124 Of The Worst Examples Of “Shrinkflation” Shared In This Online Group

If you’ve noticed your bar of Toblerone looking rather small and a far cry from how you remember it in your childhood, rest assured, you’re not the only one. In fact, consumers around the world are increasingly paying more for a growing range of products in ways that don’t show up on receipts.

Think of shrunk portions, thinner rolls, lighter bags, smaller cans — in this way, companies try to offset rising labor and materials costs without scaring us all off. But are they really succeeding? Also known as shrinkflation, the phenomenon has surely been noticed and well documented by people don’t find it fair to pay the same for a lesser net weight.

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One such online destination, a subreddit called “Shrinkflation,” is dedicated to sharing some of the most deliberate and annoying examples of paying more for less spotted in practice. Below we wrapped up a collection of posts from there.

#1 Sometimes I Like To Flip The Chips In The Store Shelves

Image credits: whoadan

#2 Terry’s Chocolate Orange Is Now Just “Terry’s Orange” With The Word “Chocolatey” In The Description

This indicates that the quality has been reduced to the point where they cannot legally call it chocolate anymore

Image credits: quiet_desperado

#3 This Shrinkflation Of Toblerone In The UK, Is Still Mind-Boggling

Image credits: y3rnaux

Shrinkflation is a form of retail camouflage in which consumers pay more for a growing range of products without actually realizing it. By shrinking usual product sizes and net weight, companies and businesses aim to cover rising labor and material costs without increasing the prices.

According to Edgar Dworsky, a consumer advocate and lawyer who has authored a number of consumer protection laws, including the regulations under which the Massachusetts Lemon Law operates, consumers check the price every time they buy, but they don’t check the net weight. Dworsky has been tracking shrinkflation for more than 30 years, and he shares the results on his website Consumer World.

#4 This Is Insane

Image credits: Mitche420

#5 I’ve Been Bamboozled

Image credits: Guava_Lune

#6 The Shrinkflation Of The Old Pringles Design (165g) To The New (134g)

Image credits: eternalcollapse

“When the price of raw materials, like coffee beans or paper pulp goes up, manufacturers are faced with a choice: Do we raise the price knowing consumers will see it and grumble about it? Or do we give them a little bit less and accomplish the same thing? Often it’s easier to do the latter,” Dworsky told The Washington Post.

#7 When I Was A Teen, These Stretched The Length Of The Package. Those Were The Days

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Image credits: slowlysoslowly

#8 They Couldn’t Even Wait Until The Old One Was Gone To Put Up The New Size

Image credits: JudasPenguin

#9 I Remember When The “Good Stuff” Mix-In Cup Was Full In Chobani Yogurts. Now Less Than Half

Image credits: SilverSideDown

Dworsky also argues that when small bags of candy have been downsized, you are not likely to eat two bags instead. “But for orange juice, cereal, paper towels, toilet paper, peanut butter, whatever — consumers just have to buy it more often.”

Although products don’t shrink by half and the changes are usually barely noticeable, these little differences add up to your pocketbook. If you’re getting 10% to 12% less of a product, that’s equivalent to a 10% price increase, and if you’re a regular consumer of that product, you will start feeling the difference pretty soon.

#10 Breyers Chocolate Chip Used To Be Jammed With Chocolate, Now It’s Almost Just Plain Vanilla

Image credits: 94_ny_rangers

#11 I Can Now Fit All Of My Groceries In A Ziplock, Yay!

Image credits: Sestial

#12 This Must Be Their Way Of Saying “We Decreased The Amount But Kept The Container Size The Same” (Oikos Yogurt, 5.3 Oz)

Image credits: NotJimIrsay

On the other hand, we can try to see the positive side of shrinkflation and argue that we may indeed be saving some calories. In the context of the obesity pandemic, this may be a small but important step. When six-packs of bagels go from 24 oz to 22 to 20 oz, the chances are you will still be buying the same number of packages but end up eating a lesser amount of food.

#13 Inflation In The UK 344% Up For A Bag Of Rice From Last Year

Image credits: billy133

#14 Ah Yes ± 25ml, Thank You WD-40

Image credits: nzeck

#15 Omg! This Is The Best One Yet! From The Previous Post About Bolthouse Dressing, I Called Them Out On Twitter. Lmao

Image credits: BuzzOnBuzzOff

#16 Oreo Filling Isn’t Just Thinner… Now It Doesn’t Even Reach The Edge

Image credits: Luke_Orlando

#17 Wood Flooring, Now With Less Hardwood!

Image credits: cancerboyuofa

#18 Scott Toilet Paper – 2019 vs. 2021 Comparison

Image credits: mrhotshotbot

#19 Big Mac Hit With The Shrink Ray?

Image credits: CausalDiamond

#20 Is It Shrinkflation When They Just Lie About The Weight? Paid For 12 Oz Of Fish, Got 10.6 Including The Wrapping

Image credits: m4rc0n3

#21 Even LEGO Can’t Escape!

Image credits: djalkidan

#22 Wife Bought Paper Towels From A Chain Store Brand Today. Regular Roll Core For Comparison

Image credits: Tom-o-matic

#23 This Is Now “Double Stuffed”

Image credits: O_Or-

#24 Half A Pickle

Image credits: DuxDucis52

#25 Recipe From Back When Cans Were 18oz, Not 15oz

Image credits: NeverBeenToMontreal

#26 I Bought A New IKEA Utensil Holder And It Kept Tipping Over. Turns Out It’s The Same Dimensions And Material As The Old One I Have But It Weighs Over 50% Less

Image credits: SirGergoyFriendman

#27 These Used To Be 6 To A Pack. Same Price Of Course

Image credits: alabastardariel

#28 Monster Coming In With Some Scary 25% Shrinkflation

Image credits: fatkidslovecupcakes

#29 I Fill Canisters With Our Dry Goods, The Past Year Things Have Gone From Filled To Nearly Spilling, To This

Image credits: SSTralala

#30 This Used To Be Completely Full

Image credits: tessjoh

#31 Now It’s Serious… Not My Dino Nuggets Too

Image credits: chappyfu

#32 Softsoap Made Their Bottle Smaller. This Was Their Response

Image credits: love_258

#33 Plenty Of Room To Spare

Image credits: ramathorn47

#34 Same Price. Bought The Last One 3 Weeks Ago, And A New One Today For Thanksgiving

Image credits: Swamp-87

#35 Oreos Shipped With Three Cookies Face Down

Image credits: tusi2

#36 Nugo Bars Advertised As 50g But Coming In At 41g

Image credits: Neither-Guess-5802

#37 $0.99 For The Top One Last Year. Just Bought The Bottom One For $1.97

Image credits: Creative-Web-9274

#38 Pack Of Gum

Image credits: emeister26

#39 Cat Food. Was $55 For 24, 5.8 Oz Cans. Now $62 For 24, 5.1 Oz Cans. That’s .7 Oz. Less Per Can, And $7 More Per Case

Image credits: Sailing_Duck

#40 The Top Box Is From A Well Established Reoccurring Promotion

Image credits: EverydayDan

#41 I Knew Something Was Fishy When I Bought My Creamer Yesterday

Image credits: mundanecatlady

#42 Can Of Great Value “Pringles” Is A Third Empty When Opened

Image credits: I_Love_McRibs

#43 Seen This While Stocking Cookies

Image credits: LouTenant6767

#44 Shrinkflation Has Been Hitting Everything

Image credits: MGNConflict

#45 The Slices Of This Chocolate Orange Have Hollows Now

Image credits: z0mbiegrl

#46 Same Price, Less Than Half The Product From Nerdwax (4.25g vs. 2g At $10 Apiece)

Image credits: Moar_Cuddles_Please

#47 Same Product, Now More Expensive, And 25% Less…

Image credits: izzels

#48 This Is Getting Serious

Image credits: RocketBoomGo

#49 New Take On Shrinkflation: Exact Same Product Miraculously “65% More”

Image credits: turnstile_blues

#50 The Eight-Year Old Recipe I’m Using Calls For “15 Oz. Can Of Stewed Tomatoes”. All The Cans Are Now 14.5 Oz

Image credits: a-horse-has-no-name

#51 Yes, This Is New And Unused

Image credits: GiShG69

#52 Never Thought I’d Catch It So Blatantly Myself – Grocery Store In Canada

Image credits: Antalol

#53 Bought A Bottle Of Febreze For The First Time In A Few Years, Still Had The Old Bottle. New One Is 37.5% Smaller

Image credits: quiet_desperado

#54 Hamburger Helper Went From 6.6oz To 5.5oz Recently

Image credits: Troumbomb

#55 Ice Is Going From 10lb Bags To 7lbs. Price Stays At $2

Image credits: rollercoasterfanitic

#56 2 Twix Short Of A Yard

Image credits: proft0x

#57 Everybody Who Uses Lumber Knows This Goes Waaaay Back. They’re Even Rounding The Corners Now

Image credits: benbalooky

#58 Simply Lemonade Have Gone From 64oz To 59oz To 52oz Over The Years While The Price Has Remained The Same Or Increased

Image credits: jaba1337

#59 Febreeze Circa 2011 vs. Today

Image credits: rdstrmfblynch79

#60 Nine Bucks For This At Subway

Image credits: bigdaddyricko

#61 Why Walmart?

Image credits: mramirez23

#62 In Response To The Post About Folger’s Coffee, I Call Them Out On Twitter. This Was Their Response. But Wait, There’s More!

Image credits: BuzzOnBuzzOff

#63 Same Price For 3 Cans Less Worth Of Cat Food. 3 More Cases A Year I’ll Have To Buy

Image credits: bambam1317

#64 New Size On The Right

Image credits: benabear

#65 Pringles Shrinkflation. Left Is 200g, Middle Is 180g, Right Is 165g

Image credits: coolercreeper

#66 From 9.7 To 8.8 And From Aluminum To Plastic

Image credits: RavenStormblessed

#67 Dawn Is Trying To Distract You With Their “Wacky New Lid”. I Also Like How The Dude’s Thumb Conveniently Covers The Number Of Ounces This New Bottle Contains

Image credits: PhilipLiptonSchrute

#68 14oz To 12oz

Image credits: Jamgood

#69 I Guess Nuts Are To Expensive To Cover My Cone Anymore

Image credits: Tekitekidan

#70 Aldi Bake From Frozen Pain Au Chocolate. The Ones On The Left Bought Last Month

Image credits: brashboy

#71 Amazon Brand Dishwasher Pods (3months Ago vs. Today) 17.1% Less

Image credits: alexslife

#72 In 2018 The Bigger Bottle Was $5.97. Then It Was $6.97. Today It Was $6.97 With A New, Smaller Bottle

Image credits: SarahMuffin

#73 Haven’t These Always Been 24 Packs?

Image credits: Viewer4038

#74 Thought This Belonged Here

Image credits: dappered13

#75 Old Spice (Two-Pack Of 2.5oz For $7.99 In Feb 2022 V.s. Three-Pack Of 3oz For $8.76 In Oct 2019)

Image credits: whatslife

#76 This Should Be A Crime

Image credits: d0ppelgangr2

#77 The Packaging Of These Cookies Have Been Changed To Remove 1 Cookie To Cut Costs While Shelf Price Is The Same

Image credits: VitalMaTThews

#78 Mike’s Pizza 75g Smaller, 1$ More

Image credits: ProfRomeoVonSexhaver

#79 Damn It Costco. 425 Sheets Down To 380. 1,592 Sqft Down To 1,425 Sqft

Image credits: throwawaywatches

#80 Tastes Like S**t Too

Image credits: RandomSchnitzelbank

#81 Candy Bar Statistics

Image credits: OneLaneHwy

#82 “Gigantic” Fun Dip Cherry Yum Diddly Dip Ain’t What It Used To Be

Image credits: lowbread

#83 Goodcook Brand Cookie Cooling Rack, Now Uses Far Less Material And The Price Has Risen

Image credits: uber765

#84 Shoprite Brand Tissues. Opened A New Box And Thought I Was Crazy Until I Checked With The Box We Still Had From The Bathroom

Image credits: Emadyville

#85 New Hand Soap Bottle Appears Wider But Has 6oz Less. Still “800+ Pumps” Somehow

Image credits: fli-

#86 Laundromat Shrinkflation From Lone Pine, Ca

Image credits: GhostsOfHarrenhall

#87 Same Size Jar, Now With 15% More Water!

Image credits: hasanyoneseenmymom

#88 The Economy Is Healing

Image credits: FireEscapeWisdom

#89 It’s Happening To Everything And You Have To Read The Fine Print

Image credits: bmblb23

#90 Biscoff 1.15oz Less For The Same Price!

Image credits: Crannynoko

#91 Tyson Even Threw In An Extra Patty To Make Up For Their Underweight Patties, And The Bag Still Came In Under Advertised Weight

Image credits: Dat_Mustache

#92 Same Fooking Price

Image credits: SendWhatYourProudOf

#93 Right One Is From A Few Months Ago

Image credits: TheRudeCactus

#94 Does This Count?

Image credits: Pete489Z

#95 Same Great Price! Now With Fewer Bars!

Image credits: i_want_lime_skittles

#96 Just Noticed My Syrup Contains 5% Less Maple

Image credits: haljackey

#97 When It Hits Home (Before & After)

Image credits: ActionFigureCollects

#98 Seventh Generation Dish Liquid – 25 Oz. Before, 19 Oz. Now. Same Price

Image credits: neuroprncss

#99 Old 175g Bag On The Left, New 145g Bag On The Right. Of Course They’re The Same Price

Image credits: ohokayfineiguess

#100 Repost But I Thought You Guys Would Like This

Image credits: SausMcMuff

#101 Same Capacity Coolers From Costco Purchased 1 Year Apart. Keeps Ice 1 Day Less (5 Days vs. 4 Days)

Image credits: JonMCT

#102 Three Different “Family Size” Kemp’s Ice Cream

Image credits: Puckishlove

#103 Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce Is 33% Smaller For The Same Price

Image credits: ducttapetricorn

#104 2017 Barbasol Can On The Left, 2020 Can On The Right

Image credits: bciesil

#105 10 Cookies Last Year 99 Cents; This Year 8 Cookies $1.77

Image credits: Creative-Web-9274

#106 Tide Price Hike. I Searched For The Normal Bottle Of Tide Online And Found The Price Was Higher And The Bottle Was Much Smaller

Image credits: UserName51658

#107 38% Reduction In Bottle Size (32 Oz —> 20 Oz)

Image credits: ruby_guts

#108 Remember When These Came With 6 Crackers?

Image credits: AwkwardGamerRNx

#109 First They Raise Their Prices, Then They Shrink The Products. Dollar Tree Scouring Pads Going From A 5 Pack To A 4 Pack

Image credits: hasanyoneseenmymom

#110 I Rarely Shave, And This Is The Difference A Year Makes

Image credits: BassMasta

#111 Creatine Went Up $7, For 100g Less But In A Bigger Container! And Smaller Serving Scoop

Image credits: myosys

#112 Bomb Pops Are A Little Different Than I Remember…

Image credits: jakorax

#113 The Chocolates Have Always Been Pathetically Small But Until 2020 The 24th Was Around 3x The Size Of The Others. This Year It Is The Same

Image credits: ostearn

#114 Same Price – 160ml Smaller

Image credits: mikey644

#115 Tropicana Oj From Costco’s

Image credits: wannahakaluigi

#116 A New Two-Cookie Gap In Double Stuf Oreos

Image credits: Klabbertrapz

#117 Gotta Clearance Out The 32oz To Make Way For 28oz Bottles

Image credits: tallterror

#118 New (414ml) And Old (500ml). Same Price

Image credits: babatofu

#119 Kellogg’s “Family Size” Raisin Bran Used To Be 1kg, Then A Couple Of Years Ago It Shrunk To 755g. Just Bought A Box And Now It’s 625g

Image credits: quiet_desperado

#120 Scott’s Earthgro Mulch Reduced The Size Of Their Bags By 25% But Want You To Continue Paying The Same Amount

Image credits: ChrisAngel0

#121 All Brand Laundry Detergent, Now In A Bigger Container, Which Contains One Less Pac Than The Old One

Image credits: insanityfarm

#122 New Look! “Same Bottle”!

Image credits: sarahjeanne15

#123 These Haribo Sour Bites Shrunk From 6.7 Oz To 4.5 Oz Since 2019 And The Price Is Still The Same

Image credits: MarkusRight

#124 12 Fl Oz = 350ml And Also 375ml

Image credits: BobbyKnockers

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