130 Photos Of Pets That Look Like Renaissance Paintings

For most pet owners, their fur babies are considered works of art in and of themselves. The way their little wet noses shine in photos and how they elegantly fold their paws over one another… Pure masterpieces. Sometimes, however, pet parents capture their little ones at just the right moment, creating portraits that belong in an art museum.

In celebration of all of these gorgeous pictures of pets, the Pet Renaissance subreddit was born. We’ve gathered some of the best Renaissance pics of pets down below that Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo would be proud of, as well as an interview with the subreddit’s creator, so we hope you enjoy your scroll through our art gallery today.

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Be sure to upvote the pictures you’d like to see hanging in the Vatican Museums, and then let us know in the comments if you have ever seen your pets posing like models of the Renaissance. Then if you’re looking for even more high art after finishing this list, might I suggest you check out another Bored Panda article featuring similar photos right here.

#1 Our Cat Trying To Steal Cheese

Image credits: Loptimist

The Pet Renaissance subreddit has only been around since 2019, but it has a loyal following of 34k members. It is clearly a beloved page for people passionate about their pets and those who enjoy appreciating these beautiful works of art. To gain more insight into how the group was formed and is run, we reached out to the creator and one of the moderators, Openminded__skeptic on Reddit. She told us that the subreddit began as a companion to the original Accidental Renaissance subreddit, which we have also featured on Bored Panda before. “We were getting dozens of pet submissions daily and felt there was a place for a ‘Renaissance’ subreddit specifically for well composed photos of pets that resemble art,” Openminded_skeptic explained.

We also wanted to hear from the expert what qualifies as a “Renaissance pet photo”. “The Renaissance aspect in this subreddit is fairly broad,” she told Bored Panda. “But I would say that the pet(s) being the main focus of the photo is important, either centered or using the ‘rule of thirds’. It should be a high-quality image that is in focus, and what really makes for the best photos is the lighting: a dark-ish room/background with a light that illuminates your animal’s fur (or feathers, scales, etc. depending on the pet) is pretty common. But the light should be soft enough to highlight the pet without washing out the details or colors of the photo,” Openminded_skeptic explained. “The fewer extra items in your photo, the better.”

#2 Family Of Strays Moved In With Us

Image credits: caipirina

#3 The Fall Of The Squirrels (16th Century), Europe

Image credits: Motorchampion

To provide a greater understanding of what photos are perfect for this subreddit, Openminded_skeptic gave me some examples of some of her favorite posts from the community. The first photo she provided was one that is certainly on this list: a photo of a cat reaching up onto a table and trying to steal cheese. She noted that it is her personal favorite, and I can certainly see why. The next example she provided is a photo captioned “Caravaggio esque dog”, which also perfectly embodies the vibe of the subreddit.  

Openminded_skeptic also noted that all pets are welcome in this subreddit, and linked this magnificent photo of a baby gerbil. The subject was only 17 days old when the photo was taken, but she certainly emanates that 17th century painting vibe. Another great photo showcasing animal diversity among the group is this one, featuring what appears to be an adorable white weasel.   

#4 Reddit, Meet Amber! My Renaissance Queen!

Image credits: sribowsky

#5 Et Ascendit Cattus

Image credits: Kubrick_Fan

#6 Habsburg Royal Family

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

One photo Openminded_skeptic shared with Bored Panda that actually looks like a painting is this one, which has also made it onto this list, featuring two dogs behind a dirty glass door. The dogs look like they are perfectly posing an that someone has immortalized the moment through hours of painstaking painting. But some of the photos shared in the group literally look like famous paintings, such as this one of “Henry drying off from his walk” that looks eerily similar to a depiction of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Carlo Dolci.

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Openminded_skeptic also provided a couple of photos that look like they could easily have been Chiaroscuro paintings, such as this image of a cat enjoying some sunlight next to dark shadows and this photo of a black dog dramatically gazing upwards. And then there’s this cat that looks a little too much like Icarus flying dangerously close to the sun. Does art imitate life or life imitate art?

#7 Bleps On The Catwalk

Image credits: Kuma_Paws_376

#8 My Mother’s Kitty Used To Prop Himself Up Against The Couch Pillow For Belly Rubs. He Was A Patient Kitty

Image credits: ukoa

#9 The Dogs Through A Dirty Glass Door Look Like A Old Painting

Image credits: shitscroll

When asked why these photos are so captivating, Openminded_skeptic told Bored Panda, “People truly love their pets, and I think it’s gratifying to be able to capture that indefinable quality about your pet that makes them special to you and be able to share it with others. Most pet owners sincerely believe that any photo of their pet is a work of art worthy of the Great Masters, and this subreddit is a way to share some of those photos that actually do resemble art!” She’s absolutely correct. Several years ago for Christmas, I commissioned an artist friend to create a painting of my mother’s dog to make the perfect Christmas gift. And while I already believed that every photo (and that painting) of my mother’s dog is a masterpiece, I’m now inspired to start snapping Renaissance photos of her as well.

#10 My Cats Touching Paws

Image credits: krustykim

#11 Quiet Contemplation Of Universal Truths

Image credits: Infuriated

#12 The Cat With The Pearl Earring

Image credits: _NotElonMusk

When it comes to the success of this subreddit, Openminded_skeptic admits that it was a pleasant surprise. “I honestly didn’t know that this subreddit would grow that much, but shortly after we launched it, we gained about 20,000 subscribers over one weekend,” she explained. “That sort of gave it a forward momentum that really hasn’t slowed down. It’s been great, and honestly surprising to have it grow to 33k; subreddits are notoriously difficult to grow.” And while the group has already grown at a very fast pace, I am sure that it will continue to gain momentum over time. I mean, adorable photos of pets and homages to Renaissance artwork. What’s not to love?

#13 Chonk In Light

Image credits: BoneCollector13

#14 She Is One With The Darkness

Image credits: Mellowdious_

#15 Henry Drying Off From His Walk

Image credits: somewherewilder

While it may sound silly at first to combine our beloved pets with Renaissance art, it was actually popular during the Renaissance to incorporate animals into artwork. According to Art Gallery UK, painters often depicted their subjects with their dogs, as they are symbols of loyalty, faithfulness, protection and love. One notable example is Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas painting, which features a large dog resting in the corner. Jan van Eyck’s The Arnolfini Portrait also features a small puppy in the middle of the painting, standing between its two human subjects. In both of these paintings, there is no real necessity for the dogs to be present. But they are adorable, and the painters felt including them was important. So even though they could not have Instagram accounts or subreddits celebrating their fur babies centuries ago, they still wanted them immortalized in paintings.       

#16 Cat And Her Best Friend

Image credits: woodpecker_j

#17 And In Through The Nose

Image credits: freeofthought

#18 Cat In A Window

Image credits: Zeusekm

According to History.com, Renaissance art “sought to capture the experience of the individual and the beauty and mystery of the natural world”, so it makes perfect sense to use this same style when photographing our beloved pets. But it has also become a trend to have actual paintings done or digital images created inserting adorable animals into famous Renaissance works of art. One site that provides this service is Crown & Paw, where pet parents can upload a photo of their beloved fur baby, choose a costume for them, and order a painting featuring their animal as an ambassador, general, princess, queen, count, aristocrat, king, etc. You can see some examples of their artwork right here.      

#19 Goodbye Best Friend

Image credits: kekboy

#20 My Cats Like To Sleep In Very Odd Positions

Image credits: Matteugi

#21 Fire And Brimstone

Image credits: mabruns94

While pet owners can certainly celebrate their beloved animals while they are still alive by having a Renaissance painting of them done, it can also be a beautiful way to memorialize them. The images are a bit silly, but they are still heartwarming and a wonderful way to ensure your sweet fur baby is always with you. “Although we don’t like to think about it, we tend to outlive our pets,” Crown & Paw explains on their website. “Having a pet painted in a way that shows them as regal, looking on elegantly and protectively from above the mantle or in an area in the home that the pet frequented allows owners to turn their loss into something a little more positive and a little less painful. It gives them a chance to see their pet’s face regularly and smile, instead of getting caught in the grief and pain that often comes with these losses.”

#22 Lost In The Sauce

Image credits: nick_dugget

#23 Why Of Course I Cross My Legs. I Am A Proper Lady After All

Image credits: AuntieMamesTravels

#24 I Miss My Beautiful Sally So Much. She Was The Prettiest Model

Image credits: raccooncoon

And while a Renaissance painting of your pet will make an excellent gift or a way to memorialize a lost fur baby, there is really never a bad time to commission a Renaissance painting of your pet. “Some people buy pet paintings just because,” Crown & Paw notes. “You don’t need a reason to buy one, either for yourself or a loved one. Sometimes you just do it because they’re unique and adorable and you love your pet. There’s nothing wrong with a little splurge every now and again. It’s a fun piece of artwork to hang in your house, and will absolutely be a cherished piece of your family history in the future.”

#25 I Suppose You’re All Wondering Why I’ve Gathered You Here Today

Image credits: Trumpologist

#26 The Creation Of Kitten

Image credits: Tsaesi

#27 Cattle Dog With Flowers

Image credits: skez

We hope you’re enjoying these beautiful Renaissance pet photos and that you’re becoming inspired to turn your home into Michelangelo’s studio the next time your little fluffy friend starts posing for the camera. Keep upvoting the pics you find most hilarious and awe-inspiring, and then let us know in the comments if you’ve ever captured a Renaissance masterpiece of a photo of your pet. Then if you’re interested in seeing even more of these images, you can find the Pet Renaissance subreddit right here.

#28 Magnificent

Image credits: jawzee23

#29 My Friend Texted Me This Beautiful Picture Of Her Affectionately Holding Her Cat That Reminds Me Of The Works Of Batoni Pompeo And Artemisia Gentileschi

Image credits: kristy9816

#30 Other Redditors Suggested That I Should Post This Here ?

Image credits: phantera65

#31 Icarus And The Sun

Image credits: sweetoklahome

#32 Casual Renaissance Portrait Of My Dog On The Couch

Image credits: lallisond

#33 My Cat Become Saint Lately, Friend Said That It Belong Here

Image credits: JacobWeisenberger

#34 Sleep

Image credits: Adenosinebrain

#35 The Creation Of Catam

Image credits: touchfeel

#36 My Garden Bench, Thank You Very Much!

Image credits: MyKalicat

#37 Honestly Any Picture Of Angel Is Majestic But This Is An Extra Big Mood

Image credits: DeafMakeupLover

#38 I’m Gonna Miss My Boy. My Camera Was A Little Messed Up At The Time, But I Hope This Fits Here. His Name Was Sparky!

Image credits: miilkweed

#39 Ferdalisque

Image credits: whenislunchseriously

#40 The Ring – By Szilárd Simkó (The Sighthound Photographer – )

Image credits: RookieRaceline

#41 Morning’s Sorrow

Image credits: HildeVandela

#42 Cheeto In Caravaggio Lighting

Image credits: ArcticSploosh

#43 Catching That Morning Sun

Image credits: assignmesomething

#44 I Guess This Fits Here

Image credits: sim_kyy

#45 Blessing Of The Kitten

Image credits: Good_Natured_Guy

#46 Hiding Under The Blanket On My Bed

Image credits: Asheetakah

#47 Perfectly Timed Tail

Image credits: chevorlet24

#48 Rip Martin Lucifer Kitty, Prince Of Darkness, His Dark Majestic Majesty. You Are Missed And Loved, But Never Forgotten

Image credits: Thaxarybinks

#49 Was Advised To Post Here From Accidental Renaissance Hope It Sticks!

Image credits: harry0407

#50 The Sistine Chapel Is Missing A Fat Baby Angel

Image credits: sunshineriptide

#51 Merlin And Me

Image credits: Condwiramursinlove

#52 Cherub With An Itch

Image credits: zaxophone_bswv

#53 Great Dane In Repose; 2020

Image credits: Lofty_Incantations11

#54 My Cat Decided To Sit At Just The Right Place

Image credits: kiteloon

#55 The Three Feline Graces

Image credits: MaudieLebowski

#56 A King Basking In The Summer Sun

Image credits: pancakes_4_dayz

#57 Lola La Chat Lolita

Image credits: QuicklyThisWay

#58 Lurcher Watching The Window For His Chance To Accost The Postie Again

Image credits: MassiveApricot

#59 The Greatest Cat Photo I Will Ever Take

Image credits: kellfae

#60 Larry Turned 18 Today

Image credits: ummmitscaiden

#61 Sweet Boy

Image credits: alyska__

#62 Killer Stare (Aka ‘My Cat Is Prettier Than Me’)

Image credits: Ambrosia_Per

#63 Tuck Her In Every Day Before Leaving For Work

Image credits: fledglingcoder

#64 Sadboof Hours

Image credits: CrunchyAnus

#65 Just A Husky Who Knows How Beautiful He Is

Image credits: geojenly

#66 Mother With Child

Image credits: EGGOFROGGIRL

#67 I Had To Leave For College Again & Im So Sad I Miss Her Already

Image credits: DeafMakeupLover

#68 They Gave American Gothic Vibes

Image credits: slothin_around

#69 Drunken Girls Night Turned Into Praising The Cat For Simply Sleeping

Image credits: pigsrfly

#70 Sleepy Bean + Slight Zoom = Unintentional Renaissance Art

Image credits: Jessica0524

#71 The Creation Of Cat Siblingship

Image credits: allypaca

#72 My Cat Being Himself

Image credits: yellowee

#73 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Image credits: Head2Heels

#74 Someone Is Waiting For Christmas ?❤️

Image credits: phantera65

#75 Sir Poobington Of Dooberville

Image credits: dannimikila

#76 My Son And My Dog Looking Like They’re Sculpted Out Of Marble

Image credits: fakemath

#77 The Knighting Of Sir Beans

Image credits: Musketballz

#78 My Cairn Terrier Looking Regal Af

Image credits: NicolasRustyCage

#79 Visiting My Sister In Quarantine

Image credits: snoogiebee

#80 A Gaze Between The Shadows

Image credits: aikorambas

#81 Mi Friend’s Cat, Luisa, Enjoying A Sun Bath

Image credits: ladyzorro

#82 My Cat And Her Kittens

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 Robert Contemplating The World

Image credits: selesnyandruid

#84 Sweet Magic Baby. Rest In Peace, Handsome

Image credits: callowow0

#85 My Mom Has Been Watching My Cat While I’m Out Of Town And She Sends Me A Picture Every Day. This Is The One I Got Today. Thought You Guys Might Like It

Image credits: mycatismykarma

#86 Mustard In His Favourite Spot

Image credits: CharlieSabina

#87 #wokeuplikethis

Image credits: A_TalkingWalnut

#88 Portrait Of A Grey Cat

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 My Twins

Image credits: rebelgetby

#90 Spending Time In The Sun. Plotting Her Revenge Against Her Enemies

Image credits: parkerbunny

#91 The Joy This Photo Sparks Is Immense

Image credits: PropriumDiaboli

#92 Any Time A Cat Comes Through The Front Door

Image credits: imisshumans

#93 Lady G Stares Into The Flames, For What Doth She See?

Image credits: Asmallrock

#94 She Wanted A Nice Photo With The Dog

Image credits: joeyorjohn

#95 Beautiful

Image credits: liligta

#96 The Desire Of Beasts

Image credits: Theelementofsurprise

#97 The Hunger Of The House Panther

Image credits: orangekleptoplast

#98 Lord Axel In His Kingdom

Image credits: bobbyg05

#99 This Masterpiece Is Called “Eternal Disappointment”

Image credits: cockeyed-splooter

#100 The Chiaroscuro Of Cooper

Image credits: simplembgc

#101 Caught In The Light Of An Early Sunset

Image credits: Rynneer

#102 My Girl Willow Looking Like An Oil Painting…a Fellow Redditor Suggested She May Fit In Here

Image credits: Daintydewclawthe3rd

#103 Dog In Repose

Image credits: CelticTiger

#104 My Cat And A Lamp

Image credits: Claws22

#105 My Friend And His Dog

Image credits: Asphyx1ated

#106 Renaissance Cats

Image credits: Record_Famous

#107 I Was Told That Master Felix Might Fit In Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#108 Otis Was Popular Yesterday, So I Thought Maybe You Guys Would Like To See This Fluffer While He Was Awake

Image credits: NSBrowny

#109 Beautiful Forest Boi

Image credits: iBCatto

#110 My Alfie Is So Sweet It’s Physically Painful

Image credits: nyleveeelyk

#111 My Dog, Lookin Majestic

Image credits: Definitelynothorse

#112 My Partner’s Cat Wearing Her Hood

Image credits: gbrlshr

#113 How The Light Hits This Pup In A Photo My Sister Took

Image credits: want-to-change

#114 The Creation Of Bill, Cat On Cover, 2020

Image credits: thealyssavirus

#115 Three Old Ladies

Image credits: gabrikas24

#116 The Tragedy Of Dog

Image credits: szthesquid

#117 Madonna And Child

Image credits: fishnpoutine

#118 She Knows She’s Beautiful

Image credits: lyssiemiller

#119 The Passion Of The Dog Cookie Jar

Image credits: MissTwiggley

#120 My Precious Boy

Image credits: Shun_The_Mun

#121 This Picture My Mom Sent Me Of Her Dog Has Big Rembrandt Energy

Image credits: feit

#122 My Corgi Always Sits On The Pillows On My Bed Like Royalty

Image credits: ChubbyPanda9

#123 Sunset Walks In The Park With Charlie

Image credits: superflowering

#124 Looking Pensive

Image credits: ndouk

#125 My Valentine

Image credits: Oshuni

#126 My Pup Being Ambushed By Pugs

Image credits: Pampahaaas

#127 Normal Day At The Dog Park

Image credits: thewormauger

#128 My Dogs Sunbathing

Image credits: le-plus-malin

#129 The Wise Good Boy

Image credits: Fly-wie-die-NASA

#130 Afternoon Nap

Image credits: frenchofiend0

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