126 Fascinating Maps That Might Teach You Something New About Our World (New Pics)

With so much information being thrown at us on a daily basis, it’s easy to lose focus and drift into apathy. Who cares about so many things at once, anyway?

No wonder more and more people are drawn to this old-time form of systematized information accompanied by great visualization. We’re talking maps. And not just dusty maps from your attic, but the most fascinating pieces that present things we know (and the ones we don’t!) in a refreshing light.

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This subreddit has already earned its name as the ultimate destination for fans of cartography, so below we prepared a new batch of the most intriguing examples. After you’re done, be sure to check out more features of maps we did before here, here, and here.

#1 There Is A Lake In Finland, That Looks Like Finland

Image credits: Inutilmono

#2 A World Map Drawn By Ottoman Sailor Ali Macar Reis In 1567 (Considered The Most Accurate In The Time Period)

Image credits: DamnTheAwkardTurtle

#3 Concentration Of Castles In Europe

Image credits: MardukSyria

#4 Obesity Rates In The USA vs. Europe

Image credits: whitegoddessx

#5 Americans Were Asked To Point To Iran On A Map

Image credits: Starry_Night0123

#6 I Rode My Bicycle 11,877 Miles Across Europe

Image credits: RollingExistence

#7 Countries Where “Conversion Therapy” Is Still Legal

Image credits: Haso0nz1999

#8 Estimated Average Age Of Young People Leaving Their Parental Household, 2019

Image credits: Jef_pet

#9 Which Country Has The Most Attractive People According To Europe

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Image credits: reddit.com

#10 Map Of All The Countries Of The Contiguous United States Carved From Over 3 Thousand Wooden Blocks

Image credits: rubishman

#11 Topography Of Europe

Image credits: mbw_meme

#12 Has Russia Been At War With European Countries?

Image credits: ComradeTekorian

#13 Most Polluted Cities In The World On November 5, 2022

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 In The Film Rat Race (2001), The First Cow Seth Green Hits Whilst Hanging From A Hot Air Balloon, Has A Map Of The World As Its Spots

Image credits: SaraiBagg

#15 Most Popular Sport In Each Country

Image credits: whitegoddessx

#16 Countries That Have Been Bombed By The US

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 What Pedestrians Look Like Across Europe

Image credits: No-Maximum-9087

#18 World’s Population

Image credits: just_an__inchident

#19 UN Vote To End US Embargo Against Cuba

Image credits: Lost-Contest-

#20 School Uniform Policy By Country

Image credits: Ok-Codd

#21 The State Of Democracy

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 World’s Most Surveilled Cities

Image credits: ia1mtoplease

#23 Position Of The North Magnetic Pole Since 1590

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#24 Poverty In South America

Image credits: WorkingLime

#25 Land Doesn’t Vote, People Do

Image credits: Halcyon_Outlander

#26 Most Common Baby Names In London, 2021

Image credits: topherette

#27 Percentage Of iPhone Users In Europe

Image credits: lukeutts

#28 A Map Of Every American City

Image credits: XER0GRAVITY

#29 How Much Land Does Ukraine Still Controls In Russian Occupied Oblasts?

Image credits: whitegoddessx

#30 Map Of Greek Island Chains

Image credits: Juggertrout

#31 How Much Trouble Lions Are Really In

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#32 Number Of Universities In The Top 1000 In The Ranking 2023

Image credits: omerfe1

#33 Languages Spoken In China

Image credits: shinymt

#34 Chinese High-Speed Railway Map 2008 vs. 2020

Image credits: Active_Bedroom_5495

#35 Life Expectancy At Subnational Level

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Un Vote Calling For Investigation Into Women’s Rights And Human Rights Situation In Iran

Image credits: King–of–the–Juice

#37 A Map Of Every Chinese City

Image credits: XER0GRAVITY

#38 Forests In Germany, 50 A.d. vs. Today

Image credits: JabbaDaHouse

#39 Where The Death Penalty Survives Around The World

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#40 Most Visited Tourist Attraction/Place In Every European Country

Image credits: MardukSyria

#41 Terrorist Attacks In Europe That Killed At Least One Person 1970-2015

Image credits: esberat

#42 Where The World Wants To Move To

Image credits: flyingcatwithhorns

#43 America

Image credits: trynabetwunk

#44 Countries The United States Has Officially Declared War Against

Image credits: PapaNicholsUSA

#45 The Beginning Of National Anthems

Image credits: Down-_-vote-_-me

#46 Geolocation Of Anti-Muslim Tweets Around The World

Image credits: FkThCensrshipJannies

#47 Share Of People Who Trust Journalists In Their Country

Image credits: flyingcatwithhorns

#48 Countries That Have Us Military Bases

Image credits: whitegoddessx

#49 My Dad’s World Map Pencil Case From 1961

Image credits: ProperFlosser

#50 Homicide Rate In Europe

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 World Population Has Hit 8 Billion

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#52 Sheep Distribution In Europe (European Food Safety Authority)

Image credits: PlanetSardinia

#53 Number Of Prisoners Per 100000 People In Europe

Image credits: Effective-Height-548

#54 The Countries In Blue Have A Smaller Population Than Uttar Pradesh (In Red, A State In India)

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#55 Map Of The US If It Had The Same Territorial/Population Concessions Demanded Of It As Ukraine: 15% Of Their Land Area And 25% Of Their Population

Image credits: adam__nicholas

#56 How Do You Say The Number 92

Image credits: latecomer11

#57 People Who Think Forcing A Partner To Have Sex Should Not Be Illegal. Survey Around The EU

Image credits: imnotcreativeoff

#58 Map Of The UN General Assembly Vote Results On The Territorial Integrity Of Ukraine From Russia

Image credits: Intrepid-Actuary-363

#59 1918 American Map Of Hunger In Europe

Image credits: Jewish_Gooood_Lad

#60 Cultural Regions Of The United States

Image credits: YugoslavianWarCrimes

#61 Size Comparison Of The World’s Smallest Countries

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#62 Total Surface Area Annexed By Russia In Ukraine Is Bigger Than 27 European Countries

Image credits: evidencedfitness

#63 European Countries Where Jews Were Allowed To Exist In 1500

Image credits: EquippedEruption765

#64 The Comprehensive Status Of Nuclear Power In The World

Image credits: 208bilionsthxandbb

#65 Drawing Europe From Memory On A Sequence Pillow, A Little Stretched Towards The North East But Not Bad

Image credits: SenatorSargeant

#66 This Map Shows 3,554 Shipwrecks Around Ireland

Image credits: ElectricalAnnual2832

#67 Map That Shows If You Were To Drill Straight Through The Earth Where You Would Pop Out On The Other Side

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#68 How Different European Countries Pronounce The X In Mexico

Image credits: Udzu

#69 Florida Has Officially Become A Red State, Governor Elections 2018 vs. 2022

Image credits: Bladedbro5

#70 Current State Government Trifectas

Image credits: Jackolantern668

#71 Areas Of Russian-Occupied Ukraine That Putin Plans To Annex

Image credits: axeman_05

#72 The Super Original And Not At All Boring Names Of The Portuguese Regions

Image credits: Thessiz

#73 Did You Know There Is A Part Of Italy Completely Surrounded By Switzerland?

Image credits: mrtoe_94

#74 The Most Common Restaurant Cuisine In Each US State

Image credits: RestSnorlax

#75 The Gutting Of Central Boston

Image credits: AcantoCorinzio

#76 Legalisation Of Cannabis Around The World

Image credits: imnotcreativeoff

#77 The Giver Of Each Country’s Largest Ever Soccer Defeat

Image credits: PetevonPete

#78 Most Popular Anime In Each Country

Image credits: Zohaibrayan123

#79 Royal Family Connections Prior To The French Revolution (1789)

Image credits: tastethesword

#80 Hand Drawn World Map

Image credits: Gaurav-India4106

#81 Nato vs. Russia In 1960 vs. 1988 vs. 2022: The Longest Rivalry In Modern Politics?

Image credits: Free-Mall1794

#82 Fertility Rates In Europe

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#83 Traditional Naming Customs Around The World

Image credits: Mgron2

#84 An Anglicised Germany

Image credits: StrayC47

#85 Countries With The Most Syrian Refugees

Image credits: 404-ERROR-

#86 Tap Water Consumption In Europe

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Here Is A Map Of The Best Result By Country

Image credits: Elpelucasape_69

#88 Travel Advice From Gouvernment Of Canada

Image credits: will130

#89 North American Population Density 2020

Image credits: Dom31416

#90 Map Of The 13 British Overseas Territories

Image credits: drfranksurrey

#91 Adult Obesity Rates In The US – 2021

Image credits: HecticLife

#92 The Ethnic Cleansing Started Before The War

Image credits: Falastin-48

#93 Map Of Number Of People Born In The Given Country Currently Living Abroad, As A Percentage Of The Total Population, As Of 2015

Image credits: noFasten84

#94 Smoking Rate In Europe Compared To The Us

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Percentage Of Ukrainians Voting Yes In The Country’s 1991 Referendum On Independence

Image credits: L0st_in_the_Stars

#96 I Saw Your Interesting Map With Italian Companies And Would Like To Add A Map With The Largest German Companies

Image credits: curtcocaine13

#97 So I Got An Atlas From My Great Grand-Father

Image credits: TameTaker

#98 US House Of Representatives Vote On The 1964 Civil Rights Act

Image credits: InevitableGap2292

#99 Red And Blue States But It’s The 90s

Image credits: Bladedbro5

#100 Armenia – Azerbaijan Crisis, And The Very Complicated Situation In The Caucasus After The War In 2020

Image credits: He-is

#101 530 Palestinian Villages Destroyed And Depopulated In 1948

Image credits: Falastin-48

#102 Travel Times From London In 1914

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#103 Estimated Map Of Odysseus’s 10 Year Journey During The Events Of The Odyssey (Warning: Spoilers)

Image credits: ZealousidealMind3908

#104 Tap Water Supply In Households Of India. (15 Aug 2019 – 13 Oct 2022). A Result Of The Ongoing Jal Jeevan Mission (Literally Water{=}life Mission)

Image credits: flying_samosa

#105 Argentina’s Official Map

Image credits: Laplata1810

#106 “Mary vs. Merry vs. Marry” Pronunciation Differences

Image credits: carbondioxide-7

#107 CIA Depiction Of Morocco (Before And After 2021)

Image credits: Red_Lion_5225

#108 Countries That Recognise Kosovo

Image credits: lakatosali

#109 Brazilian Presidential Elections 2nd Oct 2022, After 97.7% Of The Ballots Counted (In Only 4 1/2 Hours). Red: Lula, Blue: Bolsonaro. Source: Tse/G1

Image credits: capybara_from_hell

#110 Islam In Canada, 2021 vs. 2011

Image credits: abu_doubleu

#111 Use Of Cyrillic Alphabet Throughout The World

Image credits: funny_arab_man

#112 2022 Congressional Map Results

Image credits: HMKingHenryIX

#113 Georgian Territories Currently Occupied By Russian Forces

Image credits: Obelisk_Inc

#114 Map Of U.S. Zip Code Zones

Image credits: cjfullinfaw07

#115 Population Distribution

Image credits: Twicegraduate

#116 The Lost Jewish Communities Of The Arab World

Image credits: tails99

#117 Soviet Advances In The Eastern Front From October Of 1942 (Greatest Axis Advance) To May Of 1945 (German Surrender) Every Month

Image credits: RebelJoe888

#118 U.S. Counties That Have More LGBT People Per Capita Than The National Average

Image credits: cjfullinfaw07

#119 Greater Tokyo vs. Greater London

Image credits: Starry_Night0123

#120 Purchased Territories Of The United States

Image credits: LowEnvironmental114

#121 USA Recognition In The 18th Century

Image credits: SamTheDragon9898

#122 P**nstars Per Million Inhabitants In Europe

Image credits: HYDRA2308

#123 Map Of Usage Of Date Formats By Country

Image credits: tomydenger

#124 Italian Map Of Europe. Can You Tell The Year It Was Made?

Image credits: GreenIbex

#125 German Plans Published In 1938 – How It Is Possibile That Nobody Saw WWII Come?

Image credits: Italosvevo1990

#126 Population Change Since 1840 Or The Unique Case Of Ireland

Image credits: efisha

Source: boredpanda.com

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