125 Before And After Pics Of Cats Growing Up (New Pics)

There’s nothing quite like seeing your tiny furball growing up. Except you don’t really see it. ‘Cause it seems that felines go from kittens to full-blown kings and queens of cattos in a glimpse of the eye.

Luckily, there are photographs that prove it’s the same four-legged companion and no one is playing any mind tricks on you.

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So this time, Bored Panda has compiled a heartwarming list full of cats before and after growing up that show no matter the age, some things stay the same. And it’s purrfectly wholesome cattitude.

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#1 Time Flies

Image credits: cinephile46

#2 How It Started And How It Is Going. Bestfriends

Image credits: 0LoveRainbow0

#3 17 Months Later

Image credits: DD1234567

#4 Nimbus Leveled Up From Crinkled Tissue To Supermodel

Image credits: 211av8r

#5 One Year Later

Image credits: jenpriester

#6 6 Weeks And 8 Months

Image credits: Weronika9

#7 Here’s My Cat Two Years Later

Image credits: PakistaniFalooda

#8 They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

Image credits: TDX

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#9 Before And After. What A Transformation

Image credits: Luciphyr729

#10 I Make Him Do “The Circle Of Life” With Me On The Anniversary Of His Adoption

Image credits: jeffreybbbbbbbb

#11 About A Year Ago I Shared A Picture Of Some Kittens I Found Under My House. Here’s An Update

Image credits: RedArremerAce

#12 3 Years Later And This Little Man Is All Grown Up! Say Hi To Loki

Image credits: lbcdm

#13 Six Months Later… Floofy To Even More Floofy

Image credits: trixie_pixie_dust

#14 First Time In Her Cat Bed vs. 2 Years Later

Image credits: FickleFern

#15 The Day We Adopted To Now

Image credits: M1ssMoon

#16 Theodore’s Birthday. 3 Months To 3 Years

Image credits: kataani

#17 This Gigantic, Toothless, Furry Lovebug Has Cost Me More Than A Used Car But He’s Gonna Be 3 Years Old Next Month

Image credits: KittyNouveau

#18 Same Spot, Same Cat, Two Years Difference

Image credits: alrightmousey

#19 Seasons Keep Changing And Stanley Keeps Growing

Image credits: raeco23

#20 Willow At 3 Days Old Vs 3 Months Old

Image credits: Evil__eye737

#21 Shamelessly Using My Cake Day To Show Off My Boy Howdy! 10 Weeks To 7 Months

Image credits: ig_gnome_inious

#22 8 Weeks To 18 Months… Nobody Warned Me The Sassyness Grows With Age

Image credits: miss-with-an-m

#23 From 1 Month To 7 Months

I was about to adopt my very first kitten/cat. Foster family said “don’t you want to adopt these two? They’d be so happy together”. They were so right.

Image credits: croutelle

#24 Bean Was A Microkitten. Here She Is At 8 Weeks Vs. 5 Years

She has some bone deformities that limit her front leg mobility and is still under 6lbs.

Image credits: mrszubris

#25 Here’s My Buddy, Thor At 7 Weeks (Day I Got Him) And At About A Year (New Toy Face!)

Image credits: TeddyRose13

#26 Just Rescued To A Few Months Old

Image credits: Aglardes

#27 1998 And 2018

Image credits: slariet

#28 15 Years Apart

Image credits: taff96

#29 3 Months Vs 3 Yo

Image credits: umihui

#30 From Kitten To Cat: Grandma Edition. I’ve Been Bringing Axl To Visit Since He Was 4 Weeks Old – He’s 10 Months Now And She’s His Favorite Person

Image credits: CeeDot85

#31 My Best Friend At 1 Month And Again At 3 Years. Some Things Never Change

Image credits: Innerquestion

#32 Hecate And The Case Of The Amazing Shrinking Stuffie

Image credits: gmcharlt

#33 Since July 2019, The Table Has Inexplicably Gotten Smaller

Image credits: cute-newt

#34 Fluffy To Fluffier

Image credits: ThereIs0nly0ne

#35 Our Kitty The Day We Brought Him Home And Now At About 1 Year Old

Image credits: Mazzack

#36 Chimera Kitten To Cat

Image credits: beroemd

#37 From Meow To Meow

Image credits: Ryushindo

#38 Pharah At Being 1-Month-Old And 1-Year-Old

Image credits: strawberry-doughnut

#39 Some Things Never Change

Image credits: meowpal33

#40 22 Years And Counting

Image credits: tgalen

#41 I Found These Little Dumplings Under My House Four Years Ago. I Love Them So Much

Image credits: RedArremerAce

#42 3 Months Vs 18 Years

Image credits: notyourmomanymore

#43 We Thought Izzy Would Grow Into Her Disney Princess Eyes. She Has Not, To Say The Least

Image credits: lilyannah

#44 Left – 3 Months Old. Right – 11 Months Old. We Also Got A Third Cat In The Form Of His Tail

Image credits: hellonheelz

#45 My Sweet Mia – 5 Weeks To 3 Years

Image credits: summerjane18

#46 Ziggy (Left) And Marcel (Right)

Image credits: atlanta_clause

#47 5wks, 11wks And 16wks

Image credits: jackHD

#48 Have You Ever Look At An Old Photo Of Your Kitten And Wonder “What Happened??” Mimi And Mochi 8 Months Later

Image credits: OyabunRyo

#49 Harvey’s Skinny Body Was Found Abandoned In A Ditch, Soaking Wet, And Dotted With Cigarette Burns

He was infested with fleas, anemic, and starving. One look at his little face and I knew had to adopt him. Fast forward 5 years, he’s now a confident, happy, healthy boi with a career in modelling.

Image credits: olivealexander

#50 Smile Stayed The Same. Size Not So Much

Image credits: timelady84

#51 From A Little Floof To A Lot Of Floof

Image credits: good-eye-mite

#52 My Boyfriend Showcasing The Growth Of Our Kitties

Image credits: recordwindow

#53 I Found An Old Kitten Picture Of Me With My Late Cat. For 15 Years We Grew Up Together

Image credits: bugglefluff

#54 From Kitten To Cat

Image credits: Phizzwizard

#55 Melvin: Found In A Trash Heap In June 2012. He Spent His First Night Sleeping On Me. Six Years Later, It’s Still His Favorite Place To Be

Image credits: snerdie

#56 When She Was 5 Weeks Old She Climbed My Leg Begging For Food. 3.5 Years Later The Only Thing That Has Changed Is Her Size

Image credits: ipromiseimnotaNazi

#57 My Husband Found Ponyboy When He Was An Infant Kitten And Cared For Him 24/7. Over A Year Later, Ponyboy Still Thinks My Husband Is His Birth Mother. It’s Adorable

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Pic Of Me And My Cat In 2001 Vs 2021

Image credits: KittyRamPaige

#59 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: FloffyBirb

#60 Same Cat, Same Tie, One Year Difference

Image credits: CeeDot85

#61 Casper At 3 And 13 Weeks Old

Image credits: baleyN

#62 Smol Mio Grew Fluffy

Image credits: GoddessOvDoom

#63 Honey From A Dehydrated, Dirty Bottle Baby To A Beautiful, Healthy Girl

Image credits: shawnyfrank2

#64 Some Things Never Change

Image credits: Soyfree2Bea

#65 From Derpy To Chonker In 5 Years

Image credits: Zync

#66 Still The Same Pose

Image credits: DazedGlonut

#67 From A Roaring Kitten To A Devilish Handsome Roaring Cat

Image credits: papagrantu

#68 You Think He’s Outgrowing The Sock Drawer?

Image credits: time4stew

#69 Voodoo

Image credits: plubairsin

#70 Same Cat, Same Basket, 4 Years Later

Image credits: MySoleM8isACat

#71 Minerva At A Few Weeks Old, Versus Her Now At 5. She Looks Like A Completely Different Cat

Image credits: thesassyllamas

#72 My Son Named Her Flash When We Got Her. Now 4 Years Later She Only Acts Like Flash When Treats Are Offered

Image credits: Taymac2384

#73 This Is Pepina. 5 Months And 1 Year Old, She Became Lion In Meantime

Image credits: Morana_Saracevic

#74 From A 4-Week-Old Feral Garage Kitten To Healthy 4-Year-Old Sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Wee

Image credits: SarahSparrow16

#75 3 Months vs. 13 Months. He Found Us Covered In Fleas Weighing Less Than A Pound. Now He’s Our Big Beautiful Red Man

Image credits: Other_Situation

#76 A Baby Blep And A Big Boy Blep

Image credits: Blossombarbie

#77 What A Difference 7 Months Makes, Lily Finally Grew Into Her Ears

Image credits: partsraven

#78 With Lots Of Love, She Grew Into A Beautiful Cat

Image credits: fgoussou

#79 My Sweet Son Edward In His Favorite Spot The Day I Brought Him Home At Twelve Weeks, And Two Years Later

Image credits: bluexwhales

#80 Nimbus And Her Glow Up (Toy Mouse For Scale)

Image credits: 211av8r

#81 The Day We Picked Up Butters & The Rest Of His Litter To Foster, And Today

After they were all adopted nobody had shown any interest in him so we kept him. 8 weeks to 2 years old.

Image credits: scrotophobia

#82 Like The Queen

Image credits: CarolynSee

#83 The Evolution Of Jolteon

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 Miffy’s Transformation! He Recently Turned 1

Image credits: saltlimesoda

#85 This Is My Boy Marlin. The Change In Ear To Body Ratio Kills Me

Image credits: cats_n_things

#86 My Cat Tito, 6 Months Apart And Still Lying Upside Down Und The Same Chair

Image credits: Godstantin

#87 From Sick Neonate To Handsome Boy

Image credits: YouCantHaveMyTiara

#88 Chiffon 2018-2020

Image credits: catblep

#89 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: ash16f

#90 Marcel – 6 Weeks To 5 Years

Image credits: atlanta_clause

#91 3 Years vs. 5 Months BSH

Image credits: Domisus

#92 I Rescued The Cat Off The Street. Photos Before And After. One Year Difference

Image credits: alinaesther

#93 Sweet Guy. All Grown Up

Image credits: beastwillis

#94 From Kitten To Cat. Miss Them Fitting In The Palm Of My Hands

Image credits: la_cintia03

#95 From Tiny Boy To Big Floof In 5 Months

Image credits: KaayLemc

#96 4 Years Later, Gizmo Is A Big Boy

Image credits: Toasty-tastik

#97 From A Few Months Old To Three Years Old, And Still Baby-Faced

Image credits: _sleepycloud

#98 1 Month Old vs. 5 Years Old

Image credits: cat_triad

#99 Me When I Was Little And Me Last Winter

Image credits: sampycat

#100 6 Weeks & 6 Years

Image credits: wonkyparsnip

#101 Then Vs Now. Happy (Almost) 20 Years

Image credits: groundhogseatclover

#102 These Two Have Been Twinning Non-Stop Since Birth

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#103 Before And After Of This Sweet Baby Who Was Rescued From A Hoarding Situation. He’s Loving His New Home

Image credits: xtinaxtina18

#104 How It Started, How It’s Going. This Is Max

Image credits: MattGabe

#105 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: Tofufighter

#106 Fostered Brothers: Before And After

Image credits: bus214

#107 Bones Had Some Issues With Ringworm When We First Found Him (~8 Weeks), But He’s All Better Now (2 Years)

Image credits: Armer409

#108 From Abandoned, Worm Infested 7 Week Old To Happy, Playful 5 Month Old

Image credits: Chlosco

#109 Happy 4th Birthday To My Sweet Ginger Boys! They’re A Tad Less Fluffy, But They’re Still Cuddle Buddies Who Love To Play In (Dry) Bathtubs

Image credits: samanandatha

#110 My Babies Are All Grown Up

Image credits: specialfondant

#111 Making Crop Top Sweaters A Thing

Image credits: rosebudmeow

#112 In 10 Months He Managed To Grow A Mane

Image credits: justapersoninspace

#113 From Tiny To Small To Full On Catto

Image credits: arivalinde

#114 My Baby Boy, Bailey, From The First Day To 2,5 Years Later

Image credits: specialfondant

#115 First Day Home, To Sassy Boi Who Runs The House

Image credits: WrinklyDog1

#116 My Cats Grew Up And Lost Their Necks

Image credits: brinanaanna

#117 Bowie And Jimmy From Cute Babies To Angsty Teens

Image credits: bowieandjimmy

#118 Then And Now, From A Smol Napper To A Professional Napper. 2018 And 2020

Image credits: ladykikyou

#119 Unfortunately They Can Only Fit One At A Time Now, So They Have To Take Turns

Image credits: time4stew

#120 Some Habits Never Change

Image credits: JohnGauntOfficial

#121 4 Weeks To 4 Years. My Prince, Jaxon

Image credits: suspiciousblonde

#122 What A Difference 1 Year Makes! Her Mane Is Coming In Nicely! Happy Birthday, Ada

Image credits: Kuga27

#123 Concerned Shelter Kitten To Concerned Tall Boy (7 Years Old)

Image credits: tikitessie

#124 9 Weeks To 4 Years , Had No Idea He Was Going To Grow So Big And Floofy

Image credits: belu_belu

#125 From Four Months To One Year. A Bit Bigger But Still My Little Cutie

Image credits: zoookini

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