128 Times People Saw The True Power Of Winter And Just Had To Document It (New Pics)

Living in climates where winters are cold means a few things: you gotta have one hell of a warm blanket, a huge cup to keep yourself on a constant stream of boiling hot beverages, and patience to get through the coldness and darkness you never asked for.

On the other hand, it’s the season of ugly sweaters and stay-in nights with Netflix binges that make you feel like Kevin McCallister from Home Alone even despite the fact you’re thirty or so.

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So today we are taking you on a photographic ride into the freezing temperatures that are snow and ice-castle approved. Some of them may make you shiver just by looking at them, so get yourself that warm blanket we already talked about!

Psst! More winter-inspired pics showing things in well beyond low temperatures can be found in our previous feature right here.

#1 We Got 28 Inches Of Snow In NY This Past Week, He Was Determined To Play Regardless

Image credits: tayhuse

#2 The Way The Ice Froze On My Car This Morning

Image credits: darkaotik

#3 Seal Ania Is Confused By What The Hell Happened To Her Whiskers (It’s -10°C/14°F In Poland Right Now)

Image credits: zissoum

#4 The Way The Ice Froze To This Fence

Image credits: esteban42

#5 This Building Covered In A Foot Of Ice In Wisconsin

Image credits: Simply Scandinavian

#6 The Snow Slid Off The Roof Partway Before Freezing Again, Creating Horizontal Icicles

Image credits: snowinspired

#7 The Total Freeze Of Nature In The City Of Vladivostok, Russia

Image credits: tovarishch_Kavenil

#8 Jonsey And Reilly Letting Us Know Exactly What They Think Of This Weather

Image credits: jakub-photo

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

#9 “Awww Frick Boys, I Spilled My Coffee”

Image credits: PinicchioDelTaco

#10 The River By Me Flooded, Then Froze, Then The Water Receded Leaving These Hovering Ice Shelves On The Trees

Image credits: RegalBeartic

#11 Sheets Of Ice That Were Coming Off The Brick Exterior Of Our House After Some Freezing Rain

Image credits: kopter28

#12 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

Image credits: maggipedia

#13 The Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls Is An Icy, Winter Wonderland Right Now

Image credits: punkodelish

#14 Iced Over Bicycle After Winter Storm In Chicago

Image credits: lukejohnson555

#15 Soap Bubbles In -37°C Cold Weather

Image credits: AVT75

#16 Westcave Preserve In Austin, Texas Following Snow Storms

Image credits: BusyRunninErins

#17 Bird-Shaped Icicle That Formed On Our Front Porch

Image credits: clinternet82

#18 An Ice Storm Froze My Still-Blooming Rose Bushes

Image credits: banditoburrit0

#19 Ice Formed In The Shape Of A Person After Winter Storm

Image credits: jaytanz

#20 Ice Driven Through A Fence

Image credits: Proteon

#21 I Left My Snow Broom Leaning On My Car And Forgot About It. When I Drove Away, It Had Frozen To The Ground And Stayed Standing

Image credits: Charles_W_Morgan

#22 I Thought This Might Fit Here – North Lake Tahoe After Last Winter’s Storm

Image credits: _k0k0ric0

#23 This Toilet Froze And Burst

Image credits: assert92

#24 Check Out This Crazy Upside-Down Spiral Icicle I Found This Morning (There Is A Small Hole In The Metal Handrail)

Image credits: merz-person

#25 Frozen Gates At Port Stanley, Ontario

Image credits: SharkerP38

#26 Our Winter Has Been Especially Wintery This Year! Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before

Image credits: coffeeblr

#27 Winter Siberian Make-Up. Enjoy

Image credits: RitaRudzinsky

#28 Mildly Claustrophobic This Morning. Otherwise, Slushie Anyone?

Image credits: Davidcfmo

#29 A Balloon Popped And Left Its Ice Shell During Winter Storm Nika

Image credits: the2belo

#30 This Is What Happens In My Hometown When You Don’t Leave The Faucet Trickling In The Winter. Pipes Bursting In Watertown, NY

Image credits: mynameisadrean

#31 My Garbage Can Made A Garbage Can-Shaped Ice Cube

Image credits: AshAskew

#32 This Gas Station Hose, -39°C

Image credits: Infobody

#33 Guy Using Sled Dogs In The City

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#34 Found A Frozen Car Wash In Round Rock, TX. Many Are Left On During The Winter, And Simple Soap/Water Can Cause This To Happen

Image credits: SickNumbles

#35 Viewfinder Is Unusually Happy That Niagara Falls Are Freezing Over

Image credits: autoverse

#36 The Effects Of Freezing Rain In Slovenia

Image credits: Merc_Matt

#37 Winter Almost Gave Me A Parking Ticket… Glad I Could Put In The Quarters After Hitting It A Few Times

Image credits: Crispy-Snax

#38 Dock Leading Into The Arctic Ocean Just Outside Utqiagvik, Alaska At About Noon Today

Image credits: Mirabellae

#39 After Surfing In Lake Erie During Winter Storm Elliott

Image credits: Vagabond3210

#40 Thickness Of Ice On My Windshield In Romania

Image credits: AndrewwwG

#41 Beautiful Freezing Pattern On My Window

Image credits: Acrakatau

#42 Icicles On The Hubcap From Driving In Snow

Image credits: myironnuts

#43 Well It Is Too Cold To Play Basketball

Image credits: imeanthisguy

#44 Winter Wonderland Service Call

Image credits: Luckyloochie

#45 It Was So Cold In Ottawa Last Month That The Soft Drinks In The Foyer Of This Supermarket Froze

Image credits: JoWhee

#46 Remember To Put Your Wipers Up So They Don’t Freeze

Image credits: joker-here

#47 Trying To Fry An Egg In Antarctica

Image credits: cyprienverseux

#48 Windy Day In The Northeast Caused These Icicles To Form Sideways

Image credits: MrWiggless-

#49 We Got A Bit Of A Snowstorm This Weekend In Saskatchewan

Image credits: kukluxkenievel

#50 Left This Homemade Fruit Drink On The Porch And Forgot To Bring It Home

Image credits: purestereo

#51 Ice Storm And Freezing Rain Made The Water On My Window Freeze In A Mildly Interesting Way

Image credits: WowzersInMyTrowzers

#52 The Ice Makes My Kid’s Soccer Net Look Like Glass

Image credits: tjmaxal

#53 It’s So Cold Our Mayonnaise Separated Into Egg And Oil

Image credits: lote89

#54 This Flower Encased In Ice, After A Freezing-Rain Storm

Image credits: Shelleg3s

#55 6 Feet Of Snow And Our Cars Are Buried

Image credits: always_murphys_law

#56 Cold, Very Cold, Oh-Oh-Very Cold

Image credits: alex_poslushniy

#57 My Dog Was Not Feeling The Snow Today

Image credits: Skimax

#58 This Is My Face After Just 15 Minutes Of Walking With The Dog Today At -40. Northwest Territories, Canada

Image credits: coltsfootballlb

#59 Cold Evening In Yakutia

Image credits: Prostoilogin

#60 Rained All Last Night. Woke Up To Freezing Temperatures And Awesome Designs On The Car

Image credits: juanabos

#61 Welcome To Narnia: Two Days Of Gale Force Winds Along Lake Erie Have Iced Over Many Of The Homes Along The Beach In Hamburg, NY

Image credits: john_kucko

#62 So The Dallas Cold Snap Did This To My Peppers

Image credits: rubberduckphilosophy

#63 It’s Been So Cold In New England That My Cars Shift Knob Froze

Image credits: Brickx3

#64 I Guess I’m Not Driving Anywhere Today

Image credits: thishasntbeeneasy

#65 Frozen Spaghetti For Two In North Dakota

Image credits: ezman10

#66 Welcome To Canada. This Is This Morning

Image credits: WillOfTheLand

#67 -41°C. This Is Our Doorknob From Inside The House

Image credits: gelatinsocks

#68 It’s So Cold That The Spider Webs Have Frozen. It’s The UK Believe It Or Not

Image credits: nieznajoma98

#69 Frozen Detroit Fire Hydrant From A Few Winters Ago

Image credits: okmax

#70 Snowballs Forming On My Cat’s Fur

Image credits: Tormalon

#71 This Winter Storm System Is Testing Us In Many Ways. Here’s The Inside Of A Frozen Chicken Egg

It’s hard to see the beauty in any of this snow through the pits in our stomachs, shivering animals, no running water, and no power for over 100 hours at the farm. We’ve all been doing our best to keep the eggs warm and the animals fed, but this egg got away.

Image credits: texasfarmsandranches

#72 It’s So Cold That My Key Actually Broke Off In The Door I Can’t Get It Out

Image credits: SkeletonWithGunsLol

#73 A Few Photos From Euclid Beach Park In Cleveland

Image credits: Igorius

#74 Snow Storm In Texas. Things Are Nuts In Fredericksbur

Image credits: sublimejackman

#75 Cat Finally Realized What A Radiator Is

Image credits: tinks

#76 Got A Few Feet Of Snow In NH And Lost My Car

Image credits: Queeniac

#77 I Left My New Body Soap In My Car For A Few Hours While It Was Freezing Cold Outside. Some Interesting Crystals Formed

Image credits: Soft_Noodle

#78 This Is How Cold It Is, Please Keep Your Heater On If You Can

Image credits: britainunwrapped

#79 Dealing With An Ice Storm Here In Texas

Image credits: jodotcom

#80 Parking Ramp Stairwell In Minnesota

Image credits: katarhino420

#81 It’s So Cold That The Steam From The Sewer Grate Turns Into Snow

Image credits: MirKvant

#82 -25°F Thought The Pattern Was Cool. Bathroom Window Looking At The Lake

Image credits: notta431

#83 So My Friend Is Staying At A Hotel In Minnesota Right Now. Needless To Say, It’s Pretty Cold

Image credits: FallenPandaBear

#84 This Is Not A Camera Filter

Image credits: flanman1991

#85 The Ice And Snow Curling Off My Roof

Image credits: Arctic_Scrap

#86 This Bottle Of Wine That Was Left On My Freezing Porch

Image credits: auriolrd

#87 I Grew A Beard To Keep My Face Warm This Winter

Image credits: saintnicklaus90

#88 -40℃

Image credits: senjorita

#89 Texas Snowstorm + Burst Pipe = Bad

Image credits: ThomasBlackGG

#90 Frozen Toilet Water In Texas

Image credits: harryscomets

#91 This Wheel From Driving In Freezing Rain

Image credits: Arcticblew

#92 Just My Chicago Apartment Stairs

Image credits: cosmic_anus

#93 My Deck Has Transformed Into An Icicle Dungeon

Image credits: HisLordAlmighty

#94 Jeans Are Freezing

Image credits: CarmenRoseWx

#95 That Looks Pretty Cool

Image credits: michaelbrom

#96 Ice Sheet Holding Onto Trees After Flood Subsides

Image credits: Magical-Latte

#97 -26°C, Mont Tremblant, Québec

Image credits: reddit.com

#98 It’s A Little Cold For Running In Canada Right Now

Image credits: jaymesucks

#99 Siberian Freezer

Image credits: stopitsot

#100 The Outlet Is Freezing Again

Image credits: arjees

#101 My Hair Froze In Minutes This Morning In -38°C

Image credits: The-Instructor

#102 Solar Panels Covered In Snow

Image credits: Nafigvajag

#103 Everything Turns To Ice

Image credits: Nicole4thoughts

#104 Going To The Restroom In Texas Today (Real Pic From A House In Dallas)

Image credits: icepigs

#105 Several Texas Cities Saw Their Coldest Temperatures In Over 30 Years

Image credits: amalaz95

#106 Merricourt, North Dakota Yield Sign After Recent Freezing Rain

Image credits: iBaconized

#107 Standing On The Arctic Ocean This Evening In Barrow, Alaska

Image credits: nshoots01

#108 My Neighbor For Some Reason Had A Sprinkler On Last Night And Never Turned It Off. We’re In Minnesota And It’s Cold

Image credits: Fluffhead_81

#109 My 2500 Lbs+ Pet Steer Enjoying The Freezing Rain

Image credits: cowskeeper

#110 Central Alberta, It Got Down To Roughly -45°C Tonight. Woke Up To Frost In The Corner Of My Bedroom

Image credits: Delphox4000

#111 In Canada

Image credits: elenaalia75

#112 My Single-Pane Windows Froze

Image credits: Tygress23

#113 The Way Melting & Refreezing Caused This Ice To Form

Image credits: ColfaxDayWalker

#114 Picture I Took Of The Frozen Brandywine Falls In Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Image credits: SuperDuper_Bruh

#115 Parked On Main Road Before The Snowstorm

Image credits: Jaxew

#116 A Frozen Playground In Houston, Texas

Image credits: astralpastures

#117 It’s So Cold Right Now That I Can’t Even Flush The Toilet

Image credits: JTCMuehlenkamp

#118 Our Windows In Minnesota Right Now

Image credits: pswii360i

#119 My Fountain Froze And The Ice Made This Shape

Image credits: j_timmel

#120 Guess I’ll Wait Till Next Week

Image credits: SlammyDavisjr

#121 An Almost 6’ Stalagmite Of Ice From Furnace Exhaust Condensation

Image credits: AchinForSomeBacon

#122 Soda Bottle Deformed After Being Left In Cold Car

Image credits: jabcole_

#123 The Water In This Pole Expanded While Freezing And Pushed The Railing Off

Image credits: MynOlie

#124 Winter Apocalypse Vibes

Image credits: ThomasBlackGG

#125 Came Home From Vacation To This. Hose Broke And Was Spraying Water For Days In Sub-Freezing Temps

Image credits: KingOfKrackers

#126 -33°C During The Day, -40°C At Night. The Photo Was Taken 3 Minutes After Leaving The House

Image credits: tizhuchitel

#127 Doorknob In My Parents’ Garage. We Had A Cold Snap With Windchills From -40 To -55

Image credits: crash—-

#128 Photo From My Car From This Winter. The Window Is Completely Opened

Image credits: fedorych

Source: boredpanda.com

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