125 Times People Didn’t Expect To Get Exactly What They Asked For (New Pics)

You’ve probably heard of malicious compliance, an occurrence when people take the rules given in the most direct manner, and they end up fulfilling the request way too literally. We previously made a curious list about such entertaining instances that you can check out right here.

But this time, we are giving malicious compliance a foodie treatment, and we are gonna look at what happens when the subject of request is your food order. Take hangry people, witty chefs, and hilarious miscommunication and mix it all together, and here you go, you just encountered delicious compliance.

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After you’re done scrolling through this punny compilation, make sure to check out part 1 right here, and hit us in the comments if you’ve ever been served something like that!

#1 Asked For A Cherry Coke At A Restaurant

Image credits: daking11712312

#2 Local Donut Shop Made A Child’s Perfect Donut

Image credits: Waywardwolfpaws

#3 Asked For A Corgi Cake For My Birthday. Husband Did Not Disappoint At All!

Image credits: bergernfryeswshake

#4 I’d Like The Ravioli, Please, With A Truly Unreasonable Amount Of Parmesan Cheese

Image credits: sat0123

#5 They Gave Him What He Asked For, Not What He Wanted

Image credits: EmpireStrikes1st

#6 I Asked For Extra Veggies On My Whitefish Salad Bagel Sandwich…

Image credits: NIHscientist

#7 Ordered A Double Big Mac Last Year. Used The Self Service Machine And Added As Many Patties As It Would Let Me. I Can’t Remember What The Number Was But This Was The Outcome

Image credits: Jamidaw227

#8 My Daughter Asked For A Rapunzel Birthday Cake. I Made Her One

Image credits: thelastestgunslinger

#9 I Asked Chef For A “Bacon Cheeseburger”and This Is What He Gave Me. Was Told I Should Post Here

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Image credits: Sunwryse

#10 Asked For Extra Egg With My Fried Rice…

Image credits: penelop812

#11 Asked For Extra Kebab Sauce… Dunno If They Obliged Or Murdered The Closest Person Next To Them

Image credits: Tommy_Darko

#12 When You Don’t Care How Your Sandwich Is Cut Up

Image credits: bopamo

#13 When Your Daughter Asks Santa Claus For A Giant Cherry Pop Tart

Image credits: hpbojoe

#14 When An Unruly Customer Demands Crispier Edges On Their Pancakes

Image credits: ThatsMrSmeeToYou

#15 My 10-Yr-Old Only Wanted Pumpkin Pie Today. I’m Working So I Just Ordered Two Pies From McDonald’s, Three Minutes Before They Closed. There Are 14 Pies In Here. I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Image credits: queen_oops

#16 Asked Waffle House For As Much Chocolate Chips And They’re Allowed To Give Me

Image credits: eliseswl

#17 The Restaurant Asked If We Wanted A “Side Of Ketchup”

Image credits: drex2018

#18 Asked For Extra Everything From Chipotle… Was Given A Burrito As Big As My Forearm

Image credits: haleyxciiiiiiiiii

#19 I Finally Got My Plain Hamburger

Image credits: Audino-is-cool

#20 Customer Wanted Extra Glaze And Extra Peanuts On His Pb&j Donuts

Image credits: VodkaWithSnowflakes

#21 Enlarged Fries

Image credits: thegreatgavsby

#22 I Asked For A Little Extra Feta On My Salad

Image credits: I-invert-the-y-axis

#23 Ordered One Brussel Sprout Instead Of 1kg! Need To Cut It Into Four To Go Round!

Image credits: strName

#24 They Ordered Cheese On The Side

Image credits: aja411

#25 Please Cook Sausages

Image credits: Censorious

#26 Asked For Some Extra Ranch. I Got 16

Image credits: might_have_sharted

#27 Asked For No Tomatoes On My Salad, Waiter Asked If Bacon Was Ok. I Jokingly Said All The Bacon… He Delivered

Image credits: cupcakesandunicorns1

#28 Asked My Server If They Could Just Give Me All Potatoes Instead Of A Fruit Bowl + Potatoes

Image credits: weneedthebitter

#29 Asked Mother For A Snack From The Store. She’s Embraced My College Life

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 Asked For Extra Whipped Cream On My Pancakes. They Delivered

Image credits: metroidfan220

#31 Promised My Partner An Extra Thick Layer Of Marzipan On The Christmas Cake

Image credits: Scrappys_Gal

#32 My Fiancée Said She Liked Sour Patch Watermelon In Her Reddit Gifts Info. This Is What She Received

Image credits: ChristmasAliens

#33 When The Teens At Dunkin Hook Me Up

Image credits: Starfish93486

#34 Asked If They’d Be Willing To Slip One Extra Into My 10-Box

Image credits: Hen_Zoid

#35 Ordered A 6pack And A Pizza. Got A 6-6pack And A Pizza

Image credits: DEVOFRESH

#36 Freddie’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger’s Did Right By My Request For Extra Pickles

Image credits: somegamingguy

#37 We Usually Don’t Get Enough Scallions So I Had To Make It Clear How Much We Wanted

Image credits: Duke-Wonder

#38 Ask For Extra Croutons? You Get Extra Croutons

Image credits: asbs96744

#39 Ordered “Double Garlic” On My Dominos Delivery. Jokingly Told My Girlfriend “Next Time I’m Going To Write A Note And Say That I’m Disappointed There Isn’t A “Triple Garlic” Option”. I Think They Heard Me

Image credits: jfrawley28

#40 Asked For Lemon Expecting A Couple Slices, Got A Whole Lemon

Image credits: lana_drahrepus420_69

#41 86% Cherries, 14% Milkshake

Image credits: dumbledoredali

#42 I Asked For Extra Cheese On My Cali 4×4 Burger

Image credits: Tommy_Darko

#43 That Time I Asked For Extra Sour Cream On My Chipotle Tacos

Image credits: infinitehangout

#44 Ordered A Dozen Donut Holes, Was Given The Donut Holes And A Dozen Donuts. Ate As Much As We Could!

Image credits: doinmybest4now

#45 “Vodka Soda With A Bunch Of Limes” Thank You Bartender

Image credits: wednesdaydream

#46 Asked For Some Monkey Milk When My Parents Went To The Grocery Store…

Image credits: thatasianjeremy

#47 Mentioned Loving Sour Gummy Worms In My Reddit Secret Santa. Ended Up With 4lbs Of Them On My Porch

Image credits: chocosaurus-rex

#48 I Just Asked For A BBQ For The 10pc Nuggets And If He Could Please Give Me An Extra Honey Mustard For The Fries. I Ate The Fries On The Way Home So Now I Have 10 Sauces For My 11 Nuggets

Image credits: Erebus212

#49 I Asked Them To Make My Burrito “As Spicy As They Are Allowed To”. I Should Have Been Concerned When The Chefs Started Laughing And Cheering, But I Was Not Expecting This Level Of Heat. After I Painstakingly Finished It, This Is What They Revealed They Used

Image credits: theroyalgala

#50 This May Upset Some Folk

Image credits: crowdedalone

#51 Asked For Extra Hot Chocolate Sauce On My Mcdonalds Chocolate Sundae. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: xeandra_a

#52 Asked For Extra Gravy… My Fries Are Drowning

Image credits: nanej

#53 Asked For Extra Peanuts On My Pad Thai

Image credits: Srkinko

#54 I Asked For Extra White Sauce At My Local Hibachi Spot, They Gave Me 4 Soda Cups Full

Image credits: ryanwinkler0987

#55 Took Care Of The Extra Cheese Boss

Image credits: Megatron_Griffin

#56 Grilled Market Salad W/ Extra Chcken (And I Didn’t Pay Extra!)

Image credits: telleirbag

#57 Arby’s Workers Understand How Amazing Their Sauce Is

Image credits: theinfamousharvey

#58 Asked For A Light Snack When I Got To Grandmas, Couldn’t Have Been Happier

Image credits: DaddyLordAndrew

#59 Extra Pepperoni Is Always A Win In My Book

Image credits: katana_kusanagi

#60 “Do You Want A Little Olives Or A Lot Of Olives?” – Guy At The Pizza Truck

Image credits: nastytown

#61 I Got A Couple Of Beignets In This Bag Of Powdered Sugar From Popeye’s

Image credits: loco4moogoo

#62 I Said My Pad Thai Wasn’t Spicy Last Time So Please Make It Extra Spicy And This Was My Receit

Image credits: Jescro

#63 Kraft Grated Parm On Spaghetti

Image credits: DanaScully_69

#64 Extra Chipotle Sauce From Panera

Image credits: Mis0Maestr0

#65 Their Mom Asked For Her Bk Sandwich Cut In Half

Image credits: stefscarletxo

#66 Olive Them

Image credits: Syrra

#67 Same Coworker, Same Business – Asked For Bacon “On The Side”

Image credits: charliebitmeeee

#68 BF Asked For Extra Mushrooms At Breakfast

Image credits: gothicdancerkitty

#69 Told The Meals On Wheels Lady That I Love Their Gravy. Day Made

Image credits: monniiee1221

#70 The Lovely Family-Owned Diner In My Town Knows Me By Name. Mentioned I Wish I Could Order Extra Sausage Gravy For Dipping My Hashbrowns. Was So Pleasantly Surprised When I Got To Work! * Support Local Business *

Image credits: budtenderelle

#71 Ask For Sausages, Receive Sausages

Image credits: CarbonSweetie

#72 “As Much Mild Sauce As You’re Legally Allowed To Give Me”

Image credits: sexygrandma6969

#73 I Asked For Extra Egg On My Singapore Rice Noodles

Image credits: GKR82

#74 Chick-Fil-A With “As Many Pickles As You Can Legally Give Me”

Image credits: Priskyboy

#75 I Asked For 3 Of Each Hot Sauce And I Got 59 In Total!

Image credits: BrownSugahDaddy

#76 We Asked For Grilled Onions

Image credits: messycan

#77 I Received Too Much Ranch After Requesting Only 3. 19 Cups In Total

Image credits: blcktrashcat

#78 They Didn’t Have Any Other Sides Cos They Were About To Close So I Got Like 100 Fried Pickles

Image credits: cy6nu5x1

#79 Selected “Add Chili” To My Hooters Tots

Image credits: Inked_Chick

#80 Asked For Loads Of Jalapenos, Got Loads Of Jalapenos

Image credits: CharlieDeee

#81 Felt Like Indulging A Little On A Sunday And So I Requested “A Little Extra Caramel”

Image credits: lawtinaaa

#82 I Didn’t Even Ask For Extra Olives Or Mushrooms, But Wow

Image credits: DwelveDeeper

#83 My Coworkers Built Me A Shrine When I Asked For Some Pickles

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 Asked For A Little Extra Jesus At Church Yesterday

Image credits: PARKOUR_ZOMBlE

#85 Wasn’t Sure How To Convey My Love Of Cheesy Crusty Goodness

Image credits: DrScogs

#86 Asked For Extra Lox Spread, Was Very Happy With The Result

Image credits: Varias12

#87 Asked For Extra Cheese, Sour Cream, Fajita Veggies, And Guac. Thanks Chipotle!

Image credits: ErahgonAkalabeth

#88 Coworker Asked For Blue Cheese On The Side(Sandwich), They Took It As Put “Blue Cheese On The Side”(Tomato Soup)

Image credits: charliebitmeeee

#89 (Different Kind Of Dl) Late For Work, Hit The Drive-Thru For Breakfast. Eggs Weren’t Ready So Staff Asked If I Could Go Around And Through The Pass Again As The Patron Behind Just Ordered Drinks. Two More Cars Whip In Front Of Me And I’m Left To Wait. Guess They Felt Bad And Also Comped A Muffin

Image credits: AggroAce

#90 Roast Dinner Delivery Service Came Through On The Extra Mashed Potatoes

Image credits: QueenOfPotatoPeople

#91 Asked For Extra Lettuce On My Double Double

Image credits: kobesexual

#92 Asked For Extra Egg, Got About 5 Hardboiled Eggs Worth Of Egg

Image credits: nobodynowherex86

#93 I Asked For Extra Hot Fudge Sauce

Image credits: outback_traveller

#94 Taco Bell Nacho Fries Bellgrande, F Me Up With Cheese Fam

Image credits: jnmtx

#95 I Said How Much I Liked Mustard.. They Did Me Well

Image credits: sweetpotato37

#96 Customers Asked For Extra Pickles In His Bloody… Overflowed

Image credits: boobaloo222

#97 No Mistake, But You Can Order Half The Meat

Image credits: CrashSlow

#98 Asked For As Much Halloumi Cheese As They Are Allowed To Give Me Without Getting Fired. That Was Amazingly Juicy!

Image credits: NonGameCatharsis

#99 They Got The Hookup

Image credits: Blondee3933

#100 Asked For Extra Strawberries On My Sundae At Dq

Image credits: cherrio713

#101 Customer Asked For Extra Cream On Their Chilaquiles…. My Co-Worker Complied (?)

Image credits: babyenelf

#102 I, Too, Asked For Extra Ranch…

Image credits: bigmonsteradeliciosa

#103 I Told Them To F**k Me Up With Buffalo Sauce

Image credits: ThatDudeistPriest

#104 My Dad Asked For Extra Walnuts On His Banana Bread. I Happily Complied

Image credits: TrAsHBoAt2766

#105 Asked Boyfriend To Pick Me Up Garlic

Image credits: nguyenk300

#106 “Can I Just Get An Obscene Amount Of Pickles?” She Didn’t Even Put Them On The Burger, Just Gave Me This

Image credits: Meggston

#107 Asked For Extra Butter At Texas Roadhouse… Expected Just One Small Scoop. Got This Instead! (Picture Really Doesn’t Do It Justice)

Image credits: ginge19_

#108 Asked For Extra Bread With My Meatballs

Image credits: TlMEGH0ST

#109 Asked For Extra Bacon On My Spicy Hawaiian Pizza And Ended Up Getting The Whole Damn Pork Belly!

Image credits: themoose615

#110 I Simply Asked For Ranch And Hot Sauce For A 6 Piece Nugget

Image credits: MartianNutScratcher

#111 Hey Yo Can I Get Some Extra Muffin

Image credits: Zacri_thela

#112 Just Fuck Me Up With Grilled Onions

Image credits: reddit.com

#113 I Know It Ain’t Much, But It Warmed My Heart. Asked The Barkeep For A Pickleback But He Said They Don’t Keep Pickle Juice Behind The Bar. Came Back Five Minutes Later With This

Image credits: distractress

#114 Bonus Garlic Knot? Yes Please

Image credits: tropicalrainbow

#115 Is This Enough Cheese?

Image credits: citrus-fiend

#116 Like $100 Worth Of Pine Nuts

Image credits: viritrox

#117 Asked My Mom For Tzatziki Sauce And Got Some Tzatziki Sauce

Image credits: Kureina

#118 Pepperoni W/Extra Cheese, From My Local Rural Shop. A Rather Flirty Personal Note Inside

Image credits: MrForReal

#119 Asked For Extra Sauce, Chinese Restaurant Delivered

Image credits: lollypop305

#120 Local Golden Coral Is On Lunch Style Service. Daughter Asked For A Side Of Ranch And Got A Whole Bowl!

Image credits: LovesTia

#121 Asked For Extra Chocolate Curls. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: efewell

#122 Extra Onion

Image credits: dlk339

#123 “Can You Add Some Jalapeños To That?”

Image credits: althyastar

#124 I Ordered A Pad Thai With Extra Peanuts…

Image credits: speedycat2014

#125 All The Toppings, My Good Sir!

Image credits: synapomorpheus

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