129 Times People Discovered Unexpected Details On Clothes Left There By The Manufacturers

When I buy a pair of pants, I hope they will fit me, last at least a year or two, and make my butt look somewhat decent. The last thing I expect is a tag that doubles as plant seeds. Or a message by the zipper to be careful with my pecker. But that doesn’t mean I’m complaining!

To show you that the clothing industry still has plenty of room for innovation and can surprise buyers even without ridiculous designs, we at Bored Panda put together a list of creative clothing details left there by the manufacturers. So continue scrolling, check out the pictures and upvote your favorite ones.

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#1 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet

Image credits: trashyfictions

#2 This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses

Image credits: Marvin_k2000

#3 This T-Shirt Tag Doubles As Plant Seeds

Image credits: droppedmycroissant23

#4 This Top Gear T-Shirt Label

Image credits: Bobble_

#5 This Tie Has Mice Of Both The Rodent And Computer Species

Image credits: squid50s

#6 Pretty Cool Motivational Gym Shirt Idea

Image credits: GallowBoob

#7 This Bikers Jacket Has Signal And Brake Lights

Image credits: joat217

#8 My Daughter’s Raincoat Has A Built-In System For When She Outgrows It

Image credits: RaidensReturn

#9 Funny Tag On PJ Shorts Bought On Block Island

Image credits: vanillablue_

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#10 These Care Instructions On A Shirt I Bought Tell Me Not To Slap Pandas

Image credits: StarDamagedEpidermis

#11 I Found A Little Pocket Sewn Inside My New Jeans

Image credits: One-one-eight

#12 These Winter Boots Have A Flip-Down Ice Cleat In The Heel To Help With Walking On Icy Surfaces

Image credits: TheRealJasonium

#13 Clothing Label

#14 You Can “Light” And “Extinguish” The Flames On The Menorah

Image credits: katyvo

#15 There’s A Message By The Zipper Of My Pants, Warning Me To Be Careful

Image credits: rofLopolous

#16 My Kid’s Jacket Has Multiple Namespaces To Facilitate Hand-Me-Downs

Image credits: budgetpc0217

#17 The Inside Of The Fox Pocket On My Sweater Is Made Up Of Several Smaller Foxes

Image credits: tangerinelibrarian

#18 My New Motorcycle Jacket Has A Place To Write Your Blood Type

Image credits: catchthemagicdragon

#19 My Rented Tuxedo Had An Extra Tag On The Inside Jacket Pocket To Help Me Get Through The Wedding

Image credits: ChrisWithWings

#20 This Shoe Sole Has Math Equations Written Below It

Image credits: version365

#21 The Tag On My Shirt Has A Short Bio On The Sewer

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 My Workwear Has Little Tools On The Zippers

Image credits: Alain_leckt_eier

#23 There Is A Positive Message In My Clothing Label

Image credits: Shy_raspberry

#24 My Dress Has A Clasp On The Inside To Secure Your Bra Strap

Image credits: Deannerzz

#25 Bought This Shirt Today And Looked At The Tag

Image credits: perpetualpez

#26 Found These Easter Eggs On The Back Of The Labels In My Jeans

Image credits: Kessowary

#27 This T-Shirt Label Has A Bio Of Who Sewed It

Image credits: statusquosinner

#28 The Tread On My Wife’s Shoes Is A Remote Control

Image credits: penntastic

#29 These Air-Conditioned Construction Worker Jackets In Japan

Image credits: schmistopher

#30 This Guy’s Shirt Has The Entire Script Of Pulp Fiction Printed On It

Image credits: Legin_666

#31 The Inside Of My Jacket Has Outdoor Survival Tips

Image credits: GetSparkyy

#32 My Spanish Sneakers Have A Map Of Barcelona On The Sole

Image credits: Xarawhite

#33 My Co-Worker’s Hoodie Has Headphones Threaded Through The Drawstring

Image credits: wowiee_zowiee

#34 Just Noticed Something Unique About My Pants

Image credits: MrFishOils

#35 My Son’s Rubber Boots Indicate How Deep The Water Is (In Centimeters)

Image credits: sparowe

#36 My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants

Image credits: cosmosclover

#37 Well, Ok Then

Image credits: BiohazardousAccount

#38 Found This In My Maternity Shorts Today

Image credits: AudreyLuvsJoey

#39 My Jacket’s Zipper Has A Whistle

Image credits: Acriorus

#40 Inside This Tie Is A Tiny Giraffe Wearing A Tie

Image credits: TheWatersOfMars

#41 Our Stone Setter Has His Wife Sew Pockets Into The Front Of His Jeans For More Comfortable Knee Pads

Image credits: vandraks

#42 My Jeans Have A No-Slip Grip Built Into The Back Pockets To Keep Credit Cards And Money From Falling Out

Image credits: grummlinds

#43 Multi-Tool Belt

Image credits: Arsenic75-Q

#44 This Little Saw On My Working Pants I’ve Never Noticed Before

Image credits: usedpainterspants_22

#45 1950s Tie Gives You Fashion Advice

Image credits: NucklestheEnchilada_

#46 I Found A Guide For S’mores On The Inside Of My Jeans

Image credits: MarissaTheDino

#47 The Inside Of My Jacket

Image credits: englishmuffintop

#48 This Guy’s Jacket Hood Has A Built-In Pair Of Sunglasses

Image credits: radicallysold

#49 This Jacket Has A Little Hole That You Can See Your Watch Through

Image credits: izokh

#50 My New Jacket Has A Pocket For My Mask

Image credits: fauxmango_

#51 My T-Shirt Label Has Some Odd Instructions And Reminded Me To Be Nice To My Dad

Image credits: ImWithTheIdiotPilot

#52 My Favorite Pants’ Houndstooth Pattern Is Actually A Bunch Of Cats

Image credits: twinecho

#53 There Is A Map On The Bottom Of This Shoe

Image credits: ralphsucksatlife

#54 This Camouflage Jacket I Got Is Actually A Bunch Of Sharks

Image credits: Mydadshands

#55 The Pattern In My Dad’s Shirt Changes To Hexagons When Wet

Image credits: nider

#56 My Christmas Hat Is Made Of 100% Christmas

Image credits: Deer-Me

#57 This Sweater Comes With A Matching Mask

Image credits: Trainrideviews

#58 Do Not Feed After Midnight

#59 My New Shirt Can’t Be Worn If You Have A Pacemaker Due To The Magnetic Buttons

Image credits: robalexander

#60 My New Shirt Came With Some Motivational Life Advice

Image credits: aeriose

#61 My Old Shoes Have Keyboard On The Bottom

Image credits: yeronyms

#62 Kid’s Clothing’s Care Tag Has A Reminder For Sleep-Deprived Parents Not To Accidentally Launder Their Children

Image credits: reshp2

#63 My T-Shirt Has A Cake Recipe Inside

Image credits: LivingwithRobots

#64 I Found Out My Backpack Came With A Hidden Whistle Today

Image credits: Mrpalomo

#65 These Pants I Bought Today Have Three Tiny Men Hidden Inside The Crotch

Image credits: Leinad111

#66 This French Brand Informs Their Users On How To Wash Their Jackets Using A Comic

Image credits: YaBoiHeivin

#67 Inner Tag On A New Pair Of Jeans I Just Purchased

Image credits: newyorkvisionary

#68 My Shoes Have A Tiny Ledge To Keep My Pants From Touching The Ground

Image credits: chimiez

#69 The LEGO Adidas Shoe Has You Stepping On A LEGO Printed On The Insole

Image credits: gellous

#70 The Jacket I Got For Going To Apple’s Developer’s Convention Is Written In Code

Image credits: urbanlime

#71 This Worker’s Shirt Is Also A Sign

Image credits: Bungalowdesign

#72 Washing Instructions On My Dog’s Coat. I Have Done As Instructed

Image credits: not-a-tapir

#73 This Shirt I Bought Has A Hidden Pocket Sewn Into The Inside Of It With The Phrase “Don’t Tell Mom”

Image credits: McDowdy

#74 My Pants Have This Interesting Quote Sewn Into Them

Image credits: fwest999

#75 There Are Tiny Hands Inside My Girlfriend’s Bra

Image credits: Chegevarik

#76 My Brother Has A Vans Shirt, And When Wet It Displays The Pattern On Vans Shoes

Image credits: Acid_Dog_Official

#77 I Read The Care Instructions On My Puma Jacket This Morning. Very Helpful

Image credits: rachelleeann17

#78 My Mom’s Jacket Is So Old, It Has Specific Pockets For A CD Player And A Button Mobile Phone

Image credits: aelegius

#79 USB Cufflinks

Image credits: kickstartsavingdotcom

#80 A Work Shirt

Image credits: hypebeast.com

#81 One Of My Shirts Was Made In Hell

Image credits: infinitetekk

#82 New Backpack Has A Type Of Fastener I’ve Never Seen Before

Image credits: septagon7777777

#83 Inside Of My Jeans’ Zipper Has A Measuring Scale

Image credits: shooto_thrill

#84 Back Of The Tag On My Son’s Trackies

Image credits: ThginkAccbeR

#85 My Shirt’s Cuff Has Thousands Of Mushrooms Printed On It

Image credits: jahig

#86 The Button On These Men’s Fishing Shorts Have A Notch With A Small Blade To Cut Fishing Line

Image credits: pirate_ops

#87 Every Time I Zip Up/Down These Jeans I Get A Compliment

Image credits: paradisitempore

#88 I Bought A Tie Today And It Came With A Matching Face Mask

Image credits: Soviet_Broski

#89 Solid Advice On The Care Label Of My T-Shirt

Image credits: NotProcrastinating

#90 This Belt Buckle I Found Has A Matching Hidden Knife That Pops Out

Image credits: moldytreesap

#91 The Button On This Pair Of Jeans At A Thrift Store Is A Penny

Image credits: philhpscs

#92 The Way This Leather Jacket Speaks To You

Image credits: Wattzons

#93 Tag On The Inside Of A Shirt I’ve Owned For A Few Years Now

Image credits: dorfmcpumpkin

#94 The Bottom Of My Shoes Has A Map Of Amsterdam On It

Image credits: argusromblei

#95 These Shoes Have A Flippable Part In The Sole To Reveal Metal Picks For Grip When Walking On Ice

Image credits: jomag0111

#96 My Shirt Tag Says, “Not For Use As Pants”

Image credits: ClanGnome

#97 Levi’s 511 Commuters Have A Reflective Inseam For Safe Biking With Rolled-Up Jeans

Image credits: slyde56

#98 My Friend’s New Winter Jacket Has Built-In Goggles And Mouth/Ear Vents In The Hood

Image credits: GapToothSmile

#99 My Suit Rental Came With A Cocktail Recipe Sewn In The Pocket

Image credits: MemberOfInternet

#100 Backpack Straps Inside A Jacket

Image credits: BroadbandJesus

#101 My Jeans Say To Donate Them When I’m Done

Image credits: lukewall130

#102 My Wife’s Jacket Had Emergency Information On The Inside

Image credits: bkulaga99

#103 My New Socks Have A Button To Keep Them Together In The Closet Or When Drying

Image credits: Max_1995

#104 The Button Thing On The Back Of My Boot Slightly Resembles The Friday The 13th Mask

Image credits: coybib

#105 My Girlfriend’s Boots Have Tiny Bags Big Enough For One Chicken Nugget

Image credits: cresode

#106 Nice Touch To A Jacket Label

Image credits: aleksa_503

#107 My Pockets That Have A Map Of The World Printed On Them

Image credits: DawnBringer01

#108 My Pants Have Instructions

Image credits: Holasoybla2

#109 My Scrubs Have An Inside Pocket Dedicated To Keys, Coins, And Pills

Image credits: Screamyy

#110 Spare Button Pouch For My Coat

Image credits: Canidium

#111 Just Noticed This Nice Quote Patched Inside The Sleeve Of My Hoodie

Image credits: jacksonwakefield

#112 My The North Face Jacket Spells Out The Initials “TNF” In Braille On The Zipper

Image credits: kyle564

#113 My Shoes Have A Map Of The World On The Bottom

Image credits: VanceIX

#114 The Inside Of This Suit Jacket Is A Canadian Flag

Image credits: CommanderMustache

#115 This Kid’s Jacket Has Coordinates To Area 51

Image credits: Hydrogen_Dude

#116 The Inside Of My Ski Jacket Tells You How To Cook Lobster, In French

Image credits: ACESTOUT2810

#117 Shirt Button Calling Out Us Curious Types

“If you are reading this you need a life”

Image credits: tedmented

#118 My Socks Packaging Came With A Nutritional Label

Image credits: Sir_Scrub

#119 My Trouser Has A Little Pocket Inside Its Pocket

Image credits: Timatan

#120 Took Me A While To Notice But My Pants Tell Me Something Important

Image credits: Tzareb

#121 Apparently, My Jacket Has Pit Vents

Image credits: kevbosearle

#122 My Suit Jacket Has GPS Coordinates Underneath The Collar

Image credits: PalousePirate

#123 My Buddy’s Jacket Has Armpit Ventilation Zippers

Image credits: iDizzeh

#124 Advice From An Old Shirt

Image credits: lonelylemur

#125 Saw This Special Pocket For A Nokia Phone In A Coat At The Goodwill Tonight

Image credits: merrittrp

#126 Levi’s Seems To Update Their Pants Pocket Number Of Years Text Every 5 Years

Image credits: bender625

#127 The Reverse Side Of My Shirt Tag Has This Printed On

Image credits: Manche_a_balai

#128 My Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans Have A Little Cowboy Boot On The Zipper

Image credits: MicBarry21

#129 The Inside Of My Pants

Image credits: lodebakker

Source: boredpanda.com

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