130 People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

From time to time, everyone has days when nothing goes right. Some mornings, you just wake up with a throbbing headache. Or maybe your car won’t start, making you late for work. Or perhaps you accidentally ripped out your eyelashes an hour before your wedding. It’s easy to feel like nothing is going your way and the whole world is against you.

Luckily, there’s one powerful antidote that can instantly increase your mood and help you forget your everyday troubles. It’s the comforting feeling of knowing that someone out there is having an even more dreadful day than you are.

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Just take a look at this list compiled by Bored Panda and realize how much worse things can get. Scroll down to check out the pics and feel free to share your own funny accidents in the comments below! And if you need an extra dose of others’ mishaps, be sure to read through our previous posts here, here, and here.

#1 Oh No

Image credits: Electronic_Ad_8535

#2 When It’s Your Stop And The Doors Open To This

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#3 Awful

Image credits: Jamesbondybond

#4 I Won’t Name Names But Looks Like Someone Ate Their Mom’s Lipstick

Image credits: Opal_L

#5 I Passed Out In The Parking Lot Of The Emergency Room, And They Sent An Ambulance To Take Me 15 Feet

Image credits: phatyogurt

#6 I Had To Take In One Of Parents’ Dogs For A Couple Of Days. My Wife Only Put One Of The Cats Away Before I Got Home With The Dog. I Had To Put Away The Second Cat. It Went… Well

Image credits: LethalInjectionRD

#7 When You Find Out The Hard Way That The Italian Restaurant’s Hand Sanitizer Looks Exactly Like Olive Oil

Image credits: BabyKitten24

#8 Dropped My Cologne In My Sink

Image credits: BobbySevenKnuckles

#9 My Mom Washed My Favorite Sweater… Is This The Lewk?

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: PhilEshaDeLox

#10 Ordered A “Rose Apothecary” Sweater From Etsy For My Fiancé. This Came Instead. We’re Both Double Vaxxed And Healthcare Workers

Image credits: fruitloopmafia91

#11 When The Stylist Says “I’m Having A Tough Time With Your Hair Line”

Image credits: cleanshoes30

#12 Someone Flying Out Of DFW Is Going To Have A Rough Time In A Few Hours

Image credits: mrplinko

#13 I’m Not A Big Fan Of Ballet. But My Wife Said It Would Be An Unforgettable Experience. It Was

Image credits: radleru

#14 Hi, I’m Calling To Start A Claim -My Car Is Flooded. Oh, I Don’t Have Flood Coverage? In That Case, It’s On Fire

Image credits: starbug311

#15 Received This Today. Kinda Resembles My Mental State

Image credits: Normallyeffusive

#16 I Accidentally Ripped Out My Eyelashes An Hour Before I Got Married

Image credits: landofbizarre

#17 I Was Billed Over $2M For A Week In The Hospital

Image credits: p3terd

#18 Came Home After A Long Shift, Went To Get Some Food, A Mouse Was In It

Image credits: haddyboo

#19 Today I Screwed Up

Image credits: StalkingBanana

#20 $80 Christmas Gift Applied Directly To My Driveway

Image credits: AbbiAndIlana

#21 This Week Started With A Break Up, Then I Had To Get My Car Towed, Now I Spilled Spaghetti In My Shoe

Image credits: millre01

#22 Wife And I Saved For Years To Build Our Dream Cabin In The Woods. Less That Two Years Later An Abandoned House Across The Road Decided To Open Up A Tobacco Store

They light themselves up like the Beacons of Gondor.

Image credits: hau5cat

#23 This Is My View From The Bathroom Floor, Looking At The Hole In The Ceiling I Just Fell Through

Image credits: StickyMcdoodle

#24 Can You All Confirm For My Wife I’m Not Dumb And It Could Have Happened To Anyone?

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#25 Can You Guess Which Month A Pipe Burst Under My House?

Image credits: tonyhawktricktips

#26 It Seems I’m The Only One Who Commuted Into The Office Today. Maybe There’s A Memo Out There I Didn’t Receive

Image credits: RC123TheyCallMe

#27 Friend’s Dad Made Some Cayenne Rolls From Scratch Tonight. He Thought He Was Using Cinnamon. The Rolls Had No Cinnamon

Image credits: SideshowShan

#28 Bought These Binoculars Specifically To Go To The Grand Canyon Today

Image credits: Ericalva91

#29 I’m Just Trying To Refund Two Tickets

Image credits: Pansexual_Paniccc

#30 Guy Parks On The Stripes Thinking He Can Avoid The Freezing Rain Only To Be Under A Leaky Pipe

Image credits: tnick771

#31 Toast It Is

Image credits: DinklesTheNerd

#32 A Student In My Class Tried Using 4 Devices To Cheat On A Quiz, But Somehow Managed To Get The Wrong Answer On All Of Them

Image credits: Character-Ad4440

#33 Just So You Know, A 10 Foot Pipe Does Not Fit In A Toyota Rav4

Image credits: JustHereForTheBeer_

#34 Just Bought A Zelda Game & Watch And Put It In My Back Pocket

Image credits: skoolsuxxs1

#35 The View From My Apartment When I Moved In vs. Now

Image credits: LardoftheFries

#36 If Only The Ice Was As Thick As Their Skull

Image credits: Censorious

#37 A Machine Came Thru My Local John Deere For Repairs From The Tornado In Kentucky

Image credits: dottiemcfierceon

#38 My Parents (Late 70s) Got Me A PS5 Controller For Christmas. I Do Not Own A Playstation 5

Image credits: Yabba_Dabbs

#39 The Coffee Maker That Saved My Life A Week Ago

Image credits: -Firestar-

#40 My Girlfriend Found A Band-Aid In Her Food… Well, In Her Mouth Really

Image credits: LydianBlack

#41 FedEx In Alabama Strikes Again. This Time In Jemison, All 20 Packages Were Found In The Woods

Image credits: Kimbeee

#42 Was Woodworking A Ring And Checked The Size. Now It Isn’t Coming Off

Image credits: AttackHelicpter

#43 I Guess Somebody At My Apartment Complex Got Caught Cheating

Image credits: QueefInTheNight

#44 I Told My Husband Cutting His Own Hair Is A Bad Idea, This Happened

Image credits: Safe-Reaction

#45 Not My Teeth But Someone’s Not Eating Solids Today

Image credits: Alternative-Ad-1115

#46 Since Christmas I Been Wearing These Noticing How The Right Ear Sounds Lower Than The Left One But Just Brushing It Off

Image credits: itsmemario97

#47 When Your Tire Goes Bazooka

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#48 Joke’s On You, Most Pics In That Card Are Yours

Image credits: ydw1988913

#49 Hosted A 2-Day NYE Get Together At $800 Airbnb, And No One Came

Image credits: 4litersofbaggedmilk

#50 Forgot My Plastic Spatula In The Oven While Heating Up My Lasagna

Image credits: jonek1999

#51 Housemate’s Dog Got Into My 6-Hour Butter Chicken. No Dinner For Me Tonight

Image credits: DopeCalyps0

#52 New Antibacterial Wipes From The Store Have Mold Growing In Them

Image credits: killthou755536

#53 “I’ll Do The Dishes Tomorrow”

Image credits: moon-lover

#54 Christmas Lunch Ruined For A Few Extra $ On Weigh-In

Image credits: AtomicCypher

#55 Almost Died This Morning On The Highway. Bounced From The Left Lane Up In The Air And Impaled My Windshield

Image credits: acidwife

#56 Sudden Red Rash After Drinking Cheap Alcohol

Image credits: Sharksandwhales1

#57 When Your Christmas Tree Just Can’t Make It Until Christmas

Image credits: Nipgen05

#58 It’s Been So Cold, I Snapped My Welcome Mat

Image credits: garthanthimum

#59 I Live In Central Alberta, It Got Down To Roughly -45°C Tonight. Woke Up To Frost In The Corner Of My Bedroom

Image credits: Delphox4000

#60 I’m Visually Impaired. I Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between A Wireless Charger And A Mug Heater

Image credits: iiooiooi

#61 My Sister-In-Law Thought She Bought A Confetti Cannon To Prank Me

Image credits: bucknthompson

#62 When Your Dad Tells You To Cover The Oak Before It Rains, So You Tell Your Younger Brother To Cover The Oak Before It Rains. Pop Comes Home In 20 Minutes

Image credits: cloneluke08

#63 Randomly Fainted And Fell Face First Onto A Concrete Floor. Merry Christmas

Image credits: smidgyballs

#64 My Hand In Scrabble Right Now

Image credits: nicktomato

#65 Note To Self: Don’t Continue To Refer To Paw Patrol As “Poo Patrol” After It’s Clear That Your Toddler Has Become Enraged By The Joke

Image credits: BrookieMama

#66 My Shopping Bag Broke At The Top Of The Stairs And The Lettuce Made A Run For It

Image credits: jennnfur

#67 First Day Back To College And The Hot Chocolate Machine Had Ants Inside It

Image credits: Dragonheart97x

#68 My Friend Just Got A Tattoo. She Says That’s How Judgment Used To Be Written Before And It’s Still Written Like This In British English, But I Have My Doubts

English is not our native language.

Image credits: yared_cf2

#69 Instead Of My Christmas Gift, Amazon Delivered Me An Industrial Supply Of Single-Ply Toilet Paper

Image credits: Rare_Chicken

#70 Overfilled My Jars To Freeze The Bone Broth I Spent 48 Hours Simmering

Image credits: aRockandaTree3

#71 Insurance Loves Spending A Penny To Save A Dollar. Won’t Total. We Have To Clean This Up And Install In A Jeep

Image credits: notdownwithsickness

#72 That’s Definitely What An Alpha Male Would Do

Image credits: kingmxyi

#73 Windchill Is -21 & Kids Just Egged Our House. Froze Instantly

Image credits: gloworm8675309

#74 Just Used A Bath Bomb I Got For Christmas And Now The Bath Looks Like That

Image credits: GoogleError404

#75 Found My Car On Milk Crates This Morning. Had Lock Nuts On It Too

Image credits: ridethepickle

#76 Guess What Kind Of Animal Nonchalantly Pushed My Mug From The Table

Image credits: amazingsandwiches

#77 The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit

Image credits: mrbootsy

#78 Brand New E-Skate Stolen Last Night Out Of My New Car. Just As I Got An Air Tag That I Was Planning To Insert This Weekend. Too Late Now

Image credits: cute-newt

#79 Asked A Guy To Take A Nice Photo Of Me And My Girlfriend. Our Reply: “Great, Thank You”. As You Do

Image credits: joe4645

#80 This Probably Only Sucks For Me Because I Have To Look At It Everyday But These People Thought Painting The Top Of An Old Twistee Treat Roof Brown Was A Good Idea

Image credits: hellloandii

#81 It’s -35 Today Here In Canada. I Needed Warm Winter Boots. What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: SweetTea9219

#82 Took A Late Lunch To Find I Forgot To Put PB Or J On My PB&J

Image credits: thismightdestroyyou

#83 I Am A Menace To Society. My Dumb Pregnancy Brain Accidentally Ordered My Husband A Burrito With No Tortilla

Image credits: synesthesiah

#84 Splurged On A Jar Of Fancy Honey And Dropped It While Taking The Cap Off

Image credits: sixpigeons

#85 Locked My Door And Ran Outside My Appartment In A Hurry, Keys Got Caught Inside

Image credits: CrossGuy2020

#86 Everything I Worked So Hard Is All Gone In A Matter Of One Night, That’s My Personal Vehicle, And My Work Van Behind It. All Tools & Everything Gone. I Can’t Stop Crying

Image credits: Helloimnewtolife

#87 I Got Asked Out To See The New Spider Man Movie And She Didn’t Show Up

Image credits: SaltyS0up

#88 Lost Both Legs In April, Yesterday I Flipped My Wheelchair Off A Sidewalk For The First Time

Image credits: Psychological_Neck70

#89 I’m A Mechanic, Been Waiting All Month For It And I Missed It

Image credits: PapiChulo1322

#90 Never Heard It Happen

Image credits: CatBrread64

#91 I Slept Wrong Last Night. Can’t Use My Hand Now. Yay

Image credits: Mrfrunzi

#92 Me: “Yay Off To A Tropical Country To Enjoy Summer!” Weather: No

Image credits: dread3ddie

#93 I Didn’t Order These Groceries

Image credits: Brohnly

#94 Took Off My Beanie And Airpod To Set Them On The Table When I Got Home From Work. Did Not Notice The Candle Underneath

Image credits: rainymang

#95 I Live In A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Image credits: Hippirain420

#96 My Car Doesn’t Start When It’s Below -30F, It’s Been That Cold For Days, And I Don’t Have Running Water. I’m Finally Getting Desperate Enough To Melt Snow For A Bath

Image credits: kinoko_noyama

#97 At A Parking Lot. These Cars Are All Parked In EV Charging Spots, Despite The Fact That None Of These Are Electric Vehicle

Image credits: RedHot_Dragon

#98 Two Days Into My New Lease And I Wake Up To My Fire Alarm And My Electric Razor On Fire

Image credits: Rickbox

#99 Sold My iPad In Public Space At Night In Minnesotan -10F Temperature, Turned Out It’s Fake

Image credits: raimibonn

#100 The Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Has An Antifog Section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2″

Image credits: Bommie20

#101 Ordered Pizzas From A New Restaurant With Absolutely Zero Ratings And Got Them Like This

Image credits: jendrax2006

#102 Ordered An Apple Watch For My Sister For Christmas

Somewhere between being shipped and being delivered to her someone opened the package, took the watch and strap, then sealed the whole thing back up

Image credits: ravens_revenge

#103 Heard A Loud Crash While Eating Lunch

Image credits: Shade8685

#104 This Is What Happens When You Leave A Case Of Pop In The Truck Of Your Car When The Overnight Temperature Is -32°C

Image credits: ImFloatingOnTapestry

#105 Hit This Absolutely Massive Pothole And Got 2 Flat Tires And 2 Dented Rims On Our Brand New Tesla Model Plaid

Image credits: happyz98

#106 Ate A Huge Bag Of “Members Mark” Trail Mix For About 1 Month. Got To The Bottom And Found 3 Rusty Screws

Image credits: Donkarnaaj

#107 Apparently 2 Hours Early Wasn’t Early Enough

Image credits: simfire

#108 Canceled My Holidays Due To Covid And Every Plan Falling Apart

 Decided to prepare myself some nice Christmas dinner at home by myself. Dropped the good knife while doing the dishes. Never seen a knife like that

Image credits: BottledUp

#109 Had Two Stray Bullets Hit My House Just After Midnight On New Years. Through A Shower And Garage

Image credits: khanbob42

#110 Visitor Illegally Parked In My Private/Assigned Spot At My Apt For Half The Night. Lot Was Full So I Had To Park Half A Mile Away And Walk

Crumpled and tossed the polite note I left.

Image credits: Jellyfish_Box

#111 Saved For Months Because Unemployed, Ordered In September, FedEx Refused To Deliver Because We Were Cut Off Due To Landslides And Floods, Came Yesterday At The Post Office

Motherboard is snapped, shoe print on the box… Canada Post and FedEx say it’s not their fault. One sad child. Sorry. Merry Christmas

Image credits: The_Thrift_Hunter

#112 Not Only Am I Spending Holidays Alone Because My Closest Family Live In A Different State, My Boyfriend And I Broke Up. Then I Managed To Burn This Pizza

Image credits: PruddentBubble

#113 Happy New Year? 10 Minutes After Midnight A Loud Metallic Bounce Came Off The Floor

Image credits: rhannska

#114 My Aunt “Adopted” An Elephant For Me As A Christmas Present And Her Last Known Location Was Recorded In August. I Can Only Imagine What Happened

Image credits: paarkrosis

#115 The Good News, I Narrowly Avoided A House Fire Today. The Bad News, All Of The Outlets In My Basement Are Dead Now

Image credits: iluvatarr1

#116 Just Bought A House. Was Told There Was Hardwood Under All The Carpet. Tested A Discreet Corner In The Closet, Which Did Have Hardwood Beneath. But Not The Living Room

Looks like I’ll be spending too much money on new flooring now.

Image credits: Ezack

#117 My House Got Hit By A Landslide

Image credits: not-ok-cat

#118 Local Wendy’s Burnt Down At The Start Of The Pandemic. So I’ve Been Waiting Until Now For That Spicy Chicken. First Burger Of The New Restaurant – Three Bites In And It’s Totally Raw

Image credits: JusterTwo

#119 Having My Bathroom Remodelled And They Installed My Shower At Less Than Knee Height

Image credits: MrHuk

#120 Walked Out My Door To See This. Guess I Won’t Be Driving To Work Today

Image credits: geoff5093

#121 Got This In My Fortune Cookie

Image credits: w3sT0Nnnnnnnn

#122 It Was Raining Really Bad

Image credits: SelfHealingCloud

#123 Went To Clean My Glasses And This Happened

Image credits: zzkobzz

#124 Merry Christmas Everyone. Yayyy

Image credits: chris_0929

#125 Just Finished A Brand New Out Of The Box 500-Piece Puzzle

Image credits: cinnamoogoo

#126 When You Fancy A Nice Cold Beer After A Tough Day

Image credits: yesimeannomaybeyes

#127 Not So Merry Christmas

Image credits: Cmdrsausage

#128 Trekked For 1,5 Hours Uphill To Get The Perfect Sunset Photo – Left My Memory Card At Home

Image credits: Nrozek

#129 Here’s How My Day Went

Image credits: enzoblue64

#130 Getting Married In Four Days And My Fiancé And I Wanted To Write Nice Letters To Our Loved Ones On The Day. This Is What Came In The Mail

Image credits: LedzepRulz

#131 Coworker’s Kids Left The Van Door Open Before A Storm

Source: boredpanda.com

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