125 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of This Month (April Edition)

It’s the end of the month, which means Bored Panda has compiled a new list of adorable animal adoption photos. Many kittens, doggos, bunnies, and other critters have found their forever homes in April, and can now relax and enjoy being part of their new families.

It’s incredibly heartwarming to know that with the coronavirus ravaging the world and some shelters closed to the public, people are still finding ways to open their hearts and offer neglected animals a second chance at life.

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Continue scrolling to check out the images and be sure to check out our March, February, and January articles if you’ve fallen behind on the series!

#1 My Dad Just Got A Kitten

Image credits: Buns-R-Us

#2 My Husband Couldn’t Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise

Image credits: MaggieTheMoggy

#3 My Mom Meeting Her Dream Kitten For The First Time Today

Image credits: crazyt123

#4 My Girlfriend Has This Rescued Cat, And I Think She’s Cute

Image credits: ahmedzei

#5 My Dog, Who Has Never Liked Cats, Adopted My Bottle Baby Foster Kitten. She Adopted Him Too, I Think

Image credits: emmettemme

#6 After Adopting Our First Cat Everyone Prepared Us For A Nervous And Timid First Few Weeks, This Was Our Sweet Boy 30 Minutes Later

Image credits: juliacodes

#7 Dad’s New Little Girl

Image credits: Doctor_Toe

#8 We Rescued A Pregnant Cat. Best Decision Ever. This Is Her With Her Son

Image credits: _E_m_o_Q_u_e_e_n

#9 This Little Girl We Found In A Cardboard Box

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Image credits: AWU_Hades

#10 I Saved Him, But Actually He’s Saving Me

Image credits: matgravel

#11 She Suddenly Slept Like This While I Was Just Playing With Her. It Was A Stray Kitten, My Brother Adopted Her

Image credits: sheisadangerouswoman

#12 The Best Thing To Come From The Coronavirus… We Adopted Our Foster Pup

Image credits: JessGlad2BeHere

#13 Hi Everyone. My Name Is Joey. I Am Excited Because I Am Being Adopted Today

Image credits: ProfCNX

#14 After Growing Up With Cats And Loving Other People’s Cats. I Finally Have My Own Bundle Of Pure Joy – Meet Nova Everyone

Image credits: JustJessHere

#15 My Husband And I Found This Dog Wandering Around In Our Neighborhood Today. Turns Out She’s Been Seen Around For Weeks, And No Owner Has Come Forward

She doesn’t have a chip or tags, so we’re taking her in indefinitely while we search for her owner. We’ve been calling her Juno

Image credits: crybaby601

#16 I Had Always Wanted A Poodle, Decided To Adopt A Good Girl 3 Days Ago

Image credits: Paul_261199

#17 The Adoption Center Said To Expect Her To Hide Under The Bed For A Week. Here Is Our New Girl, Millie, After About 4 Hours

Image credits: sealowtilt

#18 Adopted This Sweet Baby Boy Today. His Name Is Pickles

Image credits: hamhars

#19 My Son, 8, Who Happens To Have Autism Got A Bunny. He Sits Outside With The Bunny For Hours. His Echolalia Stops. His Stimming Stops. He Is Calm, Focused And Happy

Image credits: siggycassidy

#20 Adopted A 3 Legged Street Cat From Greece. He Has Just Discovered The Resident Betta Fish

Image credits: i_fell_for_that

#21 Morning Blep From Our Rescue Kitty, Mosi

Image credits: nebular666

#22 My Birthday Is Tomorrow, Got Myself The Cutest Little Rescue. Meet Marcel

Image credits: NvlPtl

#23 Disco Is 2-Months-Old And Just Woke Up From A Nap

Image credits: larinascente

#24 Adopted A Stray Kitten Today. Meet Kelly

Image credits: drodg34

#25 Our New Rescue Kitty. We Call Him Sinbad

Image credits: somethingsblabla

#26 My New Puppy. She’s A Mutt, Some German Shepard And Some Australian Cattle Dog

Image credits: itmelol925

#27 Adopting During Quarantine Was An Excellent Choice

Image credits: reddit.com

#28 Sebastien Recently Gained A New Little Sister

Image credits: Beaugeek

#29 Just Adopted This Precious Little Hippo. Here She Is On Her Freedom Ride Home. Still Trying To Think Of A Name

Image credits: RedheadAblaze

#30 I Adopted A Cat (Grey One) For My Elderly Parents And After Two Weeks Of Hiding He’s Starting To Hang Out With Us

Image credits: SurpriseThere1

#31 Quarantine Silver Lining: Time To Adopt This Pupper

Image credits: O4WDawg

#32 Ralphie’s Ride Home On Adoption Day

Image credits: Kbopbop

#33 The Two Puppies Who Visited The Georgia Aquarium Were Adopted Together Today

Image credits: Megabyte7

#34 He’s 5-Weeks-Old And Rescued From Having To Go To The Pound. He Farts A Lot And Is Getting The Hang Of A Potty Pad

Image credits: rabbidolive

#35 Adopted This Guy Three Weeks Ago. He Spent The First Two Hiding Under A Chair And Now Sleeps With Me Every Night

Image credits: birdsong24

#36 We Just Rescued This Left Alone Cat, He Instantly Fell Asleep When We Got Back

Image credits: siminsu

#37 It Finally Happened. I Rescued This Beautiful 2-Year-Old Boy Today! Everyone Meet Mr. Teriyaki

Image credits: SlayinDaWabbits

#38 Everyone, Meet Popeye, The One Eyed Rescue Pup

Image credits: BAM-crater-lake

#39 Adoption Day For This Little One. That Look

Image credits: EOD_Eric

#40 Meet The Newest Addition To The Family. Louie, The Three-Footed Greyhound

Image credits: Itstoohardtothink

#41 This Is Olive, Our 12-Week-Old Burrito

Image credits: asyouwish18

#42 The Neighbours Wanted To Put Down This Dog Due To Being Very Aggressive. Instead, My Dad Adopted Him Into Our Family

Shadow was very aggressive when we first brought him home but now he is filled with so much love. He is with his two best friends everyday playing and sleeping together

Image credits: hockeyfan132

#43 I Adopted A Smol Woodland Critter. He Is Either A Dog Or A Badger, Not Sure

Image credits: trek_with_trey

#44 My Girlfriend And I Adopted A Puppy Today. Everyone Meet Rosie

Image credits: TheExitRow

#45 Karma The Pitbull. Got Her From My GF’s Work

Image credits: iLoveAllDrank

#46 Abbi Learned How To Walk Upstairs Alone And She’s Very Proud Of Herself

Image credits: marble69

#47 Meet Gumbo. Our Newly Adopted Pup

Image credits: blkngld4life

#48 Meet Dwight! 9 Weeks Old Adopted Last Week

Image credits: kristysince1984

#49 My Little Sister Picked Up This Handsome Guy At The Adoption Center Yesterday. Meet Apollo

Image credits: BleachBlawndee

#50 Meet Nova! Adopted This Cutie Today

Image credits: petlover42

#51 He Was Adopted After Being Going From Home To Home And Being Mistreated By His Former Owner. I Think He’s Finally Happy

Image credits: IsuckatCSGObutkeepon

#52 Just Adopted Her Today. She’s Only 4 Months Old And She’s Trying To Loaf

Image credits: KetchupGaming115

#53 Our Adopted Dog Named Tuesday Loves To Smile For Us

Image credits: ohshityoufoundme

#54 Just Adopted Bubbie, I Think She’s Precious

Image credits: rozkovaka

#55 Tried To Take A Cute Picture Of Me And My Newly Adopted Cat, Turns Out He’s Possessed

Image credits: skloop

#56 Just Adopted This Sweet Girl Today. What Better Eye Bleach Than These Beautiful Eyes?

Image credits: zacattack62

#57 This Was The Day This Little Guy Found Me And Got Himself Adopted

Image credits: Lilyylil

#58 My Girlfriend And I Just Adopted Our First Kitten. We Can’t Pick Him Up For Another 2 And A Half Weeks But We’re So Excited. Meet Jako

Image credits: BigBen96

#59 Adopted These Two Beauties, They Are Sisters And Totally Inseparable

Image credits: Leodesian

#60 We Adopted This Tiny Girl Yesterday And I Think She’s Settling In Just Fine

Image credits: whateverilovecats

#61 Everyone Meet Jake (7-Years-Old). My Wife (Pictured) And I Adopted Him Yesterday From A Local Shelter

Jake has been in 4 different homes in the last year and deals with a ton of anxiety. But with lots of love and his new big sister, Gigi, he’s going to be just fine

Image credits: sderosa90

#62 Freshly Adopted Today! Safari & Summit, Just 8-Weeks-Old

Image credits: macdabble

#63 I Too Recently Adopted A Baby Black Cat, We Call Him Bandit

Image credits: Crcajj

#64 Our Recently Adopted 8-Year-Old Kitty In Full Curl Mode

Image credits: marshmellowtrader

#65 Just Adopted This Little Derp

Image credits: moose_knuckle01

#66 We Rescued Our Neighbour’s Chicken. Our Neighbour Was Let Go In The Recent Weeks And Disappeared To The Country Leaving Her Behind

Today I jumped the fence and rescued her. Meet Sammy

Image credits: thebear031

#67 Just Adopted Tiger From A Lady That Rescued Him From Being Euthanized. He Really Likes Sitting With Me When I Drive Which Was Stressful But He Stayed Very Still

Image credits: can_i_change_this_

#68 And This Is My New Girl

Image credits: davide1319898

#69 My GF Holding Our Dog The Day We Got Her

Image credits: davide1319898

#70 I Found Him Running On A Road. Got His Chip Scanned And The Vet Called The Owner On File. They Didn’t Care About Him, He Was Dumped. So Meet My Little Buddy, Wilson

Image credits: sboneal

#71 This Is Little Arietty, Patiently Waiting For Me To Throw Her Toy. I Am Starting To Suspect That We May Have Adopted A Doggo

Image credits: ik3gdvip

#72 My Brother Just Adopted This Little Abandoned Cutie Pie Off The Street

Image credits: OceannMa03

#73 Willow And Calvin, Our Newly Adopted 4-Month-Old Children. Enjoying The Work From Home Lifestyle

Image credits: kingrunner411

#74 Adopted A Young Cat, Looks Like He Loves His Stuffed Animal

Image credits: cathlyn28

#75 My Parents Adopted A Dog And I’m Obsessed With Her

Image credits: erbewhi

#76 Adopted This Baby Today

Image credits: clownonstilts

#77 The First Dog I’ve Had In 20 Years, Adopted 2 Weeks Ago. Meet 3-Year-Old Iggy

Image credits: goathed47

#78 This Is Tulip. She Was Tied In A Bag And Tossed Out A Car Window At 6 Weeks Old. Two Days Ago We Adopted Her From A Rescue

Image credits: Yara0629

#79 This Is Penny Smelling Her First Tulip. We Adopted Her Two Weeks Ago From The Pound. We Currently Live In Ohio. She’s The Bestest Girl

Image credits: practicalvine

#80 Adopted This Handsome Boy Today. Only 6 Months Old, He Is Gonna Be A Big Doggo

Image credits: Shaahr

#81 Adopted A Quarantine Buddy A Few Days Ago, I Think He’s Settling In

Image credits: goldenfrenchie

#82 Just Adopted! I Set Out To Get A Lap Cat And Boy Did I Get One. Luna Is The Clingiest Cat I’ve Ever Met

Image credits: Hysterymystery

#83 Just Adopted And She Graced Me With A Blep

Image credits: luna-love-good

#84 This Is Finn. I Adopted Him 2 Weeks Ago

He was likely abused in a previous home. He doesn’t like me approaching him, when he comes near me it’s always cautiously and for a limited time, and I can’t touch him. I would die for this goober!

Image credits: IRockThs

#85 This Stray Adopted Us A Few Days Ago

Image credits: Callandor34

#86 About To Finally Adopt My Foster Dog, Saké

Image credits: kxxtlxn

#87 Roomie And I Adopted This Senior Boy After Learning He’d Been At A Local Pet Store Over A Month After A Stressful Shelter Stay

He needed medicated ear drops twice a day when we first got him, he wasn’t a fan of anyone and would hide in closets. Today he’s been on my bed getting pats for hours

Image credits: xoLadybug420

#88 Yeti! He Has Found His Perfect Home Complete With Children To Call His Own

Image credits: milehighcaninerescue

#89 One Of Our Rescued Dog, Her Name Is Pola

Image credits: doglover2023

#90 Meet Kennedy. Rescued Him Today And Welcoming Him To The Pack

Image credits: ballbase321

#91 Newly Adopted

Image credits: plumslut

#92 My Daughter Has Been Asking Every Christmas And Birthday For 5 Years For Her Dream Dog. This Week We Adopted Her New Best Friend. So Far They’re Inseparable

Image credits: UnicornDik

#93 We Adopted A Puppy Today. He’s Terrified Of The Car Because He Thinks We’re Taking Him Back To The Shelter. But He Loved Bedtime

Image credits: PhilboShaggins

#94 Adopted A Street Cat Due To Us Being Home All The Time Because Of The Corona. But I Think He Adopted Us

Image credits: cezar1001

#95 Adopted My Sweet Quarantine Kitty, Oliver, Last Week And He Has Just Started To Warm Up To Cuddles

Here he is being an absolute smush with my boyfriend. Words can’t even describe how much joy this little angel has brought me during these uncertain times.

Image credits: OliveSlayer

#96 This Little Guy Was Brought To My Work, Found Alone With His Umbilical Cord Still Attached. I’m Taking Care Of Him Now. Here He Is Cuddled Up With His Stuffie

Image credits: sunshineandhomicide

#97 Just Adopted This Little Floof! She’s 3 Pounds And All Legs

Image credits: snowxwhites

#98 My Husband And I Adopted Our Own Baby Burrito Today, First Day And He’s So Into The Snuggles. My Heart Is Full, I Hope His Is Too

Image credits: Shahs25

#99 My Husband And I Adopted A Dog Today

Image credits: sams1265

#100 Adopted Yesterday, Already My Best Friend. Meet Ozzy

Image credits: JunkPegasus

#101 COVID Adoption. We Added A New Member To Our Family Today. This Is The Face He Makes When He’s Already Tired Of of me

Image credits: gozillasnack31415

#102 We Adopted Our First Cat Today. Her Name Is Molly, She’s Almost 9 Months Old And Is Full Of Love And Cuddles. We Got Her From The Animal Shelter Across Our House

Image credits: BreakfastAt3am

#103 We Adopted Jojo (White) Recently And I’d Say He And Neville Are Starting To Be Good Buddies, Having Some Lazy Sunday Snuggles

Image credits: pbneck

#104 This Sweet Bun Was Adopted Recently – So Many Questions

Image credits: poorbabycarrots

#105 I Adopted My Little Stargirl, Bowie, Two Days Ago. She’s Adjusting Well

Image credits: Moonage_Daydream47

#106 I Think I Like It Here Already

Image credits: lexieandthecats

#107 Meet Ruthie, Our Newly Adopted 10-Year-Old Roll

Image credits: butterurfly

#108 Adopted Jackson Last Friday. 5-Month-Old Mystery Mix. This Was Just Before His First Bath At Home

Image credits: denatured_proteins

#109 We Just Adopted This Sweet Girl Two Days Ago. My Heart Has Never Been So Happy. Meet Lou

Image credits: amacmf

#110 I Recently Adopted A Kitten From A Litter Of 5. She Was The Only One Who Was Ginger-Colored. Say Hi To Penelope

Image credits: DokkanEnthiusiast

#111 My Mate Adopted A Quarantine Kitty – More Illegal Than Going Outside These Days

Image credits: mnbcva

#112 Adopted This Guy From The Humane Society This Week! He’s House Broken, Listens To Everything I Say, And Loves Riding In The Car. We Really Lucked Out

Image credits: GuyoFromOhio

#113 My New Kitten I Adopted. Meet Franz

Image credits: witcheslovesosa

#114 Just Adopted This Sweet Girl Yesterday! Half Pit And Such A Gracious Dog! Just Turned 1 Last Week, 42 Lbs

Image credits: Thor-GodOfThunder

#115 Adopted This Goofball Today

Image credits: Upvote2786

#116 My Handsome Milo. Just Adopted Him Today From The Local Shelter

Image credits: BakerxSlayfield

#117 We Just Adopted Heart And She’s The Cuddliest Pup Ever

Image credits: Dantelle93

#118 Just Adopted This Super Snuggly Boy To My Little Family, Archer

Image credits: TwistedRocker

#119 Adopted These Two Little Bundles Of Joy Yesterday And I Love Them So Much Already, They’re The Cutest Things I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Robin0660

#120 Two Weeks Today Since We Adopted Diego And Blue

Image credits: snazzysazzy1

#121 I Adopted These Two A Few Days Ago. First Time Having Two Black Cats

Image credits: Zam-Boni

#122 Our Baby Void, Diesel. We Adopted Him Two Weeks Ago And We’re Madly In Love

Image credits: DLK4290

#123 Adopted Our First Puppy Yesterday. Everyone Meet Winnie

Image credits: Firstplace89

#124 Adopted Willy Today

Image credits: who_are_yew

#125 Adopted Nameless Today – Still Learning Her Personality

Image credits: Tjvaughn

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