is Bam. When We First Adopted Him, He Had A Fragment Of Infected Bone Causing A Wound To Stay Open On His Leg (I Suspected It Was From Being Chained Up…). After Surgery And A Whole Year With Us, This Cute Pupper Became A Handsome Doggo

Image credits: gnoid

#102 We Adopted Henry Last Fall Through Big Fluffy Dogs. His Adoption Photo From Is From The Shelter Where They Found Him In July. He’s A Very Good Big Boi!

Image credits: sir_barks_a_lot

#103 Shelter Dog To Spoiled Dog. She Was Scared, Anxious And 25 Pounds Underweight. Take A Look At Those Face Gains!

Image credits: Dead_as_a_doorknob

#104 Four Days Ago I Found This Sweet Girl On The Side Of A Busy Street. This Is Her Today, Happy And Clean And Groomed!

Image credits: Color_Me_Scarlett

#105 Our Boy Oscar At The Shelter And After A Few Months Of Joining Our Family

Image credits: alitheamazon

#106 We’ve Only Had Ellie For Just Under 3 Weeks – So Excited To See How Much She Is Going To Grow

Image credits: reddit.com

#107 Senior Toy Poodle We Adopted From The Pound – She Was Found Wandering With No Collar, Supposedly Blind, And Completely Deaf. Turns Out She’s Only 80% Blind But Desperately Needed A Haircut. (The Before Pic Is In Our House, The Pound Took Down The Listing) She’s Happily Retired In Our House Now 🙂

Image credits: calebx25

#108 I Was Told This Would Go Better Here! And Yes, This Is The Same Dog! Just Different Lighting! Boomer Is A Sweet Boy

Image credits: CrazyCatLady80

#109 Our Best Before And After: Little Thomas

Image credits: canehdianchick

#110 Malnourished, Scared Pup, To Energetic, Playful, Goofy Girl

Image credits: jacko9six

#111 8 Years Later… Fight Ring To Couch Potato

Image credits: underwater2708

#112 This Guy Went Through So Much. When He Was Found He Was On The Verge Of Death. Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Open Wounds, Extremely Underweight. He Was Brought Up To A Healthy Spot But Couldn’t Be In A House With Any Other Animals. Insert My Home, His Home. Up To A Healthy Weight And Loving Cuddles

Image credits: untypicallife

#113 Happy 5 Year Adopt-Iversary! Found Her In A High Kill Shelter. She Was 4lbs And Traumatized. Now She’s Fat, Happy And Loving Life 🙂

Image credits: graceyoliver

#114 Before And After Adopting My First Dog

Image credits: AMF7889

#115 I Use To Work At A Kennel And We’d Keep Dogs For Rescues. That’s Where I Meet Sweetie. Here She Is When The Rescue First Got Her And Then A Little Over A Year After I Adopted Her

Image credits: spoopychelle

#116 Hey Everyone! This Is Rimosa, Rimi For Short. She’s A 3yr Old Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier That I Rescued About 9 Weeks Ago. She’s Recovering Well And Starts Heart Worm Treatment Soon. The Top Picture Is The Day I Brought Her Home vs. The Bottom Pictures Being Taken A Few Days Ago

Image credits: diggyrex

#117 Meet Donner, My Best Friend That I Adopted 2 Years Ago. He Was Distrustful Of People, Matted And Heart Worm Positive. He Is Now 100% Heart Worm Free And Full Of Confidence! He Will Not Leave My Side And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way!

Image credits: LIL_OH

#118 Two Year Anniversary Of Making The Best Purchase Of My Life. This Is Archie!

Image credits: imgur.com

#119 My Cousin Almost Ran Him Over In Chino, Ca. She Pulled Over And Followed Him Until She Could Get Him In The Car. A Few Weeks Later I Convinced My Mom To Keep Him. We’ve Had Chino For A Few Years Now And He’s Been The Best Dog We’ve Ever Had

Image credits: WowDoILoveEatingAss

#120 This Girl (Mucca) Is Our 2nd Rescue From Manhattan Acc. She Was About 30 Minutes From Being Put Down Due To Kennel Cough And Pneumonia. She Was Found Running Around The Bronx With A Massive Steal Chain Around Her Neck. She’s Got The Best Smile Now 🙂

Image credits: davecostantini

#121 Day She Came Into My Clinic vs. 1 Month After I Adopted Her

Image credits: Hraefn_Wing

#122 We Have Had Our Sweet Girl For Almost A Year Now!

Image credits: loracamryn

#123 Bones Was Found On New Years Eve Last Year Starving And Terrified, He Has Come So Far

Image credits: hapylittlepupppy

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