130 Halloween Decorations Of The Year 2020 That Are Both Funny And Frightening

Before you set out on a mission to browse the attic for the same Halloween decoration props you reuse every year and pretend they’re still as good as in 2015, let me tell you something. The world has changed. Things got a whole lot more scary this year. And from what we’ve seen happening in 2020 so far, the Jack-o’-lantern ain’t gonna do much in the spooky department.

That’s why people are taking Halloween decorating to a whole new level. Remember the iconic “this is fine” meme from KC Green’s 2013 webcomic “On Fire” that has been surfing all over the internet lately? Apparently, someone just turned their house into the meme for Halloween. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Below, we compiled some of the most relevant, painfully funny, and plain damn spooky Halloween decoration ideas from creative people nailing the haunted night. I mean, this year has been like one big Halloween night, so we had a lot of time to master the bad and the ugly.

#1 This House In My Neighborhood Every Year Nails Halloween Decorations

Image credits: funangela

#2 Now This Is A Halloween Display

Image credits: karenkasler

#3 These Baby Dolls Carrying Away Corpses

Image credits: throoawyyy

#4 Wonderful Halloween Decor In SE

Image credits: welldressednarwhal

#5 Spooky Manor

Image credits: Dewayne Estes

#6 Neighborhood Halloween Decoration

Image credits: dlh1045

#7 Zoom Party

Image credits: BrianStack153

#8 This Houses Halloween Decorations

Image credits: mspyros14

#9 For The First Time, I Decorated For Halloween!

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Image credits: handydandyproductions

#10 Some Halloween Decors At The OBGYN

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#11 Our Yard Is Spooky

Image credits: lml__lml

#12 My Spooky Victorian Porch All Ready For Halloween

Image credits: kisforkyle

#13 Boo

Image credits: beautifulcity

#14 The Neighbor’s Halloween Decoration For This Year. We Are Go For Spooky

Image credits: mobilesuit_Builder

#15 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations Get Better Every Year

Image credits: SuperDuperDani

#16 Neighbor’s Subtle Halloween Decor

Image credits: dovesondoves

#17 At 53 This Is The First Time I Have Decorated For Halloween, Think It’s Me Waiting For 2021

Image credits: puppers50

#18 Halloween Decoration Level: Pro

Image credits: PageSideHigh

#19 This Year’s Halloween Project. Still Working On The Webs

Image credits: C-dub99

#20 A Subtle, But Creepy Halloween Decoration

Image credits: JoeSedealio

#21 Halloween Decorations

Image credits: yogirlkaleigh

#22 2020 Halloween

Image credits: ArianehSajadi

#23 Pandemic Halloween

Image credits: breki74

#24 This One Is Scary

Image credits: compoczar

#25 Halloween 2020

Image credits: darkpyschicforce

#26 The Most Festive I Get

Image credits: yelsewhael

#27 It’s Only September

Image credits: ExFalchion

#28 My Dad Takes Halloween Very Seriously

Image credits: Punnalinguist

#29 Halloween Decor, But Make It Deadly

Image credits: sjrorty

#30 Giant Crow –  My First Halloween Project 2020

Draven, the Raven King. He’s 6 feet tall and made of landscaping fabric, chicken wire, foam floor mats, wire, a tomato cage, bits of wood, pvc pipe, wooden dowels, zip ties, hot glue, painted petri dishes for eyes, contact cement, hanging pot hooks for toes, plant trellis for wings and tail structure, craft foam sheets, and pool noodles.

Image credits: mewlissa1

#31 Best Halloween Decoration

Image credits: tariq_raouf

#32 Halloween Vibes In Brooklyn

Image credits: melliekr

#33 I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost Skeletons 

Image credits: Foxprowl

#34 This Is The First Time I’ve Seen This Type Of Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Liteboyy

#35 I Sewed This Oogie Boogie Halloween Decoration

Image credits: EatThisNotcat

#36 Scary!

Image credits: BarryFi58791936

#37 Giant Spider Decoration

Image credits: athleteonchemo

#38 It’s Getting Pretty Spooky Up In Here

Image credits: ghostmanornola

#39 Somebody Has Been Up To A Bit Of Mischief At The House Of Valentina

Image credits: valentinafussell

#40 Yard Decor

Image credits: IdahoLark

#41 Made A Creepy Attic Guy

Image credits: Dezadocys

#42 Creepy Decor

Image credits: MissesKutters

#43 There’s A Party Going On In Brooklyn

Image credits: melliekr

#44 My First Halloween As A Homeowner And I Got A Little Carried Away With The Decorating!

Image credits: Changlorious_Bastrds

#45 My Hairdresser’s Halloween Decorations

Image credits: Jemeloo

#46 Brilliant Halloween Decoration

Image credits: anislitim

#47 Happy Halloween. Stay Safe Everybody

Image credits: inviolate_light

#48 I Made A T. Rex Skeleton Entirely Out Of Metal And Finished It Just In Time For Spooky Season

Image credits: boguard

#49 Death Rider Halloween Yard Decoration

Image credits: dystroy

#50 VW Spider Sculpture. The Sculpture Is Up Year Around-The Web And Skeletons Are Out For Halloween

Image credits: CovertMuppet

#51 Halloween Decoration

Image credits: killabeezish

#52 Halloween Decoration

Image credits: dmaddox123

#53 Rum Make America Great Again

Image credits: kiananichelle

#54 2020 Is The Scariest

Image credits: MsVadasKidsRock

#55 Ghost Manor. Corner Of Magazine & Second

Image credits: sable.rhoden.media

#56 Grandma And Grandpa Love To Enjoy Morning Pumpkin Spice Coffee On The Patio

Image credits: hotmamaathome

#57 Pumpkin Arch I Made During Quarantine

Image credits: Ishmail_101

#58 Haloween Readiness – 50%

Image credits: gregorycarlson54

#59 Neighbor’s House! Vote Today Y’all.. Before It’s Too Late

Image credits: NytaraHoTS

#60 The Lighting At 228 Starting To Come Together. Come Check It Out. Way More To Come

Image credits: DecorateBrenyon

#61 It’s Spooky In Brooklyn

Image credits: melliekr

#62 Neighbor’s Response To Hoa’s Email About Taking Down Halloween Decorations. Now It’s A Christmas Decoration

Image credits: keto_and_me

#63 My Friend Spent About 3 Months Building Custom-Made Characters From “The Nightmare Before Christmas” To Decorate His House For Halloween.

Image credits: martyz

#64 Cleveland Heights With The Spooky Halloween Decorations

Image credits: Reddit_guard

#65 Halloween 2020

Image credits: holyromanreunion

#66 A Candy Chute So You Can Give Candy Out On Halloween While Social Distancing!

Image credits: RealSteveIrwin

#67 Happy Halloween

Image credits: TOffroader

#68 Scariest Halloween Decoration

Image credits: Ashed_Potatoes

#69 My Bro Sent Me This Photo Of His Neighbor’s Halloween Decoration

Image credits: JSDYME

#70 Creepy Cages For Halloween

You will need 2 plastic baskets + plastic chains + adhesive hooks + some nylon cable ties to tie the baskets together. Inside some plastic skeletons or plastic rats. And just hang them in a tree on your front yard.

Image credits: doityou.lady

#71 The Grudge Themed Decoration

Image credits: biggayal623

#72 Decoration For WDW MK For Halloween

Image credits: Jeneral613

#73 Our Pumpkin Archway Is Finally Finished

Image credits: lexigoober

#74 Fantastic Halloween Decor. 10/10

Image credits: AmyiCzyk

#75 Found This Walking Around My Neighborhood

Image credits: redlinefast

#76 Only Two More Weeks Left With The Skeleton Fam

Image credits: athomewithjenna

#77 Halloween Decor

Image credits: HopeEArnold

#78 Pandemic Decor

Image credits: Aiazian

#79 Halloween Decor

Image credits: TheRebekahHall

#80 The Spookiest Stoop In Brooklyn

Image credits: readbetweenthelattes

#81 Saw A Good Halloween Yard Today

Image credits: xCruxia

#82 War Zone

Image credits: Dabe

#83 Blursed Halloween Decoration

Image credits: spacewarp2

#84 A Halloween Decoration Most Of Us Can Appreciate

Image credits: KiKoB

#85 Beetlejuice Halloween Decoration In My Neighborhood

Image credits: sed2017

#86 My 2020 Halloween Decorations

Image credits: jastarner

#87 First Halloween In A New Neighborhood. Too Much?

Image credits: BCMF5

#88 Best Ever Halloween House Decoration

Image credits: FredGarvinMaleProstitute

#89 Good Afternoon From Carmel+1 Img Source

Image credits: notthegoatseguy

#90 Halloween Decoration For 2020

Image credits: badwolfhorror

#91 Corona Halloween

Image credits: 38Halfpint

#92 Rip Covid-19

Image credits: larisachisholm

#93 Who Knows What Iconic Halloween Movie This House Played A Role In?

Image credits: kjp

#94 Happy Halloween

Image credits: blinkrm

#95 I Did A Thing

Image credits: JustDocian

#96 Halloween Decorations

Image credits: dianabutlerbass

#97 We Have A Skeleton Crew Working In The Front Yard

Image credits: babs_b_plantin

#98 Scary Decor

Image credits: baby_shalk

#99 Happy Friday

Image credits: melliekr

#100 Scary Decoration

Image credits: amodkhal

#101 Brilliant

Image credits: ptabbiner

#102 Scariest Halloween Decorations I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: toniravioli73

#103 I Built And Painted An Oogie Boogie Halloween Decoration This Year. Breaks Down Into Four Pieces For Easy Storage.

Image credits: Ragingheadache

#104 Halloween Decorations At The Dinosaur Center – Woodland Park, Colorado

Image credits: EricNyre

#105 Halloween Decoration

Image credits: JulieHammerle

#106 Halloween Decoration

Image credits: TeamGingerAdvs

#107 Who’s Ready For Halloween?

Image credits: dawnacrawford

#108 Halloween In NYC

Image credits: newyorkcitycadury

#109 Happy Halloween

Image credits: robinvaughanart

#110 This Is My Favorite Skeleton Yard Display

Image credits: partieswithacause

#111 I Do Love A Good Holiday I Can Decorate For

Image credits: heatherg.fitmom

#112 We Did Spot This Creatively Decorated House While Driving Through The Country The Other Day, And Had To Stop To Get A Photo

Image credits: wehavefunofficial

#113 Best Bois Never Leaves Their Human

Image credits: sabrinajono

#114 LEGO Halloween Decor

Image credits: rideguy70

#115 Spotted Some Spooky Decorations On The Upper East Side Today

Image credits: throughkelseyslens

#116 Have You All Gotten Your Pumpkins Yet?

Image credits: jordanlanehomes

#117 Come Get Her! This Is What I Get For Telling The BF To Keep The Halloween Decorations Tasteful.

Image credits: mlesquire

#118 Topical Halloween Decorations. I Think They Nailed It

Image credits: Swichts

#119 I Wanted To Tell A Skeleton Pun, But I Didn’t Have The Guts For It

Image credits: 2906deadmanscurve

#120 Cotton Candy Sky

Image credits: 2906deadmanscurve

#121 This Decoration Inspired By The Mexican Day Of The Dead

Image credits: mes_curiozites

#122 Hands Down The Best Halloween Decoration This Year

Image credits: unaviable

#123 Halloween Decoration In Texas. Yeeep

Image credits: TalkinPlant

#124 Halloween Decoration

Image credits: TaeKwonDitto

#125 Monday Blues

Image credits: 2906deadmanscurve

#126 Decorations Are Coming Out On The Upper East Side

Image credits: jacquelineclairphoto

#127 Best Halloween Decor

Image credits: Karen_Clem07

#128 Kangaroo T Rex On Someone’s Lawn In Ridgewood Nj. My Walks Are Getting More Interesting As The Full Moon On Halloween Approaches

Image credits: sethmmay

#129 Built In 1846 For Charles Richardson, This Beautifully Restored House On Broad Street Is Getting In On The Halloween Fun

Image credits: purelysalem

#130 Got My Little Graveyard Set Up

Image credits: marissaannbarry___

Source: boredpanda.com

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