130 Famous Actors Next To Their Stunt Doubles Who Look So Alike, They Could Be Their Twin (New Pics)

Behind every great actor and actress who has ever filmed an adventure movie stands a stunt double, women and men with magical powers to make jumping out of a building, from vehicle to vehicle, or fight scenes like the one in Kill Bill look like a walk in the park.

No wonder these stunt doubles have long production careers as part of a star actor’s “support crew,” as they become quintessential in leading movie roles for years upon years. The fun thing is, being a double, they genuinely have to look like one.

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So Bored Panda has compiled a curious compilation of famous movie stars standing side by side with their stunt doubles, looking like twins ready to conquer the big screen. And most of them already have!

So scroll down, upvote your favorite pairs and be sure to hit part 1 of this post with more actors captured on camera with their body doubles to prove that our lives have been a well-directed lie.

#1 Karen Gillian And Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Jumanji

Image credits: karengillan

#2 The Rock And His Stunt Double On The Set Of Jumanji: The Next Level

“Me and my uce deuce the rock out of our element, like a couple of Polynesian mirages in the middle of the desert. Last day of shooting for our 2nd Jumanji movie. I’m always grateful for every job and the opportunity to do what I love with the people I love.”

Image credits: samoanstuntman

#3 Sophie Turner With Her Stunt Double

Image credits: laura_jane_butler

#4 Why Have One Thor When You Can Have Two? Chris Hemsworth’s Equally Hot Stunt Double Shows Us How He Gets The Abs Of A God

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

#5 Zoe Saldana With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

“We tested out Gamora masks for our stunt people to use. But, in addition to being horrifyingly scary, they seemed unwieldy. So we ditched them and went with straight up Green face paint on our stunties – or face replacement when necessary.”

Image credits: jamesgunn

#6 Mena Massoud With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Aladdin

Image credits: hasitsavani

#7 My Bloodrider Kim Fardy. I Wish I Could Show The World What U Have Done For Me And This Movie

Image credits: prideofgypsies

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#8 Scarlett Johansson And Her Stunt Double Heidi Moneymaker On Their Last Day On Set After Working Together Since Iron Man 2

Image credits: heidimoneymaker

#9 Scarlett Johansson With Her Stunt Double On The Set Of The Avangers

Image credits: heidimoneymaker

#10 So Much Credit To Casey, My Amazing Stunt Double On GOT. She Is Awesome

Image credits: fayemarsay86

#11 Tom Hardy With His Stunt Double In The Survivor

Image credits: jaketomuri

#12 Jim Carrey With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Image credits: Sleeeepy_Hollow

#13 Friend Just Finished Stunt Doubling For This Guy

Image credits: foochman

#14 Maisie Williams And Her Stunt Double Kristina Baskett On The Set Of Game Of Thrones

Image credits: Kristina Baskett

#15 David Dastmalchian With His Stunt Double On The Set Of The Suicide Squad

Image credits: jamesgunn

#16 What A Experience From Start To Finish! Cold Nights In Winterfell To Eating Donuts In Kings Landing. Very Proud To Have Been A Part Of This

Image credits: daneustonstunts

#17 She’s Been With Me Since The First Wonder Woman And I Know We Have A Long Future Together

She’s a mother, an athlete, and her movements are unlike anything I’ve seen before in a stunt performer. Thank you Stani for bringing your all, everyday and with such grace and kindness.

Image credits: gal_gadot

#18 Melissa McBride And Her Stunt Double On The Set Of Walking Dead

Image credits: mcbridemelissa

#19 All The Sarah Fiers From Fear Street: 1666

Image credits: jess_merideth

#20 Jenna Fischer Had A Stunt Double In The Company Picnic Episode

Apparently she wasn’t good at playing volleyball, also had restricted movements because of a previous injuries.

Image credits: imdb.com

#21 Sir Ian McKellen, Along With His Stunt And Riding Doubles

#22 Johnny Depp With His Stunt Double Tony Angelotti On The Set Of Pirates Of The Caribbean

#23 Elijah Woods With His Scale Double Kiran Shah On The Set Of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

#24 Ken Stott And His Stunt Double Peter Dillon On The Set Of The Hobit

#25 Carrie Fisher & Her Stunt Double Tracey Eddon Sunbathing While Filming Star Wars: Return Of The

#26 Harrison Ford And His Stunt Double On The Set Of Indiana Jones

#27 Mark Wahlberg And His Stunt Double On The Set Of Transformers: The Last Knight

“Transformers: The Last Knight is finally out! I’m so thankful to have been a part of this film. Thank you Mike Gunther and the entire company for this opportunity and thank you Mark Wahlberg and the entire film crew for being such a pleasure to work with.”

Image credits: dnml__

#28 Awkwafina With Her Stunt Double On The Set Of Jumanji: The Next Level

“The real hero. My incredible and crazy talented stunt double @bgirlmislee. Thank u for making me look way cooler than I am, being a total inspiration, and making sure my crotch harness was adequately fit. Love you so much!”

Image credits: awkwafina

#29 Tom Hardy With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Mad Max: Fury Road

Image credits: jaketomuri

#30 Ellie Kemper With Her Stunts On He Set Of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image credits: elliekemper

#31 On Set Seeing Double

Image credits: halleberry

#32 Movie #5 With This Legend – Rich Cetrone. Grateful To Work With Such Incredible People

Image credits: benaffleck

#33 Back When I Doubled Sigourney Weaver On The Defenders In New York. Fun Times

Image credits: aliciavelabailey

#34 Seeing Double? Thank You For Being An Incredible Stunt Double! You Do Things That Scare The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: charlottekirkofficial

#35 Running, Jumping And Bullying Kids With This Little Cutie On Monday Night’s Episode Of Preacher

Image credits: taramacken

#36 John Cena And His Stunt Double Spencer Thomas

Image credits: sir_spenc_stunts

#37 Mike Moh Portraying Bruce Lee And His Stunt Double Bryan Cartago

Image credits: _cartago__

#38 Cara Delevingne With Her Stunt Double Tara Macken During The Filming Of ‘Suicide Squad’

Image credits: Tara Macken

#39 Reese Witherspoon And Her Stunt Double Marilee Lessley

Image credits: reesewitherspoon

#40 Clark Gregg And His Stunt Double Dane Farwell

Image credits: clarkgregg

#41 Sophia Di Martino And Gugu Mbatha-Raw With Their Stunt Doubles

Image credits: itssophiadimartino

#42 Lynda Carter With Her Wonder Woman Acting Double Jeannie Epper

#43 Emma Watson With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Harry Potter

#44 Game Of Thrones Stunt Doubles

#45 Chris Hemsworth’s Stunt Double In In The Heart Of The Sea

Image credits: bobbydazzler84

#46 Natasha Lyonne With Her Stunt Doubles On The Set Of Russian Doll

Image credits: nlyonne

#47 Pom Klementieff With Her Stunt Double On The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image credits: jamesgunn

#48 Kurt Russell And His Stunt Double Dick Warlock 1980

#49 Sebastian Stan With His Stunt Double, John Nania

Image credits: Tajul92

#50 Fighting Gorillas In The Legend Of Tarzan With Alexander Skarsgard. Plenty Of Coffee That Day

Image credits: slaughterstunts

#51 Throwing It Back To This Awesome Woman Who Convinced Me That Having A Child Was Not Only Completely Possible While Having A Career In The Entertainment Industry

But even better, it wasn’t her words so much as it was her own knowing of this, her grounded, strong, authentic female energy that spoke to my same energy that was buried inside waiting to be freed. Thank you one million times over sister!

Image credits: missmeganle

#52 The Terminator With His Stunt Double

Image credits: thirstypretzelmon

#53 From The Final Day Of Filming Fear Street: 1666! Forever Grateful To The Talented, Genuine, And Kind Kiana Madeira

Image credits: juliastunts

#54 We Tried So Hard To Take A Cool Pic Together As Super Alex But It Just Got Sillier And Sillier. I Love You Lisa Chandler! I’m So Lucky To Have You By My Side

Image credits: chy_leigh

#55 Thank You For Allowing Me To Be A Part Of This Amazing Action Ensemble. I Got To Double The Lovely Marilyn And Fight Brie Larson

Image credits: heidimoneymaker

#56 Talk About Double, Trouble. 2 Harley Quinn’s. Could Be A Worse Situation To Be In

Image credits: rjnorton70

#57 Game Of Thrones Epic Fight

Image credits: slaughterstunts

#58 It Was An Absolute Blast Doubling The Stunning Emma Roberts On American Horror Story 1984

Image credits: taramacken

#59 Zendaya And I On Set Of K.C. Undercover

Image credits: aliciavelabailey

#60 When You Don’t Check Your Outfit With Your Friend Before The Party

Image credits: taramacken

#61 Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates Is Out In Theaters, Always A Pleasure Doubling The Hilarious And Gorgeous Aubrey Plaza

Image credits: taramacken

#62 Absolutely Loved Creating This Character With Jordyn Dinatale

Image credits: jess_merideth

#63 Flash Back To The Set Of Sucker Punch. I Had A Blast On This Film Slashing Orcs And Stabbing The Dragon

Image credits: heidimoneymaker

#64 Was Such A Pleasure Doubling The Very Kind And Talented Norma Kuhling

Image credits: jane_hane

#65 It Was Such A Pleasure And So Fun Being Anne Hathaway’s Stunt Double And Working In This Film With An Amazing Group Of Talented People

Image credits: michy.cortes

#66 A Big Pleasure To Be The Stunt Double Of Damson Idris In The Movie Farming By Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Image credits: harry.makanga

#67 My Latest Work On 9-1-1 Season 3 It Was My Pleasure To Be Rumer Willis Stunt Double, She Is So Cool And Amazing

Image credits: mahsaahmadiofficial

#68 Doubling My Lovely Friend Ingrid On Hercules

Image credits: daynastunts

#69 Meeting One Of Your Heroes: Incredible. Getting To Double One Of Your Heroes And Finding Out They Are Every Bit As Kind And Awesome As They Are Bada*s: Priceless

Image credits: jessifisherstunts

#70 Monique Ganderton Was Charlize Theron’s Stunt In Atomic Blonde

Image credits: moganderton

#71 Gal Gadot And I Working Together On Keeping Up With The Joneses

Image credits: aliciavelabailey

#72 Wyatt Russell With His Stunt Double Justin Eaton

Image credits: jeaton_

#73 Double Trouble On The Set Of West World. Shoutout To Stunt Doubles Tara Macken (Maeve) And Katelyn Brooke (Dolores)

Image credits: katelynbrookela

#74 Dolph Lundgren With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Arrow

Image credits: handleystunts

#75 The Action-Packed Dubai Tourism Campaign Trailer Is Out! Zac Efron, You Amazed Me With Your Fighting Skills! Proud To Have Been By Your Side On This One

Image credits: sebastiensoudai

#76 Working With One Of My Favorites. Longtime Friend Joe Manganiello Always Makes Time On Set Fun And Professional! Thanks For Your Loyalty Bud

Image credits: kellerstunts

#77 The Good Guys Dress In Black, Remember That. It Was An Honor And A Privilege To Double The Talented And Lovely Tessa Thompson

Image credits: taramacken

#78 Chris Pratt With His Stunt Double On The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image credits: prattprattpratt

#79 Epic Times Fighting For Outerworld

Image credits: taramacken

#80 It Was Such A Blast To Work On This Show With So Many Great People

Image credits: mr.angel.manuel

#81 Space Jam: A New Legacy! Awesome Time Doubling Cedric Joe

Image credits: theluckydavis

#82 We Hadn’t Taken Many Photos Together Through The Fear Street Shooting Journey, So On One Of Our Last Days On Set Together We Decided To Do Some Solid Emoji Twinning Photos

Image credits: jess_merideth

#83 Such A Pleasure Stunt Doubling My Friend Alexis Louder For A Couple Months On The Tomorrow War

Image credits: stuntsbycarrie

#84 Stunt Double Flashback Days

Image credits: ryansasquatchodell

#85 Tom Hardy And His Stunt Double Jake Tomuri

Image credits: jaketomuri

#86 I Had The Incredible Opportunity To Stunt Double Brec Bassinger For The First Half Of The Season. It Was The Hardest Job I’ve Had Yet, But Definitely The Most Rewarding

Image credits: sydneyolson1

#87 Doing Stunts For Mrs. Angela Bassett

Image credits: damita_jane

#88 Doubling Lana Condor As Saya For The Pilot Episode

Image credits: laurenmarykim

#89 I Had The Opportunity To Stunt Double Esai Morales On The Final Season Of How To Get Away With Murder

Image credits: sari.sabella

#90 This Was Taken On The Last Day Of Shooting Suicidesquad. Stunt Doubling For Karen Fukuhara

Image credits: irma_leong

#91 It’s Been Fun Hangin With This Lady Brie Larson

Image credits: joannabennett_

#92 Twas A Pleasure Stuntin’ For The Lovely And Talented Rowena King

Image credits: valisatate

#93 Zachary Levi And His Stunt Double Ryan Handley On The Set Of Shazam

Image credits: handleystunts

#94 Colin Farrell And His Stunt Double Rowley Irlam On The Set Of Alexander

Image credits: rowleyirlam

#95 Anthony Mackie With His Stunt Double Aaron Toney

Image credits: aarontoney

#96 Luke Cage’s Stunt Double, Guy Fernandez Jr.

Image credits: guyfernandezjr

#97 Margot Robbie And Her Stunt Double In Birds Of Prey

#98 Hugh Jackman With His Stun Double On The Set Of X-Men: The Last Stand

Image credits: Richard Bradshaw

#99 Such A Pleasure And Honour To Stunt Double The Main Man Again. Not Only Did Lior Raz Smash All The Action, He Is One Of The Masterminds Behind The Series

Image credits: nathan_aldous_stunts

#100 Behind The Scenes Of The Good Fight. Shanel Bailey With Her Stunt Double Valisa Tate

Image credits: simply_shanel

#101 Werewolf Times 3 On TV Show Grimm! With Silas Weir Mitchell And Good Friend Alan Robinson

Image credits: kellerstunts

#102 Since I’m Celebrating My Stunt Doubles Today, Why Not Pull Out This Ol’ Gem. My Stunt Double Ingrid Kleinig

Image credits: evangelinelillyofficial

#103 Throwback To That One Time I Rocked A Blonde Look With Jessica Alba

Image credits: taramacken

#104 Twinning With The Most Glamorous And Talented Director Eva Longoria

Image credits: taramacken

#105 So Much Fun Doubling The Gorgeous Carla Gugino On San Andreas In SF

Image credits: taramacken

#106 Doubling Asia Argento

Image credits: tamara.tassi_tamarapoledance

#107 Katherine Langford And Her Stunt Double Saskia Allen

Image credits: jon.east

#108 It Was My Pleasure To Double Gianni Decenzo Again On Season 3! You Got Mad Skills, Buddy

Image credits: lance_stunts

#109 Had A Great Time Doubling Kai Kadlec

Image credits: lance_stunts

#110 Throwback To A Fun Little Fight On The Walking Dead Doubling Jackson Pace

Image credits: lance_stunts

#111 Got To Work With My Nordic Sister The Lovely Nanna Blondell

Image credits: laurenokadigbo

#112 Thank You Louise Linton For The Fun Times As Your Stunt Double

Image credits: talynedelson

#113 When You Feel Like Beating Yourself Up! I Had The Honour Of Doubling Natasha Liubordizzo For Guns Akimbo

Image credits: jacquelinegeurts

#114 Looking Forward To Seeing Our Team Effort With Lauren Marykim, Who’s The Best Stunt Double Guys

Image credits: e.l.o.d.i.e.y.u.n.g

#115 Big Credit For Me To Be Her Double On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Image credits: mahsaahmadiofficial

#116 I Got The Chance To Double The Man Himself Hosea Chanchez. Great Time With These Guys And Great Actors And Stunt Performers

Image credits: kasperstunts

#117 Great Times On NOS4A2! Such An Amazing Cast And Crew

Image credits: jessifisherstunts

#118 Focused Energy. John Travolta And His Stunt Double Nick Loren Planning Out An Action Sequence

Image credits: iamnickloren

#119 Orlando Bloom And His Stunt Double Zach Hudson While Shooting Pirates Of The Caribbean

Image credits: orlandobloom

#120 Behind The Scenes From The Fight Scene We Did On Blacklist Where I Was Stunt Double For Samar Navabi

Image credits: aline.mayne

#121 Doubling Henry Cavill On Immortals

Image credits: kellerstunts

#122 It Doesn’t Matter What War Tomorrow Brings When Your Rollin’ With Ya Bwoy

Image credits: slilewis

#123 Knut Erik Doubling For One Of The Most Famous Norwegian Actors Atle Antonsen

Image credits: knuterik_stunts

#124 Had A Great Time Working With A Very Talented Guy Right Here

Image credits: lance_stunts

#125 Doubling The Insanely Talented Grace Park

Image credits: laurenmarykim

#126 Shout Out To Meg Delacy! Working With This Incredibly Talented Fierce Lady Has Been Amazing

Image credits: laurenmarykim

#127 On Set Of Inséparables Always A Pleasure To Be The Double Of Ahmed Sylla Once Again

Image credits: harry.makanga

#128 Guy Pearce And His Stunt Double Nicholas Daines On The Set Of The Innocents

Image credits: nicholasdaines

#129 Seeing Double On Set Of Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How To Con A Con

Image credits: candacecbure

#130 Had The Honor And Privilege To Be Ice-T Stunt Double For Svu

Image credits: watchmestunt

Source: boredpanda.com

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