126 Of The Derpiest Cats Caught On Camera (New Pics)

Cat owners like to say there is no other animal that is as special as their pet. But some also have pictures to back it up. From the classic if I fits, I sits to the many funny faces they make—cats can take over their human’s camera roll in a myriad of ways.

We have gathered some images of adorable cats that appeared on the r/AnimalsBeingDerps subreddit, which are sure to either make you giggle or completely melt your heart. However, if they only prove that you’re more of a dog person, make sure to check out these silly doggos for some quality content.

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To get a better understanding of why cats are the way that they are, Bored Panda has talked with a cat behaviorist, educator, and writer Alice Chau-Ginguene. Scroll down to see the kitties and the full interview with the expert.

#1 Need Extra Caution When Going To The Bathroom

Image credits: TrueSkyDemon

When thinking of a feline, Garfield is likely to pop into your head first rather than a puma. But the domesticated cat as we know it came from the felidae family of mammals, comprising animals such as jaguars, leopards, lions, tigers, and cheetahs, among others. After quite some time of alteration, the species developed into the furry, lovable goofballs we now observe sleeping peacefully in the wilderness of a living room. (Be that as it may, a domestic cat still shares as much as 95% of its genome with an actual tiger.)

It is believed that there are around 40-100 different domesticated cat breeds. Some of the most popular ones include the Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, and Ragdoll, followed by the Bengal and Abyssinian. What is slightly more difficult to determine, though, is the exact number of cats currently wandering the streets around the world. It is estimated that there are around 600 million of them globally.

#2 Total Eclipse Of The Cat

Image credits: uhpav

#3 My Kitten Seeing The Neighbours Cat For The First Time

Image credits: 5CZ

Even after finding their forever homes, kitties might exhibit some features that were predetermined by genetics or something out of the new owner’s control. As Dr. Tony Buffington explains in this TED-Ed video, there’s a scientific reason cats are such creeps—it reflects their evolutionary history. 

“Cats today retain many of the same instincts that allowed them to thrive in the wild for millions of years,” Buffington said. “This explains some of their seemingly strange behaviors: To them, our homes are their jungles.”

According to cat behaviorist and educator Alice Chau-Ginguene, there are four main factors that affect cat behavior the most. She discussed them with Bored Panda in a recent interview, naming genetics as the first one: “If the cat’s parents were of a nervous nature, they are more prone to being nervous.” The second factor was the in-vitro condition: “Studies show that mothers undergoing stress during pregnancy will be more likely to have nervous kittens,” Alice added.

#4 Derp

Image credits: RyQril

#5 Lily Doesn’t Like Me Taking Pictures Of Her Bunny Butt, But It’s Too Cute!

Image credits: Amag140696

Kittenhood and adoption were the next two factors believed to have an effect on a pet’s behavior. While talking about the former, cat behaviorist Alice Chau-Ginguene expanded: “The experience of the first few months of the cat’s life will affect how they perceive the world. For e.g., if kittens have never been picked up during the first few months of their life, they are more likely to be scared of being picked up.”

She also covered the fourth factor—adoption: “Often, owners only come into the picture at this stage. So you can see there are many things out of their control at the start, but all is not lost. There is so much we can do by management, enrichment, and training the first day you take your cat home.” 

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According to Alice, it’s not only a matter of taking action; it all starts with awareness. “The problem is that society has this wrong perception that cats are ‘low maintenance’. Most people just take the cat home, open the carrier, and hope for the best. That’s not right,” she said.

#6 Frejya Only Sleeps In Derpy Positions

Image credits: freyjathekat

#7 “Be Cool, But I Think There’s A Second Cat In Our Apartment”

Image credits: flawlessnewt

#8 My Cat Keeps Sitting Like This And It Makes Me So Uncomfortable

Image credits: Ejack-Ulate-69

The feline specialist also emphasized the importance of paying attention to certain signs your cat displays, as they might notify you of a problem. “When a cat is exhibiting ‘problem’ behavior, they are not being ‘naughty’ or ‘selfish’, they are asking for help.” Some examples of such problematic behavior include inappropriate urinating or defecating, aggression towards other cats, other animals, or humans, and destructive behavior.

Alice advised on what should be done in these cases: “Calling the vet should be your first line of action to make sure there is no medical implication like your cats could be in pain. If your vet gives you the all-clear, then please seek professional help from a cat behaviorist as soon as possible. Your cat needs mental health assistance. These days, we are much more educated about mental health. Now that we know better, we need to do better.”

#9 I Will Have That…

Image credits: madashmadash

#10 Nap Like An Egyptian

Image credits: hornmelon

#11 Spend 20 Minutes Looking For My Cat. Found Her Here

Image credits: _Gree

People who share their home with a cat know how strong their love for naps is. For empty boxes, too. Combine the two and you get the perfect nap station for your four-legged friend. But why do cats sometimes choose the weirdest places to get some rest? Well, it is actually based on their instinct.

Cat behaviorist Alice Chau-Ginguene expanded on the matter: “Cats are predators and prey at the same time in nature. Safety is the top priority for their own survival. They have a much shorter history of living with humans, in comparison to dogs. As a result, their natural instinct is still very strong. ‘Seeking cover’ is a natural behavior and that’s what they do to survive in nature. That’s why they love to sleep in tight spaces, to blend into the environment for their own safety.”

#12 So Frustrated

Image credits: jix333

#13 I Promise She’s Not Getting Electrocuted

Image credits: Macguffin_Muffin

#14 Gave My Girlfriend’s Cat A Smooch In The Forehead And He Hit Me With The Most Offended Look

Image credits: Scarbrow

Cats are fascinating not just because of their ability to fall asleep in the most random places. Some other unique features include but are not limited to their vision and, of course, the renowned legend of them always landing on their feet. But do they always?

A gentle landing depends on numerous factors, which is why it’s never 100% definite that the cat will land on its feet. However, they do have a thing that helps them do so most of the time. Known as the righting reflex, it allows the felines to turn over mid-air in case of a fall. They use the vestibular apparatus, located in their ear, to establish the right way up and orient themselves accordingly.

#15 Didn’t See Him At Lunchtime, So Looked Around And Found Him Sleeping In The Front Yard

Image credits: meme_stealing_bandit

#16 This Dumb Idiot Wouldn’t Stop Yelling About How It’s Stuck When It Got In There In The First Place

Image credits: stormingstormer

#17 One Got Ripe Earlier Than The Others

Image credits: dontflyaway

As for special features when it comes to vision, cats are known to have excellent eyesight at night. The component responsible for that, the retina of the eye, consists of cells called photoreceptors. These cells—their smaller units called rods, to be exact—detect brightness and shades of gray. They allow cats to see way better at night than a human does, as felines boast a larger number of the aforementioned rods.

#18 Gave My Cat His Christmas Gift Early, Here Is How He Slept After Playing With His New Fishy

Image credits: WhiteKrispy

#19 My Cat Dolly… Looking Extra Clever

Image credits: HuxleyPig

#20 Caught Mid-Yawn

Image credits: YesIamaDinosaur

Another interesting thing about cats is their uncanny desire to bring home their prey. It is unlikely that a cat owner hasn’t been caught off guard by this rather disgusting surprise at least once in their life. But before judging the fur ball, it is important to understand why it is behaving like that.

Hunting is an instinct for cats. So is their need to teach their kittens certain skills. And if there are no kittens around, the owners become the ones to pass the knowledge to. The cats then feel the need to demonstrate all that is related to hunting and devouring your dinner. Even if the dinner suddenly started moving again and is now making a break for it through the open door.

#21 The Little Arm Just Kills Me

Image credits: WickedTheRestless

#22 My Cat Sometimes Does This

Image credits: oranj6358

#23 What I Put Up With When Gaming….

Image credits: pinkybandit89

Despite a few arguably unpleasant habits, such as bringing home half-dead dinners, cats make great pets. Their company was appreciated even more during the time of Covid. Statistics show that during that period, one in five households adopted a dog or a cat. And it wasn’t a short-term project as 85% of the cat owners don’t plan on rehoming their newest family members anytime soon.

#24 Inside Every Cat, Beats The Heart Of A Lion

Image credits: Heyprajwal

#25 The New ‘Window Seat’ Is A Hot Commodity

Image credits: Cronchy_Tacos

#26 Excuse Me, Sir…

Image credits: westcoastcdn19

As seen in some of these pictures, cats often manage to get themselves into quite a predicament. Getting stuck somewhere that was easy to get to but impossible to get out of is a form of art mostly pursued by felines.

#27 I No Longer Have A Cat, Just Two Croissants

Image credits: _Gree

#28 This Drooling Kitty

Image credits: evissimus

#29 This Is Snickers. She Loves Yard Work

Image credits: justin19833

Unique in their own ways, cats are some of the most lovable and confusing creatures all at once. One thing is universal, though—no panda is bored around cats. They constantly find things to surprise you with, whether it’s a mouse they brought for lunch or a vase that needed to be thrown off the table for reasons only known to them. But that’s just part of their charm, only a small amount of which, sadly, can be conveyed through pictures.

#30 Huh? Photo By Hiroaki Kawasue

Image credits: Slow-moving-sloth

#31 Found Him Passed Out Like This After Playing With One Of His Favourite Toys…!

Image credits: DoucheBaggerton

#32 Toby’s Favorite Part Of Going To The Vet Is Getting To Sit In This Sink

Image credits: teem0m0

#33 He’s Literally Never Done This Before, And Then The Second I Sit Down..?

Image credits: chatonsnoirs

#34 Meet The (Ex) Stray Derp That Decided To Adopt Us. Feel Free To Suggest Potential Names For Him

Image credits: CrazyCatDog04

#35 Stop Right There, Criminal Scum

Image credits: luis-mercado

#36 Slurp

Image credits: waritch41

#37 In Memory And Appreciation Of My Blind Cat Who Passed Away A Few Months Ago, Ice

Image credits: Gricekkk

#38 I Was Getting Up To Get Something In The Living Room And Saw Him Standing In The Doorway Like This

Image credits: bb_meow

#39 Best Pic Of My Cat To Date

Image credits: doveguy

#40 Cat So Lazy A Spider Built A Web Between Her Ears.

Image credits: worldiscubik

#41 Nimbus Mid-Sneeze

Image credits: 211av8r

#42 Stapler? We Don’t Do That Here

Image credits: luis-mercado

#43 Friend’s Cat Got A Haircut. She Seems Very Pleased

Image credits: lucky_Lola

#44 I Think The Shelter Sold Me Wile E. Coyote

Image credits: sunshineandhomicide

#45 I Caught My Cat Waking Up And Falling Off The Wall

Image credits: vo0ds

#46 He Doesn’t Understand Why I’m Laughing At Him

Image credits: theheartlessnerd

#47 Our Cat Often Hangs Like This

Image credits: Bomurang

#48 The Way Our Cat, Millie, Lets Us Know Someone Is Here

Image credits: Barfsack

#49 Never Had A Cat This Derpy

Image credits: renatelj

#50 We Woke Up From A Nap To This Ominous Visage

Image credits: Dino502Run

#51 Mlem

Image credits: Crohn1e

#52 I Am Symmetry

Image credits: ToiletRollTubeGuy

#53 Our Little Derp Has 4 Legs, I Promise!

Image credits: Fileffel

#54 I Vant To Drink Your Milk

Image credits: ExactlySorta

#55 My Two Babies

Image credits: DulMephistoss

#56 My Cat Attempting To Open The Window… With His Head

Image credits: ascrumner

#57 If Im Up., Your Up!!

Image credits: IdlyConserve

#58 My Cat Is Enjoying My Space Heater And I Just Can’t Handle This Cutness

Image credits: Amag140696

#59 When You Scratch Juuust The Right Spot

Image credits: _inappropriate_puns_

#60 My Kitten Fell Asleep Like This. I Thought He Was Dead Until I Saw His Chest Moving

Image credits: joeschmo945

#61 The Way My Parents Cat Sits

Image credits: ski-ro-dah

#62 That’s Not How You Drink Water-

Image credits: asilvertintedrose

#63 Smug That She’s Stolen My Boyfriend’s Affection

Image credits: Lozmet

#64 He Does Not Understand How I Know He Was Eating The Plants

Image credits: saatanansmurffi

#65 He Was Exhausted After Doing Nothing On Our 15hr Road Trip

Image credits: llihpleumas

#66 This Is Momo. He Always Looks Like This

Image credits: Jcb2016

#67 Hooooooman, I Order You To Open That Door!!!!

Image credits: dablegianguy

#68 Moved It So She Can Look Out The Window

Image credits: Natezey

#69 My Favorite Picture Of Her

Image credits: LordRoach371

#70 Update: We Moved, He’s Lost Some Chonk, But Its Still His Favorite Sitting Position

Image credits: abigailfrillywho

#71 My Thick Cat Has Gone Beyond The Limits Of Loaf, And Now Has Become Cube!

Image credits: GangstaXenu

#72 Visited The Local Animal Shelter Today – I Desperately Wanted To Take This Floppy Boy Home!

Image credits: CinderLupinWatson

#73 My Little Cow-Cat, Oliver, Blepping

Image credits: kelpri

#74 Y’all, Look At Those Toes!

Image credits: blondemomofboys

#75 Where Could He Be???

Image credits: FlamingGooch

#76 Funky Lil Man

Image credits: micciemoore

#77 Must Claw Butt!

Image credits: Horace83

#78 He Never Sits In Anybody’s Lap…

Image credits: SimplySerenity

#79 New Kitty Giving Us Her First Blep! She Left It Out For Ages

Image credits: 888temeraire888

#80 Minerva Doing Her Best Spooky Face

Image credits: DavidRandom

#81 My Occasionally Derpy Boy, Hank. Looked Back At Him While Washing A Dish, And See This

Image credits: ryeguymft

#82 I Sleep

Image credits: teem0m0

#83 She Just Wants To Relax And Derp All Day Long

Image credits: spookymemeformat

#84 A Very Playful Sphinx Cat.

Image credits: fyflate89

#85 Trying To Take Cute Photos With My Cat

Image credits: STICKYM0M0

#86 A True Derp

Image credits: Capt_Killer77

#87 You Might Think She Is Stretching But Nope. Found Her Sleeping Like This

Image credits: timtheringityding

#88 My Friend’s Cat, Samson, Being An Absolute Derp!

Image credits: Thelazytimelord257

#89 My Mom’s Cat Robbie. She Said He Just Sat Like This For A Minute, Which Has To Be True Because My Mom Doesn’t Know How To Take A Photo Faster Than That

Image credits: kirrk

#90 Nugget Is Not Impressed With Our Love

Image credits: cloris97

#91 She Always Sleeps Like This

Image credits: SirZmokington

#92 They Are Always Like This

Image credits: yodausta

#93 I Fits I Sits. Well, I Sort Of Fitted So I Sort Of Sitted!!

Image credits: LittleMsAce

#94 Bonus Pic Of Luna Derping Around In A Gift Bag. She’s Living Her Best Life.

Image credits: Alathiel

#95 My Cat When You Tell Her “Get Off I Gotta Go”

Image credits: Spawticusx805x

#96 One Of These Bottles Is Not Like The Others

Image credits: asilvertintedrose

#97 She May Need A Screwdriver

Image credits: emberedfieldsadust

#98 Velcro Snoring His Head Off

Image credits: GuiltyCelebrations

#99 My Little Goof Ball

Image credits: imtakingapooprn

#100 My 16 Year Old Derp So Wise And Mature

Image credits: nancyxxu

#101 Some Sunday Derpness

Image credits: spookymemeformat

#102 Flying Cat

Image credits: RudieBatsbak

#103 Who Tf Sleeps Like That!?

Image credits: dopedude99

#104 This Is Binx, Sil’s Cat. He’s Really Better Asleep Than Awake I Think

Image credits: rawgabbitschnitzel

#105 The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Image credits: ToineBomb

#106 Roger Is Scoping Out How To Get To His Favorite Water Bowl.

Image credits: ieatpapersquares

#107 The Only Way I’m Ever Allowed To Do Some Gaming

Image credits: Teharu

#108 Friends Cat During Heatwave 32°c/89.6°f

Image credits: spezzlv

#109 My Cat, Pepper Informing Me That It Will Soon Be Her Dinner Time

Image credits: Special-Employee

#110 Help I Accidentally Started Laughing During A Geometry Test

Image credits: subornion

#111 Caught My Cat Sunbathing Today

Image credits: Acacia_Silence

#112 We Are So Excited About Books

Image credits: theoddestends

#113 Dinner Is Probably Not Going To Taste Great

Image credits: Bean–Sidhe

#114 Just A Silly Man For You!

Image credits: frokenpaprika

#115 Aaaaahhhhhhh!

Image credits: roboticArrow

#116 Silly Cat Thinks They’re Rock

Image credits: hornmelon

#117 My Cat Hiding From The New Kitten. Good Job

Image credits: Apprehensive-Use-993

#118 I Tried To Move My Cat And She Looked Like I Just Woke Her Up

Image credits: Kim580000

#119 Who Sits Like This??

Image credits: 01infinite

#120 Who Dares Disturb My Slumber?

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#121 My Weird Cat

Image credits: Ok_Paleontologist440

#122 Cat Tries Using The Keyboard

Image credits: asilvertintedrose

#123 Fruit, Anyone?

Image credits: GlitteringHeart2929

#124 Is My Kitty A Derp?

Image credits: Extreme_Distance6241

#125 My Neighbors Cat Just Get Stuck In My Garage

Image credits: LordFistus

#126 Cat Becomes Desperate For A GF

Image credits: asilvertintedrose

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