125 Laundry Fails That Most People Can Relate To

There’s virtually no household that hasn’t experienced laundry gone wrong. In a classic scenario, a family member puts your beloved cashmere jumper from a fancy Parisian boutique you could never afford on your own on a spin of death and it shrinks just like your dreams of putting it on ever again. You try to stretch the fabric until it tears away and this is a farewell you knew was comin’.

In reality, laundry fails are so common, I am wondering how come they’re still not included in the Olympic games… right next to the wine glass breaking race.

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Bored Panda has compiled a list full of hand-selected (you bet!) laundry fails that is basically a low-key guide on how not to murder your clothes in what seems like a hundred different ways.

#1 Just Some Regular Rubber Gloves Washing Accidentally Opened The Gate Of Hell

Image credits: green1

#2 The Many Stages In My Sweater’s Life

Image credits: Hippaul

#3 They Look Dry Enough

#4 I Accidentally Put My Leather Gloves In The Washing Machine

Image credits: gene100001

#5 Washed My Favourite Jumper

Image credits: KarenFromAccounts

#6 It’s A French Sweater Anyway

Image credits: alextumay

#7 My Pillow Said “Washing Machine And Dryer Safe.” I Open Up My Dryer To This

Image credits: Ddoge_YT

#8 Accidentally Shrunk My Sweater While Doing Laundry

Image credits: LeCorndog

#9 I Shrunk My GF’s Favourite Sweater, But Her Loss Is Oak’s Gain

Image credits: bonuscheese

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#10 You Did Not Do Well

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Turns Out Washing Machines Do Eat Socks, But There Were More Surprising Things That We Found

Today, my husband got tired of fooling with one of the washing machines that was just not working properly and decided to take it apart, starting with the bottom panel. To his shock, this is what he found… Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7.00 in change.

Image credits: Cathy Hinz

#12 My Wool Sweater Shrunk In The Wash

Image credits: Enefai

#13 Accidentally Put My Wool Hat In The Washing Machine. Label Said Hand Wash Cold

Image credits: liyachopsuey

#14 Did The First Load Of Laundry Of The Decade. 2 Rolls Of Toilet Paper Fell Off The Top Of The Fridge And Into The Washing Machine Without Me Noticing

Image credits: brbimjumping

#15 When You Accidentally Put Your Gloves In The Wash

Image credits: lin.dje

#16 Mom Lesson Of The Day: Check The Pockets Before Doing The Laundry

Image credits: nathaliamusica

#17 You Would Think They Would Make These Things Waterproof

Image credits: cameronocompton

#18 Laundry Time

Image credits: virpat

#19 So, I Came Back To Check On My Laundry

Image credits: AstamanyanaQ

#20 Apparently Sometimes “Dry Clean Only” Really Does Mean Dry Clean Only

Image credits: deannatvnews

#21 Because When Life Gives You Over Sudsy Laundry Problems And Your Kid Is Home On Chanukah Break You Just Have To Make The Best Of It

Image credits: the_brooklyn_bunch

#22 Really? Seriously This Is Inside Of My Washing Machine. How A Bag Of TJ’s Pretzels Got Into My Hamper I Will Never Know

Image credits: tristina5

#23 My Husband Washed His Jeans Today… With A Few Red Car Rags

Image credits: brittany.krysinski

#24 Nothing Like Pulling Out A Warm Pillow Out Of The Dryer Right Before Bedtime

Image credits: BlackDeathZombieSwede

#25 AirPods Were In The Pocket Of My Jacket

Image credits: panfilov_family

#26 So My Washing Machine Took A Little Walk

Image credits: Hhelterskelter

#27 My Friend’s Laundry Machine Did This

Image credits: somearsehole

#28 These Six Socks Were Washed Together, One Shrunk

Image credits: bgff_18

#29 I Washed The “Antistress” Pillow

Image credits: ~ Silence ~

#30 I Accidentally Washed And Dried My $10 Bill And It Shrunk To A Quarter Of Its Normal Size

Image credits: Lemonade-N

#31 And This Is Why You Let Your Wife Do Your Laundry And You Do Not Wash 100% Wool Sweaters In Hot Water. I Promise I Could Fit This Yesterday

Image credits: humbletip

#32 Today Is A Pink Day

Image credits: verbruggen_isabelle

#33 When You’re Having Monday Problems On A Tuesday. Now How In The Heck Am I Supposed To Clean This?

Image credits: mom_is_distracted

#34 I Feel Guilty For Murdering This Turtleneck

Image credits: marthashoover

#35 Honey, I Shrunk My Sweater

Image credits: kirsty_brucestudio

#36 Oops

Image credits: imperfectqueenjas

#37 Farewell, Then, Beloved Jumper. In A Moment Of Distraction, You Were Bundled Into The Wash With Everything Else And Met Your Demise

Image credits: authorlisamills

#38 My Mom Is Gonna Kill Me

#39 Don’t Know How I Managed To Do This Today But Somehow I Did A Load Of Laundry With An Entire Box Of Kleenex In It

Image credits: momo_coco_xoxo

#40 I Did Laundry. She Lost Her iPhone

Image credits: deadflow3r

#41 Sorry For Your Loss Meredith, We Kind Of Shrunk Your Favorite Sweater, But Ella Loves Her New Sweater

Image credits: Christine Achterkirch

#42 Laundry Fail. One Of Sena’s Favorite Sweaters Is Hers No More

Image credits: vallenhoop

#43 You Think You’ve Raised Them To Be Rational Human Beings, And Then You Come Around The Corner And You See This

Image credits: pwbalto

#44 Pretty Sure This Counts As A Laundry Fail. My Sweater Is Now For A 3-Year-Old

Image credits: aaronokada

#45 This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Put Wool In The Dryer

Image credits: misstammydarling

#46 I Washed Christophers Work Id And Made Him A Cyclops

Image credits: jeannekelly

#47 Yay, Pull-Ups In The Washing Machine

Image credits: kak-47

#48 Washing Machine Shook The Detergent Off

Image credits: greigames

#49 Whoops, I Shrunk This Awesome Sweater From My Gramma. Looks Like My Nephew Is Getting Some Swag

Image credits: kevineeto

#50 Guess I Should Have Read The Care Instructions Before I Washed My Cardigan And Tossed It In The Dryer. Oops

Image credits: andi_alba

#51 Laundry Fail

Image credits: cathiekoss

#52 Any Small Children Out There Needing A Toque That Accidentally Went In The Dryer?

Image credits: mikeporternl

#53 Did You Know This Was Even Possible? It’s Like Something In A Cartoon. Only I Could Fail At Putting Soap In The Washing Machine

Image credits: savvygirlfriend

#54 When You Accidentally Shrink Your Toddler’s Hat And It Doesn’t Even Fit Your 6-Month-Old

Image credits: e_lathrop

#55 When You Open The Dryer And Your Laundry Looks Like Soft-Serve

Image credits: dijaroma

#56 Just Washed Some Pillows

Image credits: TerryCruzLeftPec

#57 When You Accidentally Leave Your Glove In Your Back Pocket Of Your Shorts And Wash Them

Image credits: Mathdude33

#58 Accidentally Washed My Wallet And This Dog Appeared

Image credits: OstidTabarnak

#59 This Lady’s Laundry Today

Image credits: marektypes

#60 It Won’t Give Back My Laundry

Image credits: Catson2

#61 When You Accidentally Put A Sneaker In The Washing Machine

Image credits: kobydornclan

#62 Washed A Memory Foam Pillow In The Washer

Image credits: lifeisntperfect

#63 Laundry Fail

Image credits: bmichs

#64 So How Does This Happen? Same Washer Load, Same Dryer Load, Different Socks? I Don’t Get It

Image credits: b.loveleigh

#65 I Washed Some Cushions That Got Wet In The Damaged Storage Building. They Exploded. I Closed The Lid And Walked Away. I Quit

Image credits: thekarenspencer

#66 “I Got A New Sweater Today Because Mom Sucks At Doing Laundry”

Image credits: sirsebastianthehusky

#67 Oh My Poor Little Jumper I Loved So Much. When You Leave Paul Doing The Washing While You’re In Rehearsals. Although I’ve Only Turned Our Washer On Once, So I Can’t Really Complain

Image credits: thebenforster

#68 Note To Self, Check The Label Before Stuffing Unusual Things In The Washing Machine

Image credits: theoutcider

#69 When Your Loving Mother Does Your Children’s Laundry Whilst You Are Away For The Weekend And Washes Your Baby’s Favorite Hand Knit Sweater

Image credits: ellsworthandsylvan

#70 This Is Why I Am Banned From Doing Laundry

Image credits: myselie

#71 Good Chance These Won’t Be Working Anymore

Image credits: cassino86

#72 There Was An Attempt To Wash A Hat

Image credits: Hoo_Har

#73 I May Have Shed Tears This Morning. Elke’s Bowline Sweater Went Through The Wash

She literally lives in this mama-made hand-me-down (and that hat). True to her cool form, she took it in stride and requested another one, this time in a very specific shade of kinder bunny blue. Putting all other WIPS aside to get that done for you, sweetie. Should probably track down some superwash though.

Image credits: becoming.land

#74 I’m Not Entirely Sure What Happened. Dryer Maybe? Anyone Need A Pair Of Weird Sandals?

Image credits: dreaming_of_brie

#75 How To Tell Your Husband You Accidentally Shrank His Favorite Wool Sweater

Image credits: adrianahasaids

#76 My Wife Did Something To My Favorite Wool Sweater. Can’t Put My Finger On It, Though

Image credits: InfinityCircuit

#77 Washed My Machine Washable Pillows. They Exploded

Image credits: reluctantrolemodel

#78 My Mom Had To Scan This Pic Of My Dad At A Young Age For My Sister, But She Forgot About It In Her Pocket And Accidentally Washed It. She Is Broken Up Over It

Image credits: Bob_Arctor

#79 My Stepdaughter’s Unicorn Toy Was Kind Of Dirty So I Thought I’d Be Nice And Wash It

Image credits: youarethebonusmom

#80 Mad Skillz. Pink Is The New Black

Image credits: fronchuamoroso

#81 This Is What Happens When Your Kids Start Learning How To Do Laundry And Accidentally Wash My Sweater

Image credits: manolo_809

#82 I Decided I Should Wash Everything. So I Threw My Pillows In, They Were Far Below The Fill Line Then They Exploded And Burned. My Washer Is Not Doing Well Now

Image credits: adventureswithauntie

#83 I’ve Been Doing Laundry For Nearly 25 Years And This Is The Worst Mishap So Far. No Idea What Went So Wrong, But This Blanket Literally Disintegrated

Image credits: imtk247

#84 J Crew Sweater, Girl’s Size 10

Image credits: laurajones1122

#85 I Seem To Have Accidentally Shrunk Ed’s New Outfit In The Wash

Image credits: edwardmittenhands

#86 Uh-Oh, Looks Like I Need A Lesson In Washing/Drying 101

Image credits: ceercee3

#87 He Shrunk One Of My Favorite Sweaters

Image credits: norabora___

#88 Wash Your White Clothes For Only 0.80 USD Sounded Like A Good Deal To Me. Not Sure If It Really Was

Image credits: pascalabroad

#89 Cute Leopard Print Doll Shirt? Or A Human “Dry Clean Only” Shirt? You Decide

Image credits: wendidunford

#90 Accidentally Chucked My 2-Year-Old’s Lovely Hand-Knitted Dress In The Wash And It Came Out Felted, Newborn Size

After hearing me exclaim “Noooo!”, my 4-year-old son came running into the laundry to find out what had happened. He was quick to console me by reminding me that I will soon have a newborn to put it on. What a sweetie.

Image credits: woolandflaxyarns

#91 My Fav Sweater

Image credits: varg_woodcraft

#92 When You Remember That Wool Shrinks In The Dryer

Image credits: kcho15

#93 The Moment Kurt Realised He Washed All His Whites In With A Yellow T-Shirt

Image credits: natasha_catriona

#94 Rule #1 Of Laundry Is Check Pockets. Did Not Remember To Do That This Time. And Apparently There Was A Blue Crayon Somewhere

Inside of the brand new dryer is now blue too. Oops! Sorry.

Image credits: reesejneal

#95 I Guess I Wasn’t Supposed To Put That In The Wash

Image credits: laurenspamer

#96 I Kept Thinking About Harry Potter And The Awful Sweater Petunia Tried To Get Him To Wear. Only I Wanted To Keep This One

Image credits: nerdysiblings

#97 Don’t Be Like Me: Read The Washing Label. The End

Image credits: gingersquirrels11

#98 How’s Your Day Going? My Shirt Got Stuck In The Laundry And That’s A Pretty Accurate Representation Of The Trajectory Of My Day

Image credits: equetech1320

#99 I Really Liked This Sweater

Image credits: St0nedB0l0gn

#100 My So Accidentally Shrunk A Wool Tank Top My Mom Knit Me, But The Good News Is Bagheera Got An Amazing New Dress Out Of It

Image credits: travelsizedmacgyver

#101 Fixing This Sweater That I Accidentally Washed With A Purple Fluffy Jacket

Image credits: AnikaSmithArts

#102 Dog Threw Up On The Bed, Fiancee Asked Me To Switch The Laundry When I Got Home. This Is What I Found

Image credits: PM_me_ur_launch_code

#103 My Sister’s Friend’s Washing Machine Did This

Image credits: ColdMadMan

#104 This Sweater Used To Fit Me

Image credits: yoaaren

#105 Hangover Washing

Image credits: jy_beaudoin

#106 Laundry Fail

Image credits: jomoln

#107 Well, It Was My Favorite Sweater

Image credits: gina_hartman925

#108 When Mom Accidentally Shrinks Her New Sweater Down To Havanese Size

Image credits: happyshinyhavanese

#109 Rapture? Or Aaron’s New Skinny Jeans?

Image credits: haleyjo23

#110 Just In Case You Were Ever Wondering, Floppy Straw Hats Don’t Do Well In The Washing Machine

Image credits: kylakulaky

#111 Sometimes You Learn The Hard Way. I Just Converted My Favorite Hat Into A Perfect Gift For My 10-Week-Old Niece By Accidentally Drying It

Image credits: adammutschler

#112 Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Wash My Dodgeball Shoes

Except one got stuck in the dryer preventing the dryer from spinning. And basically melted. The other one was fine. So now I have one perfectly good shoe, one shoe that looks like a shrimp, and wet clothes.

Image credits: cadet_jett

#113 Slight Fail On The Washer Setting For My Big Baggy Blue Sweater

Image credits: witchycrab

#114 I May Have Shrunk This. Dog For Reference

Image credits: steffy_davidson

#115 I Put This Sweater In The Dryer

Image credits: gorickyricardo

#116 My Big Achievement Of The Weekend

Image credits: beccadyson

#117 Oops, Fail Of The Day. From Big To Small

Image credits: fran_ka85

#118 Slight Laundry Hiccup. Perhaps My 2-Year-Old Niece Would Like A Merino Wool Jumper?

Image credits: stuart_artandbooks

#119 Honey, I Shrunk Your Sweater

Image credits: little_mah

#120 Post-Flu Sanitize Cycle Of All Bedding And Mike’s Sweater Snuck In. Oops. Lol

Image credits: toricat

#121 Well It Finally Happened. I Fell For The Whole Load Of Whites With One Red Thing, Just Like Rachel. It Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Image credits: laurenesamson

#122 Accidentally Washed An Entire Box Of Bounce Strips

Image credits: morgdalaine

#123 I’m A Terrible Girlfriend And Accidentally Washed My Boyfriend’s Pocket Watch That He Liked

Image credits: swarren31

#124 Someone Put Their Laundry Detergent In My Washer When My Clothes Were Almost Done. I Had To Wash My Blankets 2 Times After This To Get Their Detergent Out

Image credits: myvibeiztremendous

#125 So This Was My Favorite Oversized, Tunic Length Sweater That Got Washed And Dried And Now I Feel Like I’m In The Movie “Big”

Image credits: clairepearsoncoaching

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