130 Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious

You can often find a lot of variety within a kid’s toy collection. And I’m not just talking about old noisy cars and soft cuddly teddies.

This time, Bored Panda is focusing on the creepy ones. Those that parents hope their child will never notice or at least come across in the store because there’s something disturbing about them. Like Bilbo Baggins who looks like an addict. Or bootleg dolls with anatomical deformities.

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So continue scrolling to check out some of the funniest, strangest, and downright scariest toys ever made. I don’t know what their creators were hoping for, but these abominations are probably responsible for one too many nightmares.

#1 My Wife Asked If I Wanted To See The Creepiest Doll In Her Collection. I Was Not Prepared

Image credits: foolwiththefez

#2 Meanwhile In Australia

Image credits: greggobbard

#3 So I Bought An Already Creepy Looking Garfield Toy, But Then It Showed Up Vacuum Sealed, And Oh My God

Image credits: miragonz

#4 They Couldn’t Find A Better Place To Blow Up This Toy

Image credits: kiralkira

#5 Broken Leg? No Worries, The Doctor Has A Gun

Image credits: darkman21

#6 The Impossible Beauty Standards Of Chinese Dolls

Image credits: ClassyLion

#7 So I Was In The Toy Store And Saw This

Image credits: ksigler

#8 Somebody’s Drugged The Waterhole


#9 This Rather Disturbing Ball Launcher Toy

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Mouthmouthmouth

#10 A Ride-On Toy For Kids

Image credits: roma_amor

#11 Blob Fish And Yoda Has Something Going Apparently

Image credits: nickflemens

#12 This Old Toothbrush With Bristles At The End Of The Barrel Of A Toy Gun – The Trigger Even Clicks When Pulled

Image credits: Da_Rish

#13 Another Fantastic Toy

Image credits: trob

#14 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy

Image credits: theblondepenguin

#15 Chinese LEGO Never Disappoint

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 Rubber Duckies That Float Upside Down

Image credits: zoerows

#17 Wanna Buy Some Babies In Jars?

Image credits: sagitta42

#18 I Choose You, Chikapu

Image credits: Sunflake685

#19 Pikachu? I Haven’t Heard That Name In Years

Image credits: lurkingupvotetroll

#20 These Ride-A-Long Toys In A Mall

Image credits: Guitar8907

#21 Thomas Has Seen Better Days

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Yes, This Will Help My Child Learn About Proper Dental Care. Not Terrify Them

Image credits: mldutch

#23 It Was Time For Thomas To Leave, He Had Seen Everything

Image credits: nunchuck-lady

#24 Christmas Carol Dolls, Made To Look Like They’re Singing

Image credits: juul_ian

#25 Lord Of The Rings Toy (Bilbo Baggins) Looks Like An Addict

Image credits: socialcircleguy

#26 Defective Pikachonk

Image credits: hamhold

#27 Vintage Clown Toys

Image credits: Contrariwise2

#28 This Quite Terrifying Dobby Toy I Came Across In The Range, UK

Image credits: squish-squish-beep

#29 They Should Have Thought About This Kinder Egg Toy A Little Longer

Image credits: Kiekoes

#30 There’s A Nightmare In My Boot

#31 This “Soda” Dog Toy That Looks Like Poop In A Cup

Image credits: TurkayLurkay

#32 Found This At A Toy Store

Image credits: MrGohan26

#33 Goku’s Ugly Twin

Image credits: ltyboss

#34 Batman From Infinity War

Image credits: lionhearttwb

#35 The New Amiibo Look Cool

Image credits: ohanamodel

#36 A Dollar Store Easter Toy That Shoots Foam Balls. But It’s Not His Mouth, And It’s Not His Nose

Image credits: DragoTheFloof

#37 This Pikachu My Girlfriend Gave Me For Christmas

Image credits: Bearlock_Gnomes

#38 One Abomination Of A Ride At The Mall

Image credits: –V-O-I-D–

#39 This Weird Chinese Bootleg Is Homer Simpson. I Don’t Even Know Where I Got It Or How Long I’ve Had It, But I Don’t Think It Was Legally Manufactured

Image credits: IsaacTheAverage

#40 What Happened To You, Spidey?

Image credits: Rombit

#41 I Was In My Local Pet Store Looking For A New Dog Toy, Errm What?

Image credits: matt2709

#42 Week Nights At Teddy’s

Image credits: yellowhairtie

#43 Lesa Sompsan

Image credits: RadiantDoughnut0

#44 Cute Little Joker Stuffed Toy

Image credits: mfkncrazy

#45 Bear Anatomy Toy

Image credits: angelbossrussell

#46 The Simpsonsns

Image credits: MarX_64

#47 This Is What Happens When You Illegally Breed Humans And Trains

Image credits: Blazestarninja13

#48 Meet Baby Emily, Crochet Doll

Image credits: Cleoschrochetart

#49 Evil Looking Teddy Bear I Found In The Children’s Section

Image credits: rzyua

#50 This “Pikachu” I Found On A Fair A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: SmolMagicBoi

#51 This Monstrosity I Found In A Gift Shop

Image credits: Moshcreep

#52 This Creepy LEGO Face I Found While Sorting Out A Box Of Toys

Image credits: kitherarin

#53 I Found This At A Toy Store In Portland

Image credits: sgraff25

#54 Does Anyone Know What This Creepy Plush Is From, Found In Goodwill Donation

Image credits: Scarlet_Tempest

#55 So I Found This Monkey In The Attic

Image credits: mostly_grapes

#56 How To Make Kids Terrified To Start Fires

Image credits: catfisher007

#57 If We’re Showing Off Creepy Dentist Props

Image credits: bhughey24

#58 A Toy That Expands Into A Dino In Water Turned Into This Monstrosity

Image credits: TheGamingGallery

#59 Kids’ Meal Spongebob Toy

Image credits: JMR0102

#60 My Pug Grow-In-Water-Toy That Was Only Half In The Water

Image credits: Lil_Chapstick

#61 Meet Grziz

Image credits: AdrianMHM

#62 My Family And I Use This Gollum Toy To Hold The Money When We Play Cards

Image credits: ExuberantBadger

#63 This Yoda Toy Kinda Looks Like Bill Cosby

Image credits: ElpredePrime

#64 These Are The Kinds Of Toys We Have In England

Image credits: mrbjh

#65 Let’s Play

Image credits: Y_aa

#66 He Looks Like He Just Saw A Ghost

Image credits: penina999

#67 Creepy Toy I Found Outside My Local Burger King

Image credits: icemyst

#68 Found This Creepy Toy The Other Day

Image credits: killltheclown

#69 This Wonder Woman Toy In Target Today Looks Like Superman In Drag. Merry Christmas

Image credits: TAITONIDIE

#70 Elsa, You Look Different

Image credits: Shadow___Star

#71 That’s Scary

Image credits: CubingMaster01

#72 Found This In The Skip At Work. Thrown Away. Still With Its Box. Unbelievable

Image credits: Kredstarr2020

#73 This Children’s Toy That Looks Really Stoned

Image credits: unic0rn_scrapple

#74 This Toy Ambulance Says “Meat” On It

Image credits: Tovmachnyk

#75 “No, This Is Patrick”

Image credits: EldritchAbyssinian

#76 This Spongebob Toy

Image credits: admirbudva

#77 This Plush Toy

Image credits: sickmate

#78 Toy Story 5: Woody Gets Swole

Image credits: Minifig81

#79 I Don’t Even Know How To Describe This. Found It At My Local Supermarket

Image credits: RamlethalKu

#80 I Thought There Was A Child In This Elmo Toy

Image credits: jameswg

#81 TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Trolls

Image credits: SuicidalReviver

#82 Found This In My Parents’ Basement. Does Anyone Remember What This Was From Or What His Name Is?

Image credits: rj500v

#83 This Thing I Bought For My Son: You Don’t See The Actual Toy Until You Open The Package. It Literally Advertises: “Seems Real”

Image credits: llondru-es

#84 These Children Toys Will Create Some Weird Offspring

Image credits: VPee

#85 Off-Brand Barry B. Benson (From The Bee Movie) I Found In My House. He Absolutely Will Steal Your Soul And Eat Your Children

Image credits: iluvshrek4ever

#86 I Found Mr. Bill At An Estate Sale. He Came Home With Me

Image credits: malmanofleisure

#87 Why Is This A Child’s Toy And Who Picked The Name

Image credits: Waterblits12

#88 My Boss Asked Me If I Could Make His Kids A Plush Toy. I Hope He Realizes That I Can Only Make Creepy Ones

Image credits: Einheitsbrei

#89 This Was Sitting In My Dentist’s Office. Staring At Me While I Waited For The Dentist. It’s A Doll To Teach Kids How To Brush Their Teeth

Image credits: milespiles

#90 Looks More Like Jesus If You Ask Me

Image credits: VincentLivings

#91 The Creepiest Toy I Have Ever Seen – At My Friend’s House In Bushwick

Image credits: diving_bride

#92 When My Sister Was 8-9-Years-Old This Doll Was Her Favourite Toy

Image credits: nonexcludable

#93 Found At A Halloween Party In City Hall

Image credits: DoggoLover42

#94 This Is A Squidward Toy At Walmart

Image credits: Artwars254

#95 Just Your Average Sonic Horse. With Love From Guadalajara, Mexico

Image credits: shamexfftl

#96 Really Toys R Us? Is That What You Call Them?

Image credits: Dylax666

#97 IKEA’s Big Bad Wolf Toy Comes With A Grandma Doll That Fits In His Stomach

Image credits: Manfrenjensenjen

#98 My Son Got A Woody Toy For His Birthday. First Thing He Did Was Turn Him Over And Reach For The Pull String

Image credits: WoosterTheWonderdog

#99 Craigslist Find: 1966 Jumpin Mrs. Potato Head

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#100 “Pikachu” Spotted In A Movie Theater Claw Game

Image credits: empowertherevolution

#101 Friend Sent Me This Tiny Toy. I Think She Forgot That I Live At 10,000 Feet

Image credits: smilemilk

#102 This Toy Rabbit

Image credits: reddit.com

#103 I Found The Bootleg Lighting Mcqueen Car

Image credits: ChocoChipz88

#104 It Has 9 Legs

Image credits: Silvermask07

#105 Found This In A Souvenir Shop In Poland – I Present To You: Minionchu

Image credits: xxOtakUWUxx

#106 I Found This At A Thrift Store And Am At A Loss For What It Is

I was hoping someone would know if it’s from some obscure toy line or even if I can get a name so I can research this funny little thing more, Google has been no help

Image credits: Mental_Sale

#107 Toy From 1963, The Big Loo

Image credits: spherical_kittens

#108 This Fairy Doll The Girls I Babysit Have

Image credits: xLinaBeax

#109 Found The Legendary Green Mario Toy

Image credits: mattfarron

#110 An Empty Psy Teddy Bear Water Ring Game You Can’t Fill With His Testicles As Controls. I Used To Collect Knock-Off Toys. This Is My Favorite

Image credits: suitology

#111 So Many Things Are Wrong With This Bart Simpson Plush Toy

Image credits: darrenfx

#112 My Wife’s “Mario” From Spain

Image credits: GlobetrottinExplorer

#113 This Dog Toy

Image credits: psyzloth

#114 This Poor Luigi And Boo At My Local JP Import Store

Image credits: -rosiepink-

#115 Elsa Can Fly Now

Image credits: Simple_fruit

#116 Because Shopping At Walmart Isn’t Bad Enough Already, They Have To Put Dolls Like This In The Toy Section

Image credits: loderman

#117 I Just Wanted A Normal Sonic Figure But Got Whatever This Is Instead. From A Mystery Surprise Toy Box

Image credits: Spookyshoess

#118 Found Where I Blow Up The Light-Up Santa Claus I Bought

Image credits: ActionDisco

#119 Grogu Has Been Hot Boxing In The Razor Crest

Image credits: mcflyfly

#120 The Mouse Sees All

Image credits: UwUxMaster

#121 Get Out Of My Swomp

Image credits: ElucidationStudios

#122 Another Dental Prop. I Used This Alligator, I Named Him Alvin, To Teach Oral Hygiene To Preschoolers. It Was For A Nursing School Rotation

The kids loved him and he became my sidekick for the rest of my semester at the preschool.

Image credits: cameron-jansen

#123 High Olaf

Image credits: Gasmask47

#124 Smile To The Camera, Kids

Image credits: Luigi_Y_Compania

#125 Wonder Woman Is Pretty Tonight

Image credits: JimTNT

#126 This Baby Toy Looks Like It’s Being Suffocated By Ropes

Image credits: rodythepterodactyl11

#127 Do You Think This Is A Scary Doll For A 5-Year-Old?

Image credits: Shy_raspberry

#128 Shreek

Image credits: BASALcrown

#129 The Teeth On This Toy Shark

Image credits: axial1234YT

#130 A “Bunny” We Found At The Thrift Store

Image credits: Iqnua

Source: boredpanda.com

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