129 Hilarious Times People Ordered A Custom Label Only To Have Their Instructions Placed On The Thing They Ordered

Everyone loves custom things. Whether it’s a mug with your name on it from the secret Santa at the office, or cheeky BFFs shirts you ordered with your bestie, or a custom birthday cake, the list is endless. After all, life is one big customized order you weren’t even there to order, so our fascination with things made and designed for us is understandable. Philosophy aside, any custom order is also a perfect storm for a mishap to happen.

There’s a whole corner of Reddit known by the clever title r/PeanutButterIsOneWord, which references a hilarious scene from the BoJack Horseman show. The subreddit is dedicated to sharing the funniest examples of ordering a custom label, giving the instructions, and expecting the best, “only to have the instructions printed on the thing you ordered.”

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The description says: “How about an engraving saying ‘I want this left blank’ or ‘Hello, Mike! Underneath that, I miss you.’ This is the sub for that!” With 35.2k subscribers, the sub is somewhat of a yet-undiscovered terrain of pure entertainment mixed with shamelessly high levels of absurdity, and it’s a question of time when it will be the next big thing on Reddit.

#1 A Welsh Classic

Image credits: donach69

#2 While Not Exactly The Same As The Gag, This Reminded Me Of The Show!

Image credits: Super_Mario_Sunshine

#3 Generic Tweet For After The Debate

Image credits: UnsafePantomime

To find out what a design expert had to say about such hilarious mishaps, Bored Panda spoke with Laura Vanagaite, a Portugal-based graphic designer. Laura explained that such unfortunate printing situations that occur during the process always depend on both sides.

“When presenting the final file to the person in charge of a printing procedure, it is better to leave exact notes, as well as tell them the instructions face to face, if it’s possible. It will leave no doubts in case they have some and you can always ask how it will look in the end,” Laura said.

#4 Thanks To My Friends, Birthday Time!

Image credits: svensonic1

#5 Association’s Name

Image credits: Alice_Savard

#6 Probably

Image credits: SandiPsych

Laura argues that such misunderstandings are the result of miscommunication. “Sometimes there can be confusion if the text is not clear enough or the description reveals too much information. For example, if a present is for a surprise birthday party, it is better to write everything in the notes, leave your contacts and tell them that if there is any doubt, they can call you,”

“So, it depends a lot on both sides and good communication is the key in this situation. Sometimes, if it is possible, ask if they can send the final image of the cake which contains text as decoration, just to check in case there are any mistakes left.”

Moreover, Laura suggests preparing some easily understandable files with clear notes to hand to the person in charge of the order, and everything should go smoothly.

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#7 A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

Image credits: just_leave_it

#8 Surpriiiise!

Image credits: exzact

#9 Parents Didn’t Want Their Son’s Name Printed On His School Photo

Image credits: Dewdeaux

To find out more about this miscellaneous Reddit community called “Peanut Butter Is One Word,” we spoke with its moderator GrahamfieldShip who happily shared some insights. The mod explained that this quirky name of the subreddit originates from the TV show Bojack Horseman.

“On the show, a character called Mr. Peanutbutter frequently buys signs from a company, but they always put his instructions on the sign. The first use of this was in season 1, with ‘CONGRATS DIANE AND MR. PEANUT BUTTER. PEANUT BUTTER IS ONE WORD’.”

GrahamfieldShip added that “it became a running gag throughout the series and is the origin of our sub’s name.”

#10 Seeathy

Image credits: [deleted]

#11 My Mom’s Old iPad

Image credits: miinyuu

#12 He Did Get What He Wanted

Image credits: potcollage21

When asked why so many people find the mishaps so hilariously funny and somewhat cringefully relatable, the moderator said that it’s probably because it’s so unexpected. “If there’s a human reading the instructions, they should know what needs to be printed and what doesn’t. So it’s funny when they completely miss the mark,” they told us.

#13 From A Facebook Group My Wife Is In

Image credits: kaspm

#14 Happy Birthday, Generic Men And Women

Image credits: mirafacon

#15 Not Sure If This Was Posted Before, But My First Thought When I Found This Reddit

Image credits: vilidj_idjit

According to GrahamfieldShip, it’s also “worth mentioning the difference between peanutbutterisoneword and lipsum, as there’s a lot of confusion between the two!” The mod explained: “Lipsum is ‘dummy text used in laying out print, graphic or web designs’. For example, if you receive an email that says ‘good afternoon <first name>’, that would be lipsum.”

When asked about the mod’s favorite entries shared on the community, GrahamfieldShip said this one is one of their all-time favorites, “because I know if my iPad came back like that I would laugh every time I saw it.” The second favorite is this one, “because they didn’t even include the stars and sprinkles.”

#16 Sample Text

Image credits: Yaimerie

#17 When A Man Wants To Order A Football Shirt With No Name On The Back

Image credits: browsib

#18 Came Across An Intentional One Today

Image credits: idiotgalore

#19 Oops In Arabic

Image credits: jakeinator21

#20 Just A Plane Cake

Image credits: dwolf555

#21 Op’s Girlfriend Got Them A Bojack Themed Birthday Cake

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 “The Same Text But In Arabic”

Image credits: astralbeast115

#23 30 With Stars And Sprinkels Around It!

Image credits: fluffykittie

#24 Op’s Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image credits: LordGuille

#25 The Instructions On Bag Of Rice

Image credits: not_gerg

#26 Congratulations To Tucker I Guess?

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 ‘make Sure That You Label Them That They Contain Egg’

Image credits: kapildwasnik

#28 Netflix Originals Be Like

Image credits: Adikovec69

#29 Mark With The Sea

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 If It’s Still Too Long Let Me Know

Image credits: bertiebauer

#31 My Anniversary Present.

Image credits: imgur.com

#32 Poland Flag

Image credits: metmike89

#33 Pizza Shop Asked Me” Who’s Name Do You Want The Order Under?” I Replied “ My Wife Michelle “ This Is How They Announced Her Name When She Picked Up The Food

Image credits: Chill084

#34 Sent My Friend A Potato For His Birthday

Image credits: pattoyourcatto

#35 Supreme Court Something Something

Image credits: Not_that_kind_of_DR

#36 Oolong, But Not Toolong

Image credits: nataliagolf2019

#37 3/5 Stars

Image credits: tapanapanteraaa

#38 Instructions For The Subtitler Showed Up On My Blu-Ray.

Image credits: kevin_church

#39 Noname

Image credits: phyxiusone

#40 This Tiktok

Image credits: _schuyler

#41 Radio Station Informed Promo Company They Wanted Same Balloons With New Slogan

Image credits: weinermcgee

#42 I Don’t Understand Why This Is So Hard

Image credits: SimpCityPopulationMe

#43 Goddamnit Bruce!

Image credits: Diggletime123

#44 In Big Letters At The Top Write Closed

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 Forget To Type

Image credits: FaljeLazuli

#46 Seen On Twitter

Image credits: wedgematt

#47 Image “As Requested” Seems To Fit Here

Image credits: 16yYPueES4LaZrbJLhPW

#48 I Know You Charge By The Letter So Just Write Best Oscar Prediction Nothing Else

Image credits: yaymich

#49 Hooray!

Image credits: Pulp_Zero

#50 Redesigned Our Website Boss

Image credits: ArchipelagoMind

#51 Taika’s Instagram

Image credits: AlbatrossGooseswamp1

#52 The Word Tattoo In Comic Sans

Image credits: TyTheKiwi

#53 “I Think His Name Is Naaem”

Image credits: TyrionCauthom

#54 Title

Image credits: ollyhinge11

#55 My Friend’s Senior Jersey

Image credits: naskod

#56 An Old Post, But Classic

Image credits: Spuriest

#57 Some Casual Left Field Naming In Lidl

Image credits: MrTea99

#58 This Had A Team Of People Behind It

Image credits: rBearFord

#59 Sending The Money Now

Image credits: F1ak3r

#60 Here’s A Good One From A Writer On Twitter

Image credits: jfurry616

#61 Happy Birthday To Dick.. Matt…

Image credits: theb52

#62 On The Left: Names Of Different Clinics In Finnish. On The Right: “The Same In Swedish” In Swedish

Image credits: CormAlan

#63 I Was Told This Belongs Here? Switch Controller Marketing Copy.

Image credits: Alaeriia

#64 Jewel Cake Designer Took The Entire Photo And Put It On The Cake.

Image credits: _kellythomas_

#65 My Mom’s $1.20 Chinese Pillow Cover

Image credits: aSharkNamedHummus

#66 I Asked My Brother What He Wanted On His Cookie Cake.

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 A Panel For Tourists In Hungary

Image credits: CordlessTortoise

#68 Friend Was Instructed At Costco To Write That They Didn’t Want The Cake To Say “Way To Go”, They Wanted It To Say “Happy Birthday Hudson”

Image credits: HamburgerFry

#69 Just Going To Leave This Here

Image credits: Firstnameiskowitz

#70 Russian Fsb Fabricated An Assassination Attempt And Signed One Of The Alleged Pieces Of Evidence With “Signature Unclear”

Image credits: UGMadness

#71 Cake.png

Image credits: Mercy–Main

#72 Close Enough

Image credits: rangarooo

#73 Check Cause Of Death

Image credits: F1ak3r

#74 Well, At Least It Is Purple.

Image credits: 12soccerronaldo

#75 Yeah, That Seems Believable! (How I Met Your Mother S9e10)

Image credits: TheRedBlade

#76 Decorated The Cakes Boss

Image credits: Sp00pyScarySkiliton

#77 Congrats On Them

Image credits: artnerd299

#78 Aw, Darn Guys! It Was Supposed To Be Green!

Image credits: wyattwynot

#79 I Think We Can All Guess What Happened Here.

Image credits: bloodshack

#80 Does This Count?

Image credits: piercethebit

#81 For The Potterheads – Found On Facebook

Image credits: kachra_

#82 Removed The Fullstops, Boss

Image credits: Iinneus

#83 ‘Congrats! Underneath That, Write Tara And Dan!’

Image credits: sosotheoneandonly

#84 Someone Is Going To Get Fired Over This One

Image credits: yogsarboth

#85 Asthma And Penicillin Allergy Messages

Image credits: candyvore

#86 Spotted Today At Target

Image credits: sciamoscia

#87 When The Bakery’s Computer Can’t Read Korean Characters

Image credits: Lysander_123

#88 Option 4

Image credits: Blackhole28

#89 Not The Cake She Tried To Order Over The Phone

Image credits: DarlingKnicky

#90 Op Is Dating Mr. Peanutbutter

Image credits: GrahamfieldShip

#91 Sent From A Friend

Image credits: AvengesTheStorm

#92 Blank Birthday Cake

Image credits: lesbian_always

#93 Just The Kellogg Logo

Image credits: mikebellman

#94 Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Image credits: TheRedBlade

#95 Happy Birthday On It Thank You

Image credits: RhythmAfterSummer

#96 Little 9 On Top Will Never Forget This Birthday!

Image credits: badasscdub

#97 A+

Image credits: MostlyQueso

#98 Spanish Hand Wash Only

Image credits: elcorette

#99 Note Yellow Not Yellow Yellow Again

Image credits: timisrad

#100 When The Plans Call For A “Pedestrians Yield To Traffic” Sign

Image credits: Alx_xlA

#101 An Arrow Pointed To The Toilets

Image credits: rbyrolg

#102 I Love The Smell Of Spanish Translation

Image credits: MajespecterNekomata

#103 Looks More Like A Practical Joke To Me

Image credits: i_am_shattered

#104 Maggie Is Gonna Get Fired

Image credits: glueinass

#105 Sorry Albert, That’s Not What The Message Box Is For.

Image credits: billyyankNova

#106 Pasted Straight Off The Work Email

Image credits: penn_lyon

#107 Open Children’s Pool Floaty With Adobe

Image credits: tehredidt

#108 These Amuse Me More Than They Amuse My Sister

Image credits: armen

#109 Bought My Friend Some Custom Lush Shower Gel

Image credits: jelly-bees

#110 Spanish For Not Included

Image credits: 0bsolescencee

#111 On The Amazon Listing For A Fitness Band.

Image credits: sickcynic

#112 What Name Would You Like On The Back?

Image credits: black_coffee_in_bed

#113 See Po Notes

Image credits: mdilello1

#114 Come On You Bhoys In Green!

Image credits: AnAryanStark

#115 Why Is This So Hard

Image credits: cole435

#116 Was So Excited About My Girlfriend Landing A New Job, Guess I Forgot To Double Check.

Image credits: AuntyScreecher

#117 Kids Love [sample_text] And [spray_effect]


#118 Sportscaster Joe Buck Fumbles A Sponsored Tweet

Image credits: bluenowait

#119 Let’s Go!

Image credits: zeeahmedk

#120 When Marie Has Had Enough Of Your Bullshit

Image credits: moammargaret

#121 Bio For Wrestler On Wwe.com

Image credits: hexagonist

#122 I’m Glad They Fixed It

Image credits: ikon106

#123 And Make The Democrats Pay For It!

Image credits: jonathanjrouse

#124 Nice Intro

Image credits: ElJoakoDELxD

#125 Sent From My iPhone

Image credits: dugf85

#126 Think This Belongs Here. Found It In A Cafe.

Image credits: reddit.com

#127 In A Promotional Email

Image credits: SharMarali

#128 Hey Boss, Whaddaya Want Me To Post About The Event On Sunday?

Image credits: ohgigi

#129 At An Asian Buffet

Image credits: lunabuna17

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