128 Unusual And Fascinating Maps That Might Change Your Perspective On The World (New Pics)

If you’re a visual learner like we are, a good image helps you bring data to life. But if you ever stumbled across a great one, you know it can genuinely change how you see the world. And maps have that power. They are a surprisingly effective tool for understanding the world and giving us a peek into its secrets. By allowing us to explore novel places from the comfort of our own homes, they can even unlock our inner adventurer that’s been deep in winter’s sleep.

Today, we invite you on a journey through this informative corner of Reddit where cartography fans delve into the intriguing treasure trove of territories, statistics, and history. With over 1.9 million devoted members, this online community uncovers some of the freshest and finest maps in a bid to expand our mental horizons.

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So let’s appreciate their efforts by scrolling down and devouring ourselves into the newest collection of captivating visualizations. Trust us, they won’t be anything like the ones you saw at school! Be sure to upvote your favorite ones and let us know if you enjoyed learning new things about places you may not have even known about before. For even more informational goodness, check out Bored Panda’s earlier posts on this feature right here, here, and here.

#1 Countries Which Offer Paid Maternity Leave And The Time They Provide For Expecting Mothers

Image credits: No_Negotiation_7176

#2 Map Lovers, I Recently Stopped For 30 Min In A Bookshop Checking Out This Maps Book. Love The Way Visual Information Sticks In Mind!

Image credits: AutomaticLibrarian14

#3 In Case You Didn’t Know, Holland & The Netherlands Are Not Interchangeable

Image credits: Initial_Trash

The map-loving subreddit has been around for quite some time now, celebrating its 11th birthday just last month. This online group continues to be one of the strongest and biggest cartography powerhouses on the platform that amazes thousands of people every day by sharing high-quality images of exciting and novel maps, plans, and geographic illustrations. And sure, it may seem that some of the visuals posted there are pretty nerdy, but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating.

The creator of this online group, Patrick McGranaghan, described himself in a previous interview as a “Denver-based techno-geek with a focus on all things geospatial and cartographic and a coding hobbyist with an emphasis in geospatial applications.” He is a land surveyor and a member of #maptime Denver, Rocky Mountain Map Society, NACIS, PLSC, Charles Close Society, and Open Street Map Foundation, just to name a few. He decided to share his passion with the world and start the project in May 2011 while living in Taiwan, and he never looked back.

#4 World Map Cantered On Antarctica

Image credits: axeman_05

#5 Nature Map

Image credits: Lovesinica

#6 Every Purple Line Is A Bicycle Lane In The Netherlands

Image credits: wouterk

Patrick revealed that while the subreddit was pretty stable in the past, everything changed the morning when the devastating news about Ukraine and the unprovoked and unjustified attack happening there broke out. “The subreddit usually has between 2,000 and 4,000 users at a given moment on a normal day. That number spiked to a peak of over 20,000 users looking for current maps of the situation there,” he told Bored Panda.

#7 Difference Between Russia’s Unfriendly List Last Year And Now

Image credits: thegirlwithtwoeyes

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#8 Kid Friendly Curse Words

Image credits: atlasova

#9 Percentage Of Population “Absolutely Certain” God Exists In Europe vs. Us

Image credits: roi1099

When it comes to the way people think about cartography these days, the founder of the subreddit believes it is changing. “The previous generation was accustomed to paper maps that they used to navigate. This required skills in orientation and awareness that are no longer necessary with digital maps on mobile devices. Whilst there are lots of articles that eulogize the loss of these skills, I don’t think it’s necessarily all bad,” he explained.

Patrick pointed out that we’re seeing another shift in response to the digital age. “The digital generation has a heightened awareness of how maps can visualize data. The tools to make maps have been democratized. This has increased interest in finding new and clever ways to see spatial data.”

#10 Russia Density Visualized

Image credits: BrasilemMapas

#11 North Korean Election Result Of 2019

Image credits: two_plus_two_is_zero

#12 Europe Used To Look Like This, Before It United

Image credits: Over9000Holland

The hottest trends in maps right now, according to him, are those that elucidate some sort of political understanding. “These can be maps of elections, voting districts, gerrymandering, political recognition, voting patterns, etc. Social media is engineered to spur controversy and this is most apparent in hot-button political topics. Politically themed content will garner more discussion, controversy, and comments than most other topics.”

#13 The Most Popular Browsers In Different Countries In 2012 And 2022

Image credits: theworldmaps

#14 The Shape Of The World, According To Ancient Maps

Image credits: Ayman_alsh

#15 The Usual Time Of Eating Dinner In Europe

Image credits: kkaiOkkai

The founder of the sub revealed that he developed his burning passion for maps very early and feels extremely grateful to have an activity he loves doing every day. “My family traveled and moved around a lot. My dad taught me how to read maps and I would help him navigate. I used to flip through our Rand McNally atlas to pass hours traveling across the countryside,” he told us.

“Maps are invitations to explore and visit new places. They give security in the knowledge that there’s a way to get to your destination. If all else fails, a map will be your guide.” This feeling that Patrick has carried in his mind throughout his life was what inspired him to create a strong and knowledgeable community where people can share their ideas and excitement about the subject.

#16 Is It A Crime To Knock On The Door And Run Away? (Source: UK Legislation Website – Metropolitan Police Act Of 1839)

Image credits: geographyfacts

#17 Traffic Fatalities, Eu vs. Us

Image credits: Repulsive_Narwhal_10

#18 Population Density Of Africa!

Image credits: symmy546

“I’ve noticed, especially as I’ve gotten older, that you only have so much time on this planet and every day that is wasted is a day that you’ll never get back. If you want to get out and explore the world you just have to do it,” Patrick added. “Some adventures will cost time and resources, but the real question I ask myself is can I afford not to do some goal I have my heart set on.”

He continued: “There are so many opportunities in this world that it may be hard to choose, but if you wait too long those opportunities will be gone forever.”

#19 Latitude Of World Cities Compared To Europe

Image credits: cranberrycactus

#20 The Yuxi Circle: The World’s Most Overpopulated Area

Image credits: madrid987

#21 Coffee Consumption In Europe

Image credits: Landgeist

The founder of the sub was kind enough to go in-depth about the wonderful world of maps and shared a few reasons people make them in the first place. “Sometimes for navigation, sometimes for showing statistical phenomena, and sometimes for fantasy,” he said. “While artistic skill helps, it is not absolutely necessary. The important thing is to make it easy for users to glean useful information. Most maps should have a thesis or a story it is going to tell and this needs to be told through the map.”

#22 I Love How Africa’s Third Longest River Takes Such A Long Route To Get To The Sea From The Source In Southern Guinea

Image credits: 19neo91

#23 I Made A 3D Model Based On A 1660 Map Of New Amsterdam / New York

Image credits: EdNotAHorse

#24 The State Of Global Democracy In 2022

Image credits: cambeiu

But for those devoted cartography fans who have an infinite number of creative ideas flowing in their minds and want to take their work to another level, he explained that a bit of work and skill is required to make their results look less “hasty and skeletal.”

“It is not that they are bad,” Partick said. “It’s just that they don’t know that they can make their maps so much better. I’m talking about things like fonts and information boxes, detail and vicinity maps, adding gradients to water features, thoughtful color choices, shadows behind place markers. The subtleties are what make maps exquisite.”

#25 Will You Be Offered Food When You Are A Guest

Image credits: barcased

#26 Europe Mapped By Trees Per Kilometre Squared (Tree Density)

Image credits: JuliusCheesy

#27 World Map Of Billionaires

Image credits: PygmalionTheVI

“The best way to learn how to do these things is to look at lots of maps and see how other cartographers solve these problems. Imitate the masters. Read a few books on cartography and design. Some of the books that influenced me are Info We Trust by RJ Andrews, Cartography by Kenneth Field, and Things Maps Don’t Tell Us by Armin Lobeck. If you can integrate the ideas in these books you’ll be a league above the average amateur cartographer,” he concluded.

#28 The Red Areas Contain Half Of The Total Population Of Australia

Image credits: padmanabhapillai

#29 Most Popular Dog By US State…

Image credits: smooshedeggbog

#30 Wine Consumption In Europe

Image credits: Landgeist

#31 Price Of Full Tank Of Gasoline (60 L) As A Percentage Of Average Monthly Net Salary Across The World

Image credits: kiwi2703

#32 Where Europeans Lay Claim To Their Neighboring Countries

Image credits: Upstairs_Yard5646

#33 Countries Providing Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

Image credits: KungUnderBerget

#34 Average Male Height In Europe 2022 (In Cm)

Image credits: takibouhnik

#35 What War Is Currently Being Fought Near You?

Image credits: atlasova

#36 If Only 100 People Lived In Eu

Image credits: notnonneutral

#37 Share Of Young People Living With Parents

Image credits: Noresponson

#38 Europe’s Most Popular Last Names

Image credits: LeolaBosack

#39 The Old Borders Of The German Empire Can Still Be Seen In Present-Day Polish Election Results

Image credits: shruicanewastaken

#40 The Most Common Country Of Birth For U.S Immigrants Excluding Mexico

Image credits: Fantastic_North_312

#41 Arrests Of Anti-War Protesters In Russia

Image credits: efisha

#42 Punishment Of Breaking Blasphemy Law Around The World

Image credits: two_plus_two_is_zero

#43 Europe Black Population (2020)

Image credits: Crimson_Vol

#44 South Asia Right Now

Image credits: Twister92200

#45 European Countries With “Right To Roam”

Image credits: Realworldmaps

#46 Map Of All Territories Ever Controlled By Greece And Its Predecessors

Image credits: xArgonXx

#47 A Shaded Relief Map Of Antarctica

Image credits: boytutoy

#48 Countries Mentioned In The Polish Anthem

Image credits: Cicada1205

#49 The Most Popular Passwords In Europe

Image credits: Mackelowsky

#50 Morocco Is Experiencing The Worst Drought In Decades

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 The Massive Number Of Rivers In Australia

Image credits: conflictwatch

#52 Country’s That Cannot Speak Any Foreign Language

Image credits: CraftyAcanthisitta22

#53 Most Related Search Terms In Naver (Korean Search Engine) Of European Countries

Image credits: Nationalist_Femboy

#54 U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level For U.S. Nationals By Country (As Of May 1, 2022)

Image credits: p3nnyroyaltea

#55 It’s-A-Me! Ukraine-O!

Image credits: TheGeographyPin

#56 Flight Jl42, Tokyo To London, Now Flies Over Alaska Instead Of Russia. Flight Is Scheduled To Take 15 Hr 12 Min, Adding A Full 3 Hours Of Flying Time

Image credits: topcat5

#57 Origin Of US State Names

Image credits: reddit.com

#58 Chuí (Brazil) And Chuy (Uruguay), They Also Share The Same Main Avenue. That’s One Of The Places Where The Portuñol/Portunhol Is Highly Spoken

Image credits: Raikenzom

#59 Christianity By County’s In USA

Image credits: themysteriousman0990

#60 European Timezones Corrected To The Natural Daylight

Image credits: guisilva23

#61 USA Counties That Have An Indigenous Population Above 1%

Image credits: BrachialDart

#62 People Are Worried About Climate Change But Don’t Think It Will Affect Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Canada, Japan And Spain Are The Top 3 Most Popular Countries People Want To Move To

Image credits: seaweedsparkles

#64 Largest Trading Partner Eu vs. USA vs. China

Image credits: luislapuz

#65 City Of Montreal With One Line

Image credits: bubator

#66 World Cup Winners

Image credits: Hamza2579

#67 The Current Number Of Covid Deaths, Per Every 100,000 Population

Image credits: No_Negotiation_7176

#68 Streetview Coverage In Europe (2022)

Image credits: Bambusbjoernn

#69 Russia’s Desired Borders According To Peter Zeihan

Image credits: RainbowCrown71

#70 Pigs Per Km2 In Europe

Image credits: Northlumberman

#71 6 Scenarios For Ukraine After Russia Invasion According To Euractiv

Image credits: asiasbutterfly

#72 Percentage Of Europeans That Think Their Country Has Benefited From Being A Member Of The Eu

Image credits: Landgeist

#73 What If “Did Not Vote” Were A Political Candidate During The 2020 Presidential Election?

Image credits: ThatFrenchGamerr

#74 Great Lakes System Profile

Image credits: _Mr_Fil_

#75 European Street Food Map

Image credits: alessia99

#76 Countries By Gender In Greek Language

Image credits: leonklap1

#77 Which European Countries Have Condemned Russia For Their Attack?

Image credits: jonbristow

#78 How Many Tanks Are In Service In Each European Country – 2022

Image credits: theworldmaps

#79 In Light Of The Unprecedented, Historic Early Leak Of The U.S. Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Roe V. Wade, Here’s The Likely Abortion Landscape In The U.S. Later This Summer

Image credits: RainbowCrown71

#80 50 Strongest And Weakest Passports

Image credits: CelebrationDirect924

#81 Most Recent European Monarchs To Die In Battle

Image credits: tastethesword

#82 Thomas Jefferson’s Proposed Map For Western States

Image credits: Unitron07

#83 Google Results For “Why People From (Country Name)” In Turkish

Image credits: Phodimos

#84 Which Countries In The World Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Image credits: theworldmaps

#85 A Heatmap Of Phones Connected To The Russian Mobile Network In Ukraine Shows Approximate Russian Troop Concentrations In The Country

Image credits: rrsafety

#86 Canadian Travel Advisory Country Safety Ratings

Image credits: ReaylOfficial

#87 State Positions On The Iraq War

Image credits: legendarymember

#88 Us Gdp Split In Half

Image credits: themysteriousman0990

#89 The Most Popular Unisex Baby Names By Us State (2020)

Image credits: Ganesha811

#90 All Countries That Are Either Larger (Blue) Or Smaller (Red) Than All Its Neighbors

Image credits: e8odie

#91 Lebanon Religion Map

Image credits: Leviathem

#92 Density Of Railway Networks

Image credits: JoeFalchetto

#93 Countries That The United States And Russia Have To Legally Defend

Image credits: Creative_Strawberry6

#94 Grizzly Bear Historic And Current Range

Image credits: austingoeshard

#95 The Best Places To Be Born, Statistically

Image credits: cvardy1998

#96 I Finished My Exam Early And Drew A Map Of Europe Out Of Boredom

Image credits: iziyan

#97 If You Are A North Korean Citizen Who Illegally Flees To A Neighboring Country, Which Country Would You Get Deported To?

Image credits: Master-Cantaloupe-66

#98 India Nightime Luminosity Comparison 2012 vs. 2021. Source – Economic Survey Of India 2022

Image credits: the_geek_mind

#99 Cousin Marriage Legality Around The World

Image credits: No_Negotiation_7176

#100 Non Black Majority Regions In Africa

Image credits: BLAZENIOSZ

#101 Australia, New Zealand And A Tiny Piece Of Antarctica Are Closer To Mainland Norway’s Northernmost Point Than Its Southernmost Point

Image credits: MCMIVC

#102 Current Absolute Monarchies

Image credits: Ms_INT

#103 Map Of Europe With The Flag Of The Capital Of Each Country

Image credits: elmayoneso7777

#104 The Northern And Southern Halves Of The Island Of Manhattan Are Roughly Equivalent In Population To The States Of North And South Dakota

Image credits: Cached_Clay

#105 Average Land Value By Zip Code In The Us

Image credits: vagq1994

#106 “How Europe And Neighbouring Countries Refer To Their Fighter Aircraft”

Image credits: Iessaria

#107 Map Of Income Inequality Between Black And White People In The Us – What Is Going On In Wyoming?

Image credits: illegal108

#108 All The Land In Europe That’s Higher Than Denmark Proper

Image credits: Landgeist

#109 Does Country Import More From Germany Or France?

Image credits: Realworldmaps

#110 Shortest Route From Santiago De Chile And Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (18,396km)

Image credits: pensando1

#111 Certified Pizzerias That Serve Original Neapolitan Pizza Following International Regulation

Image credits: areking

#112 Solidarity With Ukraine

Image credits: visualgeomatics

#113 Eurovision 2022 1st Place Jury Vote (12 Points)

Image credits: GingerbreadRecon

#114 Excessive Drinking By Us County

Image credits: Krims0n_Knight

#115 Voting On Draft Resolution A/Es-11/L.1 “Aggression Against Ukraine” In Un

Image credits: deri100

#116 Are You Closer To The Titanic Or The Moskva?

Image credits: atlasova

#117 Countries Considered As Electoral Democracies By American Organization Freedom House. 2012 And 2022

Image credits: Prism04

#118 The Valles Marineris, The Largest Canyon System On Mars, Compared To The Continental USA And The Grand Canyon

Image credits: bermuda__

#119 Spread Of Ash Across The U.S. When The Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts

Image credits: SealedQuasar

#120 Romania Shaded Relief Map With Official Flag Colors For Elevation Gradients

Image credits: vladgrinch

#121 Public Land Of Us; Texas Is Surprising

Image credits: Mean-Spinach3488

#122 Countries That Have Been At War With Germany (Since 1871)

Image credits: ratontoni

#123 Tibetan Empire Around 800

Image credits: Vxluted

#124 Where Palm Trees Are Found In The United States

Image credits: burgerking_foot

#125 How Permanent Daylight Saving Time Would Change Sunrise And Sunset Times

Image credits: Gregan32

#126 Does The Country Import More From United Kingdom Or India

Image credits: iAmit1

#127 World War 3 As Depicted In CoD: MW2 And CoD: MW3. Russia Occupies Most Of Europe In 24 Hours And Occupies The Entire Us East Coast Within Several Days

Image credits: MeisterMan113

#128 Countries That Have Flags

Image credits: BananaPaziz

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