128 Times People Encountered Such ‘Power Moves’ Online, They Had To Immortalize It By Sharing Them On This Online Group (New Pics)

Wacky. Off-the-hook. Sarcastic. Bizarre to the point of making us giggle so hard we had to excuse ourselves and go outside to calm down. These are all apt descriptions for the r/madlads subreddit, an online community of 1.7 million members and a handful of fun-loving, energetic, and irony-adoring moderators.

Created way back in 2015, the subreddit is a place for some of the most impressive(ly mundane) ‘power moves’ ever to grace the digital landscape of the internet. Here, the madlads of the net celebrate genuinely jaw-dropping ‘power moves’ while gently poking fun at folks celebrating how awesome they are while they’re actually doing nothing much out of the ordinary. A place of contrasts? Definitely. A place where some members don’t understand irony and what the sub is actually about? For sure.

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Check out the best recent ‘power moves,’ and remember to upvote your fave pics as you scroll down, dear Pandas. In the mood for some more madlad weirdness? We’ve got you covered! Take a peek at our earlier post about the community right here once you’re done enjoying this list.

Meanwhile, be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s exclusive interviews with social media experts Ariane Sherine from the UK and Mike Sington from LA. We had a chat about why people want to become famous online, how to compete with other content creators, and how to stand out on social media.

#1 Flag Collector Finds A Loophole

Image credits: Henroriro_XIV

Writer, content creator, and media expert Ariane told Bored Panda that people need attention, approval, and love. “It’s a human need to want approval from others, and there are far more people available to provide approval online than in real life,” she explained why so many individuals want to go viral and make a splash online.

“Online validation is also there forever for everyone to witness. It’s a rare person who is completely impervious to the thrall of millions of strangers liking what they do—it’s exciting and boosts your self-esteem.”

Media expert Mike, from LA, sees people’s desire for fame online as a way to massage one’s ego. “Trying to go viral and get recognition online is really mostly about ego. Everyone wants recognition, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame, and getting it online is a relatively easy way to do it, all from the comfort of your home,” he told Bored Panda.

#2 I Don’t Know Who Oliver Is But I Like His Gaul

Image credits: oliver2981

#3 Old People Always Know The Workarounds

Image credits: rudy_betrayed

According to Ariane, there are definitely more content creators now than ever, but that doesn’t mean that all of their content is going to be especially strong. “If you’re an exceptional creator you’ll still stand out,” she said that quality content tends to get noticed in the sea of information. “Of course, the more followers you have, the more chance there is that people are going to see, like, and share your content, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to break through.”

For her, the two main things that help creators stand out online are the quality of the content creator’s work and how prolific they are. “Post content daily if you can, but don’t compromise on quality as a result,” she told Bored Panda that consistency and quality are very important.

#4 Madlad Returned The Car After Stealing It. Then Yelled At The Owner For Bad Parenting

Image credits: wsvn

#5 *insert Your Spiderman Meme Here*

Image credits: Infinitisin

#6 He Actually F**king Did It

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Image credits: KamiTheGod11037

“Speed is key if you produce topical/reactive content. But again, it’s better not to post than to post something substandard. Creating and maintaining an online presence does take work and effort, but it’s a really fun thing to do. If it feels like work, you’re doing it wrong!”

From Mike’s perspective, it’s very difficult to stand out online. “Anyone can create content, but you’re competing against literally tens of millions of users to create memorable content. It takes a lot of work, and can easily become what feels like a second job,” he warned that internet fame can be very time-consuming.

#7 Dad Just Had To Point That Out

Image credits: j__para

#8 Gotta Keep The Customer Happy All The Time

Image credits: makaylathinks

#9 Madlad 1 Pretends She Doesn’t Know Harvard. Madlad 2 Intentionally Angers Tesla Owners

Image credits: bitchyswiftie

“To stand out online, what you post has to be carefully crafted. Quality content stands out online. Think it through carefully, ask yourself, ‘Is what I’m posting memorable, inspirational, informative, funny, will it make people think, or feel good, or start a conversation?’ If it doesn’t meet any of those benchmarks, it’s probably not going to stand out and go viral. There’s a lot of junk out there, it takes effort to rise above it,” he said.

Previously, a few of the moderators helping run r/madlads spoke to Bored Panda and we got a feel for the (sometimes overwhelming) energy that the entire team has. They definitely love having fun, enjoy proper banter, and are living proof that the pen is mightier than the sword.

For instance, moderator u/RalphiesBoogers gave us an interview under the condition that we call them the greatest mod that Reddit has ever known. 

However, some moderators believe that the r/madlads subreddit was “completely ruined” after legendary YouTuber PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, uploaded a video about the community.

#10 Memes Twitter Destroys Mark

Image credits: sunxoomer

#11 Madlad Wins Gold In The Olympics… In Cosplay

Image credits: heiranseinaka

#12 Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?

Image credits: curreyfienberg

“We got flooded with his meme-spewing preteen fan army who are incapable of understanding that ‘madlad’ is ironic,” redditor u/steveofftheinternet told us that a subreddit that was purely ironic was ‘invaded’ by a lot of new members who completely misunderstood what the group was all about.

“Mad-laddery is when you do something incredibly mundane, such as making spaghetti, sweeping the hallway, or being a Bored Panda writer, and then acting like it’s the craziest thing ever,” moderator u/N8theGr8 gave a few examples of what the original intent of the subreddit was. However, the culture of the sub changed after the group went viral online.

#13 Madlad Tries To Take Woman’s Final Dollar

Image credits: Quebec120

#14 His Maths Is Blowing My Mind

Image credits: yashthesharma

#15 We Got A Twofer Today, Folks

Image credits: ahamel13

According to u/N8theGr, r/madlads was created in response to an image of “a guy putting a pan or something on his head and everyone else being like whaaaaaaaaat.” That’s all you really need to know about the roots of the community. Deeply steeped in irony. So sarcastic, you can practically feel it through the screen.

“I don’t know if I want to encourage too many madlads, since the last time we got too popular some impressionable kid put sugar on their already Frosted Flakes, and it was chaos,” the moderator suggested that too much popularity on the internet isn’t always a good thing. Quality members might be better than having a ton of random followers in some cases.

#16 Mad Lad Walks Into Fire Station, Asks If He Can Go Into The Fire Truck, And It Works

Image credits: Parvak07

#17 Now That’s Going Out With Style!

Image credits: Ooga-Booga2

#18 Madlads Convinces Anti-Vaxxers To Cover Themselves In Mustard

Image credits: Galastique

Bored Panda wanted to know where the line is between something madladdish and something that clearly isn’t. 

“Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an actual physical line like the International Date Line or that line you dance on when line dancing. It’s also not a picket line, as those individuals who are fighting the bourgeois against the exploitation of labor under a system of capital are not to be dismissed as mere mad lads, but compatriots in the fight against our chains of oppression. It’s also not rickrolling, since that joke is like 30 years old,” the moderators had fun misinterpreting the question and showing off their banter skills.

#19 Bought The 4th Of July M&ms Specifically To Do This

Image credits: GEN_Schady

#20 A Former White House Intern With No Chill

Image credits: MonicaLewinsky

#21 Always Give 110 Percent!

Image credits: codybondarchuk

“For the most part, we just try to manipulate the price of GME. The main point of this subreddit really is to manipulate the NYSE and various other currency markets. The majority of our posts are code for market movements. We decisively curate and control the information here in order to send clear market signals that our followers use as predictors. I understand your skepticism, but that’s how it works,” mod u/RalphiesBoogers joked that the main goal of r/madlads is to manipulate the stock market for financial gain.

#22 My Goose Is Cooked Or My Goose Has Flown The Coop?

Image credits: CyberOgre

#23 Madlad Creates Company For Extra Credit

Image credits: notinprogres

#24 Madlad Goes Full Scooby Doo And Robs His Own Store

Image credits: steamshifter

They added, jokingly, “The other mods will say what they’re paid to say. Just to be clear though, everything I said is true.” 

Mod u/RalphiesBoogers stressed that the term madlad itself is very open to being misinterpreted by the public.

“It’s about people who take something very mild and comment on social media as though it is not. However, most of the users here are like 12 so they think it’s all about being actually wacky or being a first-world anarchist or something,” they said that the art of recognizing irony has been lost (or never learned in the first place) by many.

#25 I Dont Know What To Title This

Image credits: jackyolo23

#26 Kid From West-Berlin Messes With Border Guards

Image credits: DrDutyLP

#27 Publicly Calling Out A Company You Worked With For Being A Hypocritical S**t

Image credits: _AlexHirsch

“Truly, this misconception plagues the subreddit in ways that have cost the dow several hundred points this past week. r/madlads isn’t about being mad. It’s about taking way too much excitement in mildness or mundane things, and also driving Dogecoin to the moon,” the moderator quipped.

#28 This Sneaky “Put Pocketer” Probably Made That Womans Whole Week

Image credits: ifallupthestairsalot

#29 You Might Want To Pull The String To Make Sure There’s No Secret Compartments

Image credits: Anointed_Mouf

#30 This Guy Out Thought It All

Image credits: ItsYellow_

According to the mod, more people now than ever want fame and love, and attention online. “I see everyone, everywhere, screaming for attention and trying to stand out all the time endlessly, and careers being constantly pursued to become the next wacky social media star,” they told Bored Panda.

#31 Glow In The Dark Condom Review By Sadlad

Image credits: Holys**t_1787

#32 Full Credit Given, Of Course

Image credits: horsthorsthorst

#33 I Guess Finding Outdoor Seating Is No Longer A Problem!

Image credits: castawayinlondo

#34 Ice Cream Company Doesn’t Care About Nutrition

Image credits: TheKarmaWizard

#35 This Reminds Me Of The Why Are You In Jail Meme

Image credits: BithcLasagna

#36 Madlass Steals Declaration Of Independence Because She’s Vaccinated

Image credits: audgehowell

#37 Madlad Makes Sure Everyone Looks At The Secret

Image credits: irrationalstickman

#38 Classic Bait And Switch..!

Image credits: gokuisjesus

#39 Madlad S**ts On A Company Ad And Gets Hired To Remake Their Ad

Image credits: Leaper29th

#40 Imagine Playing Geo Guesser In This Guy’s Town

Image credits: manUgaey

#41 Ksi Being A Madlad And Serving The Community Well

Image credits: Holys**t_1787

#42 Dictionary.com Responds To A Person Who Is Using The Stan Lee Account For Promotion

Image credits: TheRealStanLee

#43 Madlad Still Looking For The Link 6 Years Down The Line

Image credits: EDS77

#44 Guy Is Pinning Every Single Comment

Image credits: iFlexWithMyVbucks

#45 Madlad Did What He Said He Would Do

Image credits: Solar_Sas

#46 Chuck Yeager, First Man To Break The Sound Barrier (Who Unfortunately Passed Last Year), Responds To Question About Ufos

Image credits: Popular-Swordfish559

#47 Man Just Blocked His Wife To Grind Videogames

Image credits: AndyRamen

#48 Man Listened To The Weeknd On A Weekday

Image credits: DeozReddit

#49 I Saw Someone Post This Before But, So You Don’t Have To, I Just Confirmed He Is Still Doing It

Image credits: jason142909

#50 Am I Too Cruel For Planning This?

Image credits: pixelmixer3

#51 Superstonk Playing The Uno Reverse Card With A Vengeance

Image credits: how_to_fake_it

#52 Madlad Orders Every Protein Possible And Eats It All

Image credits: Joshunzz

#53 Uɐᴉlɐɹʇsnɐ Sʞlɐʇ Pɐlpɐɯ

Image credits: Basha_1

#54 Madlad Lives In Aol’s Hq For Months While Working On His Own Startup!

Image credits: coneheadZombie

#55 Showing Respect To A Deceased Friend

Image credits: ElBigotePerfecto

#56 Finally Some Quality Youtube Ads

Image credits: Jmh105

#57 Trevor “Local Sexpot” Moore, Rip

Image credits: Kule679

#58 Under A Video About Creating An Onlyfans

Image credits: Sanafa-bitch

#59 He Must Not Get Embarrassed Easily

Image credits: baabsheepish

#60 Ok Sega, Keep Your Secrets

Image credits: The_Only_Drobot

#61 “You Lose”, Coolidge Once Said

Image credits: DinoReddit123_

#62 There Is Always That Lad In The Comments

Image credits: edutorresbox

#63 Madlad Downloads 10,000 Lazy Lion Nfts And Makes A Mosaic

Image credits: Dat1Gamer_

#64 He’s Dancing On That Fine Line

Image credits: Sasquatch559

#65 A Madlad Shuts Down Irrelevant Copypasta

Image credits: JoelTheChef

#66 “It’s Because There’s 13 More Seconds” Sheee

Image credits: Cronoooo

#67 70 Ft Sam I Made By Hand. Was Told To Post This Here

Image credits: MeanForce1

#68 Heyyeayeah Beats To Study/Get Born To

Image credits: B1ng_B0ng

#69 Might Also Be A Mod Here, Can’t Remember

Image credits: Noname_1111

#70 Madlad Hacks The Official Formula 1 App, Sends This Notification Out To *every Single User*

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 He Did It. This Madlad Actually Scrolled Through 46 Days Worth Of Miitopia Content And Commented On My Post

Image credits: the_guywhogames

#72 Roblox Social Manager Knows How To Get Atention Lol

Image credits: Bitter-Metal494

#73 Madlad Giving Himself A Woosh A Minute Later

Image credits: supremeoverlord23

#74 Is This The Right Sub, Pls Correct Me

Image credits: Molotov_YouTube

#75 Idk If This Considered A Madlad But He/She Timestamp Every Time Dvd Logo Hit The Edges

Image credits: CHRIS10234

#76 Madlads Decide The Abba Playlist Contrary To Spotify’s Abba Playlist

Image credits: S0nicShadow

#77 Hello Officer Yes This Is The Man

Image credits: yungdg

#78 Choosing Beggar Got Merced

Image credits: RETROADMAN

#79 He Boutta Get Whipped Tonight

Image credits: Flying_Houwii

#80 The The Madlad Really Has The Audacity To Do Us Like That

Image credits: ow0-0wo

#81 Short Height Isn’t Going To Be Problem

Image credits: S-K_215

#82 Mad Lad Is A Cult Literature Middle Man

Image credits: EscapedAlien

#83 Madlad Asks The Game Developer For Some Tech Support For His New Game

Image credits: Doc_Brun

#84 Eating A Tortilla Chip Vertically

Image credits: PieCreeper

#85 This Man Can Do Anything

Image credits: memeboi177

#86 Well Well Well If It Isn’t Our Lord And Savior

Image credits: Noname_1111

#87 This Guy Needs A Restraining Order From All Cereal

Image credits: Yellowpick10

#88 This Guy Has Been Reading The Shrek Script One Word At A Time For The Past Two And A Half Years

Image credits: Remarkable-Search76

#89 Mad Lad Upvotes A Picture After He’s Allowed To

Image credits: vliukkiang

#90 I Sent My Dad The Entire Sherk Movie

Image credits: I-Ate-your-

#91 1/5 Of Nnn Has Passed

Image credits: E7r0py

#92 All The Accounts Are Owned By The Same Madlad

Image credits: BloodDReaper

#93 Madlad Orders Chicken Tenders At A Fancy Steakhouse

Image credits: nx_ull

#94 There’s Exactly 276 Molbos On That Pyramid Apparently

Image credits: zebraghurl

#95 Perfect Setup With A Perfect Finish

Image credits: mahim23

#96 Fotoshoped Pocture Of The Rock For Unban

Image credits: lucs_25

#97 The Whole Rind And Everything… He Is My Hero!

Image credits: ProfDeuce

#98 This Guy Is Like A Modern Robin Hood

Image credits: poiuoppo

#99 He Harnessed The Power Of Lightning

Image credits: WerbenJaegerman

#100 He Did It. The Crazy Son Of A B**ch Did It

Image credits: youuslash

#101 Madlad Makes Sure Only Cool People Can Reply

Image credits: nikola_144

#102 Madlad Protests Youtube Dislike Removal By Unsubscribing From Premium And Disliking Every Video He Watches

Image credits: summeryim

#103 I Bet That Took Such A Long Time

Image credits: DreamIsTakenXD

#104 Driving In A Roundabout 57 Times

Image credits: twenty20reddit

#105 Baseball Guy Can’t Be Stopped, No Matter The Amount Of Punches He Receives!

Image credits: Americanshat

#106 Madlad Gives Award Rather Than Updoots

Image credits: updootmineplez

#107 Madlad Masahiro Sakurai Plays 2 Player Game By Himself

Image credits: The_Dreigon_Boy

#108 The Birth Of A Legend

Image credits: landfishfromexico

#109 Alfie Is A Proper Safety Hazard

Image credits: Hadditor

#110 Madlad Continues To Keep His Word 7 Years Later

Image credits: inf3ctYT

#111 He Did The Impossible!

Image credits: CatGamer_118

#112 Yes That Top Award Is From Me!

Image credits: xi_jipooh

#113 This Kid Is Going To As Mad As His Fam!

Image credits: BeefTeaser

#114 Madlad Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture For $18,000

Image credits: humans_are_not_real

#115 Woah You Brought A Plant To The Boys Bathroom? Absolutely Mental(Crowd Gathered Too)!

Image credits: Watick

#116 It’s Still Correct Even If You Flip The Equation

Image credits: West-Emu-8696

#117 Freddie Mercury Is A Madlad Confirmed

Image credits: degenerate-limitless

#118 Just The Maddest Of Lads Here

Image credits: devishjack

#119 That’s One Way To Leave A Review

Image credits: Storm-Trick

#120 The Sauce Isn’t Allowed To Serve Its Purpose

Image credits: bonjourmarlene

#121 This Was On A Video Which Was 10 Years Old

Image credits: Anshul_Tamta

#122 If Saddam Was The “Mad Dog Of The Middle East” Then This Dude’s The Mad Lad Of The Middle East

Image credits: Veers_Memes

#123 Madlad Gives Guy Who Ran In Snow Ternion Instead Of Platinum

Image credits: King_Bumi_Of_Omashu

#124 Mad Discord Mod Gets User To Admit They Are Underage

Image credits: These_Pressure1327

#125 Do Not Read The Title

Image credits: _dj_007_

#126 I Would Literally Have Passed Away

Image credits: SuizidalKillerPotato

#127 I, A Monster, Keep My Apps Organized By Color

Image credits: Jedimobslayer

#128 Kids At My School Got A Shopping Cart In The Bathroom

Image credits: the_57th_amendment

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