129 Of The Most Disturbing Images From This Online Group (New Pics)

If morbid curiosity is the name of the game, then the subreddit r/WTF is the cheat code that unlocks all of its levels.

As you might’ve already understood from our first publication on this online community, it has plenty (and I mean plenty) of things that you probably haven’t seen before.

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Only this time, we’ll focus on the macabre. Like an octopus with 32 tentacles. Or a huge sinkhole opening up in someone’s living room. You know, the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of.

#1 Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

Image credits: soulhacler

#2 A Postman With A Baby In His Mailbag, When It Was Legal To Send Children Through The Us Postal Service, 1913

Image credits: raffaele2406

#3 I Have Been Losing My Mind Over How My Work Shoes Are Always Spotless In The Morning After Being Out On My Porch Overnight, I Wore Different Shoes To Work Last Night And I Found Out Why When I Came Home

Image credits: megawaveoven

#4 A Guy Comes Back From Work To Find This In His Living Room

Image credits: jacklaros

#5 The Aftermath Of Recent Flooding In Germany

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#6 Fell On A Gusset Plate At Work Years Ago

Image credits: mithrilbong

#7 Sleep Outside, They Said… It’ll Be Fun, They Said. I’m Never Sleeping Again

Image credits: whoanellie418

#8 Finger Turned White After Staying Out In The Cold Rowing

Image credits: aydenbear05

#9 A Small Herd Of Cows Found Their Way Into A Newly Built Home In Montana And Lived Inside For About A Month Before Being Noticed

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Image credits: asadali0786

#10 Met This Guy Who Had His Wife’s Eye Professionally Turned Into A Ring

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 An Octopus With 32 Tentacles

Image credits: criteriaz

#12 Just Learned That Standing This Close To A 380 Feet Waterfall Is A Thing (Devil’s Pool – Victoria Falls)

Image credits: Morganga200

#13 Martin Laurello Could Turn His Head 180° & Was Known As The Human Owl. He Was A Sideshow Performer Who Lived From 1886 To 1955

Image credits: Browndog888

#14 John Wayne Gacy Did Construction For My Grandparents And We Found His Business Card While Going Through Some Stuff Today

Image credits: watchperson1

#15 Opened Up A Tin Of Peas

Image credits: ID6WU

#16 I Freaked Out A Little When I Met This While Cross Country Skiing

Image credits: Dronas

#17 Found In Random Estate Sale Box – Pile Of Notepads Full Front And Back Of Obsessive Notes On The Next Door Neighbors Every Move. Meticulous Detail. Several Times A Day For Years

Image credits: EarnSneakySneaky

#18 Seagull Riding On Another Seagull. Wait What?

Image credits: louyplays

#19 Found A Scorpion Under A Gas Hob In Our Kitchen (Photo With It Under UV Light)

Image credits: HaykoKoryun

#20 Ct Scan Shows A 10 Inch Sausage Within Rectum

Image credits: Wise-Serve5730

#21 Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Happened Upon What I Thought Was A Piece Of Painted Over Tape Stuck To A Bookshelf. Peeled It Up To Find It Was Concealing A Mystery

Image credits: OiMooi

#22 Someone In Oregon Caught This Ling Cod, Complete With A ‘Belly Full’ Of Octopus…

Image credits: indelibleice

#23 The Window

Image credits: FesteringDarkness

#24 What? How?

Image credits: thebigchil73

#25 Someone Shot My Car On The Highway

Image credits: rationaljackass

#26 Whatever The Hell This Advertisement Is Meant To Be

Image credits: Maddybear167

#27 This Was Outside A Dollar Tree, In Sacramento

Image credits: Firstworldreality

#28 Coconut Crabs Are Attracted To The Smell Of Food

Image credits: jcdehoff

#29 Saharan Sand From Africa Covering Snow In Europe

Image credits: Blackbird1251

#30 A Bear Chasing A Skier

Image credits: kredyt24

#31 My Dad Cleans Out Hoarders Homes After They Pass Away. He Discovered This Collection Under All The Trash

Image credits: pilatesbody

#32 All The Brown You Can See Is Spiders

Image credits: aloofwatermelon

#33 How About No?

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#34 Coax Cable Removed From A Man’s Bladder. “It Had Become Encrusted With Phosphate And Had Coiled To The Anatomical Curves Of The Bladder.” Only One Way It Got Up There

Image credits: jimrob4

#35 My Brother Is A Home Inspector, This One Is Definitely Going In His Report

Image credits: NikolaiBullcry

#36 Found In Downtown Fresno, Ca. Someone Covered A Geo Metro With Pennies. Possibly Doubled The Value Of The Car

Image credits: rbbass

#37 Hyper Realistic Mask To Be Sold In Japan

Image credits: ContentArsenal

#38 Russian Killer Tries To Escape From Court… In A Stupid, Funny Manner

Image credits: KratosAlpha

#39 No Power For 30 Hours. Came Home To Busted Water Pipe In Unit Above After My 10 Hour Night Shift. I’m Done. Happened In Arlington Tx

Image credits: ChuToy

#40 The Beginning Of A Disaster?

Image credits: HattoriHanzo983

#41 I Am Not In Danger. I’m The Danger

Image credits: Wirpvp

#42 He’s Built Different

Image credits: SurvivalGrid

#43 Lina Medina, With Her Son, The Youngest Girl Ever To Give Birth At The Age Of 5

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 The Actual Wtf?

Image credits: Arkady2009

#45 When The Electrician Gives F@cks About Structural Stability

Image credits: Rpilla001

#46 Garter Snake Mating Ball Found In Manitoba, Canada

Image credits: devdevo1919

#47 I Think This Is Amazing

Image credits: Great_Air1547

#48 Bath In My Milk

Image credits: raffaele2406

#49 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You Roadside New Orleans East. (Taken A Few Days Ago, Not From A Storm)

Image credits: DNGRHLVTCA

#50 Not Just What The F**k But Why The F**k?!

Image credits: V8TITAN

#51 A Shoebill Visiting You Literally Sounds Like A Shootout At The Arcades

Image credits: vynziii

#52 Massive Electrical Sparks Fly Across Power Lines In Louisiana As Dangerous Weather Batters The Region

Image credits: mohiemen

#53 Absolutely Chillin

Image credits: VerySlump

#54 Man With Radium Poisoning, Ukraine 1990’s

Image credits: glasses_the_loc

#55 This Elevator

Image credits: She_a_trap

#56 Water And Power For The Favelas Of Brazil

Image credits: SolarSkipper

#57 How Does This Even Happen

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#58 Melted And Damaged Mannequins After A Fire At Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum In London, 1925

Image credits: pumpkinmum

#59 Damage From Recent Flooding In Germany

Image credits: MoBuckeye

#60 Pizza Delivery Rolling Dumpster

Image credits: slingerit

#61 It Is Made Out Of Cat Hair

Image credits: MrGaash

#62 Too Much Waste Along The Riverside

Image credits: Lovesinica

#63 Did Some Maintenance At A Supermarket. They Showed Me A Return They Got Today

Image credits: Darth-Regnos

#64 Our Office Stays Mostly Empty These Days, But I Popped In Today And Made Some Coffee. After It Brewed I Lifted The Pump Lever I Found This

Image credits: F4L2OYD13

#65 Went Hiking In The Forest And Found An Unexploded Anti-Tank Grenade Just Lying Around. What. The. F**k

Image credits: Hunt_for_the_R3

#66 I Wish This Wasn’t Real

Image credits: HelloAvram

#67 You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Image credits: big_red98

#68 My University Is Burning 20 Minutes Into New Year

Image credits: ArkhangelskAstrakhan

#69 Flyart

Image credits: This monitor lizard

#70 18 Year Old Mike Tyson’s 20 Inch Neck

Image credits: _Mr_Fil_

#71 Thought I Had A Broken Knuckle For The Last 2.5 Years, Last Night This Splinter Popped Out

Image credits: Rutherford_b_Krazy

#72 Pandemic Keeping You From The Salon? Problem Solved!!!

Image credits: he-loves-me-not

#73 My Cat Had A Blockage In Her Stomach And Needed Surgery To Remove It. It Ended Up Being 26 Hair Ties

Image credits: mista_phelps

#74 Crack In The Foundation/Wall Of The Basement Of The Building I Work At

Image credits: p24p1

#75 After 3 Years Of Marriage I Just Found Out My Wife Cuts Around The Sticker Instead Of Peeling It Off…

Image credits: stoavs

#76 Took This Pic After A Fire Started In My Class Haha

Image credits: Mediocre_Swim_5074

#77 Homeless Encampment Treehouse In Los Angeles

Image credits: ApologeticKid

#78 Found A 12 Year Old Steak Wedged In My Mom’s Freezer

Image credits: KoRnBrony

#79 This Thing My Dad Found On The Beach

Image credits: ActuallyF-edUp

#80 Got A Surprise In My Lush Bath Bomb

Image credits: Stranger-Than-Vixen

#81 There’s An Optometrist Business Near My House That Has This Giant Poster Outside Advertising Colored Contacts. It Seems To Have Aged In A “Wtf Is That A Demon?” Way

Image credits: philosophyfirst1989

#82 This Is A Jack-O-Lantern With Mold Growing From The Inside

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#83 Just Read The Signs Please

Image credits: Nuckoid

#84 Thanks, I Hate It

Image credits: iRottenEgg

#85 I Came Here To Fish…i’m Not Leaving Without My Fish!

Image credits: shicoz

#86 What In The Heck

Image credits: iRottenEgg

#87 Fixed It For Ya!

Image credits: YunaChi

#88 Just Another Day As A Fibre Technician

Image credits: SpeedX21

#89 So My Friend Suddenly Had Some Water Leaking Through His Wooden Floor In His Appartment

Image credits: vinceslas

#90 Found This Thing At An Antique Store 5 Years Ago. Still There To This Day

Image credits: HoneybeesAndLilies

#91 And Connecticut Just Created Its New Tourist Attraction…a Mini Grand Canyon In Cromwell!

Image credits: ILovePublicLibraries

#92 South Bend, In. Those Are Mannequins

Image credits: roblee8908

#93 Oh Hell No

Image credits: DiosMioMan63

#94 Ceiling Snake

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#95 That Can’t Be Good For The Key

Image credits: reddit.com

#96 “I’ll Take The Pure Speculation Meat Please”

Image credits: Takemeto-yourmother

#97 When You Are Cutting Concrete And Hit The Pressurized Glycol-Filled Pex Heating Lines That Nobody Warned You About

Image credits: Lasivian

#98 Would Be Very Scared To Drive Under This

Image credits: shivv00

#99 Had A Great Day Drinking And Fishing

Image credits: YouOtterKnow1

#100 There Are Plants Growing Through My Electrical Socket

Image credits: GemmTheCosmic

#101 Imagine Seeing This Cat Bed In A Stranger’s House At Night

Image credits: Gunnrhildr

#102 This Seems Safe

Image credits: alleavel

#103 Hat From A Traveling Dentist From 1820’s London Kept In The Southwark Heritage Archives

Image credits: Murderhands

#104 Saw This Near My Local Target

Image credits: element13th

#105 Bruh

Image credits: SHQUAK

#106 In The Middle Of Mi-Toe-Sis

Image credits: sBroz410

#107 What In The Actual F

Image credits: Severe-Draw-5979

#108 Helmut Marko’s F1 Helmet After A Stone Thrown Up From Another Driver Hit Him, Leaving Him Permanently Blinded In His Left Eye. 1972

Image credits: elbowpatchhistorian

#109 Brazil Man Known As “Diabão” (Big Devil), Famous For Doing Numerous Surgeries To Look Like The Devil, Celebrates The End Of Mask Mandate By Completely Removing His Ears

Image credits: cursedtoilets

#110 Stellar Sea Lions Can Reach 2,500 Lbs

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#111 What Is Going On With This Person’s Hair?

Image credits: Miinka

#112 Closet Improvement

Image credits: KerbalEnginner

#113 There Is A Cow In My Town That You Can Stick Your Hand In

Image credits: kapege

#114 A Statue Of A Deformed Baby Unveiled By Grunenthal As A Commemoration To Pregnant Mothers To Whom They Advertised Thalidomide Was Completely Safe

Image credits: Praescribo

#115 I Have Questions

Image credits: MrDiou

#116 A Caiman With An Unusual Tail

Image credits: TheRoach

#117 Found This Chicken Glove On Facebook

Image credits: Sufficient-Ad-4091

#118 What In The Mcf**k Is Going On Here?!

Image credits: RecycledDonuts

#119 Bruh

Image credits: warragle

#120 Yes It’s A Woman Walking Down The Street With A Pet Racoon. Never Seen Anything Like It In The UK

Image credits: Mention-Agile

#121 Is This Fashion?

Image credits: TooHigh2Die420

#122 Such A Lovely Dress

Image credits: Drumslover

#123 Wtf Is Going On Here

Image credits: D4l31

#124 Why

Image credits: rollabladess

#125 A 6 Door Prius

Image credits: BeLegendary

#126 Refrigerator Stopped Getting Cold. Technician Arrived This Morning And Found These Mofos Just Hanging Out Inside. Those Are All Ants

Image credits: GoodGuyPedo

#127 “Home Defence” Device I Found While Cleaning Out A Squatters Den. I Suspect Meth Was Involved

Image credits: nememess

#128 Saw This “Cop” Car At Work Today, And My First Thought Was Who The Fuck Drives This

Image credits: Destado1

#129 Furry Skeleton?

Image credits: BigDaddyCocoNutS

Source: boredpanda.com

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