129 Hilariously Cute Pics Of Jealous Pets Fighting For Their Owner’s Attention

As much as we want to spend time with our pets, we can’t devote every moment to them. Yes, they’re huge parts of our lives, but there’s work, shopping, and other nonsense we need to take care of. So every once in a while, we have to lift our hands from their furry tummies and focus our attention elsewhere.

However, the little rascals aren’t always understanding. To showcase that, we at Bored Panda put together a list of pictures where cats, dogs, and other companion animals appear to be refusing to share their owners. Whether it’s their threatening eyes or passive-aggressive paw placements, these goofballs seem to want everyone to know that their humans are theirs and no one else’s.

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#1 My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love. I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face

Image credits: nanatalada

#2 Jealous Of The New Member Of The Home

Image credits: fatihcik

Despite these pictures and other anecdotal evidence, scientists have long struggled to identify emotions in animals, especially because of the difficulty in separating out biases and anthropomorphisms.

That being said, research is starting to suggest that jealousy, at least, is a “primordial” emotion that both people and some animals (particularly dogs and primates) share.

#3 This Is Roger. He Gets Jealous Of His Human Baby Brother. Acts Out By Stealing Pacifiers And Demanding To Be Held

Image credits: dog_rates

#4 Taking Photos Of My 5-Month-Old Baby And Sammy Got Jealous

I was squatting down to take pictures and my dog jumped up onto my leg and leaned in. I kept taking pictures. This was a later picture when he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted so he got that hilarious desperate look in his eye.

Image credits: canuchangeusernames

#5 GF And I Were Holding Hands. Then This Happened

Image credits: abilledeaux

Before we dive in deeper, it’s important to understand that while the terms jealousy and envy are sometimes used interchangeably, psychologists see them as two very different emotions.

Envy is thought to be a two-entity emotion that occurs when we lack something — whether it’s a specific personal attribute or an object — that someone else has. Jealousy, on the other hand, requires a social triangle and emerges when someone or something threatens a special relationship.

#6 This Is Athena, She Is A 9-Year-Old Labrador. As You Can See She’s A Chunker But She Gets Jealous When She Sees Our Smaller Dogs On Our Laps And Throws A Fit

So of course I have succumbed to her commands.

Image credits: Martinstanley12

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#7 4 Day Old Baby + A Jealous Cat = Cutest Snuggles

Image credits: catlover3434

#8 My Dane Is Jealous Of A Hamster Eating His Kibble

Image credits: CharlesDrake

#9 Missing Out On The Kisses

Image credits: xSpiderBabyx

For someone to feel jealousy, they need to have the cognitive ability to recognize, at least on some level, the importance of a relationship and gauge potential threats to it — a tall order, no doubt.

In humans, research shows that infants as young as 6 months demonstrated it when their mothers interacted with another infant (which was, in reality, a realistic-looking doll). This suggests that jealousy can be an inborn (not learned) emotion that evolved to protect any type of social relationship from interlopers, and one that may exist in other social animals.

#10 My In-Law’s Dogs Posed So Well With My Wife For A Picture, But Our Dog Got Jealous And Wanted To Be In The Shot Too

Image credits: Mapes

#11 I Think My Dog Is Jealous Of The Baby

Image credits: Huckleberry_Rogers

#12 Someone Was Jealous

Image credits: chasinafterhappiness

#13 Uh-Oh, Looks Like Some Calf Is A Little Jealous Of Emmett Playing With The Rabbit

Image credits: ctfarmstead

In 2014, researchers at the University of California, San Diego modified human infant experiments, adapting them to man’s best friend.

They found that dogs acted far more jealous when their owners interacted with a fake dog (petting it and treating it as if it were real) than with jack-o’-lanterns or books. In fact, one-third of the dogs tried to get in between their owners and the fake dog, and one-fourth of them even snapped at the fake dog.

#14 I Was Already Cuddling Joni, Then Nico Got Jealous And Plonked Himself On Top Of Her

Image credits: spome2

#15 My Dog Got Way Too Jealous When I Was Cuddling With My Cat. Walked Over, Nudged Him Off Me, Then Just Laid On Top Of Him

Image credits: rachar2187

#16 Someone Is Jealous Of The Attention My Baby Brother Was Getting

Image credits: defenseman13

#17 My Niece Picked Her Name, So Meet Kiwi! That’s Cruz Down There Jealous He Can’t Also Be Carried Around

Image credits: buhfuhkin

Scientists have also documented jealousy in coppery titi monkeys, a monogamous primate species.

In response to romantic rivals, male titi monkeys are known to become aggressive, place themselves between their mates and potential rivals, and occasionally physically restrain their mates to keep them from moving toward intruder males.

#18 My Uncle Found A Bird. His Cat Is Jealous

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 This Is What Stages Of Jealousy Look Like

Image credits: Rawtashk

#20 I Think My Cats Are A Little Jealous That I Am Outside With The Dog And Not Them

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 He Gets Jealous When We Try To Play With His Buddy

Image credits: parentsti

The scientists had male titi monkeys watch their mates interact with stranger males for 30 minutes as well as watch stranger females interact with stranger males for the same amount of time.

When observing their mates, the monkeys experienced increased levels of the hormones testosterone (associated with mate-related aggression and competition) and cortisol (an indication of social stress).

#22 Pretty Sure Somebody Is Jealous Of Our New Kitty

Image credits: amojuris

#23 Quick Sticks Feeling Very Zen In Her Special Whippet Coat. Please Ignore The Jealous Stares Of The Sausage In The Background

Image credits: Patchspot

#24 Someone Was Jealous Of His Much Smaller Brother’s Bed. Yes, He Has His Own Perfectly Good Bed

Image credits: Aprilismissing

#25 My Husband Telling Ferdinand, Our Senior Rescue Kitty, That He’s Now A Star After Over 115k Likes On His First-Ever Post. And The Dog, Well, The Dog Is Jealous

Image credits: tiffanymcclure

Brain scans also revealed the primates had heightened activity in an area associated with social exclusion in humans (the cingulate cortex) and another area associated with aggressive behavior (the lateral septum).

#26 Reached Over To Hold My Wife’s Hand And Someone Immediately Got Jealous

Image credits: mrfu709

#27 Sophie To The Right Was A Little Jealous Meeting Her New Baby Sister Coco

Image credits: Hutlet

#28 My Husband Trying To Watch TV Last Night. Wimpy And Buddy Competing For The #1 Spot In The Bed. Guess Who Won

Image credits: christypawpersians

#29 Someone Is Jealous

Image credits: wantganja420

Complementing these pictures, a large percentage of pet owners report consistent signs of jealousy in other domestic pets, including horses, birds, and cats.

For more “evidence”, check out Bored Panda’s earlier piece 50 Shameless Pets That Stole Their Owners’ Partners And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry About It.

#30 My Husky Is Jealous Of My Fake Husky

Image credits: skycolylyly

#31 Someone Was Jealous She Wasn’t Getting Pats

Image credits: WhenWhereWho

#32 Went To Take A Picture Of My Puppy, And Captured My Jealous Cat In The Background

Image credits: Missmayo

#33 My Pup Gets Jealous When I’m Photographing People And Feels The Need To Get Involved

Image credits: BeerBellies

#34 The Cat Went For A Belly Rub. The Dog Got Jealous. Now This Is Happening

Image credits: veschwab

#35 Someone Is Jealous

Image credits: estacaoteimosa878

#36 My Brother-In-Law’s Dog Gets Jealous When They Take Monthly Pictures Of Their New Baby. So They Found A Solution

Image credits: TearsOfARapper84

#37 Tried To Take A Picture Of My Orchid. He Gets Jealous When I Give Anything Else Attention. See How He Lay Right Under The Flowers?

Image credits: MUM2RKG

#38 Why Are You Petting Him And Not Me?

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Asuka Is Jealous Of Posh’s “Tucked In” Status

Image credits: BrookeTillandsia

#40 My Doggo, Willow, Got Jealous That I Was Taking A Pic Of My Swans And Not Her

Image credits: gkrichel

#41 Every Morning My Stepdad’s Cat, Shiba, Sits On His Lap And Reads The Paper With Him. Back At Christmas, My Stepdad Met His Granddaughter For The First Time

And Shiba got a little jealous.

Image credits: leeannivey

#42 Why Is He Getting All The Attention?

Image credits: KaySheedy

#43 We Got A New Cat. Let’s Just Say That The Other One Was Very Jealous

Image credits: sdillon1015

#44 When The Two Friends You Introduced To Each Other Start Hanging Out Without You

Image credits: brennan.schulze

#45 I Think Someone’s Jealous

Image credits: fiddle_sticks_

#46 The Dog Was Jealous Of The Baby, So

Image credits: jpkitchener

#47 Update On My Parents’ Cat That Was Jealous Of The Grandbaby’s Birthday Present. He Now Has His Own $30 Children’s Chair, Just To Settle Things

Image credits: hangry_lady

#48 Big Sister Is Definitely Not Jealous

Image credits: Ripley_Abyssinian

#49 I Am Such A Jealous Cat When It Comes To Time With My Dad Lately

Image credits: andthepetshaveit

#50 My Wife’s Dog, Koda, Jealously Guarding Her While She Sleeps. Best Pup

Image credits: Badbomber360

#51 Serious Jealousy Over The Snuggles, Apparently

Image credits: nazigrammar42

#52 Was Babysitting My Niece This Weekend. Dog Didn’t Care. Cat Was Jealous

Image credits: PGERMS

#53 Rhoda Is Really Making A Play For Being A House Pet. My Favorite Part Is All The Jealous Laser Beams In The Background

Image credits: EvilViergacht

#54 Parker’s Jealous Genie Stole The Picture With Her Smile

Image credits: P2120

#55 Here’s Leia At Almost A Year Old. She Was Jealous I Was Playing With Another Dog. She’s Living Her Best Life

Image credits: cuban11182

#56 My Hound Getting Jealous Of My Mom’s New Dog. That’s Your Uncle Bro, Calm Down

Image credits: IJustWantToGive

#57 Howard Was Always Jealous Of Our Parrots When I Was A Kid

Image credits: inUrgarage

#58 I Got My Cat Simba Some Crocs, And Of Course, Bootsy In The Back Is Being Jealous

Image credits: wildfrida

#59 My Cat Gets Jealous Of The Xbox Controller

Image credits: freezydorito

#60 Sums Up Their Relationship Pretty Well

Image credits: namanama101

#61 Girlfriend Made My Pupper Pumpkin (On The Left) A Little Room With A Bed Beside Our Couch. His Sister Holly (On The Right) Was Jealous Of The Attention He Was Getting

Image credits: The-Pixel-Phantom

#62 I Think He’s A Little Jealous

Image credits: Bri_Cox

#63 Someone Got Jealous That Her Sister Was Laying In My Lap Then Proceeded To Physically Push Her Out Of The Spot

Petunia (grey) isn’t into sharing my affection but Violet could care less if you couldn’t tell by the look on her face.

Image credits: shaydizzz

#64 I’m Dog-Sitting For My Neighbor This Weekend. My Pup Is Jealous That He’s Not Getting His Usual Spot In My Lap

Image credits: Pretend-Motor9751

#65 My Cousin Just Had A Baby And I Think Her Cat Is Jealous

Image credits: omgchomp

#66 My Puppy Always Gets Jealous When My Laptop Is On My Lap And Not Him. Then He Found Out It Was Warm And They Became Friends

Image credits: Doughboy786

#67 I Think Someone’s A Little Jealous

Image credits: imagine_im_a_chicken

#68 So I Took This Picture Of My New Kitten And Didn’t Notice My Jealous Cat In The Background Until Hours Later

Image credits: Nuhnu

#69 Do Cats Get Jealous?

Image credits: yttikat

#70 She’s Jealous Of My Phone So She Snuggles Up To My Hand When I’m Browsing

Image credits: KoprollendeParkiet

#71 One Is Getting Belly Rubs, The Other Is Clearly Not Jealous Of The Attention His Sister Is Getting

Image credits: TheUninspiredArtist

#72 Someone Is Jealous

Image credits: veloholic91

#73 My Dog Is Jealous Of How Much Attention The TV Gets

Image credits: schlupfknoten4

#74 I Think Someone Might Be Jealous

Image credits: katwhiston

#75 Every Time I Pet Garylasereyes, Keo Gets Mad Jelly And Paws Him In The Face To Destroy His Experience

Image credits: existentialhumanisticparadigm

#76 Came Here To Share A Picture Of Our Cat Being Jealous Because She Feels Too Classy To Go And Beg For Treats

Image credits: mirneorie

#77 I Think Peter Is A Little Jealous That The Dog Gets To Be Outside

Image credits: DueyDecimals

#78 It’s Been Over A Year But I’m Still Jealous Of How They Look At Each Other

Image credits: veej1808

#79 Found A Rabbit In The Backyard, And My Cat Seems To Be Jealous Of The Extra Attention He’s Getting

Image credits: Trainer_Money

#80 Someone Was Jealously Watching Me While I Ate Cereal

Image credits: stevrevv59

#81 When You’re A Cat And Realize The Birthday Cake Is For The Dog, Not You

Image credits: christopherpauljones

#82 This Is The Look We Get When We Give The Dog A Cuddle

Image credits: ma_reptiles_official

#83 The Kitty Is Very Jealous And Doesn’t Want To Share Her Owner

Image credits: Future_Fun5451

#84 My Dog Gets Jealous When I Try To Take Pictures Of My Cat

Image credits: CollectionRevo

#85 She’s Jealous Because I Petted Another Cat

Image credits: ThisIsNotEla

#86 My Friends’ Dog Got Pretty Jealous When I Asked Her To Send Me A Picture

Image credits: docholliday3990

#87 My Fiancee Just Graduated With Her Master’s Degree With Honors Today. We Had A Photoshoot But Rowdy Was A Bit Jealous

Image credits: SuperToiletDelux

#88 Grandpa, Baby, And A Very Jealous Dog

Image credits: fapswhiledriving

#89 The Dog Is Jealous

Image credits: Xenon11

#90 Goose Gets So Jealous When Our Dog Is On My Lap

Image credits: YourNameWisely

#91 “Why Is He Allowed On The Table And I’m Not?” – Jealous Cat

Image credits: mehardy

#92 Someone Might Be A Little Jealous Of The New Roommate

Image credits: shneekyshnake

#93 I Was Taking Christmas Photos Of My Cat, And My Dog Got Jealous And Decided To Join In! They Usually Will Avoid Each Other, So This Was A Christmas Miracle

Image credits: chrysanthemeet

#94 Momma Was Trying To Brush Roxie And I Got Jealous… So I Went Under Roxie To Make Sure Momma Saw Me. Poor Roxie

Image credits: Penny_Lane_Pup

#95 Someone’s Jealous I Have Cat Purrs In My Palm This Morning

Image credits: gods_Lazy_Eye

#96 Our Sphynx Cat When We First Got Him And Our Dog Looked So Jealous Outside

Image credits: CharChar-M

#97 If Looks Could Destroy

Image credits: _._sunbear_._

#98 Jealousy

Image credits: Dxkingxd

#99 Jealousy

Image credits: ilikenap

#100 Jasper Is Trying To Figure Out How To Get Close To Me Without Triggering Matilda’s Mittens

Image credits: jasper.matilda

#101 Make The Dog Jealous. Gain Their Trust

Image credits: sofy_gea

#102 We Got A New Puppy (The One Cuddling With My Husband). I Don’t Think Max (The One Staring Jealous Daggers) Has Forgiven Us Yet

Image credits: kjroundy

#103 Look At Rem Being Jealous Of Me Holding Another Cat

Image credits: doridor0

#104 I Think She Was A Little Jealous

Image credits: Nyxos_87

#105 Someone’s A Little Jealous

Image credits: Ratkisser

#106 My Rescue Dog Is Jealous Of The New Dog

Image credits: hamoud888

#107 My Dog, Jealous Of A Kitten We Rescued

Image credits: eggsrus

#108 My Dog Gets Very Jealous Whenever I Give My Cat Any Attention

Image credits: ButtSquid

#109 Pupper Is Jealous Of The Cats

Image credits: daninger4995

#110 My Husband Tried To Read His Comic Until Our Black Cat Krue Got Jealous Then Our Orange Cat Tigg Got Jealous Of Krue. That’s How You Get A Cat Comic Book Sandwich

Image credits: ashleyy3055

#111 Our Dog Gets Jealous When Our Cat Sits With My Husband

Image credits: Spoookytiger

#112 This Stray Dog Followed Me For 2 Kilometers Today. Behind Him Is My Own Dog Getting Jealous Of The Stray Jumping On Me

Image credits: djangobhubhu

#113 She’s Jealous

Image credits: annettemegaughin

#114 Poor Dave Looks Totally Put Out By Me Having Cuddles With My Number One

Image credits: lucyanneevans

#115 He Was Jealous Because I Was Giving My Snake Attention And Not Him

Image credits: Cyprox

#116 Spot The Jealous Pig. Peanut Is Not A Cuddly Pig So This Sleepy Croissant Moment On Pigmum’s Knee Is Rare. And Muffin Watches Bitterly From The Cage

Image credits: yorkshire_piggies

#117 Somebody Is A Little Jealous

Image credits: Thunder301

#118 Not Our Cat Being Jealous Of Our Guest’s Feeding Time

Image credits: bellerodolfs

#119 My Baby Corn Snake Just Had A Growth Spurt. Apparently, Some Other Pets Are Jealous Of His Attention

Image credits: lyssiegrantonlyfans

#120 Jealous Boy On The Roof. Drogon Is Very Offended That I Would Dare Try And Spend Time With The Girls In The Aviary Without Letting Him Come In Too

Image credits: poicephalus

#121 Blueberry Is So Jealous. He Doesn’t Let Me Touch Anything Besides Him

Image credits: enough0729

#122 Someone Is A Little Jealous

Image credits: Texaspoontappa18505

#123 My Majestic New Pup, Cali (Feat. Her Jealous Older Sister Lurking In The Back)

Image credits: bighomiemario

#124 Someone Is Jealous

Image credits: bubba_nomad

#125 My Dog Heard A Dog In The Game I Was Playing And Got Jealous

Image credits: Lerp254i

#126 My Dog Is Either Jealous Of My Baby Boy Or Has Worked Out This Is Where You Get Fed

Image credits: whittaker_01

#127 He Heard Us Playing With The New Puppy From The Other Room. He’s Still A Little Jealous

Image credits: RainyDayNinja

#128 I Told Annie She Was Pretty, Bonnie’s Jealous

Image credits: Nipag

#129 Jealousy Is When You’re Trying To Take A Picture Of Your Puppy And Get A Face Full Of Cat

Image credits: digitcrickett

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