126 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationships Are Never Boring (New Pics)

Humor is the lifeblood of any relationship. Get your partner to laugh and they’re smitten. Keep them laughing and they’re yours. Now and forever. To get you giggling and in the mood for Christmas cheer, Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of husbands and boyfriends pranking their significant others and having a laugh. Check them out below, upvote your fave pics, and get inspired, dear Pandas!

Bored Panda was curious to learn more about making long-term relationships work better, so we reached out to ‘Relate,’ the United Kingdom’s largest provider of relationship support. Last year, they helped over 2 million people strengthen their relationships. ‘Relate’ counselor Barbara Honey explained to us that having a sense of humor and “shared loves and likes” really helps maintain attraction to your partner after many years and decades of being together.

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#1 Didn’t Expect That

Image credits: _asapgigi

#2 Sneaky Husband

Image credits: henpeckedhal

#3 Pro-Level Move

Jokes, pranks, and laughter can help create a solid foundation for any relationship. What you need are common threads that bind you and your partner together and humor can certainly be a vital part of creating common ground. Having a playful, optimistic outlook on life can certainly help keep things fresh and lively!

“Another thing that bonds you is shared experiences and memories that you can look back on together. Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt!” Honey from ‘Relate’ told Bored Panda that working on experiencing the world together can bring couples together.

And we’re very happy to learn that familiarity doesn’t always have to lead to passion being snuffed out. (Ahem some of us are a bit afraid that routine can lead to apathy.)

#4 My Buddy’s Girlfriend Farted In Front Of Him For The First Time. He Got A Cake For The Occasion

Image credits: idk5775

#5 A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was Ok

Image credits: Kenny Deuss

#6 Wife Asked For Ice Cream. Hers Is Beans. I’m A Terrible Person

Image credits: Mikeg90805

However, that’s not all when it comes to keeping the flame burning bright. At the end of the day, we love those that we spend the most time with. So naturally, we need to dedicate some one-on-one time for our partners. But it’s just as important to find the time just for ourselves because we’re individuals, not just one half of a couple. And time alone helps you avoid resentment.

“Setting aside quality time for each other is important but also having your separate interests and time apart can increase your attraction to each other. Keep things playful and be appreciative of your partner,” Honey said.

#7 Left This 3D Printed Glow In The Dark Masterpiece On My Wife’s Pillow. Also, On A Related Note, Sleeping On The Couch Tonight

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Image credits: Luma44

#8 When My Wife Had An Ultrasound For Our First Child I Took A Photo Of The Print Out So She Could Send To Friends And Family On WhatsApp

Instead I sent her this xenomorph image and she sent it to everyone before realising what it was. She was not amused.

Image credits: WKFClark

#9 Wife Hack

Image credits: Pillowburn

#10 My Wife Is Pregnant, And We Did A “Maternity Shoot”, This Is My Favorite Pic

Image credits: Mimi_Official_00

#11 Zoom Bombing

Image credits: Cara Fields

#12 There Are Some Advantages To Being Married For 15+ Years. Like You Can Scare Your Wife With The Cardboard Figure You Found Buried In The Garage That She Bought You Five Years Ago

Image credits: ollieoliverx000

#13 My Boyfriend Is Taking Care Of My Cat For Me. I Asked How It Was Going And He Sent Me This

Image credits: Pretending2beme

#14 Dad Bought Mom A New Mask

Image credits: jeanlagrande

#15 My Mom Started Coughing And My Dad Isn’t Playing

Image credits: Kairatechop

#16 My GF Asked Me To Get Terry Crews In Bed With Her, So I Got This Pillowcase Made

Image credits: Guntztuffer

#17 My Wife Asked Me To Paint An Oil Portrait Of Her. This Was The Best I Could Come Up With

Image credits: kvnorlly

#18 Best Sister Ever

Image credits: joanne_gannon

#19 My Dad Has Always Been A Master Of Disguising Gifts, And This Year Drilled A Hole In A Piece Of Wood To Hide A Ring Box For My Mom. The Look Of ‘Too Many Years Of This S**t’ Is Strong With This One

Image credits: westrox11

#20 I Asked My Husband To Get A New Leg For The Garden Flamingo

Image credits: cultureShocked5

#21 I Put A Zombie Face In Front Of Our Baby Monitor. My Wife Was Not Happy When She Checked On Our Baby In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: Nitrain17

#22 My Wife Doesn’t Want Our Newborn Son’s Face Posted On Social Media, So She Asked Me To Censor Over It. Needless To Say, I Won’t Be Asked To Do That Again

Image credits: MoeHanzeR

#23 I Asked My Husband How Long The Kitchen Table Is. This Is What I Got

Image credits: hellosweetie_11

#24 Decided To Surprise My Girlfriend With A New Shower Curtain While She’s Gone For The Day. Hope I’m Still Home And Not At Work When She Discovers It

Image credits: BigMike0228

#25 My Husband Took This Picture Of Me This Morning While I Was Trying To Clean My Glasses

Image credits: _doyoulikemilk_

#26 I Found This From My Husband In The Bathroom

Image credits: AJBHcats

#27 Wife Vetoed My Birth Announcement Design

Image credits: TimeRaveler

#28 My Wife Asked Me To Update Her On How Me And Our Son Were Doing. I Dressed Him In This Homemade Onesie And Told Her We Were Headed To The Store

Image credits: CaesarsCabbages

#29 Sometimes I Text My Wife The Motivational Quotes From Her Tampons When She Has Her Period To Try And Cheer Her Up

#30 Sister-In-Law Got Married, This Is The Second She Realized She Got BBQ Sauce On Her Dress. Hubby Still Golden

Image credits: tuscabam

#31 He’s Strong With The Dad Jokes

Image credits: Giovanni469

#32 Behind The Camera: The First Wife

Image credits: S.M.irfan.Hussain

#33 I Love My Wife, She Is A Brilliant Engineer, But…

Image credits: 6Lives

#34 Here We Go Again

Image credits: vgjdotgg

#35 My Boyfriend Woke Me Up And Made Me Take This Photo

Image credits: livingdeadly

#36 Beware Of Wife

Image credits: batgirl4182

#37 My GF Was Not Nearly As Amused As I Was

Image credits: rear_end_agenda

#38 My Girlfriend Wasn’t Happy I Filled In Her New Picture Frame

Image credits: Freeze95

#39 Just Following CDC Guidelines And Got Myself Some Panda Pandemic Protection. Now My Wife Is Social Distancing Herself From Me

Image credits: banana11banahnah

#40 This Legend Picking Someone Up At The Airport, And His Unimpressed-Looking Wife

Image credits: Hardshank

#41 I’m A Photographer – A Maternity Shoot I Had Booked Was A No Show, So My Boyfriend Stepped In To Make Sure The Evening Wasn’t A Waste. He’s Glowing

Image credits: m_e_photography

#42 Just Rearranged My Wife’s Maternity Pillows. I’m Ready To Become A Father

Image credits: No1_bananastand

#43 Mom Photographed A Boudoir Session. The Groom Secretly Recreated The Photos

On the wedding day, bride began sending him flirty pics and he would send the same photo back of himself. Fast forward to today, he got this blanket made as a Christmukkah gift for her.

Image credits: loux10

#44 This Is What True Love Looks Like. My Mom Taking A Picture Of My Dad Acting Like He’s Stuck In The Dryer

Image credits: sassafras711

#45 Today I Babysat My Son For The First Time While His Mother Was Out

Image credits: AFistFulOfRupees

#46 Jim’s Fancy Bed Making

Image credits: Joanne Sterling

#47 When Boyfriend Loves Some Drama

Image credits: Cheeseboy22

#48 The Dream

Image credits: kpfeffss

#49 Messing With My Wife’s Shortcuts

Image credits: Tandjame

#50 It’s The Only Way

Image credits: apexpaola

#51 I Put A Rake In Our Flag Holder To See How Long It Would Take My Wife To Say Something. It’s Been Three Days

Image credits: wayoftheleaf81

#52 My Husband Thoroughly Enjoyed The Science Museum

Image credits: rachelmaryl

#53 My Girlfriend And I Have An Ongoing Argument About Which Direction The Toilet Paper Roll Should Face. Today I’ve Decided To Assert My Dominance With A Padlock

Image credits: lat204

#54 Got My Boyfriend This Vintage Pulsar Calculator Watch For Christmas. Waiting In Line At Best Buy And He Says He Has Something To Show Me

Image credits: Radiantlyred

#55 I Asked My Boyfriend To Join My Zoom Meeting To Critique My Assignment Presentation

Image credits: Simplyme__

#56 I Asked For A Nice Razor For My Birthday From My Boyfriend, Engraving Was A Free Optional Extra

Image credits: flibbertygibberts

#57 Left A Message For My Husband On The New Bathroom Mat

Image credits: cameling

#58 My Husband Made Lunch For Me Today

Image credits: kerokaeru

#59 My Husband Said “Stay Still, I’m Gonna Try To Draw You” Then He Showed Me This. I Laughed So Hard I Almost Threw Up. Look At The Feet

Image credits: Inked_Chick

#60 My Wife’s Aunt Made A Turkey For Thanksgiving, And I Thought It Looked Familiar. I Am Now Blocked For Tagging Her In This

Image credits: I_Spit_In_Your_Food

#61 My 68-Year-Old Dad Has Quarantine “Safe Box”. He Won’t Give My Mom The Combination

Image credits: TheMasonicZelph

#62 My Wife’s Ultrasound (Twins) Reminded Me Of Something

Image credits: IGuessThisIsMyFault

#63 Laser Fun

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 My Wife’s Family Likes To Take A Photo Together On Easter. I Like To Provide Some Minor Alterations

Image credits: WhatIsASW

#65 My Boyfriend Missed Me So Much Today That He Put Up A Little Mirror So That We Can Talk (Lipread) While I Eat My Food And He Plays The PS4

Image credits: riskitforabiscuit

#66 Husband Asked What I Wanted For My Birthday. I Replied, Asking For A Posh Face Mask To Pamper At Home. Suppose A Snorkel Is The Same Thing

Image credits: deroseparker

#67 This Guy Needs Star Power

Image credits: BurgerVonStadt

#68 Pleased With The Efficiency Of This Shopping List I Prepared For My Wonderful Wife

Image credits: tobes01

#69 My Wife Keeps Calling Jaffa Cakes Biscuits. I Made A 20 Cm/8 Inch One To Prove They’re Cakes

Image credits: Bardsie

#70 I Troll My Husband By Turning The Toilet Paper Roll In The Direction He Hates. This Is The Note He Left Me

Image credits: kimanhtn

#71 Told My Wife That I Don’t Care What My Coworkers Think. I Want This Lunch Bag

Image credits: nowhereiswater

#72 It Has Been A Year, And My Wife Still Has Not Noticed I Changed The Dining Room Outlet Cover

Image credits: RebellaScumm

#73 Coworker Thinks Her Husband Doesn’t Take Nice Pics Of Her. This Is His Contact Photo For Her

Image credits: bloopboopboo

#74 Got My Wife A 2020 Edition Birthday Cake

Image credits: boriswong

#75 Wife Told Me To Stop Buying Junk Food And Eat More Vegetables. Marriage Is About Compromise

Image credits: cloudnyne

#76 My Wife Asked Me To Make Sure It Was Obvious Which Eggs Were Hard-Boiled

Image credits: GrandeSizeIt

#77 Wife Asked Me To Stack The Toilet Paper. So I Did

Image credits: EvilAlchemist

#78 Girlfriend Tried To Claim A Salad In The Fridge

Image credits: ty-read-it

#79 My Girlfriend Had A Poster Of Ed Sheeran And I Have A Big Printer And A Great Sense Of Humor (Took Her Two Hours To Notice)

Image credits: Codester2012

#80 Prank War Between Me And My Girlfriend. She’s Going To Kill Me When She Grabs Her Lunch In The Morning

Image credits: teelurt87

#81 Welp, It’s Been Nice Knowing Ya

Image credits: human_not_bees

#82 My Wife Doesn’t Know About Our New Shower Curtain Yet

Image credits: TheCraftypickle

#83 My Brother Snuck A Picture Of His Girlfriend Sleeping And Put It On This Years Wrapping Paper

Image credits: Myrlifax

#84 My Girlfriend Wanted To Get A Boob Job. I Told Her I Had A Cheaper Solution

Image credits: AwwwwwwYeahhhhhhh

#85 By The Power Of Photoshop


#86 His Wife Had To Rest The Same Week As The Photo Shoot, But He Managed To Surprise Her

Deeply disappointed and worried about losing that magical moment that would be captured in the photographic session, she did nothing but cry when the doctor informed her that she had to rest completely due to a threat of giving birth early.

But he was not going to sit idly by. With his good humor he decided to secretly attend the location where they were waiting for him, he posed with his belly and left the most witty and funny memory for her wife who did not stop laughing for hours.

Image credits: Andy1611

#87 My Wife Always Complains It Takes Me Too Long To Clear The Yard. I Don’t See The Problem

Image credits: fenderbender86

#88 Convincing My Wife We Should Get My 4-Month-Old Boy A Playstation 5 For Christmas Worked Out Pretty Well

Image credits: musebug

#89 My Husband And I Are Self-Isolating In Adjacent Hotel Rooms. I Sent Him A Postcard Of My Travels To Cheer Him Up

Image credits: ahrimaniac

#90 My Wife Like Dino Nuggets And It Was Her Birthday

Image credits: Mamula4MVP

#91 My Husband Tied A Balloon To My Wrist So I Wouldn’t Forget It’s My Bday During Quarantine

Image credits: kristinandyou

#92 Husband Not As Thrilled With This Decor Project As I Was

Image credits: neverremembername27

#93 Made My Wife An Xmas Gift

Image credits: EVAWINGZERO

#94 My Wife Leaves Her Hair On The Shower Wall So I Decided To Leave Her A Message The Next Time She Takes One

Image credits: xmjokerxm

#95 Did This Christmas Day, Girlfriend Still Hasn’t Noticed

Image credits: PsykoDynamic

#96 So My Boyfriend Made Me Popcorn Chicken

Image credits: kitty-kat-lady

#97 Boyfriend Left This For Me This Morning. He’s 42

Image credits: ugh__ok

#98 Boyfriend Took A Picture Of My Toes While I Was Sleeping

Image credits: ShadyBluff

#99 My Husband Got Tired Of The Blank Picture Frames On Display Around The House. Today I Woke Up To All The Frames Filled With Pictures He Drew

Image credits: mish0451

#100 Today Is My “Quarantine Birthday” My Husband Has A Great Sense Of Humor

Image credits: JennaLaRay

#101 My Wife Told Me To Put Nice Pillow Cases On The Bed. A Slave Obeys. A Man Chooses

Image credits: xandora

#102 My Buddy’s Valentine’s Day Card To His Wife

Image credits: Whodee

#103 I Artfully Arrange Our Fruit At Night For My Wife To Find In The Morning

Image credits: TheDontCareBearz

#104 Hope My Wife Doesn’t Find Out What I Had With Dinner

Image credits: netengnerd

#105 The Only Language Is Beer Language

Image credits: Colleen_Wright

#106 Mother Trucker

Image credits: JoshuaGrubbsPhD

#107 Risky Text I Sent To My Wife

Image credits: PunsExceptTheyAreAFewHoursLate

#108 My Husband Made Our Cat A Plate Since It Was Just Us This Year

Image credits: mpaug

#109 My Wife Says She Sees All So I Used A Photo Of Her Eye And Merged It With The Eye Of Sauron. She Was Not Amused

Image credits: backyard_space

#110 My Wife’s Been Bugging About Replacing A Cabinet Handle That Broke Several Weeks Ago. I Hope She’ll Appreciate My Effort This Morning

Image credits: JWLthief

#111 My Husband Graced Me With This Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Card This Morning. Best Card I Ever Got

Image credits: Lilyia_art

#112 Asked My Husband For A Kleenex. He Walked Over, Made A Big Deal About Wiping Off This Magnet Then Gave It To Me. It’s A Clean X

Image credits: JennyJennJenn345

#113 Told My Wife I Was Gonna Return All Of Her Online Packages. She Didn’t Believe Me Until UPS Showed Up

Image credits: Unluckguy

#114 My Awesome, But Easily Scared Girlfriend Is Coming Home Soon. I’ve Spent My Time Alone Wisely By Creating This

Image credits: Roarthemighty

#115 My Girlfriend Is Mad At Me

Image credits: GQprometheus

#116 My Husband And I Found This Bush Outside Of A Therapy Clinic We Visited. I Think The Gardeners Knew Exactly What They Were Doing

Image credits: McNigget

#117 Bought My Wife This 18 Carrot Necklace I Overheard She And Her Friend Going On And On About And She Was So Ungrateful

Image credits: DavidHawa

#118 Four Days And Counting – My Wife Has Not Noticed Yet

Image credits: phitter72

#119 I Left My Husband A Message That Said “I Love You”. Came Home To This

Image credits: dutchcanadian123

#120 Inspired By Similar Signs I’ve Seen Here, This Was My Wife’s Birthday Gift

Image credits: kungfuradio

#121 Asked My Husband For A Nintendo Switch For My Birthday

Image credits: ayamangelou

#122 My Husband Likes To Keep Things Interesting

Image credits: spuddyh3ll

#123 Sometimes I Get My Wife Flowers Just Because… One Of Our Airbnb Guests Left Them Behind

Image credits: danthoms

#124 Wife Told Me To Put The Gourds Out Back To Dry

Image credits: punkrocker0621

#125 I Lost My GF In A Shop So I Left Her Clue To Where I Headed And She Found Me After This Last Clue

Image credits: InboKuza

#126 Started To Slightly Change The Names Of My Wife’s Products. Let’s See If She Will Notice

Image credits: TiMouton

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