130 Funny Animals Who Somehow Got Stuck And Required Immediate Assistance

Whoever has never had a pet will call us all crazy, but trust me, animals very often underestimate their proportions and it results in some serious traps. Previously, here at Bored Panda, we covered this phenomenon in a collection of pics of stuck animals whose eyes were bigger than their belly and their belly was bigger than their bowl.

This time, we are taking a look at pets getting stuck in the most unusual places, like top kitchen counters, sofa cracks, window spaces, garbage bins… you name it!

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Both cute and adorably funny, the pics show that nothing is impossible to your furry friend, even the most absurd ideas. Like chewing a hole through a towel and sticking your head in it. While some doggo thought it was the most exciting endeavor, their owner was probably not so eager to see the result. So scroll down and upvote your favorite pics!

#1 Is This What People Mean When They Say Their Dog Is Broken? Asking For A Friend

Image credits: wideawaketheysleep

#2 My Dog Chewed A Hole Through His Towel And Stuck His Head Through It. Now He Wears It Around The House Like A Poncho

Image credits: RedIceBreaker

#3 I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This. Putting The Clues Together, It Seems He Pooped, Got It Stuck On His Foot, Ran In Circles Trying To Get It Off, And Flipped Over

Image credits: Pigglepoo

#4 I Guess I’m Stuck Here For Christmas

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#5 A Racoon Stuck In A Tree

Image credits: ABurntPorkChop

#6 This Idiot Got Himself Stuck Today

Image credits: ausfez

#7 Heard Something Going On In The Kitchen Then Heard Screams Of Bloody Murder. Walked In And Saw This. A Goat Stuck In My Trash Can

Image credits: spreiss

#8 My Daschund Puppy Got Stuck In The Couch Cushions

Image credits: ItHirtsWhenIP

#9 These Derps Got Stuck In A Storm Drain. I Don’t Think They’re Worried

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Image credits: mag0802

#10 How Do You Even Get Stuck Like This

Image credits: RockGamingReal

#11 My Coworker’s Dog Got Herself Stuck Underneath Their Shed

Image credits: justintylrallen

#12 My Friend’s Cat Got It’s Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This

Image credits: Hardin314

#13 This Fat Fool Had To Be Rescued By Animal Control

Image credits: mysweetriot

#14 So This Happened (Yes, I Rescued It)

Image credits: GoAskAlice

#15 Golden Retriever Regrets

Image credits: Vtrin

#16 Came Home To Trash Everywhere In The House. Compelling Evidence Found

Image credits: tommybrand

#17 Let My Dog Out Into The Garden, Two Minutes Later I Hear Her Barking And Go Outside To See This

Image credits: Nolanus

#18 I Guess This Is My Life Now

Image credits: tumb1r

#19 The Situation At My Friends Apartment Right Now

Image credits: soupoder

#20 Couldn’t Find Our Dog This Morning After Letting Her Out, Thought She Ran Away. Turns Out She Dug A Tunnel Under The Playhouse And Got Stuck Like This Trying To Get Back Out

Image credits: rainbowtwist

#21 The OG Hawaiian Sweet Roll

Image credits: boiledanda

#22 Mistakes Were Made. It Required A Call To The Non-Emergency Fire Dispatch, 4 And Lots Of Treats. She Was Unharmed, Just Filled With Regret And Shame. And One Dead Baby Gate

Image credits: tequila_mockingbirds

#23 Maddie Trapped Herself In The Basement And Was Too Polite To Bark. This Is How I Found Out

Image credits: ermarie73

#24 Trapped Himself In The Shower At Some Point During The Night. Woke Up To Scared Whining

Image credits: macthebearded

#25 I Stuck An Empty Toilet Paper Tube On His Leg And He Gave Me This Look

Image credits: hobbitdude13

#26 Seal On The Loose

Image credits: fingercup

#27 My Cat’s Claw Got Stuck Whilst Scratching The Sofa. Made Sure I Took A Pic Before Helping Her

Image credits: asian_scouse

#28 Larry Got His Head Stuck In The Tape Again

Image credits: grillscout

#29 “Oh, I Wonder Where The Chicken We-” P.S. She’s Fine. She Just Thinks She’s A Cat And Then Gets Stuck When She Cannot Liquify Like A Cat

Image credits: RunicNature

#30 My Old Boy Who Came To Let Me Know He’d Found The BBQ Brush. Got It Stuck In His Butt

Image credits: ten_shunts

#31 Wife Frantically Called To Tell Me Our Dog Got Stuck In The Fence And Couldn’t Breathe. Came Home To This

Image credits: skooba83

#32 My Poor Cat Got Stuck In The Laundry Room

Image credits: bshigem

#33 Don’t Mind Me

Image credits: mutsuki1931

#34 When I Rescued Him, He Hissed At Me And Burrowed Back In

Image credits: sirtwixalert

#35 Hey Mom! Your Damn Cat Got Stuck In The Curtains Again

Image credits: imgur.com

#36 This Piece Of Bread Has A Pigeon Stuck On It

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Hammy Found A Piece Of Plastic In The Recycling. My Cat Is A Special Cat

Image credits: RadioMars

#38 My Cat Got Stuck Today

Image credits: shuji18

#39 He Got Stuck

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Edd’s Big Mistake

Image credits: Actually_an_otter

#41 Stuck In A Hammock

#42 Successful Rescue

Image credits: OfficerEdith

#43 This Is My Dumb Fish, Deb, Stuck In The Mouth Of A Dragon Decoration For The Third Time This Week

Image credits: Lontology

#44 My Cat, When She Realizes She’s Stuck

Image credits: griter34

#45 He Got Stuck. I Saved Him, But First I Had To Get This Picture

Image credits: SeekerQuest98

#46 Thought I Was Monkey, But Am Doggo. Bamboozled Again

#47 She Never Thought The Toilet Paper Roll Would Fight Back

Image credits: jesst

#48 Oh, Hi

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 Just Being Casual

#50 Lizard Contemplates Diet

Image credits: Imacrazyperson

#51 How Does A Guinea Pig Get Stuck

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In Bush, Pretends Everything Is Ok

Image credits: yamamochi223

#53 Stuck Between A Bed And A Scratching Post

Image credits: aktfps

#54 He Has It All But It Cost Him Everything

Image credits: urvillageidiot

#55 Frog Got Stuck In My Terrarium Tonight It Belonged Here

Image credits: integralsrulz2

#56 This Gentleman Was Apprehended Today While Committing A Burglary Of A Vending Machine At Pine Ridge High School

Image credits: VolusiaSheriff

#57 Possum Freed And Rehabbed

Image credits: MaxMMarin

#58 My Friend’s Pet Prairie Dog Got Stuck In A Mail Tube. The Photo Is Brilliant

Image credits: wicked_bad

#59 Meatball Is Stuck. And Defeated

Image credits: fishsticksmcgee

#60 Stuck

Image credits: ZeeCapE

#61 Cow Got Stuck In A Tree

Image credits: j0be

#62 Way Into The Food

Image credits: Iris Rethy

#63 Cloud Stuck In Cat Tower

Image credits: vrklikhus

#64 Frustrating

#65 This Happy Dog Was Stuck In The Mud And Had To Be Pulled Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake

Image credits: smease

#67 We Heard A Noise, Turned Around, And There’s Zoey, Stuck In The Damn Blinds

Image credits: gbgirl82

#68 Trash Panda Got Stuck In A Storm Drain. Public Works Employees Set It Free

Image credits: D3R_RIESE97

#69 My Dog Managed To Get Into A Pack Of Frozen Fish Fillets And He Would’ve Gotten Away With It If He Didn’t Get Stuck And Had To Come To Me For Help

Image credits: xenphioncrisux

#70 Hi

Image credits: Aaragon

#71 Our Cat Got Stuck In A Booby Trap

Image credits: Notfordinner

#72 He Got Stuck So I Had To Help Him Out

Image credits: Mayron13

#73 Just Chillin’ With His New Bicycle

Image credits: Kris B.

#74 Exhausted

#75 Stuck With A Croc

#76 Mistakes Were Made

#77 Hedgehog Stuck In A Cup It Was Playing With

Image credits: bootemonsta

#78 How I Noticed That My Cat Was Stuck In The Attic

Image credits: antpile11

#79 Just Relaxing

#80 Are You Stuck Step-Dog?

Image credits: GetNyckt

#81 Ready For Combat!

Image credits: Ze-skywalker

#82 My Dog Was Very Distressed About This

Image credits: SaintFrost

#83 The Coat Incident – My Dog Molly Got Stuck In The Arm Of A Coat. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: irnidotnet

#84 This Is My Cat At The Exact Moment She Realized Her Head Was Stuck In A Chair. (Don’t Worry I Got Her Out)

Image credits: DatAperture

#85 This Goat Stuck On A Trunk

Image credits: sxblxmxnxl

#86 Friend Came Home To His Dogs Giant Head Stuck In The Cat Flap

Image credits: JoannaLC

#87 Dog In A Chair?

Image credits: Mike Rowe

#88 My Dad Was Dog-Sitting My Dog, And Sent Me This

Image credits: Carliiful

#89 My Miniature Dachshund Was Crying From My Bedroom So I Decided To See What The Issue Was. He Is Stuck In The Arm Of My Sweatshirt

Image credits: mrbeezkneez

#90 Whoops

Image credits: mamba_520

#91 So You’re Stuck, Eh?

#92 Toad Rescue

Image credits: chilledchaos

#93 Reptilian Stuck In DVD Player

Image credits: DiplomaticPigeon99

#94 Random Cat Stuck On Projector Screen

Image credits: bookcase_lady

#95 Pug Troubles

Image credits: katecooperowen

#96 I Look Away For Two Seconds And He Manages To Get Stuck Like This

Image credits: FierceTrombone

#97 Two Young Goats Stuck On A Bridge

#98 Dog Vs. Furniture

#99 Persephone Got Her Head Stuck

Image credits: RemmyPiper

#100 Penelope Got Stuck In A Toilet Paper Roll. She Was Unstuck Within Seconds But Left Me Just Enough To Snap This Photo

Image credits: SullenSparrow

#101 My Mom’s Cat. 100% Stuck And Not Nearly As Amused As I Was

Image credits: shade-tree_pilot

#102 Stuck Somewhere Up There

#103 Too Much Snow

#104 Dog Got Curious And Became A Space Dog

Image credits: jebbanner

#105 This Little Guy Was Stuck In A Football Goal Net, Was Freed Without Injuries

Image credits: cupcakezz

#106 My Cousin Woke Up From His Dog Whining, Find Him Stuck In A Pillow

Image credits: lannispurr

#107 Dachshund In A Pickle

Image credits: wsgy111

#108 My Parents Dog Got Happily Stuck In The Cats Litter Box Lid

Image credits: harold_the_cat

#109 Our Goat Somehow Managed To Get Himself Stuck In The Gate The Other Day

Image credits: LeakyRadiatorHose

#110 He Wants To Be A Beekeeper

Image credits: dog_rates

#111 Snakes Get Stuck Too!

Image credits: feymilde

#112 Difficult Position

#113 Helllloooooooo?

Image credits: calculatordisco

#114 We’re Getting Our Living Room Redone, And She Has Somehow Gotten Herself Stuck Under The Floorboards

Image credits: imgur.com

#115 Stuck In A Silly Place, Rescued Safely

Image credits: dodo

#116 A Fly Flew In To Fly Swatter By Itself And Got Stuck

Image credits: hasmeh

#117 Heard My Cat Screaming Outside, Found Her Stuck Like This

Image credits: smiley2billion

#118 My Cat Got Stuck Behind A Chest Of Drawers

Image credits: Alt4Norm

#119 She Got Stuck Coming Home After An Exciting Visit To The Neighbours

Image credits: jethroooo

#120 I Dont Know How, But He Somehow Got Himself Stuck In A Froot Loops Cereal Box

Image credits: missayan

#121 We Actually Had To Help Him Down

Image credits: mrstoness

#122 Nakota Shows Appreciation For The Christmas Present

Image credits: Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

#123 Ferret Finds A New Home

Image credits: legendofandy_

#124 I Hear My Cat Crying In The Bathroom, Walking In, I See This

Image credits: something_something1

#125 Racoon Stuck In A Yellow Chair

Image credits: princessluceval

#126 This Dummy Got His Head Stuck In An Acorn. I Removed It

Image credits: pepperunderfoot

#127 I Seem To Be Stuck

Image credits: JuracichPark

#128 He Stucked

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#129 Look Where My Buddy Got Stuck This Morning

Image credits: reuvenb

#130 My Dad And Brother Found This Little Fatty Stuck In A Tree While Golfing. They Had To Wiggle Him Out By His Little Legs But They Saved Him

Image credits: jillyc03

Source: boredpanda.com

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